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The explosion of digital has seen a steady rise in eCommerce over the years.这些年来,数字技术的爆炸式增长使电子商务稳步增长。 In fact, projections estimate that global volume transacted will hit实际上,预测估计全球交易量将达到 $ 6.5万亿2023.


For example, Marc made $178,492 by dropshipping US and European products using Shopify and Spocket
We hear more and more success stories in dropshipping business.我们听到越来越多的直销业务成功案例。 For example, Marc made $178,492 by dropshipping US and European products using Shopify and Spocket (例如,Marc使用Shopify和Spocket通过在美国和欧洲销售产品来赚取XNUMX美元(阅读案例研究).

得益于类似的平台,这样做比以往任何时候都更加容易 Shopify.

The basics of getting your own eCommerce store with Shopify are actually very simple.使用Shopify获得自己的电子商务商店的基础实际上非常简单。 eCommerce sites are fundamentally the same as basic websites, except that they allow users to make purchases on the site.电子商务网站与基本网站基本相同,不同之处在于,它们允许用户在网站上进行购买。



The basics of getting your own eCommerce store with Shopify are actually very simple.使用Shopify获得自己的电子商务商店的基础实际上非常简单。 eCommerce sites are fundamentally the same as basic websites, except that they allow users to make purchases on the site.电子商务网站与基本网站基本相同,不同之处在于,它们允许用户在网站上进行购买。


Sell online with Shopify - Signup for a 14-day free trial

Shopify为所有新用户提供14天的免费试用期。 To get started with them, visit the Shopify site and click on 'Start Free Trial'.要开始使用它们,请访问Shopify网站,然后单击“开始免费试用”。 This sign up gives you access to the Shopify site builder.通过此注册,您可以访问Shopify网站构建器。



Use Shopify Site Builder to build an online store

Shopify Site Builder遵循乐高概念。 What it allows you to do is basically put together various 'pieces' of a site so that it works the way you want.它允许您做的基本上是将网站的各个“部分”组合在一起,以便按您想要的方式工作。 Everything is visual so you can see your site take form as you build it.一切都是可视的,因此您可以在构建网站时看到其形式。


Method #1.方法XNUMX。 Pre-built Shopify Themes预建Shopify主题

Shopify themes


要找到适合您需求的主题,您可以访问Shopify主题商店,网址为: –有70多个预建的免费和付费主题可供选择。

Method #2.方法XNUMX。 Create from scratch using Liquid使用Liquid从头开始创建

Shopify programming language Liquid
Shopify编程语言Liquid –一些Shopify开发人员告诉我们Liquid是一种易于学习的语言。 如果您希望从头开始创建Shopify商店,则必须学习它。

或者,如果您想要更独特的东西,也可以从头开始创建网站。 Shopify平台使用其自行开发的PHP语言“ Liquid”。 您需要掌握该语言,以便从头开始创建Shopify商店。



Adding a product to your inventory in Shopify




To do this, click on 'Products' then select 'Add Product'.为此,请单击“产品”,然后选择“添加产品”。 The Add Product screen is a very powerful utility for your store.添加产品屏幕对于您的商店来说是一个非常强大的实用程序。 Aside from the basics such as product name and descriptions, you can also set collections, vendor, and tags here.除了产品名称和描述之类的基础知识之外,您还可以在此处设置集合,供应商和标签。 This helps keep your products organized.这有助于使您的产品井井有条。


Another way of adding products would be the dropshipping method.添加产品的另一种方法是直接运送方法。 You'll need to visit the Shopify Market and select a dropshipping app such as Oberlo.您需要访问Shopify市场并选择一个诸如Oberlo之类的直销应用程序。 Using that, you can browse and add products from the app interface instead.使用它,您可以改为从应用程序界面浏览和添加产品。


Placing a product to Shopify store

Adding products to your inventory simply means that they're stored in the system.将产品添加到库存中仅意味着它们已存储在系统中。 You also need to arrange for those products to be placed on your Shopify store.您还需要安排将这些产品放在Shopify商店中。 To do this, open up your store editor again.为此,请再次打开商店编辑器。

在这里,您将决定在哪里添加某些产品集合。 您可以有不同的部分来显示不同的收藏集,也可以只是一个大目录-由您选择。


Configuring payment methods in your shopify store

Once your basic site is put together it's time to look towards eCommerce features.将您的基本网站放在一起后,就该考虑电子商务功能了。 The first thing you need in this aspect is to decide how you want customers to pay for purchases on your site.在这方面,您需要做的第一件事是确定希望客户如何在您的网站上付款。


By default, PayPal is available on your store, but you will need to create a PayPal merchant account later if you wish to use this.默认情况下,您的商店中可以使用PayPal,但是如果您希望使用此帐户,则稍后需要创建PayPal商家帐户。 Aside from PayPal you have two other main types of payments processors.除了PayPal,您还有其他两种主要的付款处理程序。


The first is Shopify Payments, provided directly by Shopify.第一个是Shopify付款,由Shopify直接提供。 If you decide to use this, it allows you to process almost any kind of payments through your account.如果您决定使用此功能,则可以通过您的帐户处理几乎所有类型的付款。 However, Shopify payments is a bit restricted since not everyone can use it.但是,Shopify付款受到一些限制,因为不是每个人都可以使用它。 It's available only to a handful of countries and there are further restrictions on what businesses in which countries can use it or not.它仅适用于少数几个国家/地区,并且在哪些国家/地区可以使用或不使用的企业中还有其他限制。

例如,澳大利亚企业可以使用Shopify Payments,但禁止与某些金融和专业服务,赌博或其他活动的完整清单相关的交易。


解决该问题的另一种方法是使用第三方付款处理器,例如 条纹, iPay88WorldPay的。 Unfortunately, there is another 'but' here.不幸的是,这里还有另一个“但是”。 Before you choose a provider to use, you need to make sure that it's在选择要使用的提供程序之前,需要确保它是 适用于您所在的地区.


Setting up Shopify store shipping

要管理您的运输安排,请单击“设置”,然后单击“运输”。 在这里,您可以设置与每个订单有关的所有详细信息-从运输公司到清单清单和费率。

You can create multiple shipping configurations to cater to varying orders such as domestic or International.您可以创建多种运输配置以适应不同的订单,例如国内或国际。 Conditions can also be set, for example, what weight of orders require what type of packaging.还可以设置条件,例如,什么重量的订单需要哪种包装。


Managing Shopify shopping carts

在“设置”->“结帐”页面上,您可以设置客户进行购买的过程。 必须决定您希望商店如何管理结帐。

For example, do you want anyone to be able to make a purchase without an account on your store?例如,您是否希望任何人都可以在商店中没有帐户的情况下购物? The checkout section is another powerful area that you can use not just for revenue generation, but also data capture and other marketing purposes.结帐部分是另一个强大的区域,您不仅可以将其用于创收,还可以将其用于数据捕获和其他营销目的。


Launching your store

Shopify上的不同计划具有不同的功能。 For example, all transactions on Shopify are levies with transaction fees but higher-tier plans will cost you less in those fees.例如,Shopify上的所有交易都是要​​收取交易费的征费,但是更高级别的计划将使您减少这些费用。




Shopify编辑器易于使用。 On the left is the navigation bar where you can edit on the particular block.左侧是导航栏,您可以在其中编辑特定块。

The 'front' of your eCommerce site is what visitors will see and interact with.电子商务网站的“前端”是访问者将看到并与之交互的内容。 This can be built to your exact requirements by making use of the blocks that Shopify has in the site builder.可以通过使用Shopify在站点生成器中提供的块来满足您的确切要求。 It can be used to start with a blank template or modify one of Shopify's existing themes.它可用于从空白模板开始或修改Shopify的现有主题之一。

Shopify 付款和运输

The Shopping cart and payment processing is the heart of your eCommerce store.购物车和付款处理是您电子商务商店的核心。 You can choose what payments you wish to accept from your customers.您可以选择希望从客户那里接受的付款方式。 There are有 超过100种不同的处理器 可用,因此选择实际上取决于您。



Shopify会跟踪您的客户及其购买历史和其他信息。 This helps you organize them and with that, you can carry out extended marketing such as launch custom campaigns and more.这可以帮助您组织它们,并以此进行扩展的营销,例如启动自定义市场活动等。


Shopify附带了一些内置功能或可能的附加功能,可帮助您运行市场营销活动。 You can offer customers gift cards, carry out social media or email marketing campaigns, and more.您可以向客户提供礼品卡,开展社交媒体或电子邮件营销活动等等。


Shopify Backend Management


This is similar to the storeroom in your retail shop, where you can manage inventory.这类似于零售店中的仓库,您可以在其中管理库存。 Here, you can tag products, generate reports to help with stock replenishment, or even define various SKUs.在这里,您可以标记产品,生成报告以帮助补充库存,甚至定义各种SKU。


With many entrepreneurs jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon, Shopify has made a mobile app available to support its users who are on the go.随着许多企业家加入电子商务潮流,Shopify推出了一款移动应用程序以支持其移动用户。 Their mobile app will give you full control of your site and behaviour from anywhere in the world.他们的移动应用程序可让您从世界任何地方完全控制您的网站和行为。


Shopify Buy Button

For those who don't want to own their own entire eCommerce site, Shopify has a Lite plan that offers the integration of a Buy Button.对于那些不想拥有自己的整个电子商务网站的人,Shopify提供了一个Lite计划,该计划提供了“购买按钮”的集成。 You can use this on your own website or blog to easily take advantage of Shopify's transaction capabilities.您可以在自己的网站或博客上使用它,以轻松利用Shopify的交易功能。

Shopify 数据分析

Shopify Analytics

From a single dashboard you can access all the data that is gathered from your site.您可以从一个仪表板访问从站点收集的所有数据。 This includes visitor statistics such as where they are coming from, how they learned about your site, and more.其中包括访问者统计信息,例如访问者来自何处,他们如何了解您的网站等等。 You can also generate product and sales reports to be exported.您还可以生成要导出的产品和销售报告。

Shopify POS

Shopify的最独特之处之一是,它们允许实体零售店轻松过渡到数字化。 This takes the form of Shopify POS that allows them to tie the Shopify backend into their retail business.这采用Shopify POS的形式,允许他们将Shopify后端绑定到其零售业务中。 The result in integrated inventory and even reporting.结果是集成的清单甚至报告。


Shopify Cost

Shopify共有五种计划供您选择。 Shopify标准计划的价格为$ 29 / mo(Basic Shopify),$ 79 / mo(Shopify)和$ 299 / mo(Advanced Shopify)。

There are subtle but important differences between these plans.这些计划之间存在细微但重要的差异。 All of them of course enable you to build and run an eCommerce site.所有这些当然都使您能够构建和运行电子商务站点。 The more expensive plans though come with extra features that would benefit larger sites that see a higher volume of traffic.不过,更昂贵的计划带有额外的功能,这些功能将使流量更大的大型站点受益。

Advanced Shopify的信用卡付款交易费用较低,这是在线商店的常见付款方式。

Shopify Lite旨在帮助您在线销售,而无需通过Shopify建立完整的商店。 It allows you to use the 'Buy Button” mention above for only $9/mo.它允许您仅以$ XNUMX / mo的价格使用上述“购买按钮”。

Shopify Plus适用于可能有特殊需要的大型企业。 Each of these plans are customized to your specific needs, so costs vary.这些计划中的每一个都是根据您的特定需求定制的,因此成本各不相同。 You will need to contact Shopify to discuss your exact requirements with them.您需要联系Shopify与他们讨论您的确切要求。

提示:如果Shopify听起来太贵了,请查看这些 小型企业托管平台。 建立和托管自己的企业网站总是比较便宜。


每月价格$ 29 /月$ 79 /月$ 299 /月
信用卡费用2.9%+ $ 0.302.6%+ $ 0.302.4%+ $ 0.30
支持24 / 7



Shopify就是要帮助人们在线销售。 This can happen in three ways, either as an entirely new eCommerce store, levering on an existing site, or by tying existing retail businesses into a new online store.这可以通过三种方式发生,要么是作为一个全新的电子商务商店来利用现有站点,要么通过将现有零售企业绑定到一个新的在线商店中。 Let's take the following three cases as an example;让我们以以下三种情况为例;

新店 –杰克(Jack)希望开始在线销售钓鱼设备,因为为此目的,他租用实体店会花费太多。 每月只需​​$ 29, Shopify基础 允许他这样做,而无需学习如何编写代码来开发和维护商店。

现有场地 –彼得拥有一个成功的网站,并希望通过销售一些产品来利用他的访问量。 为此,他报名参加 Shopify精简版 这将有助于他在自己的网站上每月仅花费9美元。

物理到数字 – John是丹佛地区一系列五金店的所有者。 通过使用Shopify,他可以轻松地为其商店开设在线店面。 用 Shopify POS,他还可以集成其实体店和零售店的库存管理。

Shopify并非真正有用的唯一情况是您不打算在线销售。 Its pricing is a little steeper than most standard website builders since it integrates so many eCommerce features.由于它集成了许多电子商务功能,因此它的价格比大多数标准网站建设者的定价更高。



As long as you are planning to do any kind of online sales then Shopify is the right solution for you.只要您打算进行任何类型的在线销售,Shopify就是您的正确解决方案。 Whether you are selling physical products or digital goods, Shopify has you covered.无论您是销售实物产品还是数字商品,Shopify都能为您提供保障。 The best part is that you can build and run a professional looking eCommerce store without having to learn a single line of code.最好的部分是,您无需学习任何代码即可建立并经营一家外观专业的电子商务商店。

由于其受欢迎程度,Shopify还具有活力 在线社区。 If there's something you want to know, simply ask and you will be very likely to find someone who knows the answer.如果您想知道某些事情,只需询问即可,您很可能会找到知道答案的人。

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