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First, you must think of a suitable name.首先,您必须考虑一个合适的名称。 Most people start websites with a specific purpose or theme.大多数人以特定目的或主题开始网站。 If you are hoping for a domain name that is roughly associated with that purpose or theme, the number of possibilities drops even further.如果您希望使用与该目的或主题大致相关的域名,则可能性会进一步下降。

确定名称后,它也必须仍然可用。 已经有大量的名称被注册-截至3年第三季度,共有 359.8万元 domain names that have already been registered.已经注册的域名。 To put this into context, the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary has complete entries for为了说明这一点,《牛津英语词典》第二版为 171,476字.

So if you want a domain, you have to hope it hasn't yet been bought or that the owner is willing to sell it to you.因此,如果您想要一个域名,则必须希望它尚未被购买,或者希望所有者愿意将其出售给您。 To begin, perform domain search in one of the following sites.首先,请在以下站点之一中执行域搜索。


1。 Hostinger


Hostinger作为域名注册商并不为人所知。 However they have very decently priced packages, some of which include a free domain name.但是,它们的定价非常合理,其中一些包含免费域名。

Hostinger Premium和Business共享的虚拟主机计划(分别每月仅需2.15美元和3.45美元)均带有免费域名注册。 如果您仅购买域名,则.online,.xyz,.tech和.store的价格为每年$ 0.99。

2。 Namecheap


NameCheap成立于XNUMX年前,是业内知名度较高的公司之一,并且是ICANN认可的域名注册机构。 It has a potent combination of affordable domain name pricing, great customer support, and a huge selection of top-level-domains (.com, .net, .uk, etc.).它具有价格合理的域名定价,强大的客户支持以及大量顶级域名(.com,.net,.uk等)的强大组合。

One of the best parts of buying form NameCheap is that hey often have domain names on sale, with prices dropping to as low as $0.50 on occasion.购买NameCheap最好的部分之一是,嘿经常有域名出售,价格有时会低至XNUMX美元。 Do remember though, that domain name discounts are often only on the first year of registration, so pay attention to renewal rates!不过请记住,域名折扣通常仅在注册的第一年开始,因此请注意续订率!


3。 去吧爸爸


GoDaddy可能是世界上最知名的单一域名注册商之一。 It is what I consider a full-service web company since they are a one-stop-shop for anything you need to start up your own website, from domain name to hosting.我认为这是一家提供全方位服务的网络公司,因为它们是您建立自己的网站(从域名到托管)所需的一切的一站式服务。

GoDaddy的价格或多或少是标准价格,但是它们提供了一项服务,可让您通过以下方式购买一些特殊域名 拍卖。 You can find some great domain names here that are already registered but whose owners are willing to let go of – for a price.您可以在这里找到一些很棒的域名,它们已经注册,但其所有者愿意以低价出售。 Other features that they provide are WHOIS privacy, SSL certificates and of course, web hosting.他们提供的其他功能包括WHOIS隐私,SSL证书,当然还有网络托管。

4。 徘徊

Hover - Website domain name registrar

Hover纯粹专注于成为域名注册商站点,您可以在这里以每年约5美元的价格获得域名。 Their pricing system is extremely transparent and cost of renewals and other facilities like transfers are indicated on the same page.他们的定价系统非常透明,续订和其他功能(例如转让)的费用显示在同一页面上。 There are discounts available if you're purchasing in bulk (more than 10 domain names) at once.如果您一次批量购买(超过XNUMX个域名),可以享受折扣。 You can get your standard TLDs here such as .com or even some of the nTLDs like .io.您可以在此处获得标准TLD,例如.com甚至是某些nTLD,例如.io。

As mentioned, Hover doesn't offer web hosting so you will need to know how to point your DNS to the right servers if you buy form them.如前所述,Hover不提供网络托管,因此如果您从DNS购买服务器,则需要知道如何将DNS指向正确的服务器。 One advantage is that they do include free WHOIS privacy protection with all their domain names.优势之一是,它们的所有域名都包含免费的WHOIS隐私保护。


5。 甘地


Not to be mistaken with the similarly-named Indian activist, Gandi is one of the longest existing domain name registrars in the industry.毫无疑问,Gandi是同名的印度激进主义者,是业内最长的现有域名注册商之一。 Their forte has been a fuss-free domain name registration experience and tend not to distract customers too much by overwhelming them with options and offers.他们的专长是无忧的域名注册经验,并且往往不会因过多的选择和优惠而分散客户的注意力。

Gandi也是域名扩展的最大选择之一,有700多种可供选择。 Anything from .abogado to .zine is up for grabs here.从.abogado到.zine的所有内容都在这里争夺。 They also have a list of top-level-domains options that gets updated regularly, along with articles that discuss new TLDs that will be upcoming.他们还列出了会定期更新的顶级域选项,以及讨论即将推出的新TLD的文章。

Prices can be affordable depending on domain name extension with some going for as little as $0.50 per year.价格可以承受得起,具体取决于域名扩展,有些域名的价格仅为每年1,000美元。 With the domain names you get free WHOIS privacy protection for free and two email boxes with up to XNUMX aliases included.使用域名,您可以免费获得免费的WHOIS隐私保护,并可以使用两个电子邮件箱,其中最多包含XNUMX个别名。


Example of a domain name.
示例– amazon.com是域名。

A domain name is basically the address to your website.域名基本上是您网站的地址。 It is how people who are online navigate to where your site is being hosted.这就是在线用户导航到您的网站托管位置的方式。 Think of it as a physical street address which lets people find their way to a location.可以将其视为一条实际的街道地址,人们可以通过它找到到达某个位置的方式。

Some people mistake domain names for web hosting, but it is important to note that they are not.有些人将域名误认为是虚拟主机,但要注意的是,不要这样做。 The domain name and web hosting are域名和虚拟主机是 两个截然不同的元素 结合起来可以帮助网站发挥作用。 域名的例子是–

Apple.com USA.gov Amazon.com BBC.co.uk


You will not be allowed to register a domain name that is already owned by someone else.您将无法注册别人已经拥有的域名。 There are some caveats to this, and to understand how two domain names which look similar can exist, you need to understand Domain Name Extensions.有一些注意事项,要了解如何存在两个看起来相似的域名,您需要了解域名扩展。


–某事。 That is known as the domain name extension.这就是所谓的域名扩展。 Domain names must always be accompanied by an extension in order to work.域名必须始终带有扩展名才能起作用。

When the web was just beginning, there were only a few domain name extensions introduced.当网络刚刚开始时,只引入了几个域名扩展名。 These were called Top Level Domains (TLDs) and examples of them include:这些被称为顶级域(TLD),其示例包括:

.com .net .org

Because of the speed at which the web grew, there was a need for more domain extensions and from there emerged country-code TLDs (ccTLD).由于网络的发展速度,需要更多的域扩展,并且随之出现了国家代码TLD(ccTLD)。 These were used to identify websites originating form specific countries, such as这些用于识别源自特定国家/地区的网站,例如

.uk .cn .sg



.dev .travel .biz .store .guru .inc


Now, remember where I said that two similar domain names might exist?现在,还记得我说过可能存在两个相似域名的地方吗? This is because of the nature of the domain name extension.这是因为域名扩展名的性质。 Again, all domain names must be unique and because of that, if you were to buy yourname.com, it is entirely possible that someone else might buy yourname.biz.同样,所有域名都必须唯一,因此,如果您要购买yourname.com,则完全有可能其他人可以购买yourname.biz。


Two similar domain names at a glance may be mistaken for each other unless you're paying attention to the domain name extension.乍一看,两个相似的域名可能会相互混淆,除非您注意域名扩展名。 This system is often exploited by该系统经常被 域名抢注者 他们劫持域名或注册类似域名,以使合法企业可以从中购买这些域名。


One example of this is if a scammer registers a domain name such as Citibank.tk and tries to pass it off as the real Citibank website.一个这样的例子是,骗子是否注册了一个域名,例如Citibank.tk,并试图将其假冒为真正的Citibank网站。 Some visitors may be fooled by the site and enter personal details there by mistake.一些访客可能会被该网站愚弄,并在此错误输入个人详细信息。 Even if they do not set up scam sites, domain name squatters often infringe on trademarks, often with the intent of selling them at inflated prices to owners of those trademarks.即使他们没有建立诈骗站点,域名抢注者也经常侵犯商标,通常是为了将其以高价出售给那些商标的所有者。


SteveJob.com域案例是另一个示例。 该域以前由韩国人拥有,他的名字叫史蒂夫·乔布斯·金(Steve Jobs Kim),他用该域发布与技术相关的新闻和文章。 该案于2019年XNUMX月解决-由史蒂夫·乔布斯的遗ow劳伦·鲍威尔·乔布斯(Laurene Powell Jobs)经营的信托机构史蒂夫·乔布斯档案有限公司(Steve Jobs Archive,LLC) 赢得了拥有域名的权利.

在某些情况下,相似性可能完全是无辜的,例如加拿大青少年Mike Rowe,他为自己的Web设计业务注册了域名MikeRoweSoft。 微软(公司)没有被娱乐和起诉,发出停止和终止通知。





Short domain names are in very high demand and unless you're opting for a nTLD, it isn't likely you will find a suitable one very easily.短域名的需求量非常大,除非您选择了nTLD,否则不太容易找到合适的域名。 Many short domain names have already been registered, for example one.com or g.cn.已经注册了许多短域名,例如one.com或g.cn。

Shorter domain names are easier for visitors to type as well as remember.较短的域名便于访问者输入和记住。 This is especially helpful if you're not a global brand such as Nike or Coca Cola.如果您不是耐克或可口可乐这样的全球品牌,这将特别有用。


voice.com 360.com insurance.comrise.com pingdom.com Goal.com


Because so many domain names have already been bought, the process of finding one that you want can be a frustrating and tedious process.因为已经购买了那么多域名,所以找到想要的域名的过程可能是一个令人沮丧而乏味的过程。 However, do try and avoid using slang such as replacing 'you' with 'u' or 'right' with 'rite' as this makes it more likely your visitors will make typos.但是,请尽量避免使用语,例如用“ u”替换“ you”或用“ rite”替换“ right”,因为这会使您的访客更有可能输入错字。


这可以回到上面关于避免语的观点。 在单词之间使用数字(1、2、3等)或诸如连字符(–)之类的符号可以帮助您更轻松地找到域名,但它们很难键入,并且访问者更容易出错。 这些因素很容易引起混乱,并可能导致潜在访客感到沮丧。


Again, this might be very difficult to do but using a keyword that is associated with the nature of your business can be helpful.同样,这可能很难做到,但是使用与您的业务性质相关的关键字会有所帮助。 It acts associatively for people who hear it and can give you a leg up in terms of SEO as well.它与听过它的人相关联,并且在搜索引擎优化方面也可以给您带来帮助。



Although I gave the Boston example above, it would be wise to take care how it is used.尽管我在上面给出了波士顿的示例,但是谨慎使用它是明智的。 Online businesses, for example, eCommerce shops, are often borderless and using an area-targeting keyword in your domain name wouldn't be as effective.在线业务(例如,电子商务商店)通常是无国界的,并且在域名中使用以区域定位的关键字不会那么有效。 In fact, it can often be misleading and might result in the loss of potential business.实际上,这通常会产生误导,并可能导致潜在业务损失。


Domain name extensions vary greatly and come at different prices, even if bought new.域名扩展名差异很大,即使购买新域名,价格也不同。 In fact, there are some domain name extensions such as .tk which are entirely free.实际上,有些域名扩展名(例如.tk)是完全免费的。 Use them with caution as请谨慎使用 免费域名 扩展名经常被滥用,许多扩展名都非常差。



If you really can't decide on a good domain name and you've run out of ideas or friends to ask, there is another option.如果您真的不能决定一个好的域名,并且您已经没有想法或朋友要问了,还有另一种选择。 Try using one of the many free domain name generators floating around the Internet (see below).尝试使用Internet上浮动的许多免费域名生成器之一(请参见下文)。 Even if you can't find the ideal domain name, some of the suggestions may give you a new perspective and some inspiration.即使找不到理想的域名,某些建议也可能为您提供新的视角和启发。

本文特色 利用免费域名生成器.


The actual registration process of a domain name is something that should easily be completed in a few simple steps.域名的实际注册过程应通过几个简单的步骤轻松完成。 The basic format is: search, choose, then buy.基本格式是:搜索,选择然后购买。 Although some of the terms used by sites that sell domain names may vary, the process should be similar.尽管出售域名的网站使用的某些术语可能有所不同,但过程应相似。


在MyCAD中点击 软件更新 Hostinger域检查器。 1)在搜索栏中输入您想要的域名; 2)点击“检查”。

Most registrars will have a section specially for domain names.大多数注册商都会有一个专门针对域名的部分。 There you should find a search box where you can type in the domain name you want.您将在其中找到一个搜索框,您可以在其中输入所需的域名。 I recommend you type in the complete domain name, inclusive of TLD.我建议您输入完整的域名,包括TLD。

要执行域搜索,只需转到 Hostinger域检查器.


3)检查您的域名是否可用; 4)点击“添加到购物车”进行购买。

Once you've typed in the domain name you want, the system will do a search and see if it is available.输入所需的域名后,系统将进行搜索并查看是否可用。 Irrespective of whether it's available or not, you will often be shown a list of the same domain name with various other extension you might want instead.无论是否可用,通常都会向您显示相同域名的列表,并带有您可能想要的其他各种扩展名。

If none of these options appeal to you, then go back to step 1 and repeat the process until you find one that you're happy with and is available.如果这些选项都不适合您,请返回至步骤XNUMX并重复该过程,直到找到您满意且可用的选项为止。 Some sites allow you to search for more than one domain name at a time.某些站点允许您一次搜索多个域名。


5)选择所需的注册期限(期限– 1/2/3年),如有必要,选择托管计划(起价为$ 0.80 / mo); 6)点击“立即结帐”以继续订购。

Once you have chosen the domain name you want to buy, the site will often ask if there are add-ons which you would like as well.一旦您选择了要购买的域名,该站点就会经常询问您是否也想要附加组件。 Take note of what they offer as some of them offer greater privacy for you.请注意它们所提供的功能,因为其中一些可以为您提供更大的隐私。

You also need to select the term of the purchase, meaning how long you want this registration to be for.您还需要选择购买期限,即您希望此注册进行的时间。 The minimum length of time you can register for a domain name is one year.您可以注册域名的最短时间为一年。 Once that's done, all you need to do is pay for your purchase and details on managing your domain will be sent to you via email.完成后,您所需要做的就是支付购买费用,有关网域管理的详细信息将通过电子邮件发送给您。


Domain names are just like any other product you can buy in the stores.域名就像您可以在商店中购买的任何其他产品一样。 The price will vary depending on when you buy it and where you buy it from.价格会因购买时间和购买地点而异。 For example, sites may have domain name sales from time to time.例如,网站可能会不时进行域名销售。

Another factor which contributes to the price of a domain name is the extension.导致域名价格上涨的另一个因素是扩展名。 Different domain name extensions have different purchase and renewal prices.不同的域名扩展名具有不同的购买和续订价格。 The .win TLD as an example can cost as little as $1.74 to register and $2.23 to renew annually.以.win TLD为例,每年的注册费用仅为XNUMX美元,而续订的费用仅为XNUMX美元。

Sometime sites will also lower domain name prices based on how long you do your initial registration for.有时,网站还会根据您最初注册的时间降低域名价格。 A one-year registration is standard, but they might drop the price if you register for two years or more at the same time.一年注册是标准的,但是如果您同时注册两年或更长时间,它们可能会降低价格。

Because of this, there isn't really a 'standard' on how much a domain name will cost you.因此,域名的价格实际上并没有“标准”。 Thankfully, much like airline tickets there are places like值得庆幸的是,就像机票一样,有很多地方 TLD清单,您可以在其中快速收集此信息以最低的价格购买所需的域名。

As a general guideline, most TLDs will cost around $10 to $15 per year.作为一般准则,大多数TLD每年的费用约为XNUMX至XNUMX美元。 If you buy an aged domain name, that will cost you much more depending on age and keywords.如果您购买旧域名,则根据年龄和关键字,您将花费更多。 Free domain name are of course, free, but there is often much fine print you need to be aware of.免费域名当然是免费的,但是您通常需要注意很多精美的文字。


Today, you can buy a domain name practically anywhere on the Internet.今天,您几乎可以在Internet上的任何地方购买域名。 From从 专用域名注册商 对于网络托管公司,它们遍布各地。


Good domain name registrars (sites authorized to sell domain names) often share similar qualities that give them the edge over the competition.好的域名注册商(被授权出售域名的网站)通常具有相似的质量,使他们在竞争中处于优势地位。 Ideally, you want to find a registrar which is ICANN accredited, has transparent pricing and renewal fees, offers good customer support and most importantly, has a system that lets you manage your domain name easily.理想情况下,您想找到一个获得ICANN认证的注册商,该注册商具有透明的定价和续订费用,提供良好的客户支持,最重要的是,拥有一个可让您轻松管理域名的系统。


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, is the key non-profit body which monitors and regulates the entire domain name industry.互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)是主要的非营利组织,负责监督和监管整个域名行业。 Always ensure that wherever you are planning to buy a domain name from is始终确保无论您打算从哪里购买域名 ICANN认证.

这些注册服务商必须遵守ICANN法规,并且 发布指导方针 which ensure that those who sign up via accredited registrars are safeguarded.这样可以确保通过授权注册商注册的人受到保护。 Not all companies which sell domain names are ICANN accredited.并非所有出售域名的公司都经过ICANN认证。


I consider domain names as services rather than goods, because you must pay renewal fees in order to keep the domain name.我认为域名是服务而不是商品,因为您必须支付续订费才能保留域名。 Because of this, it is important to ensure that the registrar you are buying the domain name from has a transparent pricing and renewal structure.因此,确保您购买域名的注册商具有透明的定价和续订结构非常重要。

Like regular consumer goods, domain names often go on sale and some registrars may offer dirt-cheap deals on domain names.像普通消费品一样,域名通常会出售,并且某些注册服务商可能会提供廉价的域名交易。 Note that these sales are often only applicable to new domain name registrations and only for the length of time you buy them for.请注意,这些销售通常仅适用于新域名注册,并且仅适用于您购买它们的时间。 Renewals will be at regular rates.续订将按常规收费。

良好域名业务惯例的示例–何时 NameCheap 在顶级域名(TLD)上进行促销时,公司将在其订购页面上清楚说明续签价格。

Always keep an eye on both the purchase price as well as renewal price of any domain name you're buying.始终密切关注您要购买的任何域名的购买价格和续订价格。 Different registrars also have different pricing, so do shop around before you make your decision to buy.不同的注册商也有不同的定价,因此在决定购买之前,请货比三家。


Good customer support is a must for any company, and this applies to domain name registrars as well.任何公司都必须有良好的客户支持,这也适用于域名注册商。 Before ordering any products from the registrar, try to get in touch with their support staff to see how responsive and helpful they are.从注册服务商处订购任何产品之前,请尝试与他们的支持人员联系,以了解他们的反应和帮助程度。 Companies which respond quickly are more likely to have a better support system in place to deal with any issues which might arise.快速响应的公司更有可能拥有更好的支持系统来处理可能出现的任何问题。


Aside from letting you buy and renew domain names registrars have to provide you with a system that allows you to manage your domain name.除了让您购买和续订域名外,注册服务商还必须为您提供一个可以管理域名的系统。 This includes setting the DNS for the domain name or other functions such as transferring to another registrar.这包括为域名设置DNS或其他功能,例如转移到另一个注册商。

Some registrars have terrible systems and it can be difficult to use to handle your account.一些注册服务商的系统很糟糕,可能很难使用它来处理您的帐户。 I recommend you sign up for an account with a registrar you are interested in to explore their system a little before you make a purchase.我建议您在购买前先向感兴趣的注册商注册一个帐户,以探索其系统。 I once signed up with a registrar that had such a terrible system in place it was practically unusable.我曾经与注册商签约,该注册商拥有如此糟糕的系统,几乎无法使用。



No matter if you're an individual looking to establish a small blog or a small business seeking to expand digitally, the domain name is much more than just a cheap name tag.不管您是要建立小型博客的个人,还是寻求数字化扩展的小型企业,域名都不仅仅是廉价的标签。 Essentially, it represents you in the digital world and has all the implications that follow.从本质上讲,它代表您在数字世界中的所有利益。

It needs to be built and nurtured, just as you would your own reputation in the real world.就像您在现实世界中的声誉一样,它需要构建和培养。 Choose, buy and protect your domain name carefully.谨慎选择,购买和保护您的域名。

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