InMotion Hosting Review

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  • Review Updated: Oct 26, 2018
InMotion Hosting Review
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Review Last Updated: October 26, 2018
If I were not to have the utmost faith in InMotion hosting, I would not be forking out hundreds of dollars each year in hosting fees. I believe that two key elements make them one of the top hosts I’ve encountered to date; Exceptional server performance (>99.95% uptime, TTFB <450ms) and fantastic customer service.

With over 15 years in the web hosting business, InMotion Hosting is one of the most recognized names around. I first started up with them when I was offered a review account (at the time called the ‘Launch” plan) in 2009.

I loved them so much that I stayed on – as a paying customer.

Today I make use of their VPS plan and I’m sure I’ve dug around in almost every facet of their resources at some time or other through the years.

Let me share some of what I’ve learn about them with you, so that you can make an informed decision on the pros and cons of hosting with them.

About InMotion Hosting

  • Head quarter: Los Angeles, California
  • Established: 2001
  • Services: Shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting

Reference: WHSR’s WhoIs Record

I personally use InMotion Hosting to host this website at a cost of over $500 annually.

You can verify the hosting via the records of

You can see on WhoIs record that this site is hosted on InMotion Hosting.
This site is hosted on InMotion’s VPS hosting.



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Pros of InMotion Hosting

1. Exceptional Hosting Performance: Uptime > 99.95%, TTFB < 450ms

Among the web hosting service providers I have encountered so far InMotion Hosting servers are some of the top performing ones in the budget category. Their uptime is mostly well above the industry standard of 99.95%.

More importantly, I have tested performance from multiple locations, all of which are able to boast Time to First Byte (TTFB) of below 450ms.

The proof, however, is in the pudding as they say. Let’s take a look at the test results I’ve compiled on InMotion Hosting over the years since 2013

InMotion Hosting Speed Tests

Server Speed Test at Bitcatcha

inmotion feb 2016 response speed
BitCatcha’s proprietary algorithm pings my test site from 8 different locations, giving it an overall score of A+. The norm is usually a B+ which is three grades below that.

Time-to-First-Byte (TTFB) Based on Webpage Test

InMotion Hosting speed test at Webpage test rates my test site TTFB at 415ms which is very good.

InMotion Hosting Uptime

Sep/Oct 2018: 100%

InMotion Hosting uptime for the past 30 days (September / October 2018) – 100%.

Jul/Aug 2018: 100%

InMotion Hosting review - 2018 August uptime record
InMotion Hosting uptime for the past 30 days (July / August 2018) – 100%.

Jun/Jul 2018: 100%

Inmotion Hosting uptime record June 2018
No outage recorded at InMotion Hosting in June / July 2018.

Old Records (2013 – early 2018)

* Click to enlarge image. 

June 2018: 100%

inmotion hosting uptime review - june 2018

January 2018: 100%

inmotion hosting uptime review - jan 2018

March 2017: 100%

inmotion hosting uptime review - mar 2017

July 2016: 99.95%

inmotion uptime 072016

March 2016: 99.99%

inmotion - 201603

Feb 2016: 99.97%

inmotion hosting feb 2016 uptime

Sep 2015: 99.83%

inmotion sept uptime

Aug 2015: 100%

InMotion Hosting uptime record for July/August 2015. Site has not gone down for the past 934 hours.

Mar 2015: 100%

InMotion Hosting uptime

Apr 2014: 100%

InMotion Hosting Uptime Score (Past 30 days, March - April 2014)

Mar 2014: 99.99%

InMotion Hosting Uptime Score (Past 30 days, February - March 2014)

Dec 2013: 100%

inmotion vps uptime dec-jan



2. Very Impressive Live Chat Support

Standard support procedure at InMotion Hosting includes:

  • Unparallel 90-day money back guarantee
  • Multiple support channels (ticket system, Skype, phone, live chat, emails)
  • Easy refunds or account cancellations

Well known for its customer service, InMotion Hosting Inc. has been BBB Accredited since 2003 and has an A+ with BBB Busines Review. It’s frequently highly rated by hosting review sites and therefore, also has high expectations to live up to, especially in after-sales service.

When I conducted an undercover test of customer support channels back in August 2017, their live chat came up as one of the best in the field. First response time was in less than 60 seconds and my queries were quickly addressed.

Recent live chat test

I again repeated a test on their support system in 2018 to update this review and I’m glad that it has not degraded at all.

* Click image to enlarge. 

chat record with Inmotion live chat system.
Another field test when I was doing this review – my live chat request was answered instantly.

Other user comments

Obviously, I’m not alone in my love for InMotion – others think they’re great as well, especially in terms of customer support.

* Click image to enlarge. 

inmotion support staffs had at least 160 hours training before answering users call
Positive feedback on InMotion’s support (screen shot from verified source Website Hosting Rating).

User feedback on Twitter



3. Free Site Migration Service for All New Customers

No matter which hosting plan you’re taking up with InMotion Hosting , they offer all new customers free site migration.


Requesting site migration

InMotion Hosting can help you migrate our websites, so why do all the heavy lifting? Click click to request.

Click here to request (affiliate links).

free site migration for inmotion hosting first time customer
To request for InMotion’s site migration service, login to AMP dashboard > Account Operations > Website Transfer Request.



4. One-stop Solution: All Hosting Features You Need in One Plan

As is usual, InMotion Hosting carries a complete range of shared plan types to address multiple scenarios. From the most basic starter sites to heavy e-commerce users, there’s something for everyone.

Features included:

  • Full SSD storage,
  • Free SSL certificates ready (Auto SSL),
  • No hard limit for inodes (for Pro plan),
  • Daily automated site backup,
  • PHP 7 ready – that helps your sites load 50% faster,
  • Email hosting and easy to use webmail system,
  • SSH and SFTP access,
  • Pre-configured CMS during order,
  • Professional web design service,
  • Choice of server locations between U.S. East and West Coast, and
  • Softaculous ready – which you can install up to 400 apps in a few clicks


Web design service at reasonable price 

Time-saver for businesses: Get InMotion (during checkout) to you design and build a one-page website in 2 days for $99.

QuickStarter is a one-page website created by InMotion Hosting design experts with your business vision in mind.

Host and send your emails from InMotion Hosting 

Email hosting on InMotion Hosting is easy and painless to manage.

You can manage all email related tasks from either your Account Management Panel (AMP) or cPanel.

setting up emails using inmotion hosting amp
Setup your emails at InMotion Hosting AMP or login to cPanel dashboard > Email ACcount > Setup Mail Client.

Server Location and Pre-Configure CMS

Depending on your own needs, you can choose where you’d prefer your account to be hosted. Choices are; West or East Coast of United States. This choice must be made at the order phase of your signup process.

* Note: Shown in the .GIF image are old prices. InMotion Hosting has increased their price to $3.99/mo in June 2018.

select server location - US east or west coast with inmotion hosting
InMotion Hosting server configuration during order.

No hard limit for inodes on Business Hosting plan

Note that InMotion Hosting does not set a hard limit on inodes count.

While most others (at similar price range) limit 100,000 – 250,000 inodes per account.

inmotion hosting inode limits
Screenshot from InMotion community support.

Free SSL (the default in cPanel)

There’s obviously a difference between free and paid SSL, but for most of us, the free version is fine. To activate your free SSL (VPS or dedicated hosting users), look for the option in your WHM.

Unfortunately, InMotion Hosting doesn’t support auto installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates (unlike SiteGround or A2 Hosting). You are given root access and you must install it on your own. You can find the detail instructions in this tutorial.

step 1 - installing auto ssl at inmotion hosting - important for business websites
To activate your free SSL option, login to your Account Management Portal (AMP).
step 2 - installing auto ssl at inmotion hosting - important for business websites
Click “On/Off” to enable your free SSL. Yes, it’s really that simple.



5. Plenty of room to grow

When running a website, one thing you always must keep in mind is room for expansion. You might be getting 50 hits a day today, but in a year or two that might easily exceed 1,000 or so daily, perhaps even more.

Thankfully, InMotion Hosting has a very wide range of plans that you can incrementally upgrade to as you grow. There is also the option of switching to VPS or dedicated hosting plans if you feel the shared plans are still too restrictive for you.

full range of hosting options at inmotion hosting
Different hosting plans at InMotion Hosting (updated price).


Feeling confused? Which InMotion Hosting plans to go with? 

Being faced with too many choices can also at times be a headache. If you’re not sure what you need, here’s my 2 cents;

Decide if you’d prefer Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server hosting.

For those who need server root access or special requirements such as custom software, you might like to consider VPS hosting for start.

For everyone else, it’s likely that one of the shared plans will do fine for you (it’s usual to buy in at the lowest tier first).

InMotion has three different tiers of Business Class Hosting – Launch, Power, and Pro.

While similar in nature, each higher tier offers more features, such as more addon domains, parked domains or something else. The most important thing to note is how many websites each plan supports – if you only need to run a single site, just go with Launch, the lowest package.

Remember, these packages can be upgraded at any time, all you’ll need to do is top up the price difference.



6. 90-day money back guarantee

Some web hosts might try to get away with no money-back guarantees or limit you to a ridiculous 3-day or 14-day period. InMotion Hosting offers one of the longest trial periods in the business – an eye-raising 90 days!

Anytime within those 90 days, if you feel unsatisfied with what you’ve bought into, you can request an account cancellation along with a full refund.

InMotion Hosting’s Service Terms & Guarantees

All 6 month and longer term hosting plans for our Business, VPS and Reseller Hosting packages are covered by our unmatched 90-day money back guarantee. All Dedicated Severs and all monthly billed VPS and Reseller Hosting packages are eligible for a full refund for 30 days.

– Source: InMotion Hosting Terms of Use



7.  Save 57% if you host with InMotion now

InMotion’s shared hosting is usually priced at $6.99/8.99/15.99 per month for their Launch, Power, and Pro Plan respectively.

If you order via our special promo link, you’ll save up to 50%, paying only $3.99/5.99/13.99 per month on your first bill.

inmotion price review

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Cons of InMotion Hosting

Although InMotion is one of the few who have gotten a full five-star review from me, I still have to acknowledge that nothing is perfect.

Let me share with you some of the not so encouraging points about them.

1. After the initial sign up, prices go up

When you’re just signing on with InMotion Hosting , that what I call the honeymoon period. You pay cut-rate fees and both you and the host are happy. Unfortunately, that only lasts the length of your first contract. When it comes time to renew, you’ll be facing full-fee rates.

This means that for a 24-month renewal period, you must pay $7.99/9.99/15.99 per month depending on plan.

The even sadder news is that this isn’t all about InMotion Hosting and is in fact an industry norm. The practice has gotten many complaints over the years.

If this is something that you REALLY object to, go to a host that doesn’t practice this instead, such as Interserver.




2. No instant account activation

To prevent fraud, InMotion doesn’t practice instant account activation. That means that you’ll need to be verified via phone before they will activate your account – a slight inconvenience for those living outside of the US, like me.

I’m in Malaysia, which is on the opposite side of the globe from the US. Given time gaps and poor call quality sometimes, it can be a real mess.



InMotion Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Plans: Launch, Power, Pro

There are three shared web hosting plans on InMotion Hosting : Launch, Power and Pro. Let’s take a look at what each of them offers:

Launch Power Pro
Websites 2 6 U/L
Free First Domain
Parked Domain 6 26 U/L
Storage / Data Transfer U/L U/L U/L
Better Server Performance
E-commerce Ready
Automated Data Backup
Signup Price $3.99/mo $5.99/mo $13.99/mo


* Note: U/L = Unlimited. All shared hosting prices based on orders with our special promotion and three-year subscription.

VPS Hosting Plans: 1000HA, 2000HA, 3000HA

Their three VPS hosting plan names sound like something out of star wars: 1000HA-S, 2000HA-s, and 3000HA-s.

Here are the main features for these plans:

1000 HA 2000 HA 3000 HA
RAM (GB) 4 6 8
SSD Storage (GB) 75 150 260
Data Transfer (TB) 4 5 6
Dedicated IP Addresses 3 4 5
Free Pre-set SSL
Reseller Access with WHM
Signup Price $24.99/mo $39.99/mo $59.99/mo


* Note: All VPS hosting prices based on one-year subscription.


(Affiliate links)



InMotion Hosting Alternatives & Comparison

We’ve covered a lot of ground on InMotion Hosting so far, but for those of you still unimpressed, fear not – there are other options. Personally, I would also recommend A2 Hosting and SiteGround.

Both are big dogs in web hosting as well that offer comprehensive plans at competitive prices.

For a comparison, take a look at Tim’s article SiteGround vs BlueHost vs InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting

Launch Plan

  • Websites: 2
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 90 days
  • Server: U.S. East / West Coast
  • Signup price: $3.99/mo
  • Renewal price: $7.99/mo

Power Plan

  • Websites: 6
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 90 days
  • Server: U.S. East / West Coast
  • Signup price: $5.99/mo
  • Renewal price: $9.99/mo

Pro Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 90 days
  • Server: U.S. East / West Coast
  • Signup price: $13.99/mo
  • Renewal price: $15.99/mo


InMotion Hosting vs SiteGround

Established in 2004, SiteGround has offices in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and the US.

Both InMotion Hosting and SiteGround have solid reputations based on their great server performance and customer support. InMotion Hosting is cheaper and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. SiteGround however, has better features including a built-in cache, NGINX, etc. The latter also has a better spread of server locations, i.e. US, Europe, and Asia.

StartUp Plan

  • Websites: 1
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $3.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $11.95/mo

GrowBig Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $5.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $19.95/mo

GoGeek Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $11.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $34.95/mo

Also read – My detail SiteGround review and test results here.



InMotion Hosting vs A2 Hosting

The company A2 Hosting has been around since 2001. When it first hit the scene, it was known as Iniquinet. It was then renamed as A2 Hosting in 2003 as a tribute to the founder’s home town – Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The company has data centers in three locations, with the primary data center in Michigan and additional servers in Amsterdam and Singapore, Asia.

Lite Plan

  • Websites: 1
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: Anytime Money Back
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $3.92/mo
  • Renewal price: $7.99/mo

Swift Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: Anytime Money Back
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $4.90/mo
  • Renewal price: $9.99/mo

Turbo Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: Anytime Money Back
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $9.31/mo
  • Renewal price: $18.99/mo

Also read – My detail A2 Hosting review and test results here.



InMotion Hosting vs BlueHost

Another popular web hosting company is BlueHost. They’re often compared to InMotion Hosting although our research has suggested that InMotion Hosting is better in term of server performance and live chat support. BlueHost is, however, around 15% cheaper than InMotion Hosting over the long term.

Basic Plan

  • Websites: 1
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: –
  • Signup price: $2.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $7.99/mo

Plus Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: –
  • Signup price: $5.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $10.99/mo

Prime Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: –
  • Signup price: $5.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $14.95/mo

Also read – My detail BlueHost review and test results here.


* Note: Hosting prices checked and updated on September, 2018. For best accuracy please visit hosting companies’ websites (all three are affiliate links):



Verdict: InMotion Hosting – Yes or No?

As I’m sure you’ve realized it by now, I consider InMotion Hosting a very good web hosting company. Let’s have a short recap here on its pros and cons:


If you are looking for a web hosting service provider that has a good reputation and offers solid performance and support– InMotion Hosting is the one for you. Also remember that they have the facilities to let you scale up your plans anytime you want, so futureproof as well.

Who should host at InMotion Hosting?

I recommend it for:

  • Small-to-medium size business sites
  • Forums (Easy forum software installation)
  • WordPress-based sites (New to even large sized)
  • Joomla and Drupal sites



Order InMotion Hosting 

InMotion’s Shared Hosting, originally priced at $6.99/8.99/15.99/mo for Launch, Power, and Pro Plan.

If you order via our special promo link, you’ll save up to 50% (prices go down to $3.99/5.99/13.99/mo) on your first bill.

inmotion price review


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