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I am often asked tons of questions related to content marketing.經常有人問我很多與內容營銷有關的問題。 What I have learned from my experience is that people have a lot of confusion regarding content marketing.從我的經驗中學到的是,人們對內容營銷有很多困惑。

Today, in this guide, I am going to reveal to you the tricks of content marketing that actually works.今天,在本指南中,我將向您介紹真正有效的內容營銷技巧。 All it takes is 5 simple steps to make a content marketing strategy successful.要使內容營銷策略成功,僅需XNUMX個簡單步驟。

Throughout my career, I have often heard people grieving about the fact that they are not getting enough leads.在我的整個職業生涯中,我經常聽到人們為自己沒有得到足夠的潛在客戶而感到悲傷。 Many of them are even bothered about not getting the desired results.他們中的許多人甚至為無法獲得預期的結果而煩惱。

The main problem which you are missing out is the lack of strategy.您缺少的主要問題是缺乏策略。 Just只是 建立在線形象 and churning out content are not enough if you are not backed by a full-proof strategy.如果您沒有充分驗證的策略來支持,那麼僅靠內容編寫是不夠的。 You cannot expect to achieve results with non-targeted content.您不能指望使用非目標內容獲得結果。




Before moving on to the steps, let us first take a look at the definition of content marketing.在繼續執行步驟之前,讓我們首先看一下內容營銷的定義。 In order to plan ahead, you need to first know what content marketing is.為了提前計劃,您首先需要知道什麼是內容營銷。

內容營銷 基本上都是關於創建針對特定受眾群體的高質量內容。 它包括定期和頻繁地發佈內容,以教育,啟發和娛樂讀者或客戶。

The main part of content marketing is to turn strangers into customers.內容營銷的主要部分是將陌生人變成客戶。 This is where you need a full-proof content marketing plan.這是您需要全面的內容營銷計劃的地方。 If you are worried about needing a huge lot of resources, don't be.如果您擔心需要大量資源,請不要。 You can even achieve your goals with您甚至可以通過 一個小團隊甚至是一個企業家.

I have a small team of 5 people and we are the living proof that content marketing doesn't need many resources.我有一個由XNUMX人組成的小團隊,這是內容營銷不需要太多資源的生動證明。 With our hard work, we have been able to improve our通過我們的努力,我們已經能夠改善我們的 數字營銷.

We mostly create entertaining blog posts and ads for Facebook.我們主要為Facebook創建有趣的博客文章和廣告。 Our main aim is to provide our customers with high-quality visual content.我們的主要目的是為客戶提供高質量的視覺內容。



由於它是如此的好,它被共享 拉里金.


還有一件事是要有一個有效的 搜索引擎優化 戰略。 您不能專注於自己的內容,就無法制定內容營銷策略 數字營銷策略 和SEO。

If you may know, they both work together.如果您知道的話,他們倆會一起工作。 Having said that, now let's move on to the definitive guide of content marketing strategy.話雖如此,現在讓我們進入內容營銷策略的權威指南。


For your convenience, I have prepared a step-by-step guide which can help you create an effective content marketing strategy.為了方便起見,我準備了分步指南,可以幫助您創建有效的內容營銷策略。 Having a full-proof strategy means you can even improve the ranking of your website.擁有全面驗證的策略意味著您甚至可以提高網站的排名。

I have listed below the 5 simple steps that you need to pay attention to.我在下面列出了您需要注意的XNUMX個簡單步驟。 Focusing on your digital marketing strategy is, after all, going to bring you good gains.畢竟,專注於您的數字營銷策略將為您帶來豐厚的收益。



If you are in the content field, you must already know the importance of keywords.如果您在內容字段中,則必須已經知道關鍵字的重要性。 Content is always made around a particular group of words or phrases.內容始終圍繞特定的單詞或短語組製作。


這是你需要做的 關鍵字的研究.

關鍵詞研究無疑是最cruci創建高質量內容的所有步驟。 因此,您無法忽視對它的需求。

The first thing you need to do is figure out the keywords or phrases that may interest your target audience.您需要做的第一件事是找出目標受眾可能感興趣的關鍵字或短語。 This is the thing that going to drive your entire content creation process ahead.這將推動您的整個內容創建過程前進。


Now you need to put the keywords in any of the keyword research tools and get the list of keywords you can work on.現在,您需要將關鍵字放入任何關鍵字研究工具中,並獲取可以使用的關鍵字列表。 Well, this should be easy for you.好吧,這對您來說應該很容易。


Enter a broad keyword into the suggestion toolbar and click search.在建議工具欄中輸入一個寬泛的關鍵字,然後單擊“搜索”。 Let's use “how to make money online” as an example:讓我們以“如何在線賺錢”為例:

Ubersuggest - 用於內容營銷的關鍵字研究工具
造訪 Ubersuggest > 搜索“在線賺錢”。





Furthermore, one of my favourite keyword research strategies is to spy on my competitors.此外,我最喜歡的關鍵字研究策略之一是監視競爭對手。 What I mean is that you can also check out the keywords and phrases that are used by your rivals.我的意思是,您還可以查看競爭對手使用的關鍵字和短語。




Content creation is all about maintaining the balance between quality and the speed of production.內容創建就是要在質量和生產速度之間保持平衡。 Sadly, I won't be able to help you much with this.可悲的是,我將無法為您提供很多幫助。 It is up to your creativity and skills to取決於您的創造力和技能, 產生高質量的內容.


Let's say, you are about to write an informative eBook for your website.假設您要為您的網站編寫內容豐富的電子書。 You can search the topic on the Internet and get an idea of the subtopics that you can include in your digital book.您可以在Internet上搜索主題,並了解可以包含在電子書中的子主題。 These are some handy tips and tricks I follow.這些是我遵循的一些方便的提示和技巧。

You can follow this trick for any type of content you write.您可以按照此技巧來編寫任何類型的內容。 It doesn't always have to be a digital book or a blog post.不一定總是數字書或博客文章。 It can be any piece of writing that goes up on your website.它可以是您網站上出現的任何文章。

From my experience, I can say that creating quality content is not an easy task.根據我的經驗,我可以說創建高質量的內容並不是一件容易的事。 It requires a lot of time and dedication to curating content for your target audience.這需要大量時間,並需要為目標受眾策劃內容。

您還需要注意 您的SEO策略清單。 After all, content is nothing without an effective SEO plan.畢竟,沒有有效的SEO計劃,內容就一無所有。

3。 推廣您的內容





What is our main goal here?我們的主要目標是什麼? Of course to get more eyes on your content.當然,您可以更加關注您的內容。 When your content is SEO optimised, you no longer have to promote it.當您的內容經過SEO優化後,您就不必再推廣它了。 People can naturally get to see it when they search for it.人們在搜索時自然會看到它。





After that expand your content by adding the results above as subtopics.之後,通過將以上結果添加為子主題來擴展內容。 Blend the relevant keywords or phrases naturally into your content.將相關的關鍵字或詞組自然地融合到您的內容中。 And, when Google sees subtopic terms on your page, they're much more likely to consider it comprehensive and you can expect higher rankings and more traffic from Google.而且,當Google在您的頁面上看到子主題詞時,他們更有可能認為它是綜合性的,因此您可以期望更高的排名和更多來自Google的訪問量。


Considering the nature of SEO, it can be said that this is a long-term tactic.考慮到SEO的性質,可以說這是一項長期策略。 With each content, you can continue to get passive leads.對於每種內容,您都可以繼續獲得被動線索。



智能調整的目的就是分享您的 社交媒體上的內容 platforms.平台。 This could be an effective method to promote your content online.這可能是在線推廣您的內容的有效方法。 In order to get the best results, you should experiment a bit with this.為了獲得最佳結果,您應該對此進行一些試驗。


使用,將內容變成吸引人的信息圖 信息圖製造商.

如今,您不必成為平面設計師即可創建圖表。 有很多在線工具提供內置模板和簡單的拖放編輯器,這使創建過程相當容易。 上圖是來自的截圖 通氣模板庫.

People like visual content.人們喜歡視覺內容。 According to Visualteachingalliance.com,根據Visualteachingalliance.com, 90%的信息 通過視覺傳輸到大腦。

這篇帖子來自 每日資訊網 is an excellent example.是一個很好的例子。 In the tweet, Dailyinfographic keeps the text as a standard blog post, but is presented in a much more visually appealing format.在推文中,Dailyinfographic將文本保留為標準博客文章,但以更具視覺吸引力的格式呈現。



Every time you create content, you should send it out to people who might be interested in it.每次創建內容時,都應將其發送給可能對此感興趣的人。 It can generate maximum customers for you.它可以為您帶來最大的客戶。


No matter how much you hate it, you know the importance of paid ads.無論您多麼討厭它,您都知道付費廣告的重要性。 When you already know who your當您已經知道誰 目標受眾 是,付費廣告可以為您帶來奇蹟。


Creating and promoting content is not enough.創建和推廣內容還不夠。 You also need to monitor the results.您還需要監視結果。 This will help you to know the status of your content.這將幫助您了解內容的狀態。


跟踪結果的最佳方法是通過 Google Analytics. 我個人完全依靠谷歌來檢查我的工作進度。


  • 交通
  • SERP排名
  • 每次訪問頁面
  • 跳出率
  • 域名權限

以外 Google Analytics,也有您可以使用的工具。 Ahrefs 是您可以用來監控進度的流行工具之一。


該工具一般使用 排名追踪器 to track the keywords ranking over time.跟踪關鍵字隨時間的排名。 So you can keep an eye on the keywords movement.因此,您可以密切關注關鍵字運動。

Although there are various tools available, some may not be that effective or lack of many features.儘管有各種可用的工具,但有些工具可能效果不佳或缺少許多功能。 But I will leave it up to you to decide.但我將由您決定。



在創建內容時,您需要 優先考慮您的業務目標。 You need to make sure that your content is able to create a lot of passive leads for you in the long-run.從長遠來看,您需要確保您的內容能夠為您創建很多被動線索。

Once you are done with all the above steps, it's time to do it all over again.完成上述所有步驟後,就該重新做一遍了。 Yes, you heard it right!是的,您沒聽錯! Every time you create new content for your business, you need to follow the same steps above.每次為業務創建新內容時,都需要遵循上述相同步驟。


[bctt tweet =”閱讀@billachola的技巧-創建內容營銷計劃的5個簡單步驟。” URL =” / blog / web-business-ideas / content-marketing-guide-made-simple /”提示=“告訴朋友”]


Remember, content marketing is all about creating quality content backed up by an effective SEO strategy.請記住,內容營銷是關於創建有效SEO策略支持的高質量內容的。 If you can pull this off, you know your content marketing is successful.如果可以實現這一目標,則說明您的內容營銷成功。

Follow the steps I mentioned above and you will be good to go.按照我上面提到的步驟進行操作,您將很高興。 I follow the same and I am doing quite well in my field.我遵循相同的原則,並且在自己的領域中做得很好。


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