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背景: Grammarly 提供灵活的解决方案来快速查找和修复写作中的错误。 Grammarly Free 以 0 美元的价格提供基本的写作更正; Grammarly Premium 具有更多功能,相对实惠,每月 12 美元。

起始价: 免费-$ 12

货币: USD

在线访问: www.grammarly.com



简而言之,Grammarly 用途广泛,可以适应广泛的受众。 一些关键人物包括企业高管、博主、学生(甚至研究生)、年轻人 作家、销售人员等。

When Grammarly first came across my radar, it was with little else in the way of accompanying information.当语法第一次出现在我的视野中时,伴随信息的传递就很少了。 When I learned what it was meant for, dread crossed my mind as I imagined a draconian schoolmarm-like figure policing my every word.当我明白了这是什么意思时,我想到了一个像严酷的学校主义人物那样管理着我每个字的恐惧。 

However, being both a writer and editor I can certainly see the advantage it brings to the table in many cases.但是,作为作家和编辑者,我当然可以看到它在很多情况下为桌面带来的好处。 While I am not entirely certain that this would fit all my needs, I feel that there is definitely a market for something like this.尽管我不能完全确定这是否可以满足我的所有需求,但我认为肯定有这样的市场。

有关更多详细信息,请在下面查看我的深入评论,或者 访问语法网站



语法与我通过Chrome访问的许多第三方工具一起使用,例如 信箱

Grammarly isn't just an online tool that allows you to upload a document to be checked.语法不仅是允许您上载要检查的文档的在线工具。 It offers a great deal of flexibility thanks to its ability to integrate with other applications.它具有与其他应用程序集成的能力,因此具有很大的灵活性。 At the core of Grammarly is the original online version.语法的核心是原始的在线版本。 Here you can upload a document to be checked or simply create one online and have it checked on the fly while you type.您可以在此处上传要检查的文档,也可以在线创建一个文档并在输入时即时对其进行检查。 In addition to that, there is also Grammarly for Windows, Microsoft Office, and Chrome.除此之外,Windows,Microsoft Office和Chrome都具有语法。 

Windows(或Mac)版本是在线语法的本地化格式。 This means that it is essentially the same thing, but这意味着它本质上是同一件事,但是 可下载到您的桌面。 You then run it like any other program on your computer.然后,您可以像在计算机上的任何其他程序一样运行它。 Essentially, it is like an alternative to MS Word.从本质上讲,它就像是MS Word的替代品。

语法办公室插件 lets it work within Microsoft Word and Outlook.使它可以在Microsoft Word和Outlook中运行。 I think this is a great move since there are many of us who can't part with these applications either on a personal basis or for reasons of work.我认为这是一个重大举措,因为我们当中许多人出于个人原因或工作原因都无法退出这些应用程序。

最后,您有了 语法Chrome扩展程序 which lets it work on various sites online.使其可以在各种在线网站上运行。 Although such as with Google Docs and other third-party apps.虽然例如与Google Docs和其他第三方应用程序一起使用。

This is by far one of the widest scopes that a text correction tool has looked towards so far that I have come across.到目前为止,这是我所遇到的文本更正工具所面向的最大范围之一。 Most will have an app you're forced to use and will work only in that little restricted space.大多数将有一个您必须使用的应用程序,并且只能在很小的受限空间内工作。


With most text correction software requiring you to check what they have marked as incorrect, the autocorrect feature on Grammarly is refreshing.随着大多数文本更正软件要求您检查它们标记为不正确的内容,语法上的自动更正功能正在刷新。 It's like a massively scaled-up version of the mobile text autocorrect.就像大规模放大版本的移动文本自动更正一样。




我在语法中看到的核心好处之一是,它不仅适用于拼写,而且还适用于许多其他领域。 语法会根据以下几个方面来评估您的书面文字:正确性,清晰度,参与度和交付性。


Correctness is more on the technical side, meaning that's Grammarly's catchall for things like spelling, grammar, and the like.正确性更多地是在技术方面,这意味着语法是诸如拼写,语法等之类的东西。 Clarity has more to do with helping you ensure that you don't fall prey to habits such as assuming your audience knows what you are referring to.清晰度与帮助您确保自己不习惯某些习惯有关,例如假设听众知道您的意思。


Engagement deals more with user experience.参与可以带来更多的用户体验。 For example, if you were to repeat the use of a word frequently, Grammarly will likely flag that for attention under its Engagement clause.例如,如果您要经常重复使用该词,则语法可能会在其“参与”子句中标记该词以引起注意。 The reason being that to keep your audience engaged, you need to use a variety of words, even if they have similar meanings.原因是为了保持听众的参与,即使含义相似,也需要使用各种单词。


Delivery helps you with polish.交货可以帮助您抛光。 This is the differentiating factor between writers and good writers.这是作家与优秀作家之间的差异化因素。 A good writer knows how to set the right tone in articles by instinct, and Grammarly mimics that in Delivery.一个好的作家知道如何通过本能为文章定下正确的语调,而文法则模仿《交付》中的文章。

Pla窃语法 单向阀

Many of us have been guilty of this before – we copy down chunks of text and then edit it into our own words.以前,我们许多人都对此感到内– –我们抄下大块文字,然后将其编辑成我们自己的文字。 However, mistakes have been made in the past and sometimes, we even have no idea how to change the text and end up leaving too much of the original in.但是,过去曾经犯过错误,有时,我们甚至不知道如何更改文本并最终留下太多原始内容。

Guarding against plagiarism is one the most important things any writer needs to do – no matter your actual job.防止窃是任何作家都需要做的最重要的事情之一–无论您的实际工作是什么。 What Grammarly does is scan your text against tons of web-based content and lets you know if you've been copying too much.语法所做的就是对照大量基于Web的内容扫描文本,并告知您是否复印过多。



For those who might need to frequently use non-standard words in their text, Grammarly also gives the option of creating an additional dictionary.对于那些可能需要在文本中经常使用非标准单词的人,Grammarly还提供了创建其他词典的选项。 Truth be told, this feature is available in many capable word processors like说实话,此功能可在许多功能强大的文字处理器中使用,例如 微软Word,所以这并不是真正值得大呼的事情。



If you might recall, at the beginning of this article I envisioned a language correction service like a stern schoolmarm.如果您可能还记得的话,在本文开始时,我就设想了一种语言纠正服务,例如严厉的作风。 Thankfully, Grammarly isn't like that at all.值得庆幸的是,语法完全不是这样。 In fact, I was pretty amazed by the highly simplified suggestions that it made.实际上,我对它提出的高度简化的建议感到惊讶。

For the average user, this would be very easy to follow along with and even understand.对于普通用户而言,这是非常容易理解甚至理解的。 This is one of the core reasons why I feel that Grammarly can be good for various applications.这就是为什么我认为语法可以适合各种应用程序的核心原因之一。 If you were a working professional, let's say, you could use it to improve your writing on the fly by making use of those quickly correctable adjustments.假设您是一个工作专业人士,则可以利用这些可快速纠正的调整来快速改善您的写作。

Personally, I think that the degree of correctness and the simplicity of its explanations makes Grammarly also suitable as a language training tool.就我个人而言,我认为语法的正确程度及其解释的简单性也使其适合作为语言培训工具。 Consider this for a student who might perhaps face difficulties in language;对于可能可能会遇到语言障碍的学生考虑一下;

By using Grammarly to type out other assignments (history, literature,etc.), you could at the same time improve your English skills.通过使用语法来键入其他作业(历史,文学等),您可以同时提高英语水平。 Of course, it isn't a perfect solution, but it is an option if other methods have proved less successful.当然,这不是一个完美的解决方案,但是如果其他方法证明不太成功,则可以选择。


Chrome的语法在一定程度上是免费的。 This is great for those who are looking for a single extension that can handle basic corrections on a wide range of web-based text editing platforms.这对于那些正在寻找一个可以在各种基于Web的文本编辑平台上进行基本更正的扩展程序的人来说非常有用。 Although the free version is very limited, the functionality is still there at zero cost.尽管免费版本非常有限,但该功能仍以零成本提供。

试用$ 0语法。


1. Chrome扩展程序


更新:语法在17年2021月XNUMX日发布了更新的Chrome版本– 在这里下载并试用.

Beta模式意味着Grammarly Chrome工具周围仍然存在错误。

Honestly, for a plugin like Grammarly to work in an environment as broad as Chrome (you're essentially looking at compatibility with the entire Internet) isn't easy.老实说,对于像Grammarly这样的插件来说,要在像Chrome这样广泛的环境中运行(实际上,您正在寻找与整个Internet的兼容性)并不容易。 Considering that challenge, Grammarly for Chrome already works pretty well.考虑到这一挑战,适用于Chrome的语法工具已经可以很好地运行了。

在评估 Chome 扩展时,我注意到三个我希望已经修复的主要问题。 第一个是它不是 WordPress 准备好了,这意味着对于博主来说,您必须使用本机应用程序。

GDOC拥有自己的拼写检查器,我发现在进行更正时它会与语法冲突。 This isn't anything serious, but it certainly proved annoying as heck.这并不严重,但确实令人讨厌。

Finally, most third-party-based corrections that Grammarly is active on has limited use.最后,语法激活的大多数基于第三方的更正方法的使用受到限制。 It functions in a very basic mode and if you want the full power of Grammarly suggestions, you'll still have to revert to it in a native setting, such as in the app.它以非常基本的模式运行,如果您想获得语法建议的全部功能,您仍然必须在本机设置(例如在应用程序中)下恢复到它。


When I say specialized work I'm not referring to niche roles such as Engineers or the like, but more in the context of a real editor.当我说专业工作时,我并不是指诸如工程师之类的利基角色,而是指真正的编辑者。 There is more to writing and editing that what Grammarly offers at this point in time.目前,语法和语法方面还提供了更多的编写和编辑功能。

Yes, it is true that on a technical basis, Grammarly can help, especially if a writer is new and inexperienced.是的,在技术上,语法确实可以提供帮助,尤其是当作家是新手并且没有经验的时候。 However, as you scale up, Grammarly loses out to experience and the ability to help its writers is more limited.但是,随着您的扩展,文法会失去经验,而帮助其编写者的能力也会受到限制。

Some ideas of what's lacking can be the ability to frame subject matters, tack an angle onto a story, and so on.缺少的一些想法可能是框定主题,确定故事的角度等等。 This is by no means a serious negative since it is likely such areas are out of the scope of Grammarly's developers, but merely an observation of the differences in the role.这绝不是一个严重的负面问题,因为这些领域可能不在语法开发人员的范围之内,而仅仅是观察角色的不同。



Perhaps my biggest issue with Grammarly is that it can be an inconsistent beat on occasion.也许我与语法语法有关的最大问题是,有时可能会出现不一致的情况。 Across my tests on the various platforms, I find that form time to time it simply doesn't work.在各种平台上进行的测试中,我发现有时无法使用它。 While these instances are rare from what I've seen, the ones it does miss can be whoppers.尽管从我所见的情况来看,这些实例很少见,但它确实遗漏的实例可能是小巫婆。

If you were to put your faith in a tool like Grammarly, there might be consequences of letting it do its thing without checking.如果您对诸如Grammarly这样的工具充满信心,那么可能会产生后果,那就是不做任何检查就去做。 Can you imaging an email sent to your boss on an important project getting filled with mistakes?您能想象发送给老板的电子邮件中有关一个充满错误的重要项目吗?


Grammarly Addon 主要工作 SaaS 平台、社交媒体网络和电子邮件服务。

Grammarly works in two main ways – as an add on or through its native online site.语法有两种主要工作方式–作为其本地在线网站的附加或附加功能。 All work in similar ways though:所有的工作方式都相似:

  1. 创建一个新文档并开始添加文本
  2. 在进行过程中,语法将在需要更正的单词或短语下划线
  3. 不同颜色的下划线代表不同的校正类别
  4. 提出建议的指南将显示在文档右侧的菜单上
  5. 要进行更正,您可以将鼠标悬停在带下划线的短语上,以查看Grammarly想要将其更改为什么。
  6. 如果您要接受更改,只需单击它。



For annual subscriptions, Grammarly is relatively affordable at $12/mo.对于年度订阅,Grammarly价格相对较低,为$ XNUMX / mo。 If you were to sign up for shorter terms, prices are quite a bit higher.如果您要签订较短的条款,价格会高很多。 I would say that if you were to really use it as a tool, the price is easily justifiable for long-term engagement.我要说的是,如果您真的要使用它作为工具,那么长期合作的价格很合理。

Consider it as a value-add experience that can help you not just in your work, but also on an individual basis for self-development.将其视为增值体验,不仅可以帮助您工作,而且可以个人发展。 In that context, the annual subscription doesn't seem all that pricey, does it?在这种情况下,年度订阅似乎并不那么昂贵,不是吗?

价格免费每月 30 美元
每月 12 美元
每月 12.50 美元


语法每月计划费用为$ 30 /月。

如果您按季度付款(一次付款为33美元/月),您将节省30%(或$ 20 / mo); 如果您每年付款,则可节省60%(或$ 12 / mo)。



语法免费提供基本的拼写检查和某些形式的策略,例如清晰度,参与度和交付性。 高级模式涵盖了该区域,但也包括其他区域。


如果 Grammarly 不是你的一杯茶,那么有好消息。 它在这个领域并不孤单,市场上有许多优秀的替代品。 许多还遵循相同的免费增值定价模型,因此您可以在注册订阅之前对其进行广泛测试。


虽然 ProWritingAid 提供了一个有限的免费试用版。 如果您想要一个高级计划,请准备好花钱,因为每月订阅费用高达 20 美元。 如果您真的喜欢它,请以 399 美元的价格查看终身优惠——一次性费用。

可用的最强大的写作支持工具之一, ProWritingAid 易于使用且非常有效。 许多写作工具旨在“修复”你的写作,ProWritingAid 带有一个以各种方式提高你的写作技巧的整体概念。

当然,它带有对拼写和其他技术错误的典型检查。 更独特的是它提供的写作建议。 这些片段甚至可以帮助最脑残的作家打破障碍,节省时间和金钱。


WhiteSmoke 有三种变体。 最便宜的选择是仅网络使用,每月 5 美元。 如需更多功能和与 Windows 兼容的桌面应用程序(不是 Mac 或 Linux),单设备许可证的价格从 6.66 美元/月起。

和语法一样, 白色的烟 对于那些在写作时需要一点指导的人来说,这是一个综合性的拐杖。 它具有语法、风格、拼写和标点符号检查器,并包括一个令人兴奋的翻译器。

翻译器基本上可以帮助您将英语转换为 55 种其他语言。 翻译功能包括使用示例以选择正确的上下文以使翻译更有效。 还有一个内置的词典和词库。


PaperRater 试图将自己伪装成免费服务,但它就像 Grammarly – 免费增值。 您可以在一定程度上使用免费版本作为扩展试用版。 订阅计划按月或按年分别为 11.21 美元/月和 71.55 美元/年。

PaperRater 对于那些想要一些简单的基本写作检查的人来说,它是正确的工具。 它是一种纯网络服务,可以在您的语法和拼写上扮演“老师”的角色。 该系统可以随心所欲地工作,并包括抄袭检测,以确保您的内容不断更新。

除了这些检查,一个简单的写作建议功能还可以帮助您稍微扩展您的词汇量。 它不是世界上最好的,但它可以在紧要关头工作。 老实说,这个工具是简单的署名。


By now you're probably come to realize that although Grammarly is pretty feature-packed, it isn't necessarily the right solution for everyone.到现在为止,您可能已经意识到,尽管Grammarly具有很多功能,但不一定适合所有人。 If you hardly communicate for work, there really isn't much point aside from possible self-improvement.如果您几乎不为工作而交流,那么除了可能的自我完善之外,没有什么其他意义。

Yet how many of us truly are so isolated that we can't use something like Grammarly?然而,我们当中有多少人真的是如此孤立,以至于我们无法使用语法语法之类的东西? I would say that this is a strong utility not just for professional working adults, but as mentioned earlier as well, in an educational context.我要说的是,这不仅对专业工作的成年人有很大的帮助,而且如前所述,在教育方面也是如此。


As a guide to users who don't want to spend a lot of time upping their language skills, Grammarly can prove an invaluable asset.作为不想花很多时间提高其语言技能的用户的指南,语法可以证明是一笔宝贵的财富。 Likewise, for those who want to improve their language, Grammarly is straightforward enough not to be obtrusive while giving easy-to-understand instructions.同样,对于那些想要提高他们的语言水平的人来说,语法简单明了,在给出易于理解的说明的同时,也不会太过挑剔。

The above even applies to those who have made writing their career, especially young writers.以上内容甚至适用于从事写作的人,尤其是年轻作家。 However, older writers like me tend to be a bit more stubborn, so you might find the changes Grammarly wants to make quite annoying at times.但是,像我这样的年长作家往往更固执,因此您可能会发现Grammarly有时想要做出的更改很烦人。

In a nutshell, Grammarly is very versatile and can fit a wide range of audiences.简而言之,语法非常通用,可以满足广泛的受众。 Some of the key ones would include business executives, bloggers, students (even up to post graduate students), young writers, sales staff, and more.一些关键人物包括企业高管,博客作者,学生(甚至研究生),年轻作家,销售人员等等。

免费试用: 在线访问语法



语法使用行业标准 加密、安全基础设施和第三方验证,以保护用户数据安全和隐私。 Grammarly 的 SOC 2(类型 1)报告证明了他们在安全、隐私、可用性和机密性方面的系统和组织控制。 该公司是云安全联盟 (CSA) 的成员,并遵守欧盟通用数据保护条例 (GDPR)、加州消费者隐私法 (CCPA)。 您可以了解有关语法安全的更多信息 这里.


作为不想花很多时间提高语言能力的用户的指南,语法可以证明是一笔宝贵的财富。 如果您认真对待写作并希望发展自己的语言,那么值得为Grammarly Premium付费。


语法充其量是写作工具–与所有工具一样,它也不是完全准确的。 正如我在评论中指出的那样,它错过了更正,有时可能会不一致。


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