You need to diversify by finding different ways to deliver your product or service in front of your target audience.您需要通過尋找在目標受眾面前交付產品或服務的不同方法來實現多元化。 With increased visibility and presence, therefore, comes因此,隨著可見度和存在度的提高, 更大的銷售潛力.

Of course, I'm not just referring to online means.當然,我不僅指在線手段。 If you have to make a sale by getting your butt off the chair and selling door to door, then you如果您必須脫下椅子並挨家挨戶賣東西來進行銷售,那麼您 VPN 必須 do it!做吧! Making a profit is all about going outside your comfort zones to make people comfortable in buying from you.獲利就在於走出您的舒適區,使人們放心地向您購買商品。




全渠道零售是通過以下方式為消費者提供統一購物體驗的方法 多種銷售渠道。 Aside from your e-commerce shop and brick-and-mortar store, you can make a sale from social media, customer support, mobile apps, and others.除了您的電子商務商店和實體商店,您還可以通過社交媒體,客戶支持,移動應用程序等進行銷售。 Also, all channels work而且,所有渠道都可以 一起 使人們更容易從您的商店購買商品。

Since the omnichannel retail approach requires to you offer your business across multiple platforms, you need to manage your inventory much better.由於全渠道零售方法要求您跨多個平台提供業務,因此您需要更好地管理庫存。 You can't just rely on lists and tabulated sheets manually written down by your employee.您不能僅僅依靠員工手動寫下的列表和表格。

熱門 網上商店建設者Bigcommerce 讓您在不同的市場上聯繫和銷售您的產品。

由於全渠道零售,您需要 同步 your inventory by managing them from a single dashboard.通過一個儀表板管理庫存。 Every sale from different channels automatically goes into the inventory platform.來自不同渠道的每筆銷售都會自動進入庫存平台。 This eliminates the manual process of managing your inventory and lets you focus on providing a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for your customers.這消除了管理庫存的手動過程,使您可以集中精力為客戶提供無縫的全渠道購物體驗。

耐克(Nike)就是正確使用全渠道零售方法的一個例子。 每當客戶進入其商店之一或訪問其網站時,他們都會 體驗 創新的運動裝品牌.


Through Nike's approach to omnichannel retail, they are transforming the buying habits of customers.通過耐克的全渠道零售方式,他們正在改變顧客的購買習慣。 By requiring them to sign up for a NikeID account to purchase certain products, they create an online ecosystem for their customers to thrive and revel in. At the same time, they are educating customers to purchase online instead of going to stores since the former is much more convenient.通過要求他們註冊一個NikeID帳戶來購買某些產品,他們創建了一個在線生態系統,供客戶蓬勃發展並吸引他們。同時,他們正在教育客戶在線購買而不是去商店,因為前者是更方便。


You don't need to have a sophisticated setup like Nike's for your omnichannel retail.您無需為全渠道零售設置像Nike這樣的複雜設置。 The important thing is that you create different avenues for people to purchase from your business and synchronize all your channels for consistency.重要的是,您要為人們提供從企業購買的不同渠道,並同步所有渠道以保持一致性。



shopify 郵寄

As mentioned earlier, you need to collect all sales from different retail channels.如前所述,您需要收集來自不同零售渠道的所有銷售額。 This way, you get accurate data not only of your inventory and product stocks but also how well each channel is selling.這樣,您不僅可以獲得庫存和產品庫存的準確數據,而且可以獲得每個渠道的銷售狀況。 An inventory platform makes listing down your sales and managing your items much easier.庫存平台使銷售記錄和項目管理變得更加容易。

這種平台的一個例子是 Shopify POS. 該平台還允許您接受不同形式的付款、應用折扣和稅收,以及通過電子郵件或短信向客戶發送購買收據等。 Shopify 如果您正在使用 POS,則效果最佳 Shopify 為您的電子商務網站(學習更多關於 Shopify 這裡)。 However, you can also use the platform if you feel comfortable using it.但是,如果您感到舒適,也可以使用該平台。



It's difficult to keep up with your retail business if you plan on manually selling your services to people via email or call.如果您打算通過電子郵件或電話手動向他人出售服務,則很難跟上您的零售業務。 Even if you plan on hiring someone to do the job for you, that person needs more than just time and effort to get the job done.即使您計劃僱用某人為您完成這項工作,該人也不僅需要時間和精力來完成工作。

A marketing automation tool makes reaching out to people much more comfortable for you.營銷自動化工具可以使您更輕鬆地與人們聯繫。 You won't have to type out your emails one day at a time for sending and determine which part of your sales funnel your leads are.您不必每天一次輸入電子郵件來發送並確定銷售線索的銷售渠道的哪一部分。 With a marketing automation tool, you can schedule your email campaigns in advance to your email list.使用營銷自動化工具,您可以將電子郵件活動提前安排到電子郵件列表中。 Also, you can profile all your leads and customers accurately, so you have a clearer idea of how to get them to purchase from you again.另外,您可以準確地描述所有潛在客戶和客戶,因此您對如何讓他們再次從您那裡購買有了更清晰的了解。

Hubspot和Marketo是市場上兩個著名的營銷自動化軟件。 However, if you're starting out,但是,如果您剛開始, MailChimp lets you collect up to 2,000 subscribers for free.可讓您免費收集多達XNUMX個訂閱者。 From there, you can set up email campaigns that you can track and measure to determine how to improve their performances.從那裡,您可以設置電子郵件活動,您可以對其進行跟踪和衡量,以確定如何提高其效果。

一旦您準備好過渡到營銷自動化功能, MailChimp 與電子商務平台同步,例如 Shopify 和 Magento,這樣您就可以提取您的客戶數據庫並使用該工具來管理您的銷售漏斗。



Customer support isn't just for answering questions or concerns people have about your business.客戶支持不僅用於回答人們對您的業務的疑問或疑慮。 You can use this opportunity to ease people into purchasing products from your shop, if not improve relations with your advocates.您可以利用這個機會來減輕人們從您的商店購買產品的負擔,如果不能改善與擁護者的關係。 Take this big fan of Virgin Atlantic who took his concerns about the brand public on Twitter.以維珍航空的這位忠實粉絲為例,他在Twitter上表達了對品牌的關注。 Instead of shying away from the issue,與其迴避問題, 維珍的客戶支持得到了回饋 不僅緩解了問題,而且使他感到自己很有價值和重要。

Building good relations with customers and potential clients can only lead good things for your brand.與客戶和潛在客戶建立良好的關係只能為您的品牌帶來美好的事物。 Since people mostly take their frustrations out on social media, you need to monitor their messages and establish rapport with each one of them.由於人們大多在社交媒體上消除挫敗感,因此您需要監控他們的信息並與他們中的每一個建立融洽的關係。  是一種有助於發現這些提及的工具,因此您可以接觸基礎並改善與他們的關係。

You also need to consider making it easier for people to reach out to you online or via phone.您還需要考慮使人們更容易在線或通過電話與您聯繫。 A catch-all contact page is no longer enough since not all problems that they encounter with your brand are the same.全面的聯繫頁面已不再足夠,因為並非他們與您的品牌遇到的所有問題都是相同的。 Therefore, a tool like因此,類似 的Zendesk make lines of communication open and available to people and your brand.使溝通渠道開放並可供人們和您的品牌使用。 Aside from online chat and call, you can create a Knowledge Base.除了在線聊天和通話,您還可以創建一個知識庫。 It lets you document answers to all the questions people have asked so you can have your support team point to them instead.它使您可以記錄人們提出的所有問題的答案,以便讓支持團隊代替他們。


Lots of parts make up effective omnichannel retail.很多零件組成了有效的全渠道零售。 You also need your business to make the transition from going offline to online and vice versa.您還需要業務來實現從脫機到在線的轉換,反之亦然。 The omnichannel retail approach is a challenge in itself for your retail store.全渠道零售方法本身對您的零售商店來說是一個挑戰。

However, by offering more ways for customers to buy from you, the effort is all worth it.但是,通過為客戶提供更多購買方式,這一切都是值得的。 In a world where consumers dictate how you should serve them, giving them an omnichannel shopping experience helps your business win, plain and simple.在消費者決定您應如何服務他們的世界中,為他們提供全渠道的購物體驗可幫助您的業務輕鬆,簡單地獲勝。



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