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互联网提供了许多在线赚钱的机会,其中之一就是通过 联属网络营销.

In the simplest terms, affiliate marketing involves selling other people's products or services through your website or social media platforms.用最简单的术语来说,会员营销涉及通过您的网站或社交媒体平台销售他人的产品或服务。 Then, you receive referral fees as a commission.然后,您会收到佣金作为佣金。

会员业务不是某些人希望您相信的“固定并忘记”业务模型。 虽然它可以带来丰厚的利润,但要使其成长为 成为成功的企业。 Fortunately, you can save a ton of time and boost your affiliate marketing business profits by outsourcing a lot of the necessary work.幸运的是,您可以通过外包大量必要的工作来节省大量时间并提高联盟营销业务的利润。


The affiliate marketing sector has continued to steadily grow with new opportunities each year.会员营销部门每年都在稳步增长,并带来了新的机遇。 Site owners can forgo some of their own advertising expenses by having affiliates do that heavy lifting in exchange for a referral fee.网站所有者可以通过让关联公司承担繁重的工作来换取推荐费,从而放弃自己的一些广告费用。

乐天加盟网络 发布的一项研究发现,到6.8年,这将是一个价值2020亿美元的行业。 VigLink also released a survey revealing that 9% of affiliate marketers earned over $50,000 per year in income.还发布了一项调查显示,有XNUMX%的联盟营销者每年的收入超过XNUMX美元。 With a steady stream of traffic, your website can make this much or more.有了稳定的流量,您的网站可以实现更多或更多。


If you're working 12 or more hours a day on your affiliate marketing business, this is a tough pace to maintain.如果您每天在联盟营销业务上工作XNUMX个小时或更多,这是很难维持的步伐。 Even if the business is producing results, you'll never be able to scale it because there's only one of you.即使业务正在产生结果,您也永远无法扩展它,因为只有一个人。 It's time to figure out which tasks you can get others to do while you focus on your core business.现在是时候找出在专注于核心业务时可以让其他人执行的任务了。

虽然这是可以帮助您的出色任务清单 从外包开始 in affiliate marketing, it's better to have a benchmark for these jobs before you hand them off to someone else.在联属网络营销中,最好在将这些工作交给其他人之前为其制定基准。 In other words, if you don't know anything about programming, content creation, or data mining, there's a good chance that someone will take advantage of you through long turnaround times, poor workmanship, or inflated prices.换句话说,如果您对编程,内容创建或数据挖掘一无所知,那么很可能有人会在较长的周转时间,糟糕的做工或虚高的价格中利用您。

When you start your affiliate marketing business, learn how to do some of these tasks first, at least in their most basic form.当您开始会员营销业务时,至少首先以最基本的形式学习如何执行其中的一些任务。 Then, you'll be in a better position to hire the most skilled and honest contractors to do this work for you.然后,您将可以更好地聘请最熟练和诚实的承包商来为您完成这项工作。 Fortunately, you can also use freelancing sites such as Fiverr to choose top talent.幸运的是,您还可以使用Fiver等自由职业者网站来选择顶尖人才。


1。 编程

Having some basic coding skills will benefit you as an affiliate marketer, but it won't be worth your time and effort to program your own websites and landing pages.拥有一些基本的编码技能将使您作为会员营销商受益,但花时间和精力来编写自己的网站和登录页面并不值得。 While many online marketers use WordPress, you'll probably want to go beyond a cookie-cutter solution.当许多在线营销人员使用WordPress时,您可能想要超越cookie切割器解决方案。


外包您的网站开发 work is one of the top ways to save time as an affiliate marketer.工作是节省会员营销时间的最重要方法之一。 Hire a professional programmer or designer to build your websites and customize landing pages and upload them to the web on your hosting account.雇用专业的程序员或设计师来构建您的网站并自定义登录页面,然后将其上传到您的托管帐户中。





他们可以创建的其他图形 包括图表 for content marketing and social media sites.用于内容营销和社交媒体网站。 Creating these yourself would be incredibly time-consuming and costly.自己创建这些文件将非常耗时且昂贵。


Speaking of time-consuming and costly, if you've ever tried to write your own quality content or copy, you know that this isn't a simple task.说到耗时且昂贵,如果您曾经尝试编写自己的优质内容或复制内容,那么您就会知道这不是一个简单的任务。 In fact, a majority of your outsourcing will probably be for writing projects.实际上,您的大部分外包工作可能都是用于编写项目。

You'll want to find some online sources to get regular unique, engage, quality content written for your website and other online platforms.您将需要查找一些在线资源,以获取定期为您的网站和其他在线平台编写的独特,引人入胜的高质量内容。 This includes your landing page copy, blog posts, e-books, press releases, and social media posts.这包括您的着陆页副本,博客文章,电子书,新闻稿和社交媒体文章。

您可以在Fiverr等网站上找到作家,但也有特定于内容的网站,例如 ClearVoice.


Pulling together data and other research online isn't difficult, but it can sure take a ton of time.在线收集数据和其他研究并不难,但是肯定会花费大量时间。 This is something you can and should outsource to a freelancer.您可以将其外包给自由职业者。





Many affiliates run foreign affiliate marketing campaigns.许多会员都在开展外国会员营销活动。 Now everyone knows multiple foreign languages, and using Google Translate isn't going to be sufficient for this.现在,每个人都知道多种外语,而使用Google Translate不足以做到这一点。

您可以使用Fiverr等自由职业网站来查找 内容翻译 或类似的网站 OneHourTranslation.com.


Video has become an increasingly popular way to get your message across online, but producing effective content isn't simple.视频已经成为一种越来越流行的在线传达信息的方式,但是要产生有效的内容并不简单。 You might make a video, but there's much more involved, and you should hire an expert.您可能制作了视频,但涉及的更多,您应该聘请专家。

雇用视频自由职业者 will help put your video together with production software, add any voiceovers that you want, and include transitions, effects, intros, and outros.将有助于将您的视频与制作软件放在一起,添加所需的画外音,并包括转场,特效,简介和出场。 You can find these folks on the major freelancing websites.您可以在主要的自由职业网站上找到这些人。


Managing your own social media accounts can become tedious, but someone has to do it.管理自己的社交媒体帐户可能会变得很乏味,但必须由他人来做。 If you still want to do some of the work yourself, you can use a tool like如果您仍然想自己做一些工作,可以使用类似 来自HootSuite or SocialOomph,但这并不能为您提供人工帮助。


否则,寻找一个 自由社交媒体经理 协助进行社交媒体管理。


A virtual assistant is exactly what it sounds like.虚拟助手正是它的外表。 This is an online freelancer that will perform a variety of tasks for your affiliate marketing business, generally paid by the hour.这是一位在线自由职业者,将为您的会员营销业务执行各种任务,通常按小时支付。 Depending on the skill set required, the cost to hire a VA is usually between $10 to $15 per hour.视所需的技能而定,租用虚拟助理的费用通常在每小时XNUMX到XNUMX美元之间。



对于某些企业主来说,“外包”是一个肮脏的词,但事实并非如此。 有一种误解,认为将某些事情外包会意味着您将为质量低下而感到满足,事实并非如此。


我们最近进行了一项调查,以了解是否 博客作者通过雇用自由职业者来外包其任务.


  • 在我们采访的66.7%的博主中,雇用自由职业者。
  • 他们中有50%的人每月花费少于$ 500。
  • Fiverr,Upwork,Peopleperhour和Freelancer.com在博客中最受欢迎。

While you can certainly get a deal by outsourcing some work overseas, your choices are virtually boundless.虽然您可以通过将一些工作外包到海外来达成协议,但是您的选择几乎是无限的。 Here are several reasons that有以下几个原因 外包是明智之举 为您的会员营销业务:


Whether you operate your affiliate marketing business solo or as a team, handing over some of your tasks to a third party will free up a ton of time for other important matters.无论您是独自经营还是以团队形式经营会员营销业务,将部分任务移交给第三方都会为其他重要事情腾出大量时间。 All of those hours spent writing content, managing social media accounts, and dealing with other mundane tasks will be yours once again.所有这些花在编写内容,管理社交媒体帐户以及处理其他平凡任务上的时间都将再次由您承担。 


On another note, outsourcing might cost money, but it's also going to save you some cash.另一方面,外包可能要花钱,但也可以节省一些现金。 If you were paying an employee to do some of that stuff before or renting office space, you could eliminate that overhead.如果您要付钱给员工在租用办公空间之前或之前要做一些这样的事情,那么您可以消除这些开销。

此外,外包还可以为您提供可预测的成本 您的网站运营预算.


Even online marketers get stressed and find that they are unable to make additional headway in their business.甚至在线营销人员也感到压力,发现他们无法在业务中取得更大的进步。 When you begin to outsource, you'll find that some of that stress is relieved and you'll become more productive in the areas of your business that matter the most.当您开始外包时,您会发现其中的一些压力已得到缓解,您将在最重要的业务领域提高工作效率。

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of outsourcing is that it allows your affiliate marketing business to scale.外包最显着的好处之一就是可以让您的会员营销业务扩展。 Not only are you more productive, but you can outsource as much as you wish as you rapidly grow your business and its bottom-line results.您不仅可以提高工作效率,而且可以随着业务的快速发展及其最终结果而将所需的资源外包出去。


The internet makes it easier than ever to connect with experts and other professionals around the world that can help you run and grow your affiliate marketing business.互联网使与世界各地的专家和其他专业人员的联系比以往更容易,可以帮助您运营和发展会员营销业务。 This not only gives you access to people but also a wider variety of platforms and resources that can be used for marketing, automation, analytics, and more.这不仅使您可以与人接触,还可以使用各种各样的平台和资源进行市场营销,自动化,分析等。

Beyond this, you have a unique perspective on your business as its owner, but it might be biased.除此之外,您对作为其所有者的企业有独特的看法,但可能会有偏见。 When you work with contractors that have been in the business for a while, they can bring a unique perspective to your situation.当您与从事了一段时间的承包商合作时,他们可以为您的情况带来独特的视角。 You might gain some additional insight into how to address a particular pain point or new ways to attract and convert buyers on your website.您可能会获得有关如何解决特定痛点的新见解,或通过新方法吸引和转化网站上的买家。


最大的之一 会员营销中的错误 is losing your focus.正在失去焦点。 When you're running an affiliate marketing business, time is a precious commodity.当您开展会员营销业务时,时间就是宝贵的商品。 You should focus your effort to grow your business.您应该集中精力发展业务。 Things like strategic planning and tracking your progress aren't things you can or should outsource, and these can be time-consuming tasks.战略规划和跟踪进度等事情不是您可以或不应该外包的事情,而这些工作可能很耗时。

While affiliate marketing can be profitable, it also takes careful planning to ensure that you don't get burnt out or even limit your capacity.尽管联盟营销可以带来利润,但它还需要进行周密的计划,以确保您不会精疲力竭,甚至不会限制自己的能力。 By outsourcing many of the affiliate marketing tasks that we've outlined, you can maximize your business growth.通过外包我们概述的许多联盟营销任务,您可以最大限度地提高业务增长。

Although Fiverr is the go-to platform for most of the people, Upwork is equally popular when looking for outsourced talents.尽管Fiverr是大多数人的首选平台,但是Upwork在寻找外包人才时同样受欢迎。 Here's our article on这是我们的文章 Upwork vs Fiverr,如果您想知道比较。

这篇文章最初出现在 Fiverr博客.

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