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创建个人网站时, 顶级网站建设者 like Zyro serve a very important purpose in this day and age.像Zyro一样,在当今时代起着非常重要的作用。 They offer those who aren't technically inclined an easy way of establishing a web presence.他们为技术上不喜欢的人提供了建立网络状态的简便方法。

Zyro是一个易于使用的网站构建器 由Hostinger提供。 Even as it enters what is becoming a crowded industry niche, Zyro comes with its own unique selling points.即使进入了拥挤的行业利基市场,Zyro仍拥有自己独特的卖点。 It's clean, easily manageable even by website builder standards, and starts at hard to beat prices.它很干净,即使按照网站构建者的标准也很容易管理,并且价格难以打败。


Zyro是想要建立个人网站的人的理想选择。 In these times, your personal site can act as a point of professional reference that is easily accessible.在这种情况下,您的个人站点可以作为易于访问的专业参考。

Aside from showcasing some of your skills, you can use the site to build a stronger profile.除了展示您的一些技能外,您还可以使用该网站建立更强大的形象。 For example, adding some projects you've worked on along with your resume.例如,在简历中添加您已经处理过的一些项目。

Using Zyro for something like this is great because it combines a ton of free tools and decent hosting for a very reasonable price.使用Zyro这样的东西很棒,因为它以合理的价格组合了许多免费工具和不错的主机。 Free hosting doesn't get you very far is in many cases, the reliability of the hosting is suspected.在许多情况下,免费托管并不能使您走得太远,人们怀疑托管的可靠性。

其他平台 您可以使用例如 WordPressWeebly,但在这两种情况下,Zyro的学习曲线仍胜过其他人。




In this article, I'm going to go over the basics of building a personal site with Zyro.在本文中,我将介绍使用Zyro构建个人网站的基础知识。 This starts from a plan selection all the way to some basic tips to improve your site.这从一个计划选择一直到一些改善站点的基本技巧开始。


The first thing you need to do is get registered with Zyro.您需要做的第一件事就是向Zyro注册。 For them this is as simple as clicking the 'Join Zyro' button on the home page.对于他们来说,这就像单击主页上的“加入Zyro”按钮一样简单。 To sign up you will need a valid email address.要注册,您将需要一个有效的电子邮件地址。

Enter the email address you wish to use and a password to go along with it.输入您要使用的电子邮件地址和密码。 Once you've done this you will be brought to a welcome screen.完成此操作后,您将进入欢迎屏幕。 Yes, it's as simple as that.是的,就是这么简单。




At the welcome screen the most obvious choice is to hit the 'Get Started' button on the screen.在欢迎屏幕上,最明显的选择是点击屏幕上的“开始使用”按钮。 There is an option to close this screen and head to the dashboard directly, but I suggest you go with the recommended flow.有一个选项可以关闭此屏幕并直接转到仪表板,但是我建议您按照建议的流程进行操作。

Zyro提供两种类别的模板,分别用于常规网站和在线商店。 Regular templates will be those offering a mix of information and images.常规模板将是那些提供信息和图像混合的模板。 Online store templates will generally have more of a brochure-like feel.在线商店模板通常会具有小册子般的感觉。

For this guide we're going to be building a simple, personal website.对于本指南,我们将构建一个简单的个人网站。 Browse through the selection of roughly 38 templates to see what you like.浏览大约XNUMX种模板,以查看所需内容。 Hovering over a template will allow you to either preview it or start working with that template.将鼠标悬停在模板上将使您可以预览它或开始使用该模板。

When you know which one you want, hover your mouse over that template then click 'Start Building'.当您知道想要哪个模板时,将鼠标悬停在该模板上,然后单击“开始构建”。 This will bring you to the Zyro editor.这将带您进入Zyro编辑器。


Step #3.步骤#XNUMX。 Modify Your Template修改您的模板

Zyro致力于构建积木系统。 These blocks are called 'Elements' and can be added, deleted, and modified.这些块称为“元素”,可以添加,删除和修改。 Imagine a set of plain building blocks which you can shuffle around and use to create something.想象一下一组简单的构建基块,您可以在这些构建基块上随机播放并用于创建某些东西。

a.一种。 Adding Elements添加元素


Zyro已预先配置为提供一组特定的元素,这些元素通常用于创建个人网站。 This includes text (which actually places a resizable box you can add text to), images, and more.其中包括文本(实际上放置了可调整大小的框,您可以在其中添加文本),图像等。

To add an element on your template, click the 'Add elements' option, decide which type you want.要在模板上添加元素,请单击“添加元素”选项,确定所需的类型。 Next, left click on it and while holding your mouse button down, drag it over onto your template.接下来,在其上单击鼠标左键,同时按住鼠标按钮,将其拖到模板上。 It is now that you'll notice the grid system.现在您将注意到网格系统。

b。 Following the Grid System遵循网格系统


The grid system appears as you're dragging elements on to your template (or moving existing elements around).在将元素拖到模板上(或移动现有元素)时,将显示网格系统。 These blocks serve as basic guidelines to let you see the permissible spots where you can place your elements.这些块用作基本准则,可让您看到可放置元素的位置。

Any placements or resizing of elements need to follow the basic sizes of each square in the grid system.元素的任何放置或大小调整都必须遵循网格系统中每个正方形的基本大小。 Consider it a sort of 'minimum size or resize guideline.考虑一下它是“最小尺寸或调整尺寸指南”。

C。 Editing Elements编辑元素

To edit on an element, just click the element to move, resize or change it.要在元素上进行编辑,只需单击该元素即可移动,调整其大小或对其进行更改。 You can view the result while editing.您可以在编辑时查看结果。

If there are existing elements on your page you don't like or want to move, this can easily be fixed.如果页面上有您不喜欢或不想移动的现有元素,则可以轻松解决此问题。 Clicking on the element in question will highlight it with a blue outline.单击有问题的元素将以蓝色轮廓突出显示该元素。 From there you can either drag to move, resize, or choose to edit it.从那里您可以拖动以移动,调整大小或选择对其进行编辑。

For example, highlighting a text box will display an option to 'edit text'.例如,突出显示文本框将显示“编辑文本”的选项。 You will see changes being made immediately as you're doing them.在执行更改时,您会立即看到所做的更改。 It's exactly the same as you would expect when using a text editing program.它与使用文本编辑程序时所期望的完全相同。

d。 Working With Sections处理部分


At the bottom of your main page, you may notice an option to 'add section'.在主页底部,您可能会注意到“添加部分”的选项。 Sections are what separate your pages in Zyro.部分是将您在Zyro中的页面分开的部分。 Having websites made up of one terribly long page isn't very user friendly.由一个非常长的页面组成的网站不是非常用户友好。

Using sections helps improve the user experience and allows you to call their attention to different parts of your website via the navigation menu.使用板块有助于改善用户体验,并允许您通过导航菜单吸引他们对网站的不同部分的关注。 For example, for a personal resume site, you might like to have separate sections such as 'Skills' and 'Portfolio'.例如,对于个人简历网站,您可能希望有单独的部分,例如“技能”和“投资组合”。

Similar to templates, Zyro has pre-built sections you can choose from when you click 'add section'.与模板相似,Zyro具有预构建的部分,您可以在单击“添加部分”时从中选择。 These will match your current template.这些将与您当前的模板匹配。 There is also the option to use a blank section which you can customize on your own.还有一个选项可以使用空白部分,您可以自行定制。

Step #4.第XNUMX步。 Check for Mobile Friendliness检查手机是否友好


When building a website today it is important to realize that many users are now using mobile devices to view web content.今天,在建立网站时,重要的是要意识到许多用户正在使用移动设备来查看Web内容。 This means that your site needs to be properly formatted for those devices.这意味着您的网站需要针对这些设备进行正确格式化。

Zyro会自动为您执行此操作,但是您也可以 自己检查。 On the top navigation bar there are icons for a desktop or mobile device.在顶部导航栏上,有用于台式机或移动设备的图标。 Clicking either of those will toggle the view so you can see if that version of your site looks all right.单击任何一个都将切换视图,以便您可以查看该网站的版本是否正常。





图片通常是网站上最引人注目的部分。 但是,即使在图像内部,也存在通常需要引起注意的热点。 使用此功能可能会有所帮助–例如,如果要确保引起您注意图像中正确的焦点区域(例如您的产品)。

热带地区的 AI热图 does this for you.为您做到这一点。 All you need to do is upload your image and the tool will show you where user focus is drawn to.您需要做的就是上传图像,该工具将向您显示吸引用户焦点的位置。


This is perhaps conceptually the most exciting part of Zyro.从概念上讲,这也许是Zyro最激动人心的部分。 I say 'conceptually' because the idea is awesome, but since they're still new, it might need some kinks worked out of it.我说“从概念上讲”是因为这个主意很棒,但是由于它们仍然是新事物,因此可能需要解决一些问题。 The的 AI作家 基本上可以帮助您生成可用的文本。

If language isn't your strong point, you can use AI Writer to help you build some basic content for free.如果语言不是您的强项,则可以使用AI Writer免费帮助您构建一些基本内容。 There are limited categories of what it can generate at the moment, but I anticipate more to come.目前可以生成的东西类别有限,但我预计还会有更多种类。


我刚开始建立网站时 寻找徽标 Zyro为您提供了他们的使用 标志制造商 for free and it's quite easy to use as well.免费,而且使用起来也很容易。 More than sufficient for starter sites.对于入门网站来说绰绰有余。



建立一个令人惊叹的个人网站并不是一件容易的事,但是由于有了Zyro之类的工具,如今它变得更加容易。 出色的网站外观和行为方式但记住的方式存在很大差异–您的网站不一定是最佳网站。

许多新的网站建设者变得过于着迷于创建完美的网站。 在此过程中,他们忘记了最重要的事情-他们自己和目标访问者。



Sometimes, less is more.有时候,少即是多。 Having fewer elements on your page can speed up site performance which is great for your visitor's experience.页面上的元素较少可以提高网站性能,这对于访问者的体验非常有用。


Images may look stunning, but it is text that helps the most in capturing visitors from search engines.图片可能看起来很漂亮,但文字最能帮助您吸引来自搜索引擎的访问者。 Try to balance a combination with both.尝试平衡两者的组合。


The way a site navigates is important to your user experience.网站的导航方式对您的用户体验很重要。 Try to avoid confusing your visitors, especially if you're building a personal site for professional use.尽量避免使访问者感到困惑,尤其是在您建立供专业使用的个人网站时。 If you're unsure about this, stick to Zyro's templates first to begin with.如果不确定这一点,请首先坚持使用Zyro的模板。


You might not use everything in Zyro, but they can still help.您可能不会在Zyro中使用所有功能,但它们仍然可以提供帮助。 For example, you only need one template, but draw inspiration from their other templates to help give you ideas in modifying the one you've chosen.例如,您只需要一个模板,但可以从其他模板中汲取灵感,以帮助您提出修改所选模板的想法。


The most effective sites have a strong identity.最有效的网站具有很强的身份。 These sites often clearly represent their owners and have clear characteristics.这些站点通常清楚地代表其所有者并具有明显的特征。 


特色免费Basic偷跑电子商务eComm +
带宽500 MBGB 3Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
存储解决方案500 MBGB 1Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Zyro有两个主要类别的计划–第一组是针对普通网站的,而第二组是针对电子商务网站的。 您从中选择哪种取决于您要构建的网站类型。

If you're brand new to website building, chances are that you'll be first looking at establishing a basic digital presence.如果您是网站建设的新手,那么您很可能会首先考虑建立基本的数字化业务。 This means a website where you're looking to share content such as information and images.这意味着您要在其中共享信息和图像等内容的网站。




绝对推荐使用Zyro创建个人网站。 它从最基本的概念开始,即使对于我们网站建设中的绝对最新人员,也使事情变得容易。


对于什么比什么便宜 您只需为在其他许多网站上托管而付费,您可以在几个小时内建立一个完整的网站,这取决于您希望网站具有多么个性化。 

像Zyro一样-从小做大。 您可以 扩大您的网站 随着他们成长。



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