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  • Updated: Sep 22, 2011

You might not heard about the name ‘VPS Net’ ( before this but when it comes to "creative cloud-hosting", VPS Net is without doubt a must-know. By ‘creative cloud hosting’, I meant applying the new cloud technology into traditional VPS hosting service – VPS Net offers something called ‘Cloud VPS’ and it’s extremely handy for those who wish to ‘go cloud’ the easy way.

Sound interesting? Well then you gotta check out this interview. Terry Myers, our guest from VPS Net today, has done a termendous job answering my questions and I am sure you guys will learn a lot from this interview.

So, without wasting anytime, here goes…

Q&A With Terry Myers, Chief Evangelist of VPS Net

Hello Terry. I am grateful to have you as my guest at WebHostingSecretRevealed. Without wasting any time, let’s get some introduction done for start! Please tell us more about yourself and your role at VPS Net.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk to your visitors. We’re very proud that you’ve chosen to speak to us, and have allowed us to be featured on your site, and we’re very glad to give your visitors a 30% off coupon code (WHSR). I’m the Chief Evangelist at VPS.NET; I’ve worked for VPS.NET since early 2010, in a few different roles.  My primary job function is to work with our customers to develop a customized solution unique to their needs that allows their site to be online and fast, no matter what the circumstances. You’ll also find me playing on Twitter, which is especially fun.

The company, VPS Net, has been around for quite some time, how did you guys first get started? And, what kind of hosting services does VPS Net provide?

VPS.NET has been around since 2009. The original idea was just be your everyday VPS host, and then we got creative and started working on what we call a ‘cloud vps’ now.

Basically what a cloud VPS is, is instead of your VPS being constricted to one server, it can be hosted on multiple servers. We often see that if a traditional VPS host has a hardware problem with the server, they’ll be down until the hardware is replaced. That’s not the case with a cloud VPS. Additionally, there’s no reboots required or anything like that if you need to add additional resources to your VPS. Just choose how many you want, and it’s done!

That’s cool! Besides cloud VPS, VPS Net also provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) service at a very attractive price. We all knew CDN reduces a site’s load time greatly but many have no idea on how it works. Please tell us more about CDN services at VPS Net.

VPS Net CDN services

The CDN is an awesome product – I like to say that it can turbocharge a website. It really expands upon our cloud VPS. So, instead of your website being hosted in just one location, it’s hosted in several; in our case, over 30, throughout the world.

And, would it be very troublesome for an existing site to transfer its statics file to CDN?

Every file is automatically downloaded to each CDN location, so there’s really no additional work needed on your end.

Can you explain, in detail, how VPS Net Reseller Program works?

Our reseller program is geared towards providing smaller webhosts that don’t have the desire or capital to invest in their own infrastructure, to start offering their own clients cloud servers. While as I said, it’s geared towards web hosts, anyone can actually signup for the reseller program. Essentially each reseller is given an upfront discount, which allows them to mark up the cost of the VPS product, and make a profit. There’s no fixed monthly costs or bulk purchase commitments required, so it’s a very quick and easy way to get started selling your own cloud VPS servers, without have any expenses added.

Kindly tell us more about the hardware behind VPS Net hosting operations?

I can share some information. Our servers that power the cloud are Dual Xeons, with lots of RAM. Exact figures and SAN information are proprietary information though. I can assure you we use nothing but the best – running enterprise hardware saves us a lot of headaches.

VPS Net has won the trust of some very popular websites, including WooThemes. How does this affect the company’s business?

We love Adii, and his company, WooThemes.

They’ve been a great client to work with, and we look forward to continuing to grow with them. Being a cloud provider, we see situations requiring instant scalability for many fortune 500 companies and other large websites. Just recently we had a client who hosts a popular fan site for a TV show, and at the season finale the visitor count went from 100 online users to close to 1,000. Our team was able to optimize the server and add the necessary amount of resources to keep their site online. It was very exciting, but just part of everyday business as a web host.

Great, this leads us to my next question. ‘Overselling ‘ is pretty much the norm nowadays in hosting industry – I see ultra-cheap unlimited hosting deals everywhere online.

However, this practice does not apply to VPS Net – especially when you are handling big clients who need to handly massive web traffics. Do you think this policy (of no-overselling) is hurting the company’s profit; and, what’s your opinion in this?

No, I don’t think it hurts out profitability.

Overselling isn’t a bad thing – it has helped pricing for hosting come down considerably, however there is a certain opportunity cost still associated to it on the hosts end. Our clients are much more demanding than a typical shared hosting client, and much more likely to use their resources assigned to them, especially without any defined intervals. Therefore, for the sake of customer satisfaction, and stability of our infrastructure, overselling is something we will not participate in.

"I wish to switch to VPS Net but it seems too complicated/ I am not good with tech/ I am unfamiliar with cloud hosting/ etc etc". What would you say to these not-so-geek but potential VPS Net customers?

There is definitely a higher level of technical skill required for our cloud server product, and we acknowledge that, which is why we have developed our newly launched cloud hosting product. It works just like a normal shared hosting account, however it’s based off our cloud infrastructure, so you still get the benefits like the added redundancy and scalability the cloud provides.

Terry, what’s the next big step you think the cloud hosting industry is going to take in near future? Where do you see VPS Net in the next 3 – 5 years?

As one of the original cloud hosts in the market, we’ve really seen the market come quite far; it’s been exciting to see! In order for the cloud hosting industry to continue to mature, we as hosts are going to continue to develop our product so that the everyday consumer is capable of taking advantage of what it offers, because it is beneficial for everyone. It can save money in multiple ways, help you grow and so on. That’s what we’re going to aim for.

One last question, please tell us more about VPS Net after-sales service. What kind of support can we expect from VPS Net?

Our cloud servers are an unmanaged product but we do have the option to add managed services for an additional fee though. With that said, we’re not cruel people, and leave you out in the cold when you need help. Our management team participates on the @VPSNET Twitter account on a daily basis, while also being contactable at at all times, and we encourage clients to interact. It makes the day go by faster. Our support staff is also available 24/7, and willing to provide any help they can.

That’s all for our interview Terry. Thank you very much for your time and I wish all the best to you and VPS Net.

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