If you are imagining that the online payment gateway is just about encouraging your clients to pay you then you may not be right!如果您想像在線支付網關只是在鼓勵您的客戶向您付款,那麼您可能就錯了! There are many Magento eCommerce development companies that are been enabling organizations with eCommerce Website Development services for multiple years;許多Magento電子商務開發公司多年來一直為組織提供電子商務網站開發服務。 their experience speaks that payment gateways can help drive business achievement or back it off.他們的經驗表明,支付網關可以幫助推動業務成就或退步。


支付網關,例如 貝寶Authorize.net網上業務 application that utilizations secure web association with the process, confirm and acknowledge or decrease charge card preparing or coordinate payments in the interest of web-based business dealers.利用安全的Web與流程關聯,確認和確認或減少簽帳卡準備或協調付款以符合基於Web的交易商的利益的應用程序。 To guarantee that the exchange data pass safely between the customer and the trader, payment gateways scramble touchy data, for example, charge card numbers.為了確保交換數據在客戶和交易者之間安全地傳遞,支付網關對敏感數據(例如充值卡號)進行加擾。



注意:流行的在線商店構建器,例如 Shopify  Bigcommerce come with built-in payment gateways.帶有內置的支付網關。 If you are如果你是 使用WooCommerce,則需要下載付款附加信息。 



  1. 客戶通過擠壓建議採取現場要求,例如“提交訂單”或“立即購買”。
  2. 客戶端的Web程序對必須通過以下方式發送到交易者的Web服務器的數據進行加密: SSL(安全附件層) 加密。
  3. 為了更好地理解,可以將此進度分為三個部分:
    • The exchange data is then sent to the payment gateway by the internet business trader.然後,交換數據由互聯網業務交易者發送到支付網關。 This association is likewise SSL encoded.該關聯同樣經過SSL編碼。
    • 因此,支付網關將感興趣的交換點推進到在線業務所有者的收款銀行所使用的支付處理器。
    • 交換數據當前由支付處理器發送到卡附屬機構(例如MasterCard或Visa)。
  4. 儘管如此,此過程的整個過程大約需要2-3秒,為了更好地理解,該過程分為三個部分:
    • The bank that has issued the charge card gets the approval ask for and sends back a reaction code to the processor.已發行簽帳卡的銀行獲得批准請求,並將反應碼發送回處理器。 The reaction code not just decides the destiny of payment (ie affirmed or declined) yet in addition characterizes the reason of exchange disappointment, (for example, deficient assets).反應代碼不僅決定付款的命運(即確認或拒絕),而且還表徵了交易所失望的原因(例如資產不足)。
    • 處理器獲取反應代碼並將其前進到支付門。
    • 然後,付款門將獲得的響應代碼發送到基於Web的商業網站,在該網站上將其解密為重要的響應,然後將其轉移回持卡人和在線業務所有者。
  5. 那時,互聯網業務所有者將所有確認的批准以“集群”形式提交給他們的收款銀行,以通過其處理方進行結算。


注意:從2018年3月開始,谷歌瀏覽器會將所有非SSL網站標記為“不安全”。 市場上有XNUMX種主要的SSL證書。 在您之前了解更多 購買SSL證書。


如今 萬事達卡勒索 inside web-based business organizations are very successive and frequently stand out as truly newsworthy.基於Web的商業組織內部非常連續,經常脫穎而出,具有真正的新聞價值。 A payment gateway can help alleviate this and guarantee that information of clients are scrambled and secure.支付網關可以幫助緩解這種情況,並保證客戶信息的安全性。

Other than credit and check cards, payment gateways additionally permit web-based business proprietors to process elective online payments.除了信用卡和支票卡,支付網關還允許基於Web的業務所有者處理選擇性的在線支付。 Your crowd would love to visit your site as the majority of them are as of now acquainted with the innovation.截止到現在,大多數人都喜歡訪問您的站點,因為他們中的大多數人都已經了解了創新。 Additionally, it requests almost no support.此外,它幾乎不要求任何支持。



It is profoundly significant to reduce extortion yet if you make a decent attempt then you could wind up losing business.減少敲詐勒索具有重大意義,但是如果您進行像樣的嘗試,那麼最終可能會導致業務損失。 This is on the grounds that in the event that you as a web-based business entrepreneur dismiss an excessive number of offers complying with stringent misrepresentation runs then few true blue exchanges additionally may get rejected.這樣做的理由是,如果您作為基於Web的企業家解雇了過多的要約,並遵守嚴格的失實陳述,那麼很少有真正的藍色交易可能會被拒絕。



的新形式 支付卡行業數據安全標準 are considerably more complete and requests parcel of approval necessities.更加完整,並要求獲得批准的必要性。 It turns out to be very trying for web-based business entrepreneurs who are a long ways behind on the PCI consistence bend.事實證明,這對於基於Web的企業家來說是非常嘗試的事情,因為他們在PCI一致性方面大有可為。 Meeting harder security necessities could mean investing more energy and cash for them.滿足更嚴格的安全需求可能意味著為他們投入更多的精力和現金。



With a payment gateway, you would settle on information-driven choices as you can without much of a stretch access gives an account of settlements and question.有了支付網關,您就可以選擇信息驅動的選擇,而無需花很多時間就能獲得解決和問題的答案。 In this manner, it would accelerate business choices as well as upgrade operational productivity of your e-store.通過這種方式,它將加快業務選擇並提高電子商店的運營效率。


With a payment gateway, exploration and information gathering forms are basic, exact and simple to take after.有了支付網關,探索和收集信息的形式便是基本,準確和易於掌握的。 In this way, by enhancing chargeback administration it adds to business achievement.這樣,通過增強退款管理,可以增加業務成就。


Our online business improvement specialists recommend that your web-based business site must have elective payment alternatives to limit the danger of dismissing potential clients.我們的在線業務改進專家建議您的基於Web的業務站點必須具有可選的付款方式,以限制解僱潛在客戶的危險。 They say that your payment gateway arrangement ought to effortlessly get incorporated with new payment writes to encourage new routes for customer payment.他們說您的支付網關安排應該毫不費力地與新的支付方式結合起來,以鼓勵為客戶支付新的途徑。


As web-based business clients in various nations depend on various payment techniques you can utilize a payment processor that has built up worldwide ties.由於各個國家/地區的基於Web的商業客戶依賴於各種支付技術,因此您可以利用已建立起全球聯繫的支付處理器。 Picking such a payment processor would help quicken your plans for global extension.選擇這樣的付款處理器將有助於加快您的全球擴展計劃。 In this manner, you can take into account the necessities of your universal gathering of people consistently with a payment gateway arrangement.通過這種方式,您可以考慮通過付款網關安排一致地普遍集會的必要性。


The security of payment preparing on your web-based business site is essential to setting up trust with your clients.在基於Web的企業網站上進行付款準備的安全性對於與客戶建立信任至關重要。 Here are some specialized subtle elements that guarantee the security of your payment gateways:以下是一些特殊的微妙元素,可確保您的付款網關的安全性:

  • 支付網關大部分是通過以下方式完成的: HTTPS約定 以確保客戶在交易過程中的微妙個人興趣點。
  • 標明的要求被定期用作批准付款頁面結果要求的一部分; 這是通過哈希工作來保持的,在哈希工作中,應用程序的參數由“秘密字”確認,“秘密字”實際上是付款網關和基於Web的業務供應商所知道的。
  • 此外,同樣要定期檢查請求服務器的IP,牢記最終目的以批准安裝頁面結果的需求。
  • 此外,虛擬付款人身份驗證(VPA)同樣通過眾多卡關係作為3-D安全慣例逐步執行,以為在線分期付款合併額外的安全層。

但是,無論您接受與否,它對 電子商務開發服務 如果是支付網關的情況,那麼您可以決定。


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