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A Collection Of 10 Incredible & Funny 404 Error Pages Design

One of the most important aspects, which is often neglected by the website designers, is the proper handling of 404 error page. We can see that when visitors reach at this page, they have wiped out connection with the website due to some reasons. It may be possible due to HTTP server problem, wrong URL path, broken link or removal of any page from the website.

If you are running a fully functional website or blog site, then each & every page of the site, even invalid page is also considered. Error pages are a common phenomenon today, so keep in mind that a creatively designed error page always helps you stay hold visitors for a long time or recommend them to locate the right path again. Indeed, a creative as well as an attractive 404 page design offers a comfortable environment to the website visitors. Hence, you should spice up this page with some innovative components into a presentable format.

Being a skilled graphic designer, I always give the importance to the maintenance of every page of a site. Despite including an endured or uninformative 404 page, you should mainly focus on the building of an innovative page that thrills visitors, when they land upon it.

Key Reasons To Build A Custom 404 Error Page

To Enhance & Maintain Trust

A nice & extensive custom 404 page ID is very important to maintain the trust of viewers. The uninformative 404 error page can lead the visitors to wind up their search with a particular site. I have seen a number of websites, which don’t have custom error page and it loses the trust of viewers by confusing them.

To Keep Users Engaged

A creatively designed error page can urge visitors to go back on the previous page and locate the right stuff as per their need. It helps you build a readership and stay engaged viewers with your site or blog.

To Have A Better Website Design

As per the current trend, site is counted in poorly designed without having custom 404 page. So, it’s a time to create an incredible and inspirational error page to covey the right message.

List of 10 Innovative 404 Error Pages for Your Inspiration


The 404 error page at Acodez.in – based on a custom illustrated character – the company mascot – ‘Acodie'.



Simplicity is a key of professional web design that manages all the information of page in a stunning manner in order to make a site user-friendly and increase website traffic. CSSChopper is one of the best examples of such types of sites, which is simple, yet professionally designed. The 404 page of this site includes an image and truly conveys a message that you are going to lose connection with us, so go back and locate the right page, otherwise click on the “home page” or “contact”.



Metro 404 page is really cool because of a cute bear images, who is scatting. This image has only “WoW” effect and desperate visitors to click & redirect at the home page of this site. The proper links are given at this site, but a space is very small according to the page. A large space of this page is blank, which makes it a poor design.

Blizzard Entertainment


An incredible 404 error page design can be seen at Blizzard, which is very visually appealing. Amazingly use of “broken mirror” & the broken links showcase that site has cracked and falling apart. So, decide to go back with the help of few available links and complete your search efficiently without any sort of hassle. A list of links is properly managed. The use of background is seriously appreciable and perfectly fitted with every possible links.

Casual Brand Shop


This 404 error page design is definitely eye-catching, which is the most important thing to engage more customers & convert them into the sales figure. By including valuable resources & links, this page enhances the comfort of customers & redirects to the appropriate location. Fully funny, yet target-oriented and visually appealing approach.

College Humor


Once you reach at this 404 page of “College Humor”, you will see some animated pictures of people & animals, who are fighting with each other. Nothing so much creative, but the interesting thing with this page is that it automatically redirects to the home page after few seconds without clicking any link. I like only this approach, rather than design.



One of the coolest error page designs with illustration. At the first part of the page, an image of animated person is beautifully adjusted. As you hover over this image and scroll cursor, the image also moves with the background. This site conveys a message that you have lost your path. So, you need to locate the appropriate path to complete your search. Simple, yet interesting idea is very cleverly used and surely influence visitors, either to click on the links or go back at the home page.

I am Will Wilki


This error page has a blur image that includes two people, who are indicating, there is an error & “road not found”. This image creatively explains everything, you are at wrong place and need to go back. The image is very simple, without having navigation & animation, but perfect for this page.

Mod Cloth


“Mod Cloth” is a cloth selling site, which used a cute doggy image at 404 page to make this page highly-visual. The arrangement of links & menu bars is outstanding and cleverly used with illustration. All the relevant information can be found at this error page, without hassle. Apart from image, the rest of the part is the same as the home page, means the menus & the footer. Definitely, it is an attractive page to stay hold visitors and engage. I like the way of representation of the Mod Cloth’s 404 page.



The illustration of Audiko’s 404 page covers the entire page with few links and a search bar. The main focus of Audiko is on creating illustration that includes animated people & other symbols. For the viewers’ comfort, the use of search bar is good to returning on the right page.

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