If you want to start a mom blog, you've come to the right place!如果您想創建一個媽媽博客,那麼您來對地方了! I'm Gina Badalaty of Embracing Imperfect and I've been a mom blogger since 2002. While my blog has gone through many phases, I'm now a paid professional blogger for a dream client, thanks to my years of experience.我是“擁抱不完美”的Gina Badalaty,自XNUMX年以來一直擔任媽媽博客。儘管我的博客經歷了多個階段,但由於我的多年經驗,我現在是一名理想客戶的付費專業博客。


這是我的博客– 擁抱不完美


If you search “how much do bloggers make,” you'll see tales of those who bring in $40,000 to over $1,000,000 a month.如果您搜索“博主的收入”,您會看到那些每月賺取80美元至超過XNUMX美元的人的故事。 These bloggers have leveraged their own stories to attract the right target audience, focusing on popular topics like debt reduction rather than running a mom blog.這些博客作者利用自己的故事吸引了正確的目標受眾,重點關注諸如減債之類的熱門話題,而不是經營媽媽博客。 However, if you are not looking to working XNUMX+ hours a week to hit it that big, you can make a decent income by strategically planning your blog like a business.但是,如果您不想每週工作XNUMX個小時以上來達到目標,那麼可以像企業一樣通過戰略性地計劃博客來賺取可觀的收入。

What you can earn from your blog varies.您可以從博客中獲得的收入各不相同。 Earlier this year, I was surprised to receive high-profit checks from an old post on non-toxic cookware that had affiliate links.今年早些時候,我很驚訝地收到一封舊有無毒炊具帖子的高利潤支票,該帖子帶有會員鏈接。 While it's hard to guarantee that a post will go viral, my雖然很難保證帖子會風行一時,但我的 搜索引擎優化(SEO) 該帖子上的帖子使其在Google上排名第一。

Even without viral posts, a small blog can bring in regular income.即使沒有病毒式帖子,小型博客也可以帶來固定收入。 I only blog part-time but I've我只做兼職博客,但我已經 一年收入最多$ 12,000 in affiliate and sponsored posts with my small audience.在我的小型受眾群體中的會員和讚助帖子中。 The key is developing a niche to reach my target audience.關鍵是要發展一個利基市場,以達到我的目標受眾。

然而,博客文章並不是唯一的方式 從你的博客賺錢. 我的博客幫助我開啟了育兒和健康領域的寫作生涯。 多年來,通過與其他媽媽博主建立關係,我在需要時可以毫不費力地找到穩定的工作。


No matter where you want to go, your blog can you get there.無論您想去哪裡,博客都可以到達那裡。 The key is strategic planning ahead of time to start on your best foot so you can end up where your dreams take you.關鍵是提前進行戰略規劃,以盡力而為,以便最終實現夢想。


  1. 定義您的受眾
  2. 正確設置您的媽媽博客
  3. 將您的博客變成企業
  4. 通過媽媽博客獲利
  5. 媽媽博客的例子
  6. 博客仍然是一回事嗎?





  1. 一個吸引人的品牌
  2. 定位受眾的方法
  3. 品牌上的內容並吸引您的目標

您可能以為我會說“網絡託管”或“域名”,但是如果您想通過自己的博客開展蓬勃發展的職業,則需要 作為業務來處理 這意味著首先要建立堅實的基礎。


In order to build your brand, you need to do some critical introspective work.為了樹立品牌,您需要做一些重要的內省工作。 This begins with learning your “why.”首先要了解您的“為什麼”。 Simon Sinek, author of the best-selling “最暢銷的《從為什麼開始,”寫道,



It's time to get out paper and pen and ask yourself why you want to write a blog.現在該抽出紙筆,問自己為什麼要寫博客了。 To dig really deep, you need to pose the question “why” to each of your responses at least 5 times.要深入研究,您需要對每個回答至少提出XNUMX次“為什麼”問題。 For example, I recently used this process to rebrand.例如,我最近使用此過程進行了品牌重塑。 My opening statement was, “I want to blog to help moms raising autistic kids with serious challenges.我的開場白是:“我想寫博客來幫助媽媽撫養面臨嚴峻挑戰的自閉症孩子。 From there, I kept asking “why” for each of my responses until I got to, “To show that our kids can live a purposeful and joyful life and make the world a better place.”從那以後,我一直對我的每一個回答都問“為什麼”,直到我明白:“表明我們的孩子可以過有目的和快樂的生活,並使世界變得更美好。”

The beauty of this exercise is that you'll often find that your “why” helps other people but you should also take a slightly more selfish dive into your why.這項練習的好處是,您經常會發現自己的“為什麼”可以幫助其他人,但是您也應該對自己的原因進行一些自私的嘗試。 What will motivate you every day to get through the challenging parts of running a successful blog business?是什麼每天激勵您克服運行成功的博客業務所面臨的挑戰? Perhaps you want to free up income to pay off debt.也許您想釋放收入以償還債務。 Perhaps you're interested in也許您對 創建一個作者網站 to set up a platform for that book you're writing.為您正在寫的書建立一個平台。 Or maybe you'd like to earn enough to buy a beautiful beach home.或者,您可能想賺足夠的錢來購買美麗的海濱別墅。



Once you have your “why,” you can now focus on finding your ideal visitor.一旦有了“為什麼”,您現在就可以專注於找到理想的訪客。 In this step, you'll discover who she is and what she needs.在此步驟中,您將發現她是誰以及她需要什麼。 Some basic demographics to think about include:要考慮的一些基本人口統計信息包括:

  • 年齡
  • 兒童/男孩或女孩的數量
  • 收入範圍/教育水平
  • 工作的專業人士,全職媽媽,企業家?
  • 她住在哪裡:城市,鄉村,郊區?
  • 房主,公寓居民?
  • Pet owner?寵物主人? Car owner?車主?
  • 相信無神論者嗎?
  • 特殊的利基市場:脆脆的媽媽,想要健康,有特殊需要的孩子,足球媽媽,領養的孩子等。

My target audience includes moms who raising tweens and teens with severe autism and related disabilities.我的目標受眾包括撫養青少年和嚴重自閉症及相關殘疾的青少年。 They need healthy solutions for their kids and a way to prevent burnout.他們需要為他們的孩子提供健康的解決方案以及防止倦怠的方法。

The person in your mind might be you but you need to create an “avatar” that is not you.您腦海中的那個人可能是您,但您需要創建一個不是您的“頭像”。 That will make it easier to create content based on her needs, which will not change even if yours do.這樣可以更輕鬆地根據她的需求創建內容,即使您的需求也不會改變。 It's also easier to write your posts to that person.將帖子寫給該人也更容易。


Once you've taken some time to understand your ideal reader, the next step is to research her needs.一旦您花了一些時間了解理想的讀者,下一步就是研究她的需求。 Your blog should provide valuable information for the avatar you created that can lead to monetization opportunities for you.您的博客應為您創建的頭像提供有價值的信息,從而為您帶來獲利的機會。 You discover this by researching her pain and pleasure points.您可以通過研究她的痛苦和愉悅點來發現這一點。

You can use Google but a much more effective way to research is by interviewing your target audience.您可以使用Google,但更有效的研究方法是採訪目標受眾。 This has really helped focus my blog.這確實幫助我關注了博客。

Simply write 5 open-ended questions about your avatar's needs.只需寫下有關您的頭像需求的XNUMX個開放式問題。 One of my questions was, “When it comes to helping your autistic child, what solutions helped?”我的問題之一是,“在幫助自閉症孩子方面,有什麼解決方案有所幫助?”

您的面試僅需15-20分鐘。 您可以通過電子郵件,電話,Skype進行操作,無論您的朋友喜歡什麼地方。 最好問問認識並信任您的人。 如果您想採訪您所在的任何Facebook團體的人,我都會很謹慎-您首先需要獲得許可。

This research helps you get to the heart of what problems your audience is facing so you can brainstorm content that solves them.這項研究可幫助您深入了解受眾群體所面臨的問題,以便您可以集思廣益地解決這些問題。 For example, my interviews revealed that autistic kids thrive with weighted solutions.例如,我的訪談顯示,自閉症兒童通過加權解決方案而壯成長。 Here is an example of a title I wrote based on research: “這是我根據研究撰寫的標題的示例:自閉症的加權毯子:我們在Sonna Zona的經歷。” As you can see, this article is not just dry research but a personal way to share information and recommend a tool I used to solve a common problem.如您所見,本文不僅是枯燥的研究,而且是分享信息和推薦我用來解決常見問題的工具的個人方式。


Think “big picture” too.也要考慮“大局”。 For example, if I write 10 posts dedicated to this topic, I can create an ebook from those posts that I can sell to readers and prospects.例如,如果我寫了5個專門針對該主題的帖子,則可以從這些帖子中創建一個電子書,然後賣給讀者和潛在客戶。 You don't need a long list of topics.您不需要一長串主題。 Just 10-2 ideas to start, with 3-XNUMX article topics filled with personal, unique and/or expert advice.僅需XNUMX-XNUMX個想法就可以開始,其中XNUMX-XNUMX個主題的主題充滿個人,獨特和/或專家的建議。


擁有一個並不重要 商標 或在此階段進行定制設計。 使用 WordPress的有吸引力的模板 符合您博客主題的主題,例如針對媽媽的作家設計的網站。


要為帖子和分享創建圖像, canva 是一種易於使用的工具,可幫助您為博客和其他形式的社交媒體製作適當大小的圖像。

Get comfortable using your smartphone camera to create interesting images to share.使用智能手機相機來創建有趣的圖像以進行共享,讓您感到舒適。 You can also use professional images.您也可以使用專業圖像。 Royalty-free images are available for low- to no-cost at reputable stock photo resources like可使用信譽良好的正版照片資源,從低到免費提供免版稅的圖像 存款照片.com or Pexels.com.

查看此列表 30個免費圖像資源 –切勿使用您在Google上找到的圖片作為博客; 這些受版權保護。


You should decide now what kind of boundaries to set when writing or sharing about your kids, your husband and other loved ones – including images.您現在應該決定在撰寫或分享有關您的孩子,丈夫和其他親人(包括圖像)的信息時要設置什麼樣的界限。 For example, I never blog about my family in anything other than a helpful, positive manner and I make sure all photos of my kids are very much above board (no “swimsuit” shots).例如,除了幫助人,積極的態度之外,我從來沒有以其他方式寫過關於家庭的博客,並且我確保我孩子的所有照片都非常清晰(沒有“泳衣”照片)。

What sensitive subjects will you avoid or need to clear with family members?您會避免或需要與家人一起清除哪些敏感主題? Illness, finances, job loss, and romance can be touchy subjects so be careful what you reveal to readers.疾病,財務,失業和浪漫可能是敏感的話題,因此請當心向讀者透露的內容。 Even if your business takes off, it's also wise to keep your phone, address, and possibly even neighborhood secret.即使您的業務起飛,也應明智地保留您的電話,地址,甚至可能對鄰居保密。




首先考慮您博客的 域名。 When I revamped my mom blog, it took a few months of brainstorming to come up with the brand, “Embracing Imperfect.”當我修改我的媽媽博客時,花了幾個月的時間進行頭腦風暴,提出了“擁抱不完美”品牌。 Think of a name that encapsulates your niche, your personality, and your audience's needs.想一個包含您的利基,個性和聽眾需求的名稱。


There are some big downsides if you want to have a “free” blog.如果您想擁有一個“免費”博客,則有一些不利之處。 Using a “done-for-you” service like使用“為您完成”服務,例如 Wix or Weebly 實際上可能比您想像的更昂貴。 您在博客上可以做的事情將非常有限。 在 Wix,例如,您的受眾將受到廣告的影響,而您的 域名 將包括他們的名字。

最好的網絡託管 對於作者、教練、未來的企業主和任何其他想要媽媽博客的人來說,這是一個自託管選項,使用 WordPress.

您可以使用負擔得起的高質量託管服務,例如 A2 Hosting, InMotion Hosting or SiteGround。 These reliable providers cost as low as $4-$7/month and offer some of the best website hosting for writers and bloggers.這些可靠的提供商的費用低至每月$ 15- $ 20,並為作家和博客作者提供了一些最佳的網站託管服務。 They can help you set up your domain name as well for about $XNUMX-XNUMX per year.他們可以幫助您以每年XNUMX-XNUMX美元的價格來設置域名。

選擇一個包含“SSL證書”。 This is a security certificate necessary for security and SEO.這是安全和SEO所必需的安全證書。 Your domain looks like this: “https://www.yourdomain.com” instead of “http://”.您的域如下所示:“ https://www.yourdomain.com”,而不是“ http://”。 Ask your web host for this option.向您的虛擬主機詢問此選項。


Once your host has set up your WordPress database and blog, go to the “sample” post that's provided and start writing.主持人設置好WordPress數據庫和博客後,轉到提供的“示例”帖子並開始撰寫。 Check out these sites for good tutorials:查看這些站點以獲得良好的教程:

WordPress的一大優點是 數以千計的插件 可以幫助您運行博客。

These are tools that you install through the Plugin menu that help you maintain and run different functions.這些是通過“插件”菜單安裝的工具,可幫助您維護和運行不同的功能。 As you grow, you'll want to add more but take care.隨著您的成長,您將需要添加更多但要小心。 Too many plugins can slow your blog.太多的插件會減慢您的博客速度。 These tools also need to be updated from time to time.這些工具也需要不時更新。


When you write your first post, under the “New” menu, you have two primary options: “Post” or “Page.”撰寫第一篇文章時,在“新建”菜單下,您有兩個主要選項:“文章”或“頁面”。 They are similar but function differently.它們相似但功能不同。 Posts are for regular blog posts that can be updated, changed, and refreshed as need.帖子是針對常規博客帖子的,可以根據需要進行更新,更改和刷新。 Your readers can subscribe to them.您的讀者可以訂閱它們。




Now it's time to start your first post.現在該開始您的第一篇文章了。 Make sure that the “voice” of your post is approachable, authentic, and knowledgeable while being appropriate for your target audience and niche.確保帖子的“聲音”是平易近人的,真實的和知識淵博的,同時又適合您的目標受眾和利基市場。 Choose quality over quantity.選擇質量勝於數量。 One authoritative 2000-word post is better than four 500-word posts.一個權威的XNUMX詞帖子比四個XNUMX詞更好。

In addition, make sure your topics have a common thread.另外,請確保您的主題具有共同的主題。 If your blog is tightly niched, all your posts will relate, but if not, try to find a theme to relate everything back to so you can link related posts in your blog.如果您的博客緊密相關,那麼您的所有帖子都將相關,但如果不相關,請嘗試找到一個主題以將所有內容都關聯到您,以便您可以在博客中鏈接相關的帖子。 This will also help your SEO efforts.這也將有助於您的SEO工作。


分類 are short, go-to topics that you regularly cover.是您經常涵蓋的簡短主題。 You should limit them to no more than 6, but 3 or 4 is even better.您應該將它們限制為不超過XNUMX,但是XNUMX或XNUMX甚至更好。 Mine are parenting, autism, and nontoxic living.我的生活是養育子女,自閉症和無毒生活。 Everything else will be a subcategory or addressed in that topic.其他所有內容都將屬於該主題的子類別。

For example, I normally discuss my faith in my parenting posts.例如,我通常在育兒崗位上討論自己的信念。 Categories will also default to be menu headings in WordPress.類別也默認為WordPress中的菜單標題。


標籤 are topics that you cover less frequently.是您不太常涉及的主題。 These can be longer and more keyword-focused.這些可以更長,也可以更關注關鍵字。 On my blog, “autism” is a category, while “autism solutions” is a tag.在我的博客上,“自閉症”是一個類別,而“自閉症解決方案”是一個標籤。 You don't want a unique tag for every post but regular topics that you work on.您不想為每個帖子都擁有唯一的標籤,而是想要處理的常規主題。

Finally, when you write, keep your paragraphs short (3-4 sentences) and weave in relevant images throughout.最後,在撰寫時,請使段落簡短(XNUMX-XNUMX句話),並始終將相關圖像編織在一起。 This way of “chunking” your data makes it easier for readers to scan.這種“分塊”數據的方式使讀者可以更輕鬆地進行掃描。 Also, use bullet points when it makes sense.另外,請在適當時使用要點。


There are a few legal issues you want to consider when writing your blog.在撰寫博客時,您需要考慮一些法律問題。 These will keep you safe as you move forward:這些將使您在前進時保持安全:

  • 給圖像加水印 –無論是您創建的個人照片還是圖形,簡單的水印都是一種保護圖像的快速簡便的方法。 學習 如何在Canva中做到這一點。
  • 符合GDPR –這是一部法律,適用於從歐盟訂閱您的博客的任何人。 了解如何在10分鐘內進行設置 博客激情.
  • 確保您的博客安全 –您將需要垃圾郵件過濾器,安全性以及備份博客的方法。 這些在上面的“ 18件事”鏈接中有介紹。
  • 絕不竊內容  –如果您想引用某人的博客,則最好先問一問,並始終將其歸功於他們!


By now, you've already done much of the legwork required to give your blog the best chance at becoming a profitable business.到現在為止,您已經完成了許多必要的工作,使您的博客擁有成為獲利業務的最佳機會。 Next, we'll fit all the pieces together to help you earn a steady income.接下來,我們將把所有部分組合在一起,以幫助您獲得穩定的收入。


How do you attract your target audience?您如何吸引目標受眾? There are several tools at your disposal that every blogger should employ to grow their audience:每個博客作者都可以使用幾種工具來增加他們的受眾群體:


在列表的頂部是 搜索引擎優化。 Each and every post you write should have a unique keyword, that is, a phrase that people are searching for.您撰寫的每個帖子都應該有一個唯一的關鍵字,即人們正在搜索的短語。 You may have a phrase in mind but you must find out if people are searching for it.您可能會想到一個短語,但是您必須找出是否有人在搜索它。

可以幫助您發現此問題的免費工具包括 Google關鍵字規劃師 (您需要設置一個Google帳戶), Ubersuggest, 或者 KW查找器 (每天限制為幾個)。

Once you find a phrase, search Google for related questions that people have on the topic and add these to your post as well.找到短語後,請在Google上搜索人們對該主題的相關問題,並將其添加到您的帖子中。 Make sure that you are using heading tags (H1, H2) to add titles that include your keyword and place it in the post title.確保您使用標題標籤(HXNUMX,HXNUMX)添加包含您的關鍵字的標題並將其放在帖子標題中。 Repeat your keyword and variations of it in your post but make sure the writing is still sound.在您的帖子中重複您的關鍵字及其變體,但請確保寫作仍然合理。 Use the使用 Yoast插件 為獲得最佳SEO結果提供建議。


  1.  權威來源,例如世界衛生組織的統計數據。
  2. 您在第一段中就該主題撰寫的其他文章。

What makes for good keyword rankings in Google changes from time to time.在Google中獲得良好關鍵字排名的原因有時會發生變化。 For an up-to-date review of how to rank well in Google, read this有關如何在Google中排名良好的最新評論,請閱讀此內容 report from Backlinko every year.每年從Backlinko獲得。 It's important to also use your keywords in social media, especially when sharing posts!在社交媒體中使用關鍵字也很重要,尤其是在分享帖子時!


I recommend you pick only 1 or 2 social media outlets to focus on.我建議您只選擇XNUMX或XNUMX個社交媒體渠道來關注。 For me, those are Facebook and Instagram.對我來說,這些是Facebook和Instagram。

Once on social media, take every opportunity to learn, experiment, and try new things.進入社交媒體後,抓住一切機會學​​習,嘗試和嘗試新事物。 Be your natural self and align with your brand as authentically as possible.成為您自然的自我,並儘可能地與您的品牌保持一致。


Install a plugin on WordPress that allows your readers to share posts with most of the popular social platforms, even if you are not on them.在WordPress上安裝插件,使您的讀者可以與大多數流行的社交平台共享帖子,即使您不在其中也是如此。 You can use a plugin such as您可以使用諸如 輕鬆的社交分享 or 社交快照 有助於連接不同的網絡。

Finally, be cautious with what you share and how you phrase things.最後,請謹慎對待您分享的內容和短語的表達方式。 It's easy to be misinterpreted and blacklisted in today's climate.在當今的氣候下,很容易被誤解和列入黑名單。 Be honest and authentic, but respectful above all.誠實和真實,但首先要尊重。


定期的電子郵件通訊將幫助您與受眾保持聯繫、發佈公告、提供更多提示等。 你可以使用一個 電子郵件營銷服務MailChimp or 麥勒萊特 開始。

示例:擁抱不完美 MailChimp 帳戶。

Your newsletter doesn't have to be fancy, just useful information that you send your audience regularly (ie, every 2 weeks).您的新聞通訊不必花哨,只需定期(即每10週一次)向受眾發送有用的信息即可。 To get people on your email list, create a valuable free item, such a tip sheet with (“Top XNUMX Tips For New Parents”) and promote it on social media.為了使人們進入您的電子郵件列表,請創建一個有價值的免費項目,例如帶有(“新父母十大提示”)的提示表,並在社交媒體上進行宣傳。


Sooner or later, almost every blogger needs to get on video.幾乎每個博客作者遲早都需要觀看視頻。 Your options here are limitless, from a brief Instagram story to 60-minute events on Facebook Live to any length on your own YouTube channel.從Instagram的簡短故事到Facebook Live上的XNUMX分鐘活動,到您自己的YouTube頻道上的任何長度,您在這裡的選擇都是無限的。 It's good practice to get comfortable before the camera and it will help establish your authority.這是一個很好的習慣,讓您在攝影機前保持舒適,這將有助於您建立權威。


您可以簽出我的其中一個  Facebook的生活 如何實現目標。


You need to become an authority in your niche to drive traffic.您需要成為利基市場中的權威來吸引流量。 How can you do that besides social media?除了社交媒體,您該怎麼辦? One key way is to build real relationships with people in related niches.一種關鍵方法是與相關領域的人們建立真正的關係。 You can do this in several ways:您可以通過幾種方式執行此操作:

  •  來賓帖子博客 –在您的利基市場中推介與您的博客語氣匹配的高流量博客。 查看他們的提交準則,並仔細查看他們的來賓帖子。 吸引訪問量的關鍵是確保您在來賓帖子中具有指向該帖子相關帖子的鏈接(如果允許)。
  • Blogger會議 –參加博客會議可以幫助您與博客作者和品牌建立聯繫,此外,您還將學習最新的博客技巧和實踐。
  • 本地思考 –查看與您的專業知識相匹配的本地場所,例如公共電視網絡,廣播電台,播客以及您可以在參與時推銷的活動。
  • 加入專門針對您的利基的Facebook組 –集體推廣您的博客是不禮貌的,但是您可以分享自己的知識並將自己建立為權威。 關注或與您想要建立真正友誼的人成為朋友。


Successful bloggers say that you should have 7 revenue streams.成功的博客作者說,您應該有XNUMX個收入來源。 With a blog, it can be as easy as these common income routes for bloggers:有了博客,就可以像博客的以下常見收入途徑一樣容易:

1。 贊助

Brands pay bloggers to promote and publish posts, social shares, and more.品牌向博客作者付費,以促進和發布帖子,社交分享等。 Some even purchase recipes or photos from skilled bloggers.有些人甚至從熟練的博主那裡購買食譜或照片。 Most bloggers start by reviewing products for free as they build their portfolio and many work with an influencer network, such as大多數博客作者在建立產品組合時會先免費評估產品,而許多博客作者則與影響者網絡合作,例如 集體偏見,一旦它們足夠大。


Amazon.com是最知名,最簡單的網站之一。 For bigger bloggers, networks like對於大型博客,網絡之類的 Shareasale媒體藤 為博客創建可觀的被動收入。


注重設計或機智的博客作者通過諸如以下的公司創作T卹或杯子 Teespring。 Others create calendars, journals, and ebooks that address their audiences' needs, or invent something totally new!其他人創建日曆,日記和電子書來滿足聽眾的需求,或者發明全新的東西!


Use your blog, photos, and guest posts to build your portfolio.使用您的博客,照片和來賓帖子來構建您的投資組合。 Once you have experience under your belt, you can start writing for others for pay, marketing on social media, or selling photos to stock houses.一旦有了自己的經驗,就可以開始為他人寫報酬,在社交媒體上進行營銷或將照片賣給股票交易所。 Many bloggers also become virtual assistants or web designers.許多博客作者還成為虛擬助手或網站設計師。


如果您有特定技能,可以與視頻,電子書和/或支持小組一起教,或者使用類似的平台 受教 創建課程。


Many influencers take advantage of these ready-made-business opportunities if the product directly serves their target audience.如果產品直接為目標受眾服務,那麼許多有影響力的人就會利用這些現成的商機。 For example, a protein powder brand could work well on a fitness blog.例如,蛋白粉品牌可以在健身博客上很好地運作。

7。 教練

如您所見,您的媽媽博客不僅僅是一個分享您對養育子女的想法的地方。 它可以是事業蓬勃發展的基礎-不僅是作家! 如果您花時間和精力像企業一樣計劃博客,則Blogging提供了各種創業,自由職業者和其他機會。




Brandi Jeter of Mama Knows It All writes about transitioning from a single mom parent to a married mother of a newborn and growing daughter.媽媽的布蘭迪·傑特(Brandi Jeter)都知道,這本書講述瞭如何從單親父母轉變為已成年女兒的母親。 She is also a blogging coach, runs a blogging community, and has written several e-books and books.她還是博客教練,經營博客社區,並撰寫了幾本電子書和書籍。

2.薇拉·斯威尼(Vera Sweeney)和奧黛麗·麥克萊蘭(Audrey McClelland)


3.艾米拉·馬丁(Amiyrah Martin)

4 Hats&Frugal的Amiyrah Martin撰寫了有關以預算享受家庭生活的文章,但這僅僅是冰山一角。 She shares how to escape debt and thrive on a tight budget.她分享瞭如何擺脫債務並在預算緊張的情況下蓬勃發展。 She's such a big Star Wars fan that she's covered numerous red carpet events and even starred in a Star Wars ad for Target.她是《星球大戰》的忠實粉絲,她報導了無數紅毯活動,甚至出演了《目標》的《星球大戰》廣告。


Mamavation.com的莉亞·塞格迪(Leah Segedie)是一位激進主義者博客作者,她從分享自己的秘密開始逐漸失去了100磅的重量,並幫助媽媽們變得健康。



There's been a lot of talk about whether or not blogs are still relevant.關於博客是否仍然有用的討論很多。 They are but the nature of blogging has changed.它們只是事實,但博客的性質已經改變。

People aren't running to mom blogs to hear the latest about how someone is raising their child.人們不會跑到媽媽博客上來聽聽有關某人如何撫養孩子的最新消息。 Instead, they are seeking valuable content and fresh outlooks that help them improve their own situation.相反,他們正在尋找有價值的內容和嶄新的前景,以幫助他們改善自身狀況。

這意味著您的博客需要充滿有益的,唯一為您而優化的一種內容 目標受眾.






  • 您可能希望將自己的真實姓名從博客中刪除並使用暱稱。
  • 您不想分享任何令人尷尬的內容,否則可能會與您的重要他人展開戰鬥。
  • 如果您要解決敏感問題,例如撫養要弄濕床的孩子,請考慮一般解決讀者可能遇到的問題,而不要在線發布孩子的問題。

現在,您知道該怎麼做才能找到目標受眾,使用WordPress建立博客,進行推廣並從中賺錢,成為媽媽博客。 希望我的指南給您一些閱讀樂趣和動力,以創建您自己的博客。 祝好運!