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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is another form of Cloud-based service.基础架构即服务(IaaS)是基于云的服务的另一种形式。 Essentially, it refers to the use of remote infrastructure based on subscription, This model allows users to 'rent' infrastructure, removing the need for investing in and maintaining their own.本质上,它指的是基于订阅的远程基础结构的使用。该模型允许用户“租用”基础结构,而无需投资和维护自己的基础结构。

More specifically, the resources referred to are virtualized computing resources along with supporting services to go along with them.更具体地说,所指资源是虚拟化计算资源以及与之配套的支持服务。 For example, system monitoring, security (not to be mistaken with例如系统监控,安全性(不要误会 小型企业的安全性),负载平衡,备份等。



1. Microsoft Azure

微软Azure Azure

Microsoft Azure is a name that comes up often no matter whether you're thinking about SaaS, IaaS, or Paas.无论您是在考虑SaaS,IaaS还是Paas,Microsoft Azure都会经常出现。 The company is justifiably proud of Azure since it is one of the dominant forces in all three categories.该公司有理由为Azure感到自豪,因为它是这三个类别中的主导力量之一。

In IaaS, customers make use of Azure to deploy various configurations of managed infrastructure.在IaaS中,客户利用Azure来部署托管基础结构的各种配置。 Because of the very versatile nature of these services, Azure IaaS is suitable for a wide range of business needs.由于这些服务的通用性,Azure IaaS适合各种业务需求。

微软没有将重点放在IaaS的技术优势上,而是将Azure定位于业务优势。 例如,吹捧合规性,分析,统一交付和很大的灵活性-特别是在成本方面。

2。 亚马逊网络服务

Where there is Cloud, Amazon isn't far away and the company is a top competitor for Microsoft's Azure.有云的地方,亚马逊就在不远处,该公司是微软Azure的最大竞争对手。 The brand is highly identifiable with the public Cloud and IaaS in particular.该品牌在公共云和IaaS方面具有很高的知名度。 Its offerings do cover the entire Cloud spectrum.它的产品确实涵盖了整个Cloud频谱。

Amazon Web Services(AWS)易于使用,并且已知包含大量工具。 Best of all, it is virtually limitless yet gives customers the advantage of flexibility and affordability, very important elements as businesses scale upwards.最重要的是,它实际上是无限的,但却为客户提供了灵活性和可负担性的优势,这是随着企业规模扩大而非常重要的要素。

It does have a few drawbacks though and an especially big one is with regard to EC2 limits.但是,它确实有一些缺点,尤其是关于ECXNUMX限制的缺点。 This may hamper business operations, depending on how you're using the service.这可能会妨碍业务运营,具体取决于您使用服务的方式。 Resources may be limited by region, possibly leading to unintended bottlenecks.资源可能受地区限制,可能导致意外的瓶颈。

3. Google Cloud基础架构


该公司拥有周围最大的网络骨干网之一,无缝连接了遍布全球的庞大数据中心。 从本质上讲,它在全球范围内拥有自己的云,这是值得骄傲的。


4. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud是顶级云提供商如何覆盖整个范围的另一个经典示例。 Its complete product includes a comprehensive IaaS segment as well.其完整的产品还包括全面的IaaS细​​分市场。 This covers compute elements, network resources, storage, and more.这涵盖了计算元素,网络资源,存储等。

IBM Cloud最独特的是其裸机即服务(BMaaS)产品。 This allows their IaaS users to get unprecedented access to the hardware that lies beneath their Cloud service.这使他们的IaaS用户可以前所未有地访问其云服务下的硬件。 Another notable product under their IaaS range is Cloud Object Storage.其IaaS范围内的另一个著名产品是云对象存储。

Unfortunately, IBM Cloud has been less impressive in its own business performance.不幸的是,IBM Cloud在自身业务绩效方面的印象不那么出色。 The company trails behind in Cloud market share, well below top dogs Amazon and Microsoft.该公司在云市场份额方面落后,远低于领先的亚马逊和微软。

5. Oracle云基础架构

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI)是其Cloud业务的IaaS分支。 OCI的规模使其可以轻松满足大型组织的需求。

Their IaaS structure enables Oracle to deliver on-demand scalability for enterprise workloads.他们的IaaS结构使Oracle能够为企业工作负载提供按需扩展性。 This is done through the combination of their other autonomous services.这是通过结合其他自治服务来完成的。 Wrapping round it all is a security layer that tightly integrates where needed.围绕这一切,是一个安全层,可以在需要时紧密集成。



网络托管行业中的许多人可能熟悉提供商,例如 数字海洋。 尽管Digital Ocean(DO)专注于Web托管和Web应用程序部署领域,但这仍然是利基IaaS提供商的一个很好的例子。

DO为用户零散分配了各种基础架构资源,他们可以将这些资源组合起来以根据自己的独特需求定制云。 From从 液滴Kubernetes以及存储空间,您可以在这里找到所需的任何东西-数量不限。

特定于主机的特定平台(如DO)使开发人员能够快速构建和部署功能强大的网站和应用程序。 这些可以无限期运行,也可以快速出售以获取利润。 这些工具的价值可能很高-例如,在Flippa上列出的Bloginfluent 酷的3.5亿美元.

7. ServerCentral

ServerCentral Server提供了计算基础架构,但不仅限于IaaS级别。 In fact, they go past the Cloud and also include on-premise infrastructure if that's what you need.实际上,它们超出了云的范围,并且如果需要,还包括本地基础结构。 For IaaS, ServerCentral offers a hybrid platform and also acts as an AWS consultant.对于IaaS,ServerCentral提供了一个混合平台,并且还充当AWS顾问。

The time they've spent in the market has enabled them to tightly integrate their range of products, making them one of the premium providers of infrastructure needs around.他们在市场上度过的时间使他们能够紧密集成他们的产品范围,使其成为周围基础设施需求的优质提供商之一。 They also help customers migrate from traditional infrastructure onto IaaS.它们还帮助客户从传统基础架构迁移到IaaS。

8. Linode

的Linode 是IaaS提供商如何选择专注于网络托管行业的又一个示例。 在概念上,它与Digital Ocean的功能几乎相同,但是Linode决定提出用户友好性方面。

It was one of the first in the business to introduce a flat pricing model for their IaaS.这是业内首家为其IaaS引入统一定价模型的公司之一。 The result was much greater transparency in Cloud fees, enabling businesses to plan with greater precision despite the potential elasticity of the product.结果是云费用的透明度大大提高,尽管产品具有潜在的弹性,但企业仍可以更精确地进行计划。

Linode随附了直观的Cloud Manager,出色的API和支持所有功能的文档。


Alibaba Cloud, affectionately known as Aliyun, is China's answer to Cloud-dominating US companies.阿里云被亲切地称为阿里云,是中国对以云为主的美国公司的回应。 Established in Hangzhou, China, by the now globally known Jack Ma, the company has grown at unprecedented speeds.由现在享誉全球的马云(Jack Ma)在中国杭州成立,该公司以前所未有的速度发展。 That's stunning considering that it is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group.考虑到它是阿里巴巴集团的子公司,这真是惊人。

It offers a wide range of Cloud services that includes IaaS but also services as well.它提供了广泛的云服务,包括IaaS以及服务。 Today, it's reach has increased and Aliyun data centers serve 63 zones around the world.如今,它的影响范围已经扩大,阿里云数据中心为全球XNUMX个区域提供服务。 Because of the IaaS structure, services are of course based on the pay-as-you-go concept.由于采用IaaS结构,因此服务当然基于即用即付的概念。


10. Rackspace开放云

Rackspace today is a Cloud services company that has multiple options in the IaaS space.如今,Rackspace是一家云服务公司,在IaaS空间中拥有多种选择。 Their model customizes business solutions to fit business needs and they have the necessary supporting services to ease transition towards Cloud adoption.他们的模型可定制业务解决方案以适应业务需求,并且具有必要的支持服务以简化向云采用的过渡。


One of the things that makes things easier for businesses joining them is their provision of a simplified control panel through which solutions can be managed.使加入企业的企业变得更容易的事情之一是提供简化的控制面板,通过该面板可以管理解决方案。 That, plus their supporting services, makes them an attractive option compared to the hardcore technical challenge when approching IaaS directly.与直接批准IaaS时遇到的核心技术挑战相比,再加上其支持服务,使其成为有吸引力的选择。

11。 惠普企业

惠普企业(HPE)是另一个提供“一切即服务”功能的大公司。 实际上,他们将其带入了一个新的高度,甚至在每个类别中(例如在IaaS中)都提供了不同的解决方案。

Their strength however, lies in helping customers build tightly integrated systems.但是,它们的优势在于帮助客户构建紧密集成的系统。 This means that as long as it's the right solution for your business, you can use HPE to power everything from on-premise systems to the Cloud.这意味着,只要它是适合您业务的解决方案,就可以使用HPE为从本地系统到云的所有功能提供支持。



Green Cloud Technologies offers a holistic Cloud approach that guides customers from end to end of the journey.绿云技术提供了一种整体的云方法,可以指导客户从头到尾的旅程。 Not just an IaaS provider, they also have comprehensive support, training and marketing solutions他们不仅是IaaS提供商,而且还提供全面的支持,培训和营销解决方案

All their solutions are fully customizable and have the usual benefit of IaaS scalability.他们所有的解决方案都是完全可定制的,并具有IaaS可扩展性的通常优势。 This way, their solutions can be very highly targeted depending on your needs.这样,根据您的需求,他们的解决方案可以具有很高的针对性。 It applies to everything they do including backup and storage solutions.它适用于他们所做的所有事情,包括备份和存储解决方案。

13. Vultr

Vultr将简化云的愿望作为其使命。 They try as much as possible to standardise common tasks through an easy to use dashboard while retaining the scalability that is the nature of IaaS.他们尝试通过易于使用的仪表板尽可能地标准化常见任务,同时保留IaaS本质的可伸缩性。

For example, deployment of many web apps can be done with a single click and you can have almost anything running quickly.例如,只需单击即可完成许多Web应用程序的部署,并且几乎所有内容都可以快速运行。 These aren't just simple apps like WordPress, but also extend to more complex things like entire virtualized servers.这些不仅是像WordPress这样的简单应用,而且还扩展到了诸如整个虚拟服务器之类的更复杂的事物。

14. CenturyLink云

CenturyLink的IaaS基于VMware,并具有跟上您所需要的密集和复杂应用程序的能力。 It's FedRAMP certified which allows it to serve many federal government agencies in specific computing areas.它已获得FedRAMP认证,可为特定计算领域的许多联邦政府机构提供服务。

They use a hybrid IT building block system for what they offer since that gives both them and their customers the maximum flexibility that the Cloud allows.他们将混合IT构建模块系统用于他们提供的产品,因为这为他们和客户提供了Cloud所允许的最大灵活性。 For those who need help with any of their solutions, they also have Advanced Managed Services.对于需要任何解决方案帮助的人,他们还提供高级托管服务。


The only entry on this list from Japan, Hitachi Enterprise Cloud supports both VMware as well as Cloud-native environments.日立企业云是该列表中日本唯一的条目,它支持VMware以及云原生环境。 Their solution looks towards a progression pathway that is faster and more flexible.他们的解决方案着眼于更快,更灵活的发展路径。

What's left to the user is the choice of whether to pursue a private or hybrid cloud for their automation processes and application delivery.留给用户的选择是为其自动化流程和应用程序交付选择私有云还是混合云。 This preconfigured approach enables customers to save both time and money.这种预先配置的方法使客户可以节省时间和金钱。


Because of the highly elastic nature of IaaS, it isn't only suitable for large businesses.由于IaaS具有高度弹性,因此它不仅适合大型企业。 However, smaller businesses that are considering it as an option need to know that associated services such as management and consultancy, often come at a steep price.但是,正在考虑将其作为选择的较小型企业需要知道,相关服务(例如管理和咨询)的价格通常很高。

Unless you've got the time and tech savvy to handle IaaS, it's still something best left to the big boys.除非您有足够的时间和技术来处理IaaS,否则对于大型企业而言,这仍然是最好的选择。 On the other hand, smaller, more focused solutions like Linode and Vultr may be a better possibility.另一方面,较小的,更具针对性的解决方案(例如Linode和Vultr)可能会更好。

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