Affiliate marketing thrives on trust and reputation.会员营销依靠信任和声誉而繁荣。 Treating your content superficially will most likely backfire, resulting in poor conversions and low traffic.表面处理您的内容很可能会适得其反,从而导致转换率低和流量低。 The main reason for that is the fact that people are looking for someone knowledgeable that would provide them with meaningful and actually useful information.这样做的主要原因是人们正在寻找知识渊博的人,以便为他们提供有意义且实际有用的信息。

But the truth is that we grow as we move on.但事实是,我们在前进的过程中不断成长。 In time, we acquire more knowledge and experience about what constitutes good writing and trustworthy content.随着时间的流逝,我们将获得更多有关什么构成良好写作和可信赖内容的知识和经验。 There are many ways of how good writing and relevant content optimization can improve your affiliate site's performance.良好的写作和相关的内容优化可以通过多种方式来改善您的会员网站的性能。 It can be applied to forthcoming articles and buying guides and revamping older content as well.它可以应用于即将发布的文章和购买指南,也可以用于修改较旧的内容。

根据 99公司,联属网络营销计划为广告客户创造了15-30%的销售收入,其中81%的品牌和84%的发布商已经在其数字内容方面实施了联属网络营销。 In this article, we're looking to provide you with the essential tips that will help you improve conversions and increase your traffic considerably.在本文中,我们希望为您提供必要的提示,以帮助您提高转化率并显着增加流量。



This is to reiterate that people are looking for valuable content that benefits them directly.这是为了重申人们正在寻找可直接使他们受益的有价值的内容。 Whatever demographic you're aiming for, it's essential to address your audience's needs first.无论您要针对的受众特征是什么,首先要满足受众的需求至关重要。

People don't care for watered-down content.人们不在乎淡化的内容。 According to根据 工作2欢乐,有38%的营销人员声称联盟营销是他们的主要客户获取方法,而57%的营销人员声称博客和内容创建是他们吸引流量的首选方法。

To be persuasive, an affiliate marketing website needs to be thorough and informative.为了具有说服力,会员营销网站需要全面且信息丰富。 Would you consider purchasing a product advertised by a site that doesn't sound knowledgeable?您是否会考虑购买听起来不太有知识的网站广告的产品? Content optimization should seek not just to make articles longer and broader, but rather more thorough and meticulous.内容优化不仅要使文章更长更宽,而且应该更加彻底和细致。


There is a variety of factors that define the reading ease of copy.有多种因素决定了复印的可读性。 The most popular way of measuring it is the Flesch-Kincaid Score.最受欢迎的测量方法是Flesch-Kincaid分数。

“保持较高的可读性得分将从很多角度使您的网站受益匪浅。 First off — the obvious.首先-很明显。 A well laid out copy doesn't seem impenetrable.布局合理的副本似乎并不刺眼。 It reads smoothly and doesn't demand too much computing.它读取流畅,不需要太多的计算。 Secondly, readability is essential for SEO.”其次,可读性对于SEO至关重要。”

Christopher K. Mercer,数字企业家,创建者 公民.

不能保证Google计算网站的内容Flesch-Kincaid分数。 但是,易于阅读的内容在搜索结果中的排名往往较高。 原因也在于人为因素。

人们只是不想在不需要时阅读非常复杂的文本。 如果人们单击了您在Google上的链接并在不久后离开了您的页面,则Google将“惩罚”该网站,因为它没有为用户提供他所寻求的价值。 因此,它不应在搜索结果中排名很高。


So, how do you optimize your text for better readability?那么,如何优化文本以提高可读性? Here are a few suggestions:这里有一些建议:

  • 句子简短. The shorter they are, the easier it generally is to follow the point of the text.它们越短,通常越容易遵循文本的要点。 Keeping sentences under 15 words should do.句子应少于XNUMX个字。
  • Keep your paragraphs short.保持简短。 Large blocks of text are intimidating and will often dissuade readers from reading.大块的文本令人生畏,通常会使读者无法阅读。 Keeping your paragraphs under 5-6 lines will keep them user-friendly.将段落保持在XNUMX-XNUMX行以下将使它们易于使用。
  • Use connectors like “however,” “moreover,” “furthermore,” and so forth.使用“但是”,“此外”,“更多”等连接器。 They help establish a logical connection between ideas, which makes the text easier to read.它们有助于在思想之间建立逻辑联系,从而使文本更易于阅读。
  • 使用项目符号列表使文章更易于扫描。
  • 尽可能避免使用被动语态。

You can also limit the number of adverbs you use.您还可以限制使用的副词的数量。 Instead of opting for adverbs, it's better to go with more descriptive verbs.与其选择副词,不如使用更具描述性的动词。 It keeps the text more engaging.它使文本更具吸引力。 Here's a brief example:这是一个简单的示例:

  • 珍妮佛走得很快
  • 珍妮弗赶紧



The success of an affiliate marketing website is partly defined by how engaging its content is.会员营销网站的成功部分取决于其内容的吸引力。 Taking into consideration the modern tech ecosystem, we seem to have shorter attention spans and seem to dislike reading long paragraphs or long texts in general.考虑到现代技术生态系统,我们的注意力跨度似乎较短,并且总体上似乎不喜欢阅读较长的段落或较长的文章。 This is why we need to occasionally complement our articles with images and videos.这就是为什么我们偶尔需要用图片和视频来补充我们的文章的原因。


  • Use images with faces.脸部使用图像。 We are evolutionarily driven towards faces.我们在进化上趋向面孔。 They他们 吸引我们的注意力并吸引我们,这可以帮助您强调文本和号召性用语的重要部分。
  • 使用有助于理解文本的图像和图表。
  • The common recommendation is to use an image in 200 words of text.通常的建议是使用100字的图像。 However, Blog Pros have analyzed the most popular XNUMX blog entries on the internet and have concluded that they feature an image in但是,博客专业人士分析了互联网上最受欢迎的XNUMX个博客条目,并得出结论认为,它们在 约350个字.

4. UX over关键字

SEO标准 change a lot over time and often what tends to be the staple of high-quality optimization becomes obsolete in a matter of months.随着时间的推移变化很大,往往成为高质量优化的主要内容的方法在几个月内就已过时。 This is what happened with keywords, which remain an intensely debated topic in on-page optimization.关键字就是这种情况,关键字仍然是页面优化中的热门话题。

James Daily,内容部门主管 Flashessay.com 分享了

几年前,作家不得不跳过最奇怪的圈子,以将关键字巧妙地整合到他们的文本中。 它们通常类似于没有理智的人会说过的截断和不自然的文本片段。

A well-designed user experience (UX) has now become an essential component for high ranking on search engines, which in effect, provides websites with a healthy influx of traffic.精心设计的用户体验(UX)现在已成为在搜索引擎上获得高排名的重要组成部分,实际上,它为网站带来了健康的访问量。 According to根据 Toptal,有88%的客户不太可能返回用户体验不佳的网站,其中62%的用户声称由于用户体验不合适而开始主动避免使用该特定品牌。

This is not to say that keywords are now not important, they remain one of the critical signals that search engines take in consideration for ranking websites in search results.这并不是说关键字现在不重要,它们仍然是搜索引擎考虑在搜索结果中对网站排名的关键信号之一。 However, UX is now a pivotal component of an但是,UX现在已成为 SEO优化策略.


Simply put, we have to focus on satisfying the customers' needs before anything.简而言之,我们必须首先专注于满足客户的需求。 Therefore, bombarding your potential customers with repetitive and unnatural synthases is a bad practice.因此,用重复和不自然的合成器轰炸您的潜在客户是一个坏习惯。 Focus on reliably answering the customer's questions, only then attempt to apply keywords to your text.专注于可靠地回答客户的问题,然后再尝试将关键字应用于文本。

5。 讲一个故事

One of the essential goals of an affiliate marketing website is to build a trusting relationship with its audience.会员营销网站的基本目标之一是与受众建立信任关系。 A large number of businesses use storytelling to create a meaningful connection with their customers.许多企业使用讲故事的方式与客户建立有意义的联系。 The type of storytelling you'd employ when您将在以下情况下使用的讲故事的类型 写个人账户信.


令人惊讶的是,根据 最近发表的研究讲故事会提高体内催产素的水平,催产素是一种“感觉良好”的激素。 在身体和社交互动(例如拥抱,握手等)期间,人类的催产素水平往往升高。


As a result, it's not surprising that articles that feature storytelling, compared to just plain reporting ensure greater engagement and a much bigger audience.因此,与仅提供简单报道相比,具有讲故事的文章可确保更大的参与度和更大的受众量,这也就不足为奇了。 In fact, injecting an article with some elements of storytelling increases its reader count实际上,为文章添加讲故事的元素会增加读者人数 三倍,根据Buffer自己测试。

为了提高文字的讲故事质量,请考虑咨询 谢林写道, 黛安·卡拉汉(Diane Callahan),以及类似的服务 散文供应.


Now that we have a better understanding of how to optimize the content on an affiliate marketing website, let's take a look at some mistakes worth avoiding.现在,我们对如何优化联盟营销网站上的内容有了更好的了解,让我们看一些值得避免的错误。 Keep in mind that these can seriously hurt your lead and sales generation efforts, so make sure to avoid them at all times:请记住,这些可能会严重损害您的潜在客户和销售创造力,因此请始终避免使用它们:


It's difficult to cover every industry and niche under the sun on your affiliate marketing website.很难在会员营销网站上涵盖所有行业和特定领域。 According to根据 托管法庭,最受欢迎的联盟营销利基包括时装(18.7%),健康(11.1%)和旅行(8.6%)等。 Whether it's IT, health, fashion or something different entirely, make sure to slowly specialize your services in one direction or another.无论是IT,健康,时尚还是完全不同的事物,请确保在一个方向或另一个方向上慢慢地使您的服务专业化。 This will let you raise your prices, attract more exclusive clients and develop in-depth knowledge about certain affiliate marketing niches.这将使您提高价格,吸引更多的独家客户,并获得有关某些会员营销壁ni的深入知识。


Whether to attract clients or simply rank higher in global search engines such as Google and Bing, you need to make sure that your SEO game is up to the task.无论是吸引客户还是在Google和Bing等全球搜索引擎中排名较高,您都需要确保SEO游戏能够胜任这项任务。 Tools such as诸如 Google关键字规划师, SEMrushAhrefs 可以帮助您确定在联盟营销细分市场中效果很好的热门关键字,词组和优化系统。


Lastly, affiliate marketing is all about giving more and more options to whomever you partner up with.最后,会员营销就是为与您合作的人提供越来越多的选择。 Make sure to create different types of content, expand your service portfolio and engage your audience on a constant basis.确保创建不同类型的内容,扩展您的服务组合,并不断吸引您的受众。 Don't settle into a routine and try to do something new and exciting periodically to keep your affiliate marketing website attractive.不要沉迷于常规,而要定期做一些新颖而令人兴奋的事情,以保持您的会员营销网站的吸引力。


The concept of content optimization has changed dramatically over the last five years.内容优化的概念在过去五年中发生了巨大变化。 Make sure to curate your affiliate marketing website and content in order to attract as many leads and clients as possible.确保策划您的会员营销网站和内容,以吸引尽可能多的潜在客户和客户。 Once you find a content optimization system that suits your brand, the right audience will find their way to you through search engines and word of mouth.找到适合自己品牌的内容优化系统后,合适的受众就会通过搜索引擎和口碑相传的方式找到您。


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