My (somewhat) Biased A2Hosting Review

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  • Updated: Jun 29, 2013

A2Hosting Review

I came across A2Hosting recently during my casual Internet surfing. I have never use A2’s hosting service before but I’m very impressed with what I am seeing from the outside and I thought you guys’d like to know. Note that this post is NOT a paid post or advertisement in any sort – the web host is seriously something (you’ll see why).

Why I like A2Hosting Hosting Services?

Super-Reliable Server + Transparent Operations

Throughout my years working on Internet, A2Hosting is the only web host I knew that is willing to track and reveal their server uptime publicly. The website uptime is tracked by a third party system named WebsitePulse from four different locations, Washington and Los Angeles (US), Brisbane (Australia), as well as Desseldorf (Germany),  every 5 minutes; and the results are opened for anyone on the Internet.

A2Hosting Uptime Record: Screen Cap from WebsitePulse

A2Hosting Uptime Review

Take time to check out the uptime report. Note that the web host is tracked since June 2006 and the overall uptime in the four year time span is 99.97%; with the longest 100% uptime of 212 days and 8 hours! Trust me, I have been tracking web host uptimes for some years now and these numbers mean a lot. What A2Hosting achieved here is simply outstanding.

The Best Incentive Gifts

Beside server reliability, I am also equally impressed with the free gifts A2Hosting is giving away. For a hosting plan that cost less than $80 per year, A2Hosting customers are getting back practical, free marketing credits that worth more than $250.
For reference, I have listed down some of the key incentives you are getting upon subscription.

  • Google Adwords – $25 credit
  • Yahoo! PPC – $25 credit
  • Text Link Ads – $100 credit
  • MIVA PPC – $25 credit
  • Bidvertiser PPC – $20 credit
  • Trasnfer Credits – Free $25 for customers switching host
  • LogoYes – $20 discount
  • PixMac Stock Images – Free 2 images
  • RatePoint Testimonial – Free 30 days trial
  • SubmitNet SEO – Free 30 days trial
  • Website Magazine – Free subscription
  • Constant Contact Email Marketing – Free 60 days trial

July Football Discount – 40% price cut

Perhaps the best reason why you should try A2Hosting at this time of writing is the company’s special promotion. A2Hosting is giving a special one-time discount for all July orders. Enter ‘GOAL40’ upon signup and you will receive a one-time 40% price discount.

Listed below are the A2Hosting’s price differences before and after discount.

A2Hosting Plans Before Discount After Discount
Shared Web Hosting Plans

StartUp $4.95/mo $2.97/mo
Executive $7.95/mo $4.77/mo
VPS Hosting Plans
Core $14.95/mo $8.97/mo
Enhanced $24.95/mo $14.95/mo
Power $44.95/mo $26.97/mo
Pinnacle $79.95/mo $47.97/mo
Dedicated Hosting Plans

Advantage $199/mo $119.4/mo
Edge $299/mo $179.40/mo
Premier $399/mo $239.40/mo
Reseller Hosting Plans

Concept $19.95/mo $11.97/mo
Venture $29.95/mo $17.97/mo
Enterprise $49.95/mo $29.97/mo

No one would deny that A2Hosting’s price tag is a little expensive previously but thing looks much better after the 40% discount – the $4.77/mo price tag is, without doubt, a stunner. However, be aware that this promotion ends on July 31 (sorry, I should have write this post earlier) so remember to order A2 before it’s too late.

Wrapping Things Up: I need your A2Hosting Review!

I don’t normally write such a ‘biased’ post on a web host that I have never tried before. In fact the title of this article is only decided after I reread my writing and noticed how biased I sounded.

As you can read from above, the facts I found about A2Hosting are just too good to be ignored. In case are looking for some hosts out of my list, A2Hosting is for sure a must-see alternative. Every signs and customer feedbacks I got online indicate that A2Hosting cares a lot about its customers and is ready to serve long term.

To see for more yourself, visit A2hoting online at

On the other hand, since I am not an A2Hosting user, I’d appreciate existing A2Hosting users chip in and tell us more about the web host.

Article by Jerry Low

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