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  • Mar 04, 2016

I get requests to include a host in WHSR’s review list from time to time. But as you know, WHSR is an and I definitely can’t have y’all reviewed and listed here.

I am sorry that I cannot fulfill most of the inclusion request in my review list as WHSR is an one-man operation (hey, I need to play some StarCraft 2 too!). In case you are hoping to get your hosting company listed here at WHSR, I am opening up a few extra alternatives recently and here’s how things can be done.

Web Hosting Interview

Web Hosting Interviews

Most hosting providers will opt for this options as the interview posts here are often tweeted and referred by other bloggers. I believe this is the best options for new hosting company as it improve ‘brand visibility’ and you are often allow to introduce your company in details throughout the interviews.

Examples, check out my past work with Hostgator, GreenGeeks, CoolHandle, HostColor, WP Engine, StratoGen, and SingleHop.

Send Me A T-Shirt!

Web Hosting T Shirts

Not long ago I did a post for when they sent me a free T shirt and some free shopping coupons. I find it’s fun doing this so I would be happy to do more. To get a free writeups about your hosting company, simply send me your company T shirt and I will write a post introducing your company with a photo of myself wearing that tee and couple of free links to your company website.

Web Hosting Coupons

Web Hosting Coupons

I am opening a new section to collect hosting coupons and special discount links (hey, everyone loves special discounts and exclusive deals, right?) For now, the listing is absolutely free-of-charge. Just give your best deal to my readers and I am happy to feature your company on the page.  

Also, I am not having a lot to list right now – in other words, if you are in now, you’ll get a bigger part of the attention from that page.

To check out the coupon page, visit: WHSR Web Hosting Coupons.

Cloud Host Listing

Web Hosting Interviews

I am collecting a list of cloud hosting providers at this page: A Brief On Cloud Hosting. It’s a piece of article written a few years back and it’s ranking very well in several generic, cloud host related search terms at Google (ie. cloud hosting). At this time of writing, the page itself received around 2,800 unique visits monthly.  

For the listing, I am now charging a one-time admin fees of $400. In return, you will get banner link (your company logo, sized at 225x55px), a text link (preferably your company name) to your company website, and a short intro sentence introducing your company. Note that the fees is for life-time listing, I will not charge you anymore after the first payment but your company will be mentioned or linked from time to time in my blogposts if relevant (no promises but I do like to give more whenever possible).

A few who have enrolled in this listing include:, VPS Net, Relia Cloud, HPC Host, and Atlantic.

Sounds Good? Let’s Talk.

Well that’s all for my updates. For those who have already contacted me in the past, thank you very much for your time and supports. I hope WHSR does help improve your business a little while bringing extra information to the readers.

Others, I’d LOVE to hear from you soon. Let’s talk over at jerry [a]


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