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Sites Like Fiverr for Freelancers & Hirers

Fiverr homepage
Fiverr Homepage (Visit here)

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a site that allows freelancers to market their services. Over the past few years there has been a tremendous growth in the freelancing industry. New business models and opportunities have given rise to the gig economy.

Because of this growth, both freelancers and business owners seeking services now have much more choice. Yet choice means that decisions have to be made. Whether you’re a freelancer of someone seeking services – which platform should you opt for?

See gig opportunities and talents-for-hired on Fiverr.

How Does Fiverr Work?

Fiverr.com has grown into one of the world's largest marketplace for digital services. It connects buyers and sellers for everything from coding to art. Sellers come with varying skills and levels of expertise.

Freelancers using the Fiverr platform can offer almost anything imaginable, as long as it’s deliverable over the Internet. Their portfolios, prices quoted, and reviews from former customers help sell them to new ones.

Signing up here is free but you do have to register with them to look for jobs or engage their freelancers. The site is arranged by categories of work and you can browse it like an online catalogue.

Fiverr for Sellers (Freelancers)

If you’re seeking to list your services on Fiverr, make sure that your seller profile is complete. A well written gig offer describing your services clearly can not just help you sell the gig, but also avoid potential disputes.

Getting good ratings after your provided services is a plus, as it is visible on your profile. Fiverr pays promptly for completed gigs, but takes a cut out of your fee. Make sure you factor that in when listing your prices. The platform pays you 80% (which means Fiverr take 20% cut) of what your gig sells for.

Benefits include:

  • Free listing for your services
  • No need to bid for jobs
  • Tips on top of gig prices

Fiverr for Buyers (Employers)

With tens of thousands of gigs listed on Fiverr it really is a buyer’s market. They also have a very wide range of gigs available so you can find almost anything here. Prices are transparent, and what you see is basically what you’ll be paying with no hidden costs.

Things to be aware of:

  • Cheap gigs may come at a cost in quality
  • Popular gigs may have crazy long deadlines
  • The occasional con job

Fiverr Alternatives For Freelancers & Hirers

However, as I mentioned earlier, the gig economy means even more choice. Freelancing does not start and end with Fiverr, there are countless Fiverr alternatives around. Here are the 6 sites like Fiverr to consider:

  1. Brybe
  2. Upwork
  3. Toptal
  4. Freelancer.com
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Guru.com

1. Brybe

Brybe Homepage

Brybe is a little more unique as a freelancer marketplace. It offers a familiar dual-platform supporting both freelancers and those seeking to engage those talents. However, it has a strong focus on the influencer side of things, which is quite unique.

Here you can work with freelancer influencers who specialize in a wide range of niches. They also come at various levels from the mega to micro. To provide a better idea of how remarkable Brybe is, I spotted some influencers with follower numbers reaching into the millions.

How Does Brybe Work?

There’s nothing really remarkable about how Brybe works since it’s the standard buyer – freelancer/influencer model. On their site, select what side of the aisle you stand on and move on from there.

Brybe allows freelancers to set their own price, which typically corresponds with skill level, or in the case of influencers, follower volume. For each engagement, Brybe tops up the fee a little more, adding to the total that buyers pay.

Why Use Brybe Instead of Fiverr

For Freelancers:

  • Brybe doesn’t take a cut of your fees
  • Membership is free
  • Timely payment commitment from the platform

For Hirers:

  • Wide variation of influencers available
  • Buyers can post special requests
  • Multiple payment options available

2. Upwork

Upwork - Alternative to Fiverr
Upwork Homepage

Upwork is a similar marketplace like Fiverr but is more focused on some fields. Here you’ll find offers like graphic design, literature, and web development. In the same way, this site offers professionals seeking extra work the means to find projects, communicate with potential clients, and a safe way to get paid.  

Your profile serves as the same purpose as a general portfolio for future employers, so it is essential that you build one that is appropriate. Most of all, advertise youself and your work properly. 

How Does Upwork Work?

Fill out the job category that you’re looking to fit in and make sure to mention what skills you have and your level of expertise. It is also important that your work is done to its best as if you can’t deliver on jobs, your account could potentially be closed. 

Be aware though that there are some high costs associated with jobs here. Upwork charges about 25% of your fees and tops that with a 2.75% processing fee + VAT + FX rates. In other words, it might be difficult to make a living here due to those commissions.

If you want to know more, here's the head-to-head comparison between Upwork and Fiverr.

The Benefits of Upwork Instead of Fiverr

For Freelancer:

  • Free membership
  • Side income prospects
  • Pay less commissions for long term clients

For Hirer:

  • Effective search and reviews
  • Integrated tools for collaboration
  • Fair billings

3. Toptal

Toptal Homepage

Toptal is an exclusive network of top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers in the world. Top companies hire Toptal freelancers as their ideal option for many important projects. 

Simply going to their website and clicking “Hire top talent”, and signing up with your details will get you started. When adding your skills and services, the Toptal team reviews your job profile and then matches you to the best candidates. After your review has been done, you can start with work. 

How Does Toptal Make Money?

Toptal makes money by charging those seeking to engage its freelancers. Freelancers themselves don't pay anything to the service. The amount you charge is exactly what you’ll get (possibly less bank transfer fees).

Customers pay an hourly rate that is approximately double what the freelancers ask for. This can end up in pretty stiff bills depending on the fees involved. For example, if freelancers ask for $20 an hour, hirers are charged $40 per hour.

The Benefits of Toptal Instead of Fiverr

For Freelancer:

  • Customized job profiling
  • Simple user interface
  • Work for a global audience

For Hirer:

  • Limited skill set pool
  • Generally costlier freelancers

4. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com Homepage

Freelancer.com is a crowdsourcing marketplace website that has been helping millions of businesses find freelancers. If you want high-quality work within a reasonable budget (for both buyers and sellers) then Freelancer.com is for you.

What Does Freelancer.com Offer?

The website offers a wide range of job opportunities such as copywriting projects to web design, and more. Freelancers, get started by making your own profiles. List your skills and expertise and share your experiences with the general public. Then, find jobs that best suits your skills and expertise. Write your best bid, get awarded, and earn.

The Benefits of Freelancer.com Instead of Fiverr

For Freelancer:

  • Countless projects available
  • Real-time interaction with customers
  • Cheap subscription plan

For Hirer:

  • Responsive tech support
  • Easy interaction with freelancers

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour Homepage

PeoplePerHour is another web-based freelance job marketplace that matches business needs with talents. It is an ideal platform for small businesses and individuals. While the platform gives you a global talent pool on the spot, it also helps you prioritize local talents according to your specs. 

How Does PeoplePerHour Work?

This platform also provides budget flexibility, allowing you to set a fixed price or pay-per-hour-rate, tailoring to your wants and needs.

The Benefits of PeoplePerHour Instead of Fiverr

For Freelancer:

  • Safe payment methods
  • Easy interaction with clients
  • Share files and documents

For Hirer:

  • Easy to find talent
  • Many qualified candidates
  • Easy-to-use interface

6. Guru.com

Guru.com Homepage

Guru.com is a platform for freelancers and employers to collaborate on projects. With a global reach, an employer can have access to a wide range of portfolios from an extensive pool of candidates. This can all be done using a simple dashboard and a clean interface, making it easier for both freelancers and employers. 

What Does Guru.com offer?

Guru offers jobs from programming & development to writing & translation services. Its job scope also offers many different skill sets from legal services to engineering and architecture. Simply join for free, post jobs and start receiving quotes. 

The Benefits of Guru.com Instead of Fiverr

For Freelancer:

  • Good support team
  • Easy payment system

For Hirer:

  • Global group of talent
  • Simple user interface
  • Choose from multiple payment methods

Why Use Work Portals Like Fiverr?

This is a question that’s been asked of me by many, both freelancers and businesses alike. The motivation for each may be different, but there are compelling reasons to opt for job portals like Fiverr or any of the Fiverr competitors listed above.

For job seekers, just because this is the gig economy doesn’t mean that it’s a seller’s market. Remember, you are competing with the rest of the job seekers in the gig economy as well.

You also need to consider if you’ll have the time to solicit clients on your own as well. If you’re just starting out freelancing, you might not even know where to find your next jobs! While seasoned freelancers can often survive on their own, it’s not so easy in the beginning.

For businesses, it’s mainly about what makes monetary sense. There are so many small businesses around today that work on a shoestring budget. The biggest problem is usually a bulging payroll, so focus on your core business and outsource other web development works or supporting jobs.

This can help you solve problems while at the same time manage your bottom line more easily.

Fiverr Alternatives – Final Thoughts

The gig economy presents an opportunity but it’s no bed of roses. Freelancers mainly fight an uphill battle, even if they are willing to offer excellent services at reasonable rates. The biggest issue between buyers and sellers is one of trust – and that’s where websites like Fiverr come in.

By acting as the middleman, work platforms help to fuel the gig economy, ensuring freelancers are paid while opening an avenue of dispute for businesses. Still, all of this often comes at a price – sometimes, a very steep one.

My advice to freelancers is to work hard at your gigs, but try and build your own portfolio website. Think of it as planning for the future. Learn from sites like Fiverr and make use of your experience dealing with clients there to manage your own in the future.

For businesses, job platforms are mostly safe to use, but seasoned freelancers often shy away because of how much these platforms charge. Consider that fact, so if you’re looking for a real expert, independent contractors might be the key to your problem.

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