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PayPal is a digital payments processing service that is available worldwide.貝寶(PayPal)是一種數字支付處理服務,可在全球範圍內使用。 For retailers, it helps them accept payments from customers for online sales.對於零售商而言,它可以幫助他們接受來自客戶的在線銷售付款。 For others, it's a convenient way to pay for online purchases or simply to transfer money quickly anywhere around the globe.對於其他人來說,這是一種便捷的方式來支付在線購買費用,或者只是在全球任何地方快速匯款。

看到 您可以通過貝寶付款的託管公司列表.

What I like most about PayPal is the fact that it is convenient and simple-to-use.我最喜歡PayPal的地方是它方便且易於使用。 However, it isn't a service without flaws.但是,這並非沒有缺陷的服務。 Most importantly, there are other options should you not wish to use PayPal.最重要的是,如果您不希望使用PayPal,還有其他選擇。

The payments processing industry is one that has been evolving fairly rapidly.支付處理行業是一個發展迅速的行業。 With traditional banks and financial institutions under tight regulation, payments processors offer consumers more flexibility.在傳統銀行和金融機構受到嚴格監管的情況下,支付處理商為消費者提供了更大的靈活性。



截至2020年第一季度,PayPal已擁有 325億活躍賬戶 worldwide.全世界。 The platform helps process payments for more than該平台可幫助處理超過 17萬企業 並提供合理透明的費用結構。 

Yet despite this apparent popularity, it isn't necessarily the best option for everyone.儘管有這種明顯的流行,它並不一定是每個人的最佳選擇。 For example, what if you need or want something that they might not offer, such as seller security for digital goods, lower fees for chargebacks, or faster turnaround?例如,如果您需要或想要他們可能無法提供的東西,例如數字商品的賣方安全,較低的退款費用或更快的周轉時間,該怎麼辦?

Fortunately, we have some of the top PayPal alternatives listed below, with their respective pros and cons.幸運的是,我們在下面列出了一些頂級的PayPal替代品,各有其優缺點。 Hopefully, you'll find an option that works for you, your business, and your customers.希望您會找到適合您,您的企業和客戶的選項。


1. TransferWise


TransferWise是一個相對知名的數字支付處理器。 It is a great alternative to PayPal if you're making transfers internationally.如果您要進行國際轉帳,它是貝寶(PayPal)的理想選擇。 Since the launch of the company, they've worked with over eight million customers who transfer more than five billion dollars each month.自公司成立以來,他們已經與超過XNUMX萬客戶合作,每月轉移資金超過XNUMX億美元。 

One of the first things that you'll see on their website is a statement reading: “Send money with the real exchange rate”.您將在他們的網站上看到的第一件事是一條聲明:“以實際匯率匯款”。 This statement stresses that customers are given the cost-effective option to transfer money without inflating it with invisible fees.該聲明強調,給客戶提供了具有成本效益的選擇,可以在不增加無形費用的情況下轉移資金。 It works more or less like PayPal and everything is purely digital.它或多或少像PayPal一樣運作,並且一切都是純數字的。

TransferWise還結合了 貨幣匯率 在XE.com,Google和Yahoo等網站上發布-您可以在其網站上看到這些內容以供參考。 這使客戶可以方便地直接檢查和比較貨幣匯率。 





  • 與許多數字支付處理商相比,費用要低得多。
  • 借記卡和信用卡只收取額外費用。
  • 傳輸速度快。
  • 待命 FCA規定


  • 比一些較大的提供商更高的費用。
  • 北美公司仍無法使用萬事達卡。
  • 沒有現金或支票提取的選項。

2. Google Pay

貝寶替代品-Google Pay

Google Pay旨在使其用戶能夠使用其Android設備進行付款。 It is a successful combination of Google Wallet and Android Pay.它是Google電子錢包和Android Pay的成功結合。 All consumers need to do is set up a payment method and they're ready to shop online.消費者需要做的就是設置一種付款方式,他們已經準備好在線購物。

對於商人,他們需要利用 Google API代碼 Google Pay在傳統的數字支付信用卡使用中增加了一層安全保護。

Business is conducted with a virtual account number that stores account details so they can't be hijacked and copied.業務是使用虛擬帳號進行的,該帳號存儲了帳戶詳細信息,因此不會被劫持和復制。 The number used is randomly created within Google's servers, making it tough to crack.所使用的數字是在Google服務器中隨機創建的,因此很難破解。 



  • 快速便捷的基於NFC的支付系統。
  • 為了安全起見,將實際卡號替換為虛擬卡號。
  • 禮品卡和會員計劃控制。
  • 在線和應用內付款功能。


  • 功能在單獨的應用程序之間劃分。
  • 測試中的店內功能不均衡。
  • 受限的用例和在線支付合作夥伴。



Payoneer成立於2005年,是一家金融服務公司,提供在線匯款,數字支付平台,並為客戶提供營運資金。 Payoneer也很受歡迎 聯盟營銷人員 因為主要的聯屬網絡(包括Commission Junction和ShareASale)都在使用它。

Payoneer和PayPal之間的主要區別在於傳輸速度,費用和網絡關係。 Payoneer轉帳聲稱速度更快且 不會那麼貴 比PayPal付款。 

Whether you're growing a small business or starting a remote team, making payments internationally can be a harrowing process.無論您是發展小型企業還是建立遠程團隊,在國際範圍內付款都可能是一個令人痛苦的過程。 How you pay individuals can be impacted by timing, fees, and ease of use.時間安排,費用和易用性會影響您向個人付款的方式。


  • 易於使用。
  • 全球支付服務。
  • 受熱門公司支持。
  • 直接銀行提款。
  • 國際預付卡。


  • 大量的卡續費。
  • 沒有24/7客戶支持。

4. Shopify付款


如果你曾經使用過 Shopify,那麼您應該熟悉Shopify Payments –這是一個Shopify本地付款處理系統。 不需要第三方支付處理器,這對於Shopify客戶來說非常方便。

After going through the usual procedure of signing up, adding payment info, etc, you can easily manage your transaction processing system right from Shopify's main dashboard.在完成了註冊,添加付款信息等常規過程之後,您可以直接從Shopify的主儀表板輕鬆管理您的交易處理系統。 The result is a seamless transaction processing system.結果是一個無縫的交易處理系統。

如果您在Shopify上使用貝寶(PayPal),則除了卡處理費之外,您還會被收取0.5-2%的交易費, Shopify付款 qualifies you for zero transaction rates.使您有資格獲得零交易率。 In reality, you only pay the card processing fees, whose charges are based on your particular Shopify plan.實際上,您只需要支付卡處理費,該費用基於您的特定Shopify計劃。


  • 與Shopify在線商店無縫集成。
  • 可以與其他支付平台和解決方案一起使用。
  • 與眾多會計應用程序配合良好。
  • 支持Shopify POS硬件系統。
  • 消除Shopify上的交易費用。


  • 僅在少數國家/地區可用。
  • 您的帳戶可能會被凍結,而不會發出警告。 
  • 每次扣款扣除$ 15。

5. 支付線


While it in fact supports the typical eCommerce checkout system, Payline is especially fitting for in-store payments.儘管實際上它支持典型的電子商務結帳系統,但Payline特別適合店內付款。 It's cheaper and flexible when it comes to aiding retail businesses.在幫助零售業務方面,它既便宜又靈活。

Payline不使用通常的靜態定價時間表。 Alternatively, it offers solutions through an interchange-plus pricing method.另外,它通過互換加定價方法提供解決方案。 Fees are more consistent and based on the types of cards you end up processing.費用更為一致,並取決於您最終處理的卡的類型。

The interchange method is, undeniably, the most transparent in the payment processing space.不可否認,交換方法在支付處理空間中是最透明的。 The only challenge you might face, however, is determining your future expenses.但是,您可能面臨的唯一挑戰是確定未來的支出。



  • 靈活而清晰的定價結構。
  • 提供店內信用卡處理軟件包。
  • 離線交易費用比PayPal便宜。
  • 功能齊全的API。
  • 支持移動支付。


  • 僅在美國可用
  • 難以預測您要承擔的費用。
  • 電子商務功能無法與貝寶匹配。


Our compiled list of payment processors only mention five.我們編制的付款處理方清單僅提及五個。 However, there are many more options available in the market.但是,市場上還有許多其他選擇。 Given the diversity of payment preferences, many are designed for specific niches.考慮到支付偏好的多樣性,許多都是針對特定細分市場而設計的。 

不過,太多可能令您頭痛 企業.



It is vitally essential that you pick a payment provider that grants secure data processing.選擇授權安全數據處理的支付提供商至關重要。 You should choose a processor that can safeguard your customers' payments using the most advanced and latest in data security.您應該選擇一種處理器,該處理器可以使用最先進和最新的數據安全性來保護客戶的付款。 



You want to keep all processing charges as low as possible.您希望將所有處理費用保持在盡可能低的水平。 The more you have to pay, the lower your profits become.您必須支付的越多,您的利潤就越低。 It's good to look around for providers that offer the most attractive rates — but be careful, many providers try to obfuscate and hide some fees.最好找提供最吸引人的價格的提供商,但是要小心,許多提供商試圖混淆並隱藏一些費用。


Most payment providers offer tiered pricing based on transaction frequencies and amounts.大多數付款提供商會根據交易頻率和金額提供分層定價。 You should choose a package that fits your current needs in the here and now.您應該在此處和現在選擇適合您當前需求的軟件包。 If you miss or exceed these transaction limits, you'll end up paying more than needed.如果您錯過或超過了這些交易限額,最終將付出比所需更多的費用。


Setting up and getting started should be quite simple.設置和入門應該非常簡單。 This includes enrollment applications, hardware and software upgrades, and training.這包括註冊申請,硬件和軟件升級以及培訓。 These steps, if difficult, become “unknown” expenses and that should affect your decision-making.如果困難,這些步驟將成為“未知”費用,這將影響您的決策。

The same is true of maintenance.維護也是如此。 If you have to regularly troubleshoot your payments processing system, you may be better off simply choosing another provider.如果您必須定期對付款處理系統進行故障排除,則最好選擇其他提供商。 

5。 客戶支持

Even with the best processors in the world, difficulties will unavoidably pop up.即使擁有世界上最好的處理器,也不可避免地會出現困難。 Of course, you'd want a provider that is easily reachable 24/7.當然,您需要一個可以輕鬆訪問XNUMX/XNUMX的提供商。 Email is fine for most issues, but being able to contact a live person via phone or chat is even better and faster.電子郵件可以解決大多數問題,但是能夠通過電話或聊天與現場人員聯繫甚至更好,更快。


It makes sense that some of those used to PayPal may be hesitant to move away.某些習慣於PayPal的人可能會猶豫不決而離開。 However, given the sheer number of established providers today, choice isn't really an excuse anymore.但是,鑑於當今已建立的提供商數量眾多,選擇不再是真正的藉口。

We're not saying you should completely write off PayPal altogether, but it's not a bad idea to get a taste of what the best alternatives to PayPal are.我們並不是說您應該完全註銷PayPal,但是品嚐一下PayPal的最佳替代品並不是一個壞主意。 Who knows, you may end up saving a significant amount of money and be happier with the company you choose.誰知道,您最終可能會節省大量資金,並且對所選公司更滿意。 


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