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Important Update June 2011: This post is published in March 2010 and Hostpapa is no longer offerring any sort of coupon or promotion code. They might change their policy in the future but right now it is important to know that no promo code is being issued at Hostpapa. (Yes, this means all promo code provided by WHSR here is useless.) To learn more about Hostpapa, read my personal Hostpapa review here.

Thinking of starting a new website? Well, I’ve got great news for you – HostPapa is offering a great discount for all readers. Now when you order ANY hosting plan at HostPapa and apply coupon code: WHSR36, you’ll get a $36 discount from the bill! That’s more than 40% discount if you order their one year hosting plan.

* Important Updates: Hostpapa promotion coupon code changes from time to time (eg. For March 2010 it’s AS89), please check my HostPapa review page for latest coupon code that works.

How this HostPapa coupon works?

First, click here to visit HostPapa online. Click ‘Get Started Now’ to make your order.

Hostpapa Homepage

Next, assign the domain name to be hosted – Domain registration for new HostPapa customer is free; or alternatively you can transfer your existing domain in this page.

Order Hostpapa online

Moving on, you’ll have to select your hosting package and decide with your subscription period at HostPapa. Also, here’s where you apply the coupon code I mentioned earlier – Simply type in ‘WHSR36’ in the ‘Coupon’ section and press ‘Calculate Totals’.

Order Hostpapa online

There you go, a sweet $36 price cut from your bill!

Order Hostpapa online

But wait, there’s a catch-22 behind this promotion – This coupon code will be expired by end of February (Feb 28, 2010)! So make sure you don’t wait too long, ya~ ;)

About HostPapa Hosting

HostPapa is a privately-owned company operating from both United States and Canada. According to my record, the company is based in Niagara Falls, NY; while for Canada, it’s in Oakville and Ontario. The hosting company first started business in year 2006 and is hosting ten of thousands of domains at this time of writing. What’s interesting about HostPapa is that they are one of the earliest web host that went green (since 2006) by purchasing renewable (wind and solar-powered energy) energy unit to power our data centres, web servers, office computers, laptops and office space. These energy sources supply HostPapa’s entire equivalent energy consumption into the power-grid with certified 100% renewable green energy sources, such as .

To learn more, visit HostPapa online:

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