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You might just be starting out you web presence and need a new site.您可能只是剛開始擁有Web站點,並且需要一個新站點。 Or perhaps you are an existing site owner wishing your website could be better.或者,您可能是現有的網站所有者,希望您的網站會更好。 There are many situations through which I'm certain you've toyed with the idea of outsourcing your web development, either entirely or in parts.在某些情況下,我可以確定您完全或部分地將Web開發外包了。

在繼續閱讀之前,我必須讓您知道我屬於企業應該 始終專注於他們的核心能力。 This means that if your main income is to come from activities other than web development, then outsource your web development!這意味著,如果您的主要收入來自網絡開發以外的活動,則將您的網絡開發外包!








While many people might say it's just nit-picking over terminology, web design and development aren't really the same thing.儘管許多人可能會說,這只是術語的精挑細選,但網頁設計和開發並不是一回事。 Design pertains to the aesthetics of the site – how nice it looks.設計與網站的美感有關-它看起來多麼漂亮。


PSD轉換為HTML / PSD轉換為WordPress不再有效



“適合所有人”的設計不再可行,除非您願意花費時間和金錢針對每種設備類型進行單獨的設計和開發, PSD轉HTML不再現實.


Just look at WordPress for example and consider this fact.僅以WordPress為例,並考慮這一事實。 Using templates can ease a lot of the design burdens and many of them are responsive, meaning the templates adapt themselves to various screen formats.使用模板可以減輕許多設計負擔,並且它們中的許多都是響應性的,這意味著模板可以適應各種屏幕格式。





Remember: Web developers are the same as other business owners – they are experts in their own field.切記:Web開發人員與其他企業主相同–他們是各自領域的專家。 What you need is to be able to pass on your expertise in your domain to them and allow them to transfer that knowledge into their technical design.您需要的是能夠將您在領域中的專業知識傳遞給他們,並允許他們將這些知識轉移到他們的技術設計中。




  • 延遲項目時間表
  • 建議的設計變更
  • 內部人員將需要分配時間與開發人員聯繫
  • 至少有少量成本超支



Now that we've gotten that out of the way, how can you tell if a web developer is a right fit for you?現在我們已經解決了這個問題,如何確定Web開發人員是否適合您? It's not as easy as it seems.這並不像看起來那麼容易。

Aside from the usual spam from Nigerian Princes and the IRS asking me to reclaim millions attributed to me somehow, over the past years I have started getting spam from web developers as well.除了來自尼日利亞王子和美國國稅局的常見垃圾郵件,我要求以某種方式收回數百萬歸因於我的垃圾郵件,在過去幾年中,我也開始從Web開發人員那裡獲取垃圾郵件。 These are usually individuals and the spam has even evolved to cold calls trying to sell their services.這些通常是個人,垃圾郵件甚至演變成試圖出售其服務的冷門電話。

There are literally thousands of web development companies around today and an even greater number of freelance web developers.如今,實際上有成千上萬的Web開發公司和更多的自由Web開發人員。 The problem is finding the right one to work with you on your website.問題是在您的網站上找到合適的人與您合作。


  • 詢問他們參考 –所有的網絡開發公司都可以提出自己的一個不錯的網站並進行宣傳,但是證明擁有滿意的客戶才是證明。 Check up on those references and take note of their comments.檢查這些參考,並記下他們的評論。
  • 評估溝通流程 –詢問工作溝通流程。 I once worked with a developer who had a very siloed approach – I communicated with their support staff, who communicated with their technical staff and separate other people handled billing, complaints and so on.我曾經與一個開發人員非常孤立的開發人員一起工作過–我與他們的支持人員進行了溝通,後者與他們的技術人員進行了溝通,並由其他人來處理帳單,投訴等。 The process was painfully slow and many times confusing.這個過程非常緩慢,而且令人困惑。
  • 適合您的預算 –與一個較小的開發商合作通常會很誘人,後者向您保證月亮和星星的微不足道。 Comparatively, a bigger, more reputable company might be leery of some of the things you require – listen to both sides realistically and impartially before deciding on the level of risk you're willing to assume.相比之下,規模更大,信譽更好的公司可能對您需要的某些東西持懷疑態度–在決定您願意承擔的風險等級之前,要切實和公正地聽取雙方的意見。




Codeable成立於2012年,首先招募才華橫溢的人才,然後將其僱用給需要臨時網站支持的人員。 Today they have morphed into one of the best resources available for those in need of WordPress skills.今天,它們已經變成了需要WordPress技能的人可以使用的最佳資源之一。

They have simplified the freelancing system to reduce the time and effort needed to find the right skills.他們簡化了自由職業系統,以減少尋找合適技能所需的時間和精力。 All you need to do is tell them what you want and they will help you find the right talents and quote a single price – backed with a guarantee.您需要做的就是告訴他們他們想要什麼,他們將幫助您找到合適的人才,並以統一的價格報價–有保證。

*注意–我們與Codeable合作,並擁有 內置的報價單在這裡。 Submit your project details and ask for 1) a free quotation, and 2) developer recommendation;提交您的項目詳細信息,並要求XNUMX)免費報價,以及XNUMX)開發人員推薦; using this form.使用此表格。


  • 合理的時薪在70美元到120美元之間
  • 單一價格估算有助於減輕成本負擔
  • 遍布60多個國家的專業自由職業者
  • 28天錯誤修復保修


  • 按小時收費,另加17.5%服務費
  • 服務費概不退還
  • 僅適用於WordPress的特定技能


As a freelancing network specialized in code gurus, Stack Overflow started way back in 2008. They have been growing to the extent of having gone through four rounds of funding to the tune of $70 million.作為專注於代碼專家的自由職業者網絡,Stack Overflow始於50,000年。它們經過四輪融資達到XNUMX萬美元之後,一直在增長。 Today, they boast a network of more than XNUMX developers.今天,他們擁有超過XNUMX名開發人員的網絡。

What makes them unique in the freelancing network space is their Q&A model which allows you to simply ask questions and participate in knowledge sharing.他們在自由職業者網絡空間中的獨特之處在於他們的問答模型,該模型允許您簡單地提出問題並參與知識共享。 The site is a congregation point for skilled developers who willingly participate in Q&A sessions.該站點是願意參加問答環節的熟練開發人員的聚集點。


  • 無需額外費用-僅支付自由職業者的費用
  • 大型社區推動的問答數據庫
  • 允許職位發布


  • 傳統的工作清單結構可找到自由職業者

外包平台#3- Fiverr


Fiverr是另一種資源,可讓您瀏覽自由職業者庫,以獲取從內容創建到社交媒體支持的所有內容。 They allow freelancers to create offers which can then be chosen by you.他們允許自由職業者創建要約,然後您可以選擇這些要約。 Alternatively, you can create a job (post a 'request') that you specifically need and allow Fiverr freelancers to bid on it.或者,您可以創建自己特別需要的工作(發布“請求”),並允許Fiverr自由職業者競標。

For every transaction, Fiverr will take its cut in the form of a fee that's tacked on to the final price.對於每筆交易,Fiverr都會以固定在最終價格上的費用的形式進行削減。 The fee varies depending on value of transaction.費用視交易金額而定。 Because of a reputation system, Fiverr freelancers can be aggressive in trying to meet job requirements.由於建立了聲譽系統,Fiverr自由職業者可以積極滿足工作要求。


  • 多種技能類型和水平可用
  • 作業瀏覽可以成為您需要的想法的來源
  • Fiverr保留付款,直到您對完成的工作感到滿意為止


  • 存在一些過時的過帳
  • 價格範圍寬泛
  • 一些賣家可能不熟練

外包平台#4- Toptal


This network's claim to fame is that it helps you outsource work to the cream of the freelance web developer crop.該網絡之所以成名,是因為它可以幫助您將工作外包給自由的Web開發人員。 They have managed to pool together talents covering every skill that could possibly be need for a website, even designers.他們設法彙集了涵蓋網站可能需要的所有技能的人才,甚至包括設計師。



  • 優秀的開發人員和設計師的重要資源
  • 迎合各種規模的企業
  • 對多個級別的自由職業者進行預篩選–技能,語言,職業道德等
  • 所有自由職業者的免費試用期


  • 每小時的費用在60美元到210美元之間可能會變得昂貴
  • 需要註冊才能瀏覽人才

外包平台#5- Gun.io


Gun.io試圖通過將其技能貢獻給自由招聘過程來打破傳統的痛苦技能入職過程。 They pool highly experienced talents (no newbies here) that are willing to work on a contract basis and vets them then helps find the right fits for both the freelancers and you.他們匯集了經驗豐富的人才(這裡沒有新手),他們願意按合同工作,然後對他們進行審核,然後為自由職業者和您找到合適的人選。

They don't have lists of freelancers that you can brose through but work with those who want to hire directly.他們沒有您可以瀏覽的自由職業者列表,但與想要直接僱用的人一起工作。 One call to help them on a fact-finding mission will result in them finding the exact right person for the job.致電幫助他們進行實況調查的電話將導致他們找到該職位的確切合適人選。


  • 僅限經驗豐富的自由職業者
  • 經過預先審查和評估的候選人
  • 無需瀏覽列表即可找到所需內容
  • 48小時內的才藝比賽


  • 成本根據僱用時間而定–短期僱用可能會很昂貴

外包平台#6- Upwork


Upwork更多地是一個多混合自由職業者網站,而不是Web開發專家。 They offer everything from web development to accounting, specializing in remote workers who are available from anywhere around the globe.他們提供從Web開發到會計的一切服務,專門面向全球各地的遠程工作者。

The way it works is much like the traditional job board listing format, where talents of all kinds are pooled and then categorized for you to find.它的工作方式與傳統的工作委員會列表格式非常相似,在該格式中,匯集了各種人才,然後進行分類以供您查找。 Aside from freelancers, agencies are also listed here and that gives talent seekers an extra option as well.除自由職業者外,代理機構也在此列出,這也為求職者提供了額外的選擇。


  • 提供多種技能
  • 提供多種技能


  • 需要註冊才能瀏覽自由職業者
  • 您可以看到的內容受註冊套餐的限制(價格從免費到每月499美元不等)
  • 高達13%的處理費間接費用


What I mean here is that you need to have a vision for your website.我的意思是,您需要對網站有一個構想。 What are your intentions?你的意圖是什麼? Do you want your website to simply be informational and support your primary place of business, or are you looking to use it as a virtual extension of your business?您是否希望網站只是提供信息並支持您的主要營業地點,還是希望將其用作您的業務的虛擬擴展?


Once you've decided what needs to be on your site, make sure to convey his information clearly to your web developer.一旦確定了站點上需要的內容,請確保將其信息清楚地傳達給Web開發人員。 While looks are important, don't get carried away and focus overly much on your site design.儘管外觀很重要,但不要過分專注於網站設計。



Work with your developer to come up with a timeline that is acceptable to both of you.與開發人員一起制定出雙方都可以接受的時間表。 At each stage, there should be an evaluation point to make sure you can call a time out in case you feel something is not going the way it should.在每個階段,都應該有一個評估點,以確保您可以超時,以防萬一您覺得事情沒有按照預期進行。


A standard website development milestones.一個標準的網站開發里程碑。 Each web design project is unique but this is a good reference for users who are establishing their project milestones for the first time (每個網頁設計項目都是唯一的,但這對於第一次建立項目里程碑的用戶來說是一個很好的參考(來源).


By now you probably realize that your website can be an invaluable tool you can build even more business activities around.到現在為止,您可能已經意識到您的網站是一個非常有價值的工具,您可以圍繞它建立更多的業務活動。 Because of that, you are going to be committed to it in many ways.因此,您將在許多方面致力於這一工作。 Having a contract protects both your investment as well as the web developer's interests.簽訂合同既可以保護您的投資,也可以保護Web開發人員的利益。



Once you have your website, it is usually the norm that occasionally, some things might go wrong.建立網站後,通常會偶爾出現一些錯誤。 Keeping a good relationship with your developer will help ensure that any bugs or other problems you have will be resolved quickly.與開發人員保持良好關係將有助於確保快速解決所有錯誤或其他問題。

It also further builds on trust and gives you a good option in case you ever decide to add a 'Phase 2' to your website.它還可以進一步建立信任,並在您決定向網站添加“第二階段”時為您提供一個不錯的選擇。 The guys who built it will usually be able to develop it further on a shorter timeline and with less resources.通常,構建它的人將能夠在更短的時間範圍內以更少的資源進一步開發它。


資源: 企業家通過外包擴大業務

作為市場顧問 信條,約翰很難與其他為客戶提供“規模”保證的公司競爭。




  1. 選擇錯誤的伙伴
  2. 建立不切實際的預算
  3. 沒有明確定義關鍵目標
  4. 在開發過程中過於“放手”
  5. 不圍繞您的網站制定營銷計劃


Every business is different, both in what they do and what point there are at in it.每項業務在做事和目的上都是不同的。 If you're wondering if outsourcing is the right choice for you, it likely is.如果您想知道外包是否是您的正確選擇,那可能是正確的。 What you should be looking at is much of what I've covered in this article.您應該看的是本文中我已經介紹的大部分內容。

Don't get me wrong – the outsourcing path isn't lined with roses and contains more than its fair share of thorns.不要誤會我的意思–外包的道路上沒有玫瑰花,而且包含的荊棘多。 However, at the end of the day, if it is done right then you'll have gained an extremely professional asset to your core business activities.但是,歸根結底,如果操作正確,那麼您將在核心業務活動中獲得極為專業的資產。

The key difference between outsourcing or not lies in a few fundamentals.外包與否之間的主要區別在於幾個基本原則。 If you outsource, rather than focusing on technical competencies that you'll never need again, you instead build on other good management qualities – communication and project planning.如果您外包,而不是專注於您再也不需要的技術能力,那麼您將建立在其他良好的管理素質上-溝通和項目計劃。


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