InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting Review
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Review Last Updated: July 11, 2018
InMotion Hosting is highly recommended due to two reasons: 1) strong server performance data (>99.95% uptime, TTFB <450ms) and 2) solid customer service. I personally pay them hundreds of dollars every year to host this site you are reading.

InMotion Hosting is a popular hosting company with more than 15 years of business track record.

In 2009, InMotion Hosting gave me a free shared hosting account (the “Launch” plan) for review purpose. I got hooked and became their loyal customer.

Today – almost a decade later, I pay InMotion Hosting a few hundreds dollars (on VPS plan) every year to host this site you are reading.

In this review, I am going to show you everything you need to know about this web host as a shopper – pros & cons, plans and pricing, server uptime data, etc. Let’s find out if they are the right web host that fits your needs.

About InMotion Hosting

  • Head quarter: Los Angeles, California
  • Established: 2001
  • Services: Shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting



What’s in this review



Pros of InMotion Hosting

1. Solid hosting performance: Uptime > 99.95%, TTFB < 450ms

InMotion Hosting server performance is unparalleled in current budget hosting market.

Their server uptime is consistently well above industry standard 99.95%.

Server response times, tested from multiple locations using Bitcatcha and WebpageTest, are all below 450ms.

Below are the server performance data I have gathered through out the years (go back as far as 2013).

Server Speed Test at Bitcatcha

inmotion feb 2016 response speed
My test site is pinged from 8 different locations – site response times were recorded and compared. Test site hosted at InMotion Hosting scored A+ (Feb 2016). In contrast, most other hosts in our review list scored below B+ (three levels below) in this test.

Time-to-First-Byte (TTFB) Based on Webpage Test

InMotion Hosting speed test at Webpage test
Test site’s TTFB: 415ms – rated A at

InMotion Hosting Uptime (Jun 2018): 100%

inmotion hosting uptime review - june 2018
No outage recorded at InMotion Hosting in June / July 2018.

InMotion Hosting Uptime (Jan 2018): 100%

inmotion hosting uptime review - jan 2018
No outages were recorded at InMotion Hosting in December 2017 / January 2018.

InMotion Hosting Uptime (Mar 2017): 100%

inmotion hosting uptime review - mar 2017
No outages were recorded since August 2016. Site hosted on InMotion Hosting (which is this site you are looking at) scored 100% uptime for the last 30 days in February/March 2017.

Old Records (2013 – 2016)

* Click to enlarge image. 

July 2016: 99.95%

inmotion uptime 072016

March 2016: 99.99%

inmotion - 201603

Feb 2016: 99.97%

inmotion hosting feb 2016 uptime

Sep 2015: 99.83%

inmotion sept uptime

Aug 2015: 100%

InMotion Hosting uptime record for July/August 2015. Site has not gone down for the past 934 hours.

Mar 2015: 100%

InMotion Hosting uptime

Apr 2014: 100%

InMotion Hosting Uptime Score (Past 30 days, March - April 2014)

Mar 2014: 99.99%

InMotion Hosting Uptime Score (Past 30 days, February - March 2014)

Dec 2013: 100%

inmotion vps uptime dec-jan




2. Topnotch live chat support

At the customer support ends, InMotion Hosting offers:

  • 90-day money back guarantee, which is #1 in hosting industry (more about this later),
  • Multiple support channels (ticket system, Skype, phone, live chat, emails), and
  • Good billing practice – where users can refund or cancel account easily

InMotion Hosting is best known with its superior customer service (the company is BBB Accredited since 23/6/2003 and scores A+ with BBB Busines Review) and is rated as one of the top hosting providers by many well-known hosting review sites. As such, bloggers normally regard InMotion Hosting as the web host for businesses and corporate users – people who have high expectations on after-sales supports.

Their live chat support was one of the best in my undercover experiment in August 2017. The live chat support staff responded in less than 60 seconds and solved my questions quickly.


Recent live chat record

I did another field test in 2018 (when I was updating this review) – my experience was equally good.

* Click image to enlarge. 

chat record with Inmotion live chat system.
Another field test when I was doing this review – my live chat request was answered instantly.

Feedback from other users

I am not the only one who thinks InMotion Hosting is doing a good job in customer supports.

* Click image to enlarge. 

inmotion support staffs had at least 160 hours training before answering users call
Positive feedback on InMotion’s support (screen shot from verified source Website Hosting Rating).


3. Free site migration service for all new customers

It doesn’t matter that you are subscribing to their cheapest shared hosting plans or VPS – InMotion Hosting provide free site migration request for all new customers.


How to file a site migration request

Why sweat on site migration? You can just let InMotion Hosting to do the heavy lifting. 

free site migration for inmotion hosting first time customer
To request for InMotion’s site migration service, login to AMP dashboard > Account Operations > Website Transfer Request  (more info).


4. All hosting features you need in one plan

InMotion’s shared hosting plans basically cover everything you need to start a blog or e-commerce site.

These features include:

  • Full SSD storage,
  • Free SSL certificates ready (Auto SSL),
  • No hard limit for inodes (for Pro plan),
  • Daily automated site backup,
  • PHP 7 ready – that helps your sites load 50% faster,
  • Email hosting and easy to use webmail system,
  • SSH and SFTP access,
  • Pre-configured CMS during order,
  • Choice of server locations between U.S. East and West Coast, and
  • Softaculous ready – which you can install up to 400 apps in a few clicks



Host and send your emails from InMotion Hosting 

InMotion Hosting email is easy to use. Users can create, manage, and login to their emails from Account Management Panel (AMP) or cPanel.

InMotion Hosting supports three webmail agents: RoundCube, SquirrelMail, and Horde.

setting up emails using inmotion hosting amp
Setup your emails at InMotion Hosting AMP or login to cPanel dashboard > Email ACcount > Setup Mail Client.

Select Server Location and Pre-Configure CMS

You can select your server location (West or East Coast of United States) and pre-configure your CMS when you order InMotion Hosting.

* Click image to enlarge. 

select server location - US east or west coast with inmotion hosting
InMotion Hosting server configuration during order.

No hard limit for inodes on Business Hosting plan

Note that InMotion Hosting does not set a hard limit on inodes count.

While most others (at similar price range) limit 100,000 – 250,000 inodes per account.

inmotion hosting inode limits
Screenshot from InMotion community support.

Free SSL (cPanel’s Default Auto SSL)

For most informational websites, the level of acceptance provided by InMotion Hosting’s free SSL is adequate.

For shared or reseller hosting users, follow the instructions given below to activate your free SSL. For VPS or dedicated hosting users, the “Manage Free SSL” is not available in your AMP dashboard; you will need to do it in your WHM instead.

Also – unlike SiteGround or A2 Hosting, you cannot auto install Let’s Encrypt at InMotion Hosting. You can, however, access to your server root and install Let’s Encrypt manually. You can find the detail instructions in this tutorial.

step 1 - installing auto ssl at inmotion hosting - important for business websites
To activate your free SSL option, login to your Account Management Portal (AMP).
step 2 - installing auto ssl at inmotion hosting - important for business websites
Click “On/Off” to enable your free SSL. (Yes, it’s that simple if you are opting for a free shared SSL.)  



5. Plenty of room to grow

You don’t have to worry about your website outgrowing your host with InMotion Hosting.

The company offers a wide range of VPS and dedicated hosting plans – there are plenty of room to grow.

full range of hosting options at inmotion hosting

A little more on server choice

Some times, there are too many choices with InMotion Hosting and users get confused and undecided.

In case you are one of them, here’s my advice.

First, you have to choose between InMotion’s Shared Hosting (aka. Business Hosting), VPS, and dedicated servers.

If you need server root access or special security features or custom software, then VPS or dedicated servers are your options.

Otherwise, (very) high chance that you would be alright with the lowest end package – the Business Class Hosting.

InMotion has three different packages with Business Class Hosting – Launch, Power, and Pro.

The main differences between these three packages are the limits on addon domains and mySQL databases. you can run on. Launch, Power and Pro supports 2/6/25 addon domain, 6/26/unlimited parked domain, and 2/50/200 MySQL databses respectively. So, if you are starting with one domain, go with Launch (remember, you can always upgrade your plan at later stage). If you are running with 3 or more different domains, then go with Power or Pro. Simple!


6. 90 days money back guarantee

InMotion Hosting offers the longest full refund trial period in the hosting market (see TOS quoted below).

When you signup to InMotion Hosting, you get a 90 days of trial period to cancel your account and ask for full refund.

InMotion Hosting’s Service Terms & Guarantees

All 6 month and longer term hosting plans for our Business, VPS and Reseller Hosting packages are covered by our unmatched 90-day money back guarantee. All Dedicated Severs and all monthly billed VPS and Reseller Hosting packages are eligible for a full refund for 30 days.

– Source



7.  Exclusive Discount (Save 57%) on InMotion Hosting

InMotion’s Shared Hosting, originally priced at $6.99/8.99/15.99/mo for Launch, Power, and Pro Plan.

If you order via our special promo link, you’ll save up to 50% (prices go down to $3.99/5.99/13.99/mo) on your first bill.

inmotion price review

Click here to visit the special discount page at



Cons of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the few that were rated 5-star at WHSR.

But this doesn’t mean they are all bells and whistles – here are a few drawbacks you need to know.

1. Increment on Renewal Price

New users get a special one-time discounts when they first signup to InMotion Hosting. However, you will need to pay a higher price during renewal. The standard renewal prices, for 24-months subscription, for Launch/Power/Pro are $7.99/9.99/15.99 per month.

While this is sort of the industry norms for hosting companies nowadays – I read quite a number of complaints due to this matter.

If this is an issue for you – I recommend sticking with hosting companies that do not jack up their renewal price (ie. Interserver).



2. No instant account activation

InMotion operates on some very tight fraud prevention policies where all new customers will need to verify their purchase via phone.

While this might sound nothing for those living in United States, it’s inconvenient for users who are living outside U. S.

I live in Malaysia and I do not like this feature personally, mainly because issues with long distance phone calls: time zone gap and bad reception.

However, the good thing about this is that InMotion users get to host in a safer environment with spammers and fraudsters as neighbors.



InMotion Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers three shared web hosting plans: Launch, Power and Pro. Here are the main features that differentiate the three.

Launch Power Pro
Websites 2 6 U/L
Free First Domain
Parked Domain 6 26 U/L
Storage / Data Transfer U/L U/L U/L
Better Server Performance
E-commerce Ready
Automated Data Backup
Signup Price $3.99/mo $5.99/mo $13.99/mo


* Note: U/L = Unlimited. All shared hosting prices based on orders with our special promotion and three-year subscription.

VPS Hosting Plans

There are three plans for managed VPS hosting: 1000HA-S, 2000HA-s, and 3000HA-s (weird name, don’t ask me how they got the idea). Here are the main features for these VPS plans.

1000 HA 2000 HA 3000 HA
RAM (GB) 4 6 8
SSD Storage (GB) 75 150 260
Data Transfer (TB) 4 5 6
Dedicated IP Addresses 3 4 5
Free Pre-set SSL
Reseller Access with WHM
Signup Price $24.99/mo $39.99/mo $59.99/mo


* Note: All VPS hosting prices based on one-year subscription


InMotion Hosting Comparison

InMotion Hosting vs SiteGround

SiteGround is established in 2004 and has offices in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

Both InMotion Hosting and SiteGround are well-known for its solid server performance and helpful technical supports. InMotion Hosting is cheaper and comes with 90 days money back guarantee. SiteGround, on the other hand, comes with better features (such as built-in cache, NGINX, etc) and choices of server locations in United States, Europe, and Asia.

InMotion Hosting

Launch Plan

  • Websites: 2
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 90 days
  • Server: U.S. East / West Coast
  • Signup price: $3.99/mo
  • Renewal price: $7.99/mo

Power Plan

  • Websites: 6
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 90 days
  • Server: U.S. East / West Coast
  • Signup price: $5.99/mo
  • Renewal price: $9.99/mo

Pro Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 90 days
  • Server: U.S. East / West Coast
  • Signup price: $13.99/mo
  • Renewal price: $15.99/mo


StartUp Plan

  • Websites: 1
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $3.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $9.95/mo

GrowBig Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $5.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $14.95/mo

GoGeek Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: No
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: U.S., E.U., Asia
  • Signup price: $11.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $29.95/mo

Also read – My detail SiteGround review and test results here.



InMotion Hosting vs BlueHost

BlueHost is a popular hosting choice since mid-2000. The web host offers one of the cheapest shared hosting deals in today’s market.

Our data suggests that InMotion Hosting is better in term of server performance and live chat support. BlueHost, however, is ~15% cheaper than InMotion Hosting in long term.


Basic Plan

  • Websites: 1
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: –
  • Signup price: $2.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $7.99/mo

Plus Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: –
  • Signup price: $5.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $10.99/mo

Prime Plan

  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Server: –
  • Signup price: $5.95/mo
  • Renewal price: $14.95/mo

Also read – My detail BlueHost review and test results here.

* Note: Hosting prices checked and updated on July, 2018. For best accuracy please visit hosting companies’ websites. SiteGround: ; BlueHost:



Verdict: InMotion Hosting – Yes or No?

To recap, here’s what I like and dislike of InMotion Hosting.

If you are looking for a hosting provider that offers scalability, top class server performance, and great after sales support – InMotion Hosting is your answer.

Who should host at InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting has pretty much everything you need for a small to mid-size websites. The web host is highly recommended for:

  • Small-to-medium size business websites
  • Forums (SMF, vBulletin, phpBB can be installed at a few clicks)
  • New-to-large size WordPress blog
  • Joomla and Drupal sites.

InMotion Hosting Alternatives

Reference: WHSR’s WhoIs Record

I pay InMotion Hosting $500+ every year to host this website.

Check WhoIs record to verify that this site is hosted on InMotion Hosting.

You can see on WhoIs record that this site is hosted on InMotion Hosting.
This site is hosted on InMotion’s VPS hosting.


Order InMotion Hosting at Special Price



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