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Reviewed by: Jerry Low . .
  • Review Updated: Jul 09, 2021
Plan in review: Biz 100
Reviewed by: Jerry Low
Review Updated: July 09, 2021
AltusHost has so far given me confidence in the products they offer. Despite some nit-picking here and there, I truly believe that AltusHost does offer a strong value proposition. Not only are the plans available well thought out, but their servers also show strong performance when taken in context. This especially applies to business customers.

“Altus who?” was the first thought that crossed my mind when this brand hove into view. Yet as I dug deeper and it became readily apparent that they were real – and serious about the web hosting business.

Having come across so many US-based web hosting companies, it is interesting to note that Europe has not completely given up. In fact, AltusHost originates from the Netherlands, a key data center market in the eurozone.

Part of the “Altus who?” reaction might have been caused by that fact. Aside from being based there, this host operates out of only two data centers – both also located in Europe. Once I dug in further though, it does seem pretty impressive.

About AltusHost

  • Company HQ: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Established: 2008
  • Services: Shared, Cloud VPS, and Reseller hosting, Colocation, Dedicated Servers, and Other associated services.

Summary: What is in this AltusHost Review?



Pros: What I Like About AltusHost

1. It’s a Fast And Reliable Host

AltusHost speed test results are impressive
AltusHost speed test results are impressive

This comes right out at the top and is typically at the top of my “must-have” list. If a web host isn’t able to perform, all the features and best pricing in the world isn’t going to rescue it from disaster. Thankfully, AltusHost isn’t one of those.

I’ve been maintaining a token test site on AltusHost and keeping an eye on it. So far, performance seems quite remarkable and it does come out tops in random speed tests. The BitCatcha speed test tool typically returns an A+ grade for them.


2. Excellent Choice for Euro-targeted Traffic

Building further on the speed results comment, site owners who are looking to target eurozone traffic will be impressed. Having data centers in a specific area does not always guarantee better performance for nearby visitors.

In the case of AltusHost, they show remarkable response speeds in the region. The speed test nodes in London and Germany picked this up with response times of 10ms and under. If you're serving euro traffic, this is a highly viable option.


3. Reliable Availability of Service

AltusHost offers their customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is acceptable as a basic industry standard. Our own observation though is that the number merely serves as a buffer zone for them – their service quality far exceeds that.

AltusHost uptime (October 2020): 100%
AltusHost uptime (October 2020): 100%

Over the past 30-day period, I’ve seen no instance of service outage even while monitoring them with automated tools. That means literally a 100% uptime over the most recent period.

They’re also very transparent about their data center performance and availability. If you dig into their knowledge base, they offer information that can help you run network tests on both the data centers they operate out of.


4. Generous Resource Allocation

When looking at most web hosting plans, buyers are typically drawn to prices first – after all, that’s what is normally displayed most prominently. You really should drill down to detail though since that is where you find what you get (or don’t get, as the case may be) for the price.

AltusHost makes extremely generous allocation of resources even for their Shared plans, although these aren’t labelled as such. They call them Business plans and apart from the measly 20GB of storage space for the starter account, everything else comes in spades.

For example, you have access to two CPU cores and 2GB of RAM on their most basic hosting plan. This is considered as above average compared to most shared hosting.


5. Lots of Freebies

Along with the resources you get to use, AltusHost gives you other stuff for free as well. This includes Let’s Encrypt SSL, daily backups, spam filter, email accounts, and even a website builder.

It should be noted that you also get free site migration here. So if you’re thinking of upgrading to a server better suited for performance or targeting euro traffic, this is a viable option.

That’s enough to get almost any website going just with their basic hosting packages. Incidentally, the basic plan also allows you to run two sites on it – most will only allow a single site for their cheapest plans.


6. The Perfect Environment for All

Developers will have a field day here since they offer what might be the dream setup as far as the environment goes. You get many dev-friendly features such as NodeJS, Ruby, Python, access to Cron jobs, and more.

If you need to make use of a dedicated IP, you don’t have to sign up for a VPS plan. Just pay an annual fee and you can get your own IP address, even on shared plans.


7. Specialized Hosting is Available

Aside from the usual hosting plans, AltusHost also has built some app-centric specialized plans. These seem to cover a few main categories and they’ve picked on for each. For example, for blogs or dynamic sites they have WordPress hosting.

One of the more interesting among them is their ownCloud hosting plans. I seldom see web hosts offer ready-to-run file-hosting apps on shared plans, but AltusHost has done exactly this. The plan is a great idea for smaller businesses that want to move some resources on to cyberspace.

For that, they’ve bumped up the storage space as well, with the cheapest ownCloud plans offering 40GB of SSD space. Of course, if you need more you can choose to go for their VPS or dedicated server ownCloud plans too, with the appropriate bump in the monthly fee.



Downside and Cons: What I Do Not Like About AltusHost

1. LiteSpeed Web Server

While not exactly an obscure web server, I have not really had too many positive experiences with LiteSpeed. I’m much more a fan of Apache even though LiteSpeed has supposed performance advantages.

When it comes to web hosting I really do believe that proprietary technology shouldn’t play too pivotal a role. Ultimately, we risk ending up in the same scenario as we are now with cPanel – with price hikes for licensing ruling the day.

Of course, this is just my own take on it and many of you might actually prefer using LiteSpeed.


2. Limited Reach

Earlier I spoke about how AltusHost had excellent performance for those targeting euro-centric traffic. Unfortunately, that means those wanting better access to other markets are a bit out of luck.

Even though their VPS plans are Cloud-based, even these are a bit limited. For VPS, you get to choose from all-euro locations only as well, including the Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Switzerland.


3. Suspect Customer Service

AltusHost Communication

Let’s be honest, some customers can be terrible – that’s simply a reality of life. But to have an official of the company communicate with people on a third-party platform in curt and brusque tones simply doesn’t reflect so well on them.

Although scenarios like this seem very rare (this is, in fact a one-off I found), the fact that they do exist is a little bit worrisome.



AltusHost Plans & Pricing

Prices for AltusHost are all in Euro and to be honest, can be considered pretty steep since they don’t offer introductory discounts. This of course does mean you don’t face renewal hikes, but the proposition is not overly attractive.

Shared Hosting Plans

PlansBiz 20Biz 50Biz 100
Storage (Pure SSD)20 GB50 GB100 GB
Monthly BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Add-on Domains2UnlimitedUnlimited
CPU Cores Available2 cores4 cores6 cores
RAM Availability2 GB4 GB8 GB
Daily BackupFreeFreeFree
Premium Website Builder
 Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
Risk-Free Trial45 days45 days45 days
Signup Price (12-mo)€5.98/mo€11.98/mo€23.98/mo
Order / Learn MoreBiz 20Biz 50Biz 100


When looking at the price for AltusHost shared hosting plans, you have to keep in mind the amount of stuff they offer on the plans. If you don’t, the experience might be a bit too painful for many to bear.

Starting from a low of $6.99/mo (€5.98/mo), the price may seem high, but that is against web hosts that have sign-on discounts. Once you compare it to renewal rates, you’ll find that AlthusHost actually provides far better value than most.


VPS Hosting Plans

PlansVM 1VM 2VM 3VM 4
CPU Core2 Cores2 Cores4 Cores6 Cores
RAM Memory2 GB4 GB6 GB8 GB
Pure SSD Storage40 GB80 GB120 GB160 GB
Monthly Bandwidth4000 GB8000 GB12000 GB16000 GB
Signup Price (12-mo)€15.96/mo€31.96/mo€47.96/mo€63.96/mo
Renewal Price€19.95/mo€39.95/mo€59.95/mo€79.95/mo
Order / Learn MoreVM 1VM 2VM 3VM 4


VPS plans at AltusHost are pretty typical except for the more limited choice in server location. Other than that, it’s sufficient to know that prices start from $23.32/mo (€19.95/mo), which is decent for what you get.


ownCloud Hosting Plans

PlansBiz Web HostingDedicated ServerKVM VPS Hosting
StorageUp to 40 GB Pure SSD StorageFully Dedicated Machine for your DataRedundant, Pure SSD Storage
Software / HardwareInstant One-Click InstallationEnterprise Class Hardware and NetworkTrue Virtualization, Powered by KVM
Data CenterData Hosted in EU (Netherlands)Data Hosted in EU or SwitzerlandData Hosted in EU or Switzerland
Support Assistance24/7 Technical SupportFull ownCloud Installation AssistanceFull ownCloud Installation Assistance
Signup Price€5.95/mo€49/mo€15.90/mo
Order / Learn MoreBiz Web HostingDedicated ServerKVM VPS Hosting


Special Mention needs to be made for their ownCloud hosting as this is something I can see that many could go for. The stretch of this specialized hosting crosses their entire hosting product line, so it’s good for individual use and even small to medium businesses.




Verdict: Is AltusHost Suitable for You?

Quick recap of AltusHost review

Despite some nit-picking here and there, I truly believe that AltusHost does offer a strong value proposition. Not only are the plans available well thought out, but their servers also show strong performance when taken in context.

For those who may be a bit concerned about price, think of it in another way. Would you rather pay rock-bottom prices for web hosting that’s so discretional you’ll be pulling out your hair every day?

This especially applies to business customers. You need to be able to work with a reliable hosting partner so you can focus on building the business, not worrying about web hosting matters, right

AltusHost has so far given me confidence in the products they offer. Give them a go today if you need hosting and if it doesn’t work out – take advantage of their 45-day money-back guarantee.

Note – AltusHost does not oversell and is listed as one of our favorite VPS hosting providers.

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