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PaaS使開發人員無需維護基礎架構即可創建自己的應用程序。 (來源).

平台即服務(PaaS)符合現代業務的要求-快速且高度敏捷。 它使公司能夠借助高級工具快速構建定制的解決方案。 一個主要的好處在於避免重新發明車輪的理論。




1. SAP雲

SAP Cloud-Paas示例

SAP是一家非常大的公司,以至於其產品涵蓋多種服務模型。 Among them is their Cloud PaaS which is an open business platform.其中包括他們的Cloud PaaS,這是一個開放的業務平台。 It was designed to help developers build applications more easily, offering both breadth and depth of service.它旨在幫助開發人員更輕鬆地構建應用程序,同時提供服務的廣度和深度。

該平台還為集成雲和本地應用程序提供了可能性,並提供了許多支持服務。 這部分要歸功於SAP龐大的合作夥伴生態系統,該生態系統提供了一個驚人的庫,其中包含在同一平台上構建的1,300多個應用程序。

2. 微軟 Azure

Microsoft Azure-PaaS的示例

Microsoft Azure是使用PaaS概念的部署和開發環境。 Because of its nature, Azure is able to support the entire web app development life cycle, from build to deploy and thereafter.由於其性質,Azure能夠支持從構建到部署以及此後的整個Web應用程序開發生命週期。

Azure還支持各種工具,語言和框架。 在其上使用的開發人員可以從Microsoft訪問一百多種相關服務的雲計算服務。 由於Azure的龐大規模,它涵蓋了所有三個雲模型– SaaS,PaaS和IaaS。

3. Heroku


Heroku現在屬於Salesforce,並且是基於託管容器概念的PaaS的示例。 As with many PaaS environments, it is highly self-contained and integrates data services as well as a complete ecosystem of its own.與許多PaaS環境一樣,它是高度獨立的,並集成了數據服務以及自己的完整生態系統。

Because of it's app-centricity, Heroku has gained a reputation as less of an enterprise solution.由於其以應用程序為中心,Heroku贏得了較少的企業解決方案的聲譽。 Instead, it has gained a following among the hobbyist and production development crowd.相反,它在愛好者和產品開發人群中贏得了追隨者。 It also helps that Heroku is pretty user-friendly, allowing it to offer a more streamlined experience.它還有助於Heroku非常易於使用,從而提供更簡化的體驗。 

For those keen to build on Heroku, I've seen apps built on this platform that has managed to go for respectable prices.對於那些渴望在Heroku上構建的應用程序,我已經看到了在此平台上構建的應用程序,這些應用程序的價格一直很高。 For example,例如, 常規,用於出售食品和飲料,目前在Flippa上市,價格約為25,000美元。

4.AWS 拉姆達

AWS Lambda是Amazon雲的一部分

AWS Lambda是Amazon Cloud的一部分,實際上旨在作為整體的一部分工作。 Essentially, it is meant to support the efficient management of AWS resources.本質上,它旨在支持AWS資源的有效管理。 This means that users can run code without the need to provision for resources or server management.這意味著用戶無需提供資源或服務器管理即可運行代碼。

Lambda的性質使其適用於任何類型的開發-環境是支持多代碼的,因為已為其提供了支持。 用戶讚揚它的無服務器架構以及輕鬆處理微服務架構的能力。

5. 谷歌應用引擎

5. Google App Engine-PaaS示例

Google將其App Engine作為Google Cloud生態系統的一部分提供。 It's intended to be a highly scalable serverless PaaS used for rapid deployment.它旨在成為用於快速部署的高度可擴展的無服務器PaaS。 Google, being the giant it is, can provision highly capable servers capable of coping with almost any volume of query.谷歌本身就是一個巨頭,它可以提供功能強大的服務器來應對幾乎任何數量的查詢。

There have, however, been some issues raised by developers about the service.但是,開發人員已經對該服務提出了一些問題。 These include slight lack of support on some language environments, shortage of development tools, inability to plug-and-play some applications, plus a lock in to Google as the vendor.其中包括對某些語言環境的輕微支持,缺乏開發工具,無法即插即用某些應用程序,以及鎖定Google作為供應商。



Dokku自稱是“您所見過的最小的PaaS實施方案”,這是一個PaaS示例,其功能不如AWS這樣的大公司。 然而,它所缺乏的是深度,而是由成本彌補的– Dokku是開源的並且完全免費。 

Based on container technology from Docker, this minute PaaS essentially lets you deploy on any infrastructure.基於Docker的容器技術,這一分鐘的PaaS本質上使您可以在任何基礎架構上進行部署。 The serious advantage of this is that there is a much lower chance of vendor lock-in so you'll be able to take your business model in any direction you want.這樣做的一個重要好處是,供應商鎖定的可能性要低得多,因此您可以將業務模型應用於任何您想要的方向。

7. Apprenda雲平台


Apprenda認為自己更適合雲應用程序構建和部署行業的企業規模。 It's platform is based on Kubernetes and takes advantage of open source technologies.它的平台基於Kubernetes,並利用開源技術。 One of its defining characteristics is the ability to support users in moving legacy dot net applications to a PaaS environment.其定義特徵之一是能夠支持用戶將舊式點網應用程序遷移到PaaS環境。

Unfortunately, there have been issues raised among Apprenda users that slightly shades its capabilities.不幸的是,Apprenda用戶之間出現了一些問題,使它的功能略有下降。 For example, some users have reported environments that are not well optimized in efficiency of memory usage.例如,一些用戶報告了在內存使用效率方面沒有很好優化的環境。


Pivotal Cloud Foundry(PCF)是Cloud Foundry平台的開源發行版。 PCF可以部署在IaaS平台(例如vSphere)上。

Like many PaaS deployments it can be used for rapid application deployment and maintenance.與許多PaaS部署一樣,它可用於快速的應用程序部署和維護。 It's able to streamline app updates as well.它還能夠簡化應用程序更新。 A strong part of the appeal for it lies in automation and ease of use across almost any Cloud foundation.它的吸引力很大一部分在於幾乎所有Cloud Foundation的自動化和易用性。

9. Salesforce 閃電

Salesforce認為Lightning是其平台的下一代。 It's separate from Salesforce classic (which is SaaS) and will be the target of all future Salesforce developments in future.它與Salesforce classic(即SaaS)分開,並將成為將來所有Salesforce開發的目標。

Lightning提供了經過大量改進的用戶界面,並進行了改進,將改善業務用戶以及IT團隊方面的經驗。 An important part of the rapid development feature is the inclusion of reusable building blocks and a new delivery system.快速開發功能的重要部分是包含可重複使用的構建基塊和新的交付系統。

10. IBM Cloud Foundry

IBM Cloud Foundry是基於PaaS平台的

With most major IT vendors having their own PaaS platforms, it comes as no surprise that IBM has their own version as well.由於大多數主要的IT供應商都擁有自己的PaaS平台,因此IBM也擁有自己的版本也就不足為奇了。 Surprisingly, IBM Cloud opted for an open source version of their PaaS that has proven to be both powerful and agile.出乎意料的是,IBM Cloud選擇了PaaS的開源版本,事實證明它既強大又敏捷。

Despite that, it hasn't been able to resist advertising the platform as a way for businesses to solve complex problems, which is more marketing hype than reality.儘管如此,它仍無法抵制該平台的廣告投放,以此作為企業解決複雜問題的一種方式,這比實際情況要大得多。 Still, it has been tested with a wide variety of applications and despite slight underperformance with large deployments, is still scaling up.儘管如此,它已經在各種應用程序上進行了測試,儘管在大型部署中性能略有下降,但仍在擴展。


OpenShift是Red Hat的雲計算平台即服務(PaaS)

OpenShift在某種程度上 類似於Cloudways 並為用戶提供了一種在其上構建和部署應用程序的簡便方法。 它還具有廣泛的API支持,因此您不僅限於平台必須提供的功能。

Coming from Red Hat, OpenShift has also been known to be incredibly secure.來自Red Hat的OpenShift也被認為是非常安全的。 There are multiple safeguards built into the environment which will step in should users try to perform unexpected actions (such as attempting to run containers with incorrect permissions).如果用戶嘗試執行意外的操作(例如,嘗試使用錯誤的權限運行容器),環境中將內置多種保護措施。

12. Oracle雲平台

Oracle Cloud Platform是Oracle的平台即服務(PaaS)

Oracle is another of the industry big boys that has a finger in all aspects of the Cloud.甲骨文是另一個在雲計算各個方面都有所涉足的行業巨頭。 Their PaaS offering is one of their four Cloud pillar product lines.他們的PaaS產品是他們的四個Cloud支柱產品線之一。 It was designed to work primarily with Oracle SaaS applications but does work with others as well.它旨在主要與Oracle SaaS應用程序一起使用,但也與其他應用程序一起使用。

Having said that, it has gotten somewhat mixed reviews to date, with users finding there seems to be a balance of pros and cons depending on what they use it for.話雖這麼說,但迄今為止,它的評論有所不同,用戶發現,根據使用目的的不同,似乎各有利弊。 Among issues raised on a more generic level are the inadequacies of the control panel, complexity, and time taken for instance provisioning.在更通用的級別上提出的問題包括控制面板的不足,複雜性以及實例供應所需的時間。

13. Zoho Creator

Compared to many enterprise-scale PaaS platforms, Zoho Creator is an incredible simple building-block style offering.與許多企業級PaaS平台相比,Zoho Creator是令人難以置信的簡單構建基樣式的產品。 It essentially functions like a turbocharged app builder which allows users to simply drag and drop reusable containers to create functionality.它的功能本質上像是渦輪增壓的應用程序生成器,該應用程序生成器允許用戶簡單地拖放可重複使用的容器來創建功能。 It's able to build for multiple deployment targets as well.它也能夠針對多個部署目標進行構建。

The very low cost of entry makes it a strong choice for smaller organizations looking to build and deliver.極低的入門成本使其成為尋求構建和交付的小型組織的理想選擇。 Alternatively, larger companies can also take it as a stepping stone towards digitization.或者,較大的公司也可以將其作為邁向數字化的墊腳石。 Users have commented that using it can be as simple as learning from a Youtube video.用戶評論說,使用它就像從YouTube視頻中學習一樣簡單。


Wasabi的規模可能不及Google,Amazon或Oracle,但它是市場上規模較大的獨立PaaS提供商之一。 Their very impressive pricing has made them popular for a much wider variety of use cases such as它們令人印象深刻的價格使它們在諸如以下的更多用例中很受歡迎: 雲儲存

它具有簡單的界面,並且易於使用和設置。 這使得它既是個人使用的又是一個不錯的選擇。 中小型企業。 在這種情況下的便利性彌補了獲得強大技術支持團隊的機會有限的人們的困擾。

15。 Cloudways

Cloudways在此列表中可能是獨特的,因為它根深蒂固地紮根於 網絡託管行業。 儘管它與許多其他PaaS平台一樣,並為用戶提供了可快速部署的高可配置性,但許多人已經使用它來構建用於託管的自定義虛擬服務器。

Part of the reason is its provision for managed hosting, which combines the power of Cloud PaaS without the overly technical portion of environment management.部分原因是它提供了託管託管服務,該託管服務結合了Cloud PaaS的功能而沒有過多的環境管理技術部分。 Pricing models are as transparent as many others as well.定價模型與其他模型一樣透明。

你也可以 在Jerry的評論中了解有關Cloudways的更多信息.

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