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5 Cheap Web Hosts With LiteSpeed Support

Just because a web hosting plan is cheap doesn’t mean it can’t come with the features you need. LiteSpeed is a popular platform, and you may be surprised at the number of budget-friendly hosting companies that make it available.

These aren’t small, run-of-the-mill brands either. You’ll find prominent names like Hostinger, GreenGeeks, and A2 Hosting among the line-up that offers LiteSpeed support.

Best Cheap LiteSpeed Web Host Overview

BrandPlanPriceLiteSpeedStorageBandwidthFree SSL
HostingerSingle Shared Hosting$1.99/moYes50GB SSD100GBYes
KnownHostBasic$3.47/moYes5GB SSDUnmeteredYes
A2 HostingTurbo Boost$6.99/moYesUnlimited NVMeUnmeteredYes
FastCometFastCloud Extra$5.95/moYes35GB SSDUnmeteredYes

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1. Hostinger

Hostinger - Cheapest LiteSpeed Hosting

Website: https://www.hostinger.com/ . Price: From $1.99/mo

Cheapest LiteSpeed Hosting

Hostinger is well-known as a reputable web hosting brand that offers budget-oriented solid plans. You may not realize that this Lithuanian-based company is big on LiteSpeed. Its entire product range specifically uses LiteSpeed.

Why We Pick Hostinger?

The most considerable appeal Hostinger offers is its low prices make web hosting easily accessible. Even if you’re experimenting, you can grab a free plan from 000WebHost, its sister company. Once you graduate from that sandbox, Hostinger welcomes you with open arms.

That’s not to say Hostinger is the perfect host. However, it’s ideal if you’re looking for a cheap web hosting plan with LiteSpeed. It comes with all the basics that will get you started quickly. That includes free SSL, sufficient resources, and even regular backups.

The catch is, of course, that you’ll need to spring for your domain name. But at a mere $1.99/mo, what did you expect?

2. KnownHost

KnownHost - Best LiteSpeed Hosting for Performance

Website: https://www.knownhost.com/ . Price: From $3.47/mo

Best LiteSpeed Hosting for Performance

KnownHost may not be the most renowned mainstream web host, but it certainly supports LiteSpeed. That’s even true on its regular shared hosting plans, allowing you access to LiteSpeed plans from pretty low prices.

What We Love About KnownHost

One of the most important things to know about KnownHost is its background. The company previously focused on the Virtual Private Server (VPS) and co-location segments. Now you can get a shared hosting plan from them.

Perhaps their VPS background has led KnownHost along specific growth paths. For example, they lean heavily towards cPanel and favor LiteSpeed for its impressive performance. Additionally, its pricing is quite inclusive since you also get a free domain name.

Yet KnownHost isn’t perfect, and problems might arise if you plan on hogging resources. One clear indicator is the meager resources on the basic web hosting plan. While bandwidth is unmetered, storage space is limited to a minuscule 5GB.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting - Excellent in LiteSpeed Support

Website: https://www.a2hosting.com/ . Price: From $6.99/mo

Excellent in LiteSpeed Support

A2 Hosting hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company is one with a distinguished history in excellence, especially in customer service. Here you’ll find the definition of the traditional web hosting provider in all senses of the term.

Why We Pick A2 Hosting?

I’ve used A2 Hosting for a couple of years and agree with many customers that they offer excellent service. While customer support can sometimes be a bit cold, things get done quickly and efficiently.

The only problem you’ll find here is that A2 Hosting likely won’t be the cheapest to include LiteSpeed with their hosting plans. You need to be on one of their “Turbo” options, which does drive prices up a bit.

Still, I recommend them as a cheap solution among LiteSpeed hosting options that offer super performance. For example, even their storage runs on NVMe SSD, which is a cut above regular SSDs. It’s a small but essential detail.

If you want shared hosting with LiteSpeed that runs like a thoroughbred racehorse, A2 Hosting should be your go-to choice.

4. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks - Best Overall LiteSpeed Hosting

Website: https://www.greengeeks.com/ . Price: From $2.95/mo

Best Overall LiteSpeed Hosting

GreenGeeks is another brand most people should be able to recognize. It’s been in the web hosting business for over a decade. Today, over 55,000 customers use GreenGeek, hosting over 600,000 websites.

What So Good About GreenGeeks

As the name suggests, GreenGeeks is for the green geeks. The company is a champion of eco-friendly web hosting. They replace three times their energy consumption in the form of renewable energy credits.

Some of you may like the concept, while others face it as a compliance issue. Regardless, GreenGeeks is where three critical areas meet. It’s eco-friendly and offers cheap shared hosting plans that support LiteSpeed.

Resource allocation is quite generous for the price you pay. Shared hosting gets a minimum of 50GB storage space, up to 50 email accounts, plus free CDN, SSL, and nightly backups. They’ll even plant a tree for you when you sign up – even for the cheapest plan.

Of course, if you need other plans, this web host offers a broad spectrum of products. There’s also WordPress hosting, VPS plans, or even reseller packages.

5. FastComet

FastComet - Most Well-rounded LiteSpeed Host

Website: https://www.fastcomet.com/ . Price: From $5.95/mo

Most Well-rounded LiteSpeed Host

FastComet isn’t a new web host, but it’s relatively small in some context. Perhaps it would be more accurate to consider them incredibly effective resource managers—their 70-odd staff supports over 750,000 customers worldwide.

Why FastComet?

Here again, we see a web host that meets two criteria perfectly – cheap web hosting with LiteSpeed support. However, there is a significant catch. Not all plans on FastComet support Litespeed. On their shared hosting plans, only the highest tier offers LiteSpeed support.

The plan can support an estimated 100,000 visitors per month, which is quite powerful for shared hosting. That’s backed by 6 CPU cores and 6GB of RAM. Remember, though, that this shared hosting and resource use is still subject to fair usage policies.

Another good point in FastComet’s favor is their extended money-back guarantee. They stretch it slightly past the usual 30-day mark and offer customers 45 days instead. At least it’s a measure of their confidence in their products.

What LiteSpeed and Why is it Important?

Web servers are a vital part of any web hosting business. These aren’t physical servers but applications that help serve web pages to website visitors. The choice of a web server can affect various aspects of your website, including speed, performance at different traffic levels, price, and even management complexity.

There are many web server options, including LiteSpeed, Apache, and Nginx, which have been around for years. LiteSpeed is considerably new, but it’s gained an impressive 12% market share over its short life.

Launched in 2003, LiteSpeed is an open-source product that you can use for commercial and personal purposes. The foundation of LiteSpeed traces back to Apache, although it does come from Apache code.

LiteSpeed Web Server is an excellent option for anyone looking for a more powerful, secure web server. It offers many benefits that make it easier to run your website and maintain strong performance. For example, you get;

  • High levels of security and privacy.
  • Simplified site management processes.
  • Efficient resource management.
  • Excellent compatibility with Apache.
  • Good performance.

And more.

The web server is free to use regardless of the number of websites it powers. That makes it a highly cost-effective solution for both website owners to leverage. However, from a web hosting perspective, things are a bit different.

The free starter license has restrictions that make it unrealistic to deploy in a commercial environment. Limitations include a single domain and 2GB of memory. Web hosting companies need to buy an Enterprise license. Comparatively, Apache and Nginx are available with fewer limitations.

Find out more about the differences between Nginx & Apache.

How Does LiteSpeed Compare to Nginx and Apache?

You may be surprised that in several tests, LiteSpeed servers managed to outperform Apache and Nginx. This result was thanks to the ability of LiteSpeed to transfer files more rapidly while using fewer resources in the process. 

LiteSpeed also seems more effective when using ModSecurity. However, it’s important to remember that all of these web servers are under continuous development. 

What About LiteSpeed Cache?

Web servers using LiteSpeed use a cache to increase performance. The LiteSpeed Cache, or LSCache, is a server-side cache that helps keep snapshots of websites. This capability helps improve dynamic content systems that need to serve repeated requests for web pages that have not essentially changed.

LSCache is available as a module for multiple dynamic applications, including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and more.  

Final Thoughts

Due to LiteSpeed's more commercial nature, it can be challenging to find mainstream web hosts willing to offer this web server on cheaper plans. However, the list provided here should be a reasonable frame of reference.

On one side of the spectrum, web hosts like Hostinger meet requirements in all crucial areas. On the other, we have some web hosts offering LiteSpeed on shared hosting – albet at slightly higher tiers only.

Either way, you should note that the web hosts listed here generally have solid reputations. If you want to run LiteSpeed, any of them would be a decent choice.

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