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8 Alternatives to LogMeIn Remote Access Software (Free & Paid)

During times of need, remote access software can be a lifesaver. LogMeIn gained an excellent reputation for being one of the best options with robust features. But just because something is fantastic doesn’t necessarily mean it suits you.

If you’re looking for some alternatives to LogMeIn, here are a few that I highly recommend;

1. TeamViewer


First released in 2005, TeamViewer, developed by TeamViewer AG, is one of the most popular remote access and remote control software. It’s free and usable on most operating systems such as Windows and macOS. 

Why Choose TeamViewer

With TeamViewer, users can access computers or devices remotely while having the ability to control everything. It’s widely known as one of the best remote management applications, thanks to one key feature – TeamViewer QuickSupport. This feature allows remote connections without client application installations. 

While both TeamViewer and LogMeIn support macOS and Windows users, LogMeIn excludes some of the features for macOS. TeamViewer offers the same features and functionality for both operating systems.

As for the features, TeamViewer offers more collaborative tools such as voice and video chat, while LogMeIn only offers instant chat. Plus, TeamViewer consists of all presentation and meeting features such as screen sharing and scheduling. 

TeamViewer Pricing

TeamViewer has a free option, whereas LogMeIn does not. However, the free version is made available for personal use only. LogMeIn offers an annual pricing plan compared to TeamViewer’s one-time license fee. 

2. Chrome Remote Desktop 

Chrome Remote Desktop

Developed by Google, Chrome Remote Desktop is a free remote desktop tool for use via the Chrome Browser. You can install it on any platform that supports Google Chrome, including macOS, Windows, and Linux

Why Choose Chrome Remote Desktop

To use the Chrome Remote Desktop, both users must install it on their Google Chrome web browsers. You can share screens for collaboration or connect to another computer for remote support.

The user interface is straightforward, making it easy to use too. To enable connection, the host has to generate a 12-digit pin and share it with the other person to allow access. Hence, users can quickly connect without going through too many steps. 

It’s also relatively fast compared to LogMeIn, as some users report unstable connections, especially Mac users. At the very least, MacOS users won’t experience any difficulties while using the Chrome Remote Desktop. 

Chrome Remote Desktop Pricing

The main pro of the Chrome Remote Desktop is its 100% free use. If you need basic features and a fuss-free deployment, then this is the ultimate Chrome browser extension. 

3. VNC Connect 

VNC Connect

VNC Connect, which is a screen-sharing software, was developed by RealVNC. It’s a highly affordable solution for those who need to support a large number of users at the same time. 

Why Choose VNC Connect

Like LogMeIn, VNC Connect allows users to share screens, file transfers, remote printing, and communicate via chatbox. To establish a connection, users must connect via IP Addresses which might require some technical knowledge. 

Aside from that, VNC Connect is fully compatible with most operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and macOS. Plus, it offers the feature where you can access your work computers remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Security-wise, VNC Connect uses 256-bit AES encryption for each session. Your privacy and security are assured (but I recommend using a Virtual Private Network). 

VNC Connect Pricing

VNC Connect is an excellent LogMeIn alternative because it’s much cheaper. LogMeIn costs about $29/mo, while VNC Connect clocks in at a mere $3.39/mo (for only remote access). The remote support plan is a bit more costly at $16.99/mo. 

4. Zoho Assist 

Zoho Assist

Owned by Zoho, Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote support and access software that consists of outstanding features, even on the free plan. Here you’ll find the most commonly available remote access features like file sharing

Why Choose Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is available on most popular platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. You can use it via the Zoho Assist app or a web browser. It’s proven a formidable LogMeIn alternative thanks to advanced features like voice or video chat and session recording. 

The company provides customer support 24/7 via chat, phone, or email. On top of that, the connections are pretty secure as each session gets SSL and 256-bit AES encryption. Security is essential here since Zoho Assist is capable of unattended remote management.

Zoho Assist Pricing

LogMeIn doesn’t have a free plan like Zoho Assist. You can choose between the free or paid plan options. However, the free plan doesn’t offer file transferring. Note that the free plan also only supports a single remote support technician. 

5. Splashtop 


Splashtop, which Splashtop Inc. develops, is well-known remote support software that’s specifically designed for IT support professionals and help desk staff. It provides multiple remote access and support services.

Why Choose Splashtop

Splashtop is capable of remote installation for almost all applications. It gives you complete control over remote devices or platforms, including file transfer rights. Additionally, Splashtop is compatible with mobile devices and desktops or laptops.

The design of Splashtop emphasizes simplicity. Those who are not tech savvy would have no problem using this remote software because it’s simple and easy to use without any complicated functions or features. All it takes to connect are about two clicks. 

Splashtop Pricing

Splashtop is an excellent LogMeIn alternative, thanks to specific affordable plans tailored to different groups. The granular pricing means you get features specific to particular needs and do not pay for everything under the sun.

6. Remote Desktop Manager by Devolutions

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) is a free Microsoft tool created by Devolutions to centralize multiple remote setups on a single platform. Ideally, IT departments would benefit the most from RDM due to the comprehensive features such as VPN and multiple protocol support.

Why Choose Remote Desktop Manager

RDM’s capabilities center primarily around team usage. Each feature is curated to make it easier for teams to collaborate and manage their tasks better.  

Security features stand out on RDM, which is fantastic since Microsoft consumer security is pretty bad. You get advanced features, including secure administrative password sharing, a private user vault, and highly controlled access. 

RDM also boasts Smart Card authentication, where users must enter a PIN and sign in before starting a session. It’s similar to entering a username and password. Besides that, you can protect session access with two-factor authentication (2FA). 

Remote Desktop Manager Pricing

Like many other LogMeIn alternatives, RDM offers free and paid plan options. However, only the paid version is compatible with mobile devices. That, unfortunately, is built for big business and costs $249.99/yr for a single-user license.

7. Goverlan Reach 

Goverlan Reach

With the primary mission of solving common help desk problems, Goverlan Reach aims to increase overall productivity. They provide comprehensive system administration tools alongside various other communication tools such as SMS messaging and live chat.

Why Choose Goverlan Reach

Goverlan Reach enables users to connect remotely and perform several support tasks such as app installation, password resets, and account unlocking, to name a few. The functions are pretty broad and may result in a relatively steep learning curve.

One notable highlight is Goverlan’s fastConnect which enables users to access machines in real-time (live) without entering any information. You can detect when a user logs in and view multiple remote sessions simultaneously. 

Active Directory management is another crucial feature where you can perform various services such as account management, directory searches, group memberships, and password management. 

The remote task manager also offers management and monitoring of the currently running tasks. With this feature, you can monitor the health issues (if any) by gauging the performance. 

Goverlan Reach Pricing

Goverlan Reach is one of the LogMeIn alternatives comparable in price and features. The cheapest plan costs $40/mo per user. That stretches upwards to $170/mo. There is also an add-on module for incident management for $55/mo. 

8. AnyDesk


AnyDesk Remote Desktop Application is a handy tool for those who want to control their computers remotely. You can use it to access your computer from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Why Choose AnyDesk

AnyDesk can be considered a monster among remote desktop applications. It comes with a feature list so extensive that most users will simply give it a miss. However, that makes it one of the most formidable Logmein alternatives.

The reason is simple if you’re wondering why it’s last on this list. I wanted to show what everyone else had before we jumped into AnyDesk. Visualize everything above, and you’ll get a picture of what AnyDesk can do.

It’s capable of everything from unattended remote desktop management to extreme customization. Also included are all the tools you need for collaborative support work via the platform. It’s pretty incredible.

AnyDesk Pricing

Interestingly, AnyDesk comes at a reasonable starting price of $9.99/mo. While that is only for single users, you can still connect to an unlimited number of devices (or a single unattended device). Enterprise users will need one of the better plans, though, at either $19.99/mo or $29.99/mo.


Don’t get me wrong – Logmein is a pretty good application when taken on its own merits. However, off-the-shelf services are seldom excellent at everything. Much of the choice you make comes down to your own needs. That’s a big part of why so many Logmein alternatives manage to thrive.

Consider one of these choices if you need greater security, compliance, functionality, or a lower price. Either way, they’re not perfect either. But they might be perfect for you.

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