Weebly Review

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Weebly Review
评论者:Timothy Shim
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Weebly使用户可以轻松快捷地构建网站即服务,并将网络托管纳入交易。 If you just want a simple site it's even available for free.如果您只想要一个简单的网站,它甚至可以免费使用。


该公司的年流量超过325百万独立访客,现在得到了主要参与者的资助 红杉资本和腾讯控股 (四月2014)。



Weebly为超过40万个网站提供支持。 It is equivalent to 2% of all websites that are currently live.它相当于当前使用中的所有网站的XNUMX%。 It looks great when you compare it with the vast availability of website builders.当您将其与大量的网站构建器进行比较时,它看起来很棒。 It was founded on the belief that “anyone should have the tools to take their business from idea to launch to growth”.它基于以下信念:“任何人都应该拥有将业务从构想转变为增长的工具”。

Weebly通过为用户提供非常直观的界面来工作,他们可以使用它们来构建自己的网站,而根本不需要任何编码知识。 All you need is to drag and drop stuff, resize things with a mouse and add or edit text and images.您所需要做的就是拖放内容,使用鼠标调整大小以及添加或编辑文本和图像。



例#1: 里奥·爱德华兹摄影 利用Weebly来显示令人惊叹的图像丰富的布局
例#2: 盒子兄弟 是一家提供定制手工工艺品的在线商店。
例#3: 坦帕湾厨房 有点老套,但是是完成工作的基本站点的一个很好的例子
例#4: 拉奎尔·奥罗斯科(Raquel Orozco) 是网上时尚精品店的另一个很好的例子

要查看更多,请查看此 美丽的Weebly网站综述.


马上,Weebly开始营业,你要问的第一件事就是你是否会在线销售东西(稍后会详细介绍)。 接下来,填写您的网站信息,如名称,产品和其他说明,您将看到模板选择器。

Weebly具有许多漂亮的模板,一旦被选中,您将被问到是否更喜欢Weebly域名,购买自己的域名,或使用您已拥有的域名。 看了模板后,我想知道是否需要Weebly的拖放功能。



尽管您可以拖放到现有模板上的大量选项,但它们已经非常全面和可编辑,以至于大多数寻求简单静态网站的人都不需要进一步修改。 值得注意的一点是,Weebly会自动帮助您创建网站的移动版本。

当你想在网上卖东西时,就会出现问题。 虽然设置相当简单,但Weebly会收取按月费销售产品的网站。 除非您是每月支付25美元的顶级美元的商业用户,否则Weebly将向您收取每笔交易的3%费用。

在上下文中研究这个问题, 阅读我们的研究,了解网站应该花多少钱.





在线商店模板“ Edison”是一个极简主义主题,将您的内容放在首位。
个人网站模板“ Venue”带有独特的调色板和全屏标题图像。

投资组合模板“ Birdseye”为您的网站提供社论式的照片优先风格。
业务模板“ Paper”非常适合想要现代网站的餐厅/酒吧。

查看所有Weebly主题: www.weebly.com/themes





Once upon a time, Weebly followed the road traveled by most website builders and that was to offer users a ton of templates to choose from.曾几何时,Weebly跟随大多数网站建设者走过的道路,这就是为用户提供大量可供选择的模板。 Today they have somehow managed to optimize this even though the number has been cut to a couple of dozen templates.如今,即使数量已减少到几十个模板,他们也已经设法优化了这一点。

I feel as if this is a two-edged sword because some people just might like to spend the time browsing through templates of various designs but also configurations.我觉得这好像是一把两刃剑,因为有些人可能只想花时间浏览各种设计和配置的模板。 However, on a more personal basis I feel as if it is in-line with Weebly's core mission – to help in easy, rapid site development.但是,从个人角度而言,我觉得这似乎与Weebly的核心使命相符-帮助轻松,快速地进行网站开发。

当我浏览他们的模板数据库时(Weebly称他们为 主题),我注意到他们提供的传播方式虽然是斯巴达式的,但涵盖了人们基本站点所需的大多数类别。 This means that, it's all there but has been streamlined to prevent users from wasting time and searching through hundreds of templates to find that 'perfect one'.这意味着,所有内容都已存在,但已进行了简化,以防止用户浪费时间并搜索数百个模板以找到“完美的模板”。


Many moons ago, Weebly has a ton of templates to choose from but for some reason they cut it down to a more manageable 50-odd.许多月前,Weebly有大量模板可供选择,但由于某种原因,他们将其缩减为更易于管理的XNUMX多个模板。 I'll be honest here and say that I'm a little on the fence about the whole 'number of templates' thing.我会在这里诚实地说,我对整个“模板数量”一事不了解。



The drag-and-drop builder is the core of the Weebly system and is what helps users build websites quickly.拖放生成器是Weebly系统的核心,可帮助用户快速构建网站。 Through the manipulation of some visual elements, users can piece together their website in a 'what you see is what you get' interface.通过操纵一些视觉元素,用户可以在“所见即所得”界面中拼凑其网站。

The core of this is twofold.其核心是双重的。 One – it requires zero coding knowledge.一-它需要零编码知识。 Yes, completely zero.是的,完全为零。 Even if you can't tell即使你不知道 HTML 通过PHP,您可以构建一个功能完整且功能强大的网站,其潜力可能与其他任何网站一样强大。

The second part is that the system allows for rapid site development.第二部分是系统允许快速站点开发。 Think of it as like modern construction where contractors use prefabricated parts instead of having to build everything in place.可以将其视为现代建筑,承包商使用预制零件,而不必将所有零件都放置在适当的位置。 It cuts down development speed by a ton!降低了开发速度一吨!

Using their builder and templates I have personally built a functional website with customizations in less than a couple of hours!使用他们的生成器和模板,我不到两个小时就亲自构建了具有自定义功能的网站! Of course, this only applies if you don't let yourself get distracted by everything that Weebly has.当然,这仅适用于您不让自己对Weebly拥有的一切分散注意力的情况。


3. Weebly应用中心

对于那些不了解基本网站建设经验的人来说,  Weebly应用中心 拖放界面允许使用基本的网站元素,但是在App Center可以找到更强大的工具。

Weebly在这里总共拥有270多个应用程序,这些应用程序是免费使用和付费的混合物。 Here you can easily add and enable things such as eCommerce, marketing, or social media features.在这里,您可以轻松添加和启用电子商务,市场营销或社交媒体功能。 Again, they require no coding knowledge, although some may require an understanding of basic concepts such as email marketing and the like.同样,它们不需要编码知识,尽管有些可能需要理解基本概念,例如电子邮件营销等。


4- Analytics(分析)可帮助您监控网站

网站启动并运行后,网站所有者即可 监控其网站的效果 to track and understand visitor behaviour.跟踪和了解访客行为。 Weebly lets you view some basic metrics like what pages your visitors are going to, how many hits you are getting, what people search for on your site or even what external sources are referring visitors to your site.通过Weebly,您可以查看一些基本指标,例如访问者要访问的页面,获得的点击数,人们在您的网站上搜索的内容,甚至是哪些外部来源将访问者引荐到您的网站。

Exactly what level of access to the analytics you get depends on your Weebly account.究竟获得什么级别的分析访问权限取决于您的Weebly帐户。 Free accounts only can view Page Views and the Unique Visitors so you might need to 'pay to play' as some might say.免费帐户只能查看“页面浏览量”和“唯一身份访问者”,因此您可能需要像某些人所说的那样“付费才能玩”。 Still, it is great to know the feature exists.不过,很高兴知道该功能的存在。

您可以使用Weebly Statistics跟踪访客并了解您的业务绩效。
您可以使用Weebly Statistics跟踪访客并了解您的业务绩效。


Search Engine Optimization is an extremely large chapter in the book of website development and management.搜索引擎优化是网站开发和管理书中一个非常大的章节。 While some might scoff at the very basic functionalities Weebly has where SEO is concerned, I again urge you to consider what Weebly is meant for – quick and easy site development.尽管有些人可能会嘲笑Weebly所关注的SEO的基本功能,但我再次敦促您考虑一下Weebly的目的-快速简便的网站开发。

As such, in this Weebly review, I find that more limited SEO options are better for basic sites and what Weebly has already covers that.因此,在Weebly的这篇评论中,我发现更多有限的SEO选项更适合基本站点,而Weebly已经对此进行了介绍。 They allow for the entry of page titles and descriptions, header and footer code, search engine indexing control and redirects.它们允许输入页面标题和描述,页眉和页脚代码,搜索引擎索引控制和重定向。


鉴于以下原因,一类受欢迎的网站 在线购物的普及 Weebly对此非常有用,它拥有您开始独自建立在线商店所需的一切。

There is even a system to add and maintain a product database, complete with images and categories.甚至还有一个添加和维护产品数据库的系统,其中包含图像和类别。 Their eCommerce segment comes in templated form as well, affecting how you display products.他们的电子商务细分市场也以模板形式出现,从而影响了您展示产品的方式。 There are even difference templates for different types of goods;对于不同类型的商品,甚至还有差异模板; for example, to manage the separation of digital versus physical goods and services.例如,管理数字商品与实物商品和服务的分离。


It even helps users manage payments and will allow you to let your customers pay by various means like Credit Cards and PayPal.它甚至可以帮助用户管理付款,并允许您通过各种方式(例如信用卡和PayPal)让客户付款。 In this area there are many options and anything you can't find in Weebly's main payments area can be found in the app center.在该区域中,有很多选项,您可以在应用程序中心找到Weebly主要付款区域中找不到的任何内容。


  • 优惠券:提供优惠券代码以吸引季节性更多的销售。
  • 礼品卡:通过电子邮件向您的客户发送惊喜礼品卡。
  • 运输:为不同类型的订单设置运输规则和费率。
  • 税:为您要向其运送产品的每个国家/地区设置税。



Don't get me wrong, it isn't as if you can't blog with a Weebly site.不要误会我的意思,这并不是说您无法使用Weebly网站撰写博客。 However, for someone like me who is very familiar with the WordPress content management system, Weebly seriously lacks in this area.但是,对于像我这样非常熟悉WordPress内容管理系统的人,Weebly严重缺乏这一领域。

Yet using the Weebly blog tool feels so much like I am using a very primitive version of a word processor that it feels so… dull.然而,使用Weebly博客工具的感觉就像我正在使用文字处理程序的非常原始的版本一样,感觉……沉闷。 There is very little that is dedicated to content and allows extended functionality there.专门用于内容并允许在那里扩展功能的内容很少。

The entire blogging experience on this platform felt strange and it seemed like a cumbersome attempt at offering something they really didn't want to do.在这个平台上的整个博客体验让人感到奇怪,这似乎是在提供他们真正不想做的事情的繁琐尝试。 Your formats are mainly fixed, and you are allowed to craft a title and dump in contents, that's about it.您的格式主要是固定的,仅此而已,您就可以制作标题和内容转储。

Given the massive number of blogs exiting today, I was a little surprised that Weebly didn't seem more keen on tapping that market as well.鉴于今天有大量博客退出,Weebly似乎也不太热衷于开拓该市场,这让我有些惊讶。 Perhaps it didn't want to get in也许它不想进入 与WordPress.com直接竞争.


客户支持可能会很昂贵 for companies – I understand this.对于公司-我理解这一点。 Yet at the same time, bad customer support can make or break a company.然而,与此同时,不良的客户支持可能会使公司成败。 Therefore I am a little curious as to how Weebly decided on a very clear-cut tiered customer support plan.因此,我对Weebly如何决定非常明确的分层客户支持计划感到有些好奇。

How much assistance you get from Weebly depends on what plan you are on with them.您从Weebly获得多少帮助取决于您对他们的计划。 Of course, the basics are all there for everyone (eg knowledge-base, FAX and even some video tutorials) but unless you are on anything other than a free or starter plan, you won't have access to their phone support or priority support.当然,每个人都有所有的基础知识(例如,知识库,FAX甚至是一些视频教程),但是除非您使用的是免费计划或入门计划,否则您将无法获得他们的电话支持或优先支持。

他们有一个 社区论坛 但是当我窥视那里时,它看起来有点……光秃秃的。


This is something that had me hopping mad – the poor backup system offered by Weebly.这让我非常恼火-Weebly提供的糟糕的备份系统。 Backups are something that is critical to almost anything that is tech-related.备份对于几乎所有与技术相关的事情都至关重要。 On a local computer, website or anything, you always need backups.在本地计算机,网站或任何其他设备上,您始终需要备份。 Unless you don't mind losing countless hours of your work if something goes wrong.除非出现问题,否则您不介意浪费无数的工作时间。




For an all-in-one site builder, the image editing capabilities offered by Weebly are simplistic at best.对于一个多站点的站点构建器,Weebly提供的图像编辑功能充其量只是简单化了。 In fact, you could do better by using Microsoft Paint (if you're on a Windows system).实际上,通过使用Microsoft Paint(如果您使用的是Windows系统)可以做得更好。 In Weebly itself all you can do is Zoom, Blur, Darken or apply a color filter.在Weebly本身,您所能做的就是缩放,模糊,加深或应用彩色滤镜。




出色的结果。 Weebly的测试站点在 网页测试。 Weebly网站的速度可与之相媲美 一些顶级托管服务 我们过去检查过。


Weebly提供能够轻松处理基本站点的免费帐户。 它在不同程度上扩展,提供视频背景和用户注册等额外功能。 在具有完整铃声和口哨声的音阶的最高端,Weebly每月的成本可高达$ 25。


磁盘存储500 MBUnlimited Unlimited


比较Weebly计划: www.weebly.com/pricing


Weebly的大多数用户似乎是各种各样的个人或小企业。 有些人通过Weebly的网站建设者的帮助建立了成功的企业,并扩大了他们在全球的业务范围。 例如,Dharma Yogi Wheel在2014成立,在过去的3年代,他们通过Weebly建造的网站销售了超过15,000产品。

在线访问: www.dharmayogawheel.com




Though it does have its advantage and disadvantages, I feel that Weebly is a success and will work well for almost anyone.尽管它确实有其优点和缺点,但我认为Weebly是成功的,并且几乎对任何人都适用。 The basics are all there and it certainly is a powerful tool for budding eCommerce site builders.基本知识就在那里,它无疑是使电子商务网站建设者崭露头角的强大工具。

The primary features are easy enough to use for almost anyone, even considering a little time needed for familiarisation.主要功能易于使用,几乎每个人都可以使用,即使考虑了一些熟悉的时间也是如此。 At the same time, the app center gives more advanced used the tools they need to make their sites more powerful.同时,应用程序中心为他们提供了更先进的工具,以使他们的网站更强大。



  • 好的模板组合
  • 易于使用的网站编辑器
  • Weebly应用中心
  • Google Analytics(分析)可帮助您监控网站
  • 内置SEO工具
  • 非常适合电子商务


  • 博客可能会回避
  • 帮助可能很昂贵
  • 不是最好的备份系统
  • 图像和照片编辑问题

Weebly Alternatives


步骤1 –使用Facebook,Google或电子邮件帐户注册。

参阅 - 其他创建网站的方法.

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