What is Fantastico?

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  • Updated: Jun 04, 2015

The constant change in technologies has always been making things easier, and hence the latest innovations in web mastering are making it one click process for unlearned people.

Once, it could have been a problem for people to learn webmastering, but not now. Fantastico is one such innovation that can make a newbie an expert webmaster.

Fantastico: Introduction

Fantastico is a commercial script library that works in CPanel hosting accounts.

It allows auto installation of many different open source content and user management systems. For installing such scripts a webmaster needs to create databases and tables, but by using Fantastico, there’s no need of such lengthy process, as it does it all at its own. It saves time on one hand and gives perfection on other.

For instance WordPress installation needs to upload files first, to create a database and tables, then connecting database and then running the script [and still there are many chances that you missed something that’s not letting your installation get completed], but by using Fantastico a webmaster only needs to specify things on clicks, and a WordPress blog is ready within a minute’s time.

Fantastico doesn’t only include content management scripts, but also shopping cart and ecommerce, and billing etc. It’s useful not only for newbie webmasters but equally useful for experts, as time and perfection cost a lot in webmastering.

Criticise on Fantastico

Some people have criticized Fantastico, holding that most of the open source software comes in different versions, and Fantastico is useless if you’ve an old version of it, and there’s a new one in market. But, this is a minor issue and needs a little attention while choosing hosting, i.e. make sure that the CPanel hosting you’re buying, updates Fantastico as there’s a new version of a software in market.

Article by Jerry Low

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