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品牌知名度可以定义为一个品牌的辨识度——消费者将其与竞争对手区分开来的难易程度。 这是克罗ucial为您的品牌提高品牌知名度,因为如果人们不知道是什么让您与众不同,他们就不会轻易购买您的品牌而不是竞争对手的品牌。 但如果他们确实认识到是什么让你与众不同,并因此而欣赏你,那么你就在竞争中脱颖而出。

谷歌可以说是 品牌知名度之王. 它是如此知名的品牌,以至于我们将其用作动词:当我们在网上搜索某些东西时,我们通常会说我们要去“Google it”。 

But don't get intimidated.但是不要被吓倒。 Although becoming a household name is the brand awareness holy grail, you don't have to reach Google's level to increase your brand awareness.尽管成为家喻户晓的名字是品牌知名度的圣杯,但您不必达到Google的水平即可提高品牌知名度。

In fact, people don't even have to remember your brand's name for you to reach a basic level of brand awareness.实际上,人们甚至不需要记住您的品牌名称就可以达到基本的品牌知名度。 As long as they remember some factor that sets your brand apart, such as your packaging, your colors, your slogan, or part of your story, they possess awareness of your brand.只要他们记得一些使您的品牌与众不同的因素,例如包装,颜色,标语或故事的一部分,他们就对您的品牌有所了解。 They know what makes you stand out, and this gives them a reason to choose you.他们知道是什么让您脱颖而出,这使他们有理由选择您。


任何品牌都可以实施许多简单的品牌知名度策略。 91%的零售品牌使用2个或更多社交媒体渠道, 据统计。 Today, we'll cover the easiest ways to increase your brand awareness.今天,我们将介绍提高品牌知名度的最简单方法。



口碑营销 occurs at any time people positively share your brand with their friends, family, or peers.当人们与朋友,家人或同伴积极分享您的品牌时,就会发生这种情况。 This sharing is vital to your brand's success.这种共享对您的品牌成功至关重要。 People trust the opinions and recommendations of their peers far more than they trust advertising and other messaging that comes straight from your brand.人们对同行的意见和建议的信任远远超过了对您品牌直接产生的广告和其他消息的信任。 So, if someone hears about you from a friend, they're highly likely to remember you— and to eventually purchase your products or services.因此,如果有人从朋友那里听到您的消息,那么他们很可能会记住您,并最终购买您的产品或服务。

Almost all of the other brand awareness strategies we'll cover depend on, or are easily augmented, by the powerhouse that is word-of-mouth.我们将介绍的几乎所有其他品牌知名度策略都依赖于口碑传播的强大力量,或者很容易被其增强。 So, encouraging other people to share your brand is the most impactful way to increase brand awareness.因此,鼓励其他人分享您的品牌是提高品牌知名度最有效的方法。 


People are spending increasing amounts of time on social media, where they naturally share content with many peers at once.人们在社交媒体上花费的时间越来越多,他们自然地一次与许多同龄人共享内容。 So, creating branded posts that people can't help but share is a solid way to boost your brand awareness.因此,创建人们不禁分享的品牌帖子是提高您的品牌知名度的可靠方法。 The trick is to make your posts look and feel like content people naturally share, and not like ads.诀窍是使您的帖子看起来和感觉像人们自然共享的内容,而不是广告。 

温迪 is a powerhouse at creating iconic, shareable posts— their Tweets have gone viral several times over, causing awareness of their brand to skyrocket.是创建标志性,可共享帖子的强大平台-他们的Tweet传播了数次,从而引起了人们对其品牌的关注度急剧上升。 Although you can't guarantee whether a post will go viral (the internet is very unpredictable), you can still easily take several cues from Wendy's to create branded posts worth sharing.尽管您不能保证帖子是否会风行一时(互联网非常难以预测),但是您仍然可以轻松地从Wendy的网站中获取一些线索来创建值得分享的品牌帖子。


Wendy's知道它的听众喜欢幽默,机智的内容,并且喜欢男孩。 他们制作的每个职位都专注于娱乐。 一个典型的例子? 他们的“烤”,或干躁和野蛮 回复推文 mentioning their own brand and/or their competitors, as well as to tweets from other brands.提及自己的品牌和/或竞争对手,以及其他品牌的推文。 Check out this example below:在下面查看此示例:


Now, consider your own audience.现在,考虑一下自己的听众。 Do they want humorous, entertaining content, or more serious information?他们是否想要幽默,有趣的内容或更严肃的信息? Do they want to be educated, inspired, or something else?他们是否想受到教育,启发或其他? Whatever they desire— and whatever they naturally share— should guide the type of social media posts you release.他们想要的东西以及他们自然分享的东西都应该指导您发布的社交媒体帖子的类型。 


Wendy在每个帖子中都注入了机智和品牌幽默-无论是烤肉,模因还是他们的 自己的角色扮演游戏 借助大量内部引用,您将始终在其内容中找到该签名音。

Find your own brand voice, whether it's snarky, serious, or somewhere in between, and stick to it with every post you make.找到您自己的品牌声音,无论它是下流的,严肃的还是介于两者之间的,然后在您发表的每个帖子中都坚持使用。 This consistency is key to generating brand awareness because it gives people another piece of branding to remember you by.这种一致性是产生品牌知名度的关键,因为它为人们提供了另一个品牌来记住您。 


温迪知道要专注于Twitter(其次, Instagram),因为这是他们的受众最多的时间。 Trying to cultivate a presence on every social network is too time-consuming, and will usually result in wasted effort, as it will put your posts in front of people who试图在每个社交网络上建立存在感是非常耗时的,并且通常会导致工作浪费,因为这会将您的帖子摆在那些 并不 candidates to buy your product.候选人购买您的产品。 Instead, concentrate on the platforms your audience frequents most.相反,请专注于观众最常使用的平台。 


Wendy's consistently tweets with an eye on the trends.温迪(Wendy)持续发推并关注趋势。 In this recent tweet, they play off of actor Emma Watson's use of “self-partnered” as a more empowering alternative to “single.”在最近的这则推文中,他们模仿了演员艾玛·沃特森(Emma Watson)使用“自我合作”作为“单身”的更有力替代品。 


As long as you don't try to piggyback off of a controversial topic, playing off of what's trending can help you increase your brand awareness.只要您不尝试背负有争议的话题,就可以根据流行趋势来提高品牌知名度。 And even if your tone is more serious, you can still increase brand awareness by highlighting trends in your industry.即使您的语气更加严肃,您仍然可以通过突出行业趋势来提高品牌知名度。 


您的社交媒体策略不应只包括产品ucing 自己的优质内容。

鼓励和利用用户生成的内容——社交媒体上客户发布的关于你的品牌的帖子,以及展示客户在日常生活中使用你的产品的图片和视频——同样重要。ucial 以产生品牌知名度。

像所有口碑营销一样,用户生成的内容功能强大,因为客户的朋友和关注者信任客户选择共享的内容。 因此,当您的品牌出现在朋友的原始内容中时,人们更容易记住您的品牌。 通过以下策略鼓励用户生成内容:

  • Create a branded hashtag for customers to use when they post about your product.创建一个品牌标签,供客户在发布有关您的产品时使用。 For example, shoe brand Jack Rogers has created the hashtag #lovemyjacks, which it uses to mobilize fans.例如,鞋类品牌杰克·罗杰斯(Jack Rogers)创建了#lovemyjacks主题标签,用于动员粉丝。
  • American Eagle的Aerie之所以这样做,是其承诺展示Photoshop不变的真实身体的一部分。 Customers tag their Aerie looks with #aeriereal, and these looks are a regular part of the brand's own Instagram feed.客户使用#aeriereal标记其Aerie外观,这些外观是该品牌自己的Instagram feed的常规组成部分。 
@lagrossequifaitdesvideos通过 @aerie在Instagram上
  • 发起竞赛,人们必须提交品牌的用户生成的内容才能进入,并为获奖者提供诱人的奖品。
  • 创建一个品牌化的“挑战”,让人们完成特定的任务sso与您的品牌相关联,使用特定的标签,并标记您的帐户。 (你也可以把它变成一场比赛,或者甚至为每个参与者进行慈善捐赠。)即使人们不参加挑战,如果他们喜欢他们看到的东西,他们仍然会标记他们的朋友,从而产生更多的品牌对你的认识。



考虑招募这些客户担任 品牌大使-您品牌的长期代表,他们会定期以自己的平台和真实的声音对您进行宣传。 They're motivated to spread the word about your brand because they're passionate about you and want to see you succeed, and because they think their audience would benefit from your products or services.他们之所以能够传播有关您的品牌的信息,是因为他们对您充满热情并希望看到您取得成功,并且因为他们认为听众将从您的产品或服务中受益。

You may have heard the term “brand ambassador” in connection with a brand's celebrity representative.您可能听说过与品牌名人代表有关的“品牌大使”一词。 However, ambassadors don't have to be celebrities or people with a large following, as long as they hold authority in your niche or among members of your target audience.但是,大使不必是名人或拥护者,只要他们在您的利基市场或目标受众群体中拥有权威即可。 It's all about choosing representatives your audience trusts, who are comfortable with holding one-on-one conversations about your brand and its products.这完全是要选择听众信任的代表,他们愿意就您的品牌及其产品进行一对一的对话。


路易莎(@louisavons) 在芝加哥洛约拉大学(Loyola University)担任Bumble Honey校园拓展经理。




  • 您可以像TOMS一样为某些产品创建慈善搭配(每卖出一双鞋,都会将一双鞋捐赠给有需要的孩子)。
  • Or, you could create a social sharing campaign, where every post with a branded hashtag triggers a donation to a favorite charity.或者,您可以创建一个社交共享活动,在该活动中,每个带有品牌标签的帖子都会触发对喜爱的慈善机构的捐款。 This will quickly raise awareness—of both your cause and your brand—with every share!每一次分享都会迅速提高您对事业和品牌的认识!
Disney's #shareyourears is one example of a charity hashtag campaign.迪士尼的#shareyourears是慈善标签活动的一个例子。 For every post featuring Mickey ears and the hashtag that was shared in a given timeframe, Disney donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation.对于每一个具有米奇耳朵和在特定时间范围内共享的主题标签的帖子,迪士尼都会捐赠给“愿望成真”基金会。 
  • 您的员工可以在社区活动或非营利组织中志愿服务,或者您的品牌可以在公司范围内开展自己的志愿活动。
  •  Even better, if your products would directly benefit a community organization, why not donate them?更好的是,如果您的产品将直接使社区组织受益,为什么不捐赠它们? For example, a bottled water company might donate water to a soccer tournament or band competition, or a home improvement store might donate supplies to Habitat for Humanity.例如,瓶装水公司可能会为足球比赛或乐队比赛捐赠水,或者一家家居用品商店可能会向“人居”捐赠物资。

Of course, any philanthropy should be conducted because you genuinely want to help a cause.当然,任何慈善活动都应该进行,因为您确实想帮助事业。 If giving back is just done for publicity, your audience will be able to tell, and this will backfire.如果只是为了宣传而回馈,您的听众将能够说出话,这将适得其反。


Sharing authentic stories about your brand makes it easier for people to remember you and share you with others.分享有关您品牌的真实故事可以使人们更容易记住您并与他人分享您的信息。 So, be sure to engage in thoughtful brand storytelling.因此,一定要进行深思熟虑的品牌故事讲述。

Did you start your brand to meet a need that no one else meets?您是否建立了自己的品牌以满足其他任何人都无法满足的需求? Are your products built to solve a specific problem?您的产品是否旨在解决特定问题? Let the world know, because stories like this are highly shareable.让世界知道,因为这样的故事是高度可共享的。 

但是,如果您不属于这些类别之一,请不要担心。 您的品牌仍然可以用您独特的声音和语调写一个“签名故事”。 这个真实而令人难忘的故事展示了您的品牌使命和价值观,它们的产生方式和原因,以及您在品牌所做和所做的一切事情中如何致力于这些价值观,包括与客户的关系。

北脸 分享他们的签名故事。 

Your customers' stories are a vital part of your own brand story, so consider sharing their experiences with you on your blog, on a “testimonials” page, or in video form.客户故事是您自己品牌故事的重要组成部分,因此请考虑在您的博客,“推荐”页面或以视频形式与您分享他们的经验。 This will be even more effective if you let your customers tell their own stories!如果您让客户讲述自己的故事,这将更加有效!

看看上面的 Zendesk的客户评价 Zoom,分享他们为什么喜欢视频会议平台。


In this digital age, the “unboxing” experience is becoming even more prominent.在这个数字时代,“拆箱”体验变得更加突出。 On social media (especially digital video platforms), people focus on all the aspects of discovering a product, starting with the packaging.在社交媒体(尤其是数字视频平台)上,人们从包装开始就专注于发现产品的所有方面。 This proves that, if your packaging is memorable, people are even more likely to remember your brand.这证明,如果您的包装令人难忘,那么人们更容易记住您的品牌。 So, consider placing your branding on shipping boxes, redesigning your packaging to stand out, or even creating an experience of opening your product.因此,请考虑将品牌放在运输箱上,重新设计包装以脱颖而出,甚至创造打开产品的体验。 

病毒式LOL Surprise玩具系列已经掌握了这种经验-打开玩具的“层”以发现里面有什么惊喜与所产生的玩具本身一样重要,而这种独特的“拆箱”才是使玩具如此受欢迎的原因。 

You don't have to go as far as the LOL ball, but carefully retooling your packaging is an easy way to boost brand awareness.您不必走得更远,但仔细地重新包装包装是提高品牌知名度的简便方法。 But what if you sell software, a service, or another product that has no real “package?”但是,如果您出售没有真正“包装”的软件,服务或其他产品怎么办? Regardless of what you sell, there are plenty of other branding elements that you can focus on making memorable, such as your slogan, colors, and mission.无论销售什么产品,都有许多其他品牌元素可以使您留下深刻的印象,例如标语,颜色和使命。

如果您正在寻找用于品牌宣传的徽标, 这是您可以下载的免费徽标-无需注册.


制作内容翔实的博客文章是一种对所有品牌都有效的策略,无论您出售什么产品。 如果您在利基市场中撰写满足受众需求的主题,这将增加您在潜在客户眼中的权威。 一旦您帮助了人们,他们将很难忘记您,特别是如果他们可以从您的产品中受益。 他们可能会再次购买,因为他们信任您的内容。因此,找出人们在您的利基市场中提出的问题,并撰写可回答这些问题的博客文章。


Don't limit your blogging to your own website.不要将博客限制在自己的网站上。 Submitting high-quality guest posts to other websites related to your niche, but that don't directly compete against your own website, is a solid way to place your brand in front of a new, relevant audience.向与您的利基市场相关的其他网站提交高质量的访客帖子,但不会直接与您自己的网站竞争,这是将品牌展示在新的相关受众面前的可靠方法。 Ideally, the site you're guest posting on will let you include an author bio with a link and one-sentence description of your brand.理想情况下,您在访客网站上发布的网站将使您包括作者简介,以及链接和品牌的一句话描述。 If they don't, you can at least insert a few links to your own site's content, which will hopefully help boost your traffic.如果没有,您至少可以插入一些指向您自己网站内容的链接,这有望帮助您增加访问量。

另外,考虑在 LinkedIn or 中等。 These sites already have a large audience built up, and you'll always be able to include a short plug for your company at the end of these posts.这些站点已经拥有大量的受众,并且您将始终能够在这些帖子的末尾为您的公司提供简短的说明。 Tag your content so it will be grouped with other posts in your niche.标记您的内容,以便将其与您的利基中的其他帖子分组。


根据 麦克奈特·库兰德,人们只会记住他们所读或听到的内容的10%至20%,但他们只会记住所看到的内容的65%。 Clearly, if you're only creating blogs and other textual content, that isn't always sufficient to boost brand awareness.显然,如果您仅创建博客和其他文本内容,那并不总是足以提高品牌知名度。 You'll increase your odds of being remembered if you create compelling visual content— infographics, as well as other branded images and videos.如果您创建引人注目的视觉内容(信息图表)以及其他品牌的图像和视频,则会增加被记住的几率。 

Infographics are awesome for communicating statistics and related bites of information;信息图表非常棒,可以传达统计信息和相关信息。 to find out just how useful and powerful they are, check out the infographic below from要了解它们的实用性和功能性,请查看visual.ly下方的信息图。

You could also turn content from popular blog posts into short videos, so the content is easier to digest.您还可以将热门博客文章中的内容转换为短视频,从而使内容更易于消化。 Like images, videos are easily shared, they'll help boost your brand awareness rapidly.就像图像一样,视频也易于共享,它们将有助于快速提升您的品牌知名度。 


如果您的特定领域还没有播客,那么创建一个来回答问题并关注您所在行业的其他人是一个很好的品牌知名度策略。 但是,您的利基市场可能已经挤满了 播客,特别是如果你卖某种 B2B多供应商软件。 In that case, you should have your founder, CEO, or another prominent person within your company appear on others' related podcasts.在这种情况下,您应该让您的创始人,首席执行官或公司中的其他知名人士出现在其他人的相关播客中。 Like with guest posts, this is a handy way to get your brand in front of a new, relevant audience.与来宾帖子一样,这是一种在新的相关受众面前展示品牌的便捷方法。


When customers Google a topic, they usually don't look beyond the first page of search results.当客户使用Google搜索某个主题时,他们通常不会只停留在搜索结果的首页上。 But if your brand ranks highly on this first page, over your competitors, your brand will look more authoritative— and people will naturally learn about your brand before the competition.但是,如果您的品牌在第一页上的排名很高,超过了您的竞争对手,那么您的品牌将更具权威性-人们自然会在竞争前了解您的品牌。

SEO是建立品牌知名度的负担得起的选择。 According to 59% of marketers polled in根据XNUMX%的行销商调查 推荐岩石调查, SEO是建立品牌知名度的最经济有效的方法之一。

So, make sure to optimize your website for keywords closely related to your brand, that your audience is searching for.因此,请确保针对您的受众群体正在搜索的与您的品牌紧密相关的关键字优化您的网站。 Ideally, you'll optimize for three types of keywords: the general keywords that describe your product or service categories, the specific keywords that are more focused on your product type, and the specific keywords that pose questions related to your niche.理想情况下,您将针对三种类型的关键字进行优化:描述您的产品或服务类别的常规关键字,更专注于您的产品类型的特定关键字以及提出与利基相关的问题的特定关键字。

Also, research your competition on Google— the sites you're battling against for your spot on page one— so you'll know what you'll need to do to fight for the rankings you want.另外,在Google上研究您的竞争-您正在与之竞争的网站位于第一页,因此您将知道需要做些什么才能争取想要的排名。 You'll usually find that longer, more specific keywords have low competition, and draw in people who are more likely to purchase from you, even though they generally aren't searched for as often.通常,您会发现更长,更具体的关键字竞争激烈,并且吸引了更多可能从您那里购买商品的人,即使他们通常不会被频繁搜索。

阅读 - SEO新手指南


Who doesn't love getting something for nothing?谁不喜欢一无所获? Giving away free swag with your brand name on them, or valuable coupons, can make a lasting impression.免费赠送赃物,上面印有您的品牌名称或有价值的优惠券,可以给您留下深刻的印象。 So, find an event in your community, such as a sports game, concert, expo, conference, or community day, where you're likely to meet many people in your brand's desired audience.因此,在您的社区中找到一个活动,例如体育比赛,音乐会,博览会,会议或社区日,您很可能会在这个品牌的目标受众中遇到很多人。 Reserve a space, and distribute the freebies!预留空间并分发免费赠品!

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If you decide to give out swag, your best choices are items that people can wear or carry with them (think shirts, hats, water bottles, or tote bags).如果您决定分发赃物,则最好的选择是人们可以随身携带或随身携带的物品(例如衬衫,帽子,水壶或手提袋)。 This will turn the people who use the swag into walking billboards, giving your brand awareness another boost!这会将使用赃物的人们变成步行广告牌,从而进一步提高您的品牌知名度!

Don't forget about giving “bite-sized,” free experiences with your product or service.不要忘记为您的产品或服务提供“一口大小”的免费体验。 If the people who try it enjoy their experience, they're even more likely to remember you and come back to purchase, and they might also tell their friends.如果尝试它的人喜欢他们的经历,他们甚至会记住您并再次购买,并且还可能告诉他们的朋友。 Giving out trial-size versions of your products, or free samples, is a great choice, if your brand allows for it.如果您的品牌允许,提供产品的试用版或免费样品是一个不错的选择。

But what if your product isn't physical?但是,如果您的产品不是物理的怎么办? You still have options.您仍然可以选择。 If you sell a software or digital subscription, a demo or free trial is another solid “freebie” that you can give out.如果您出售软件或数字订阅,则演示或免费试用是您可以提供的另一个可靠的“免费赠品”。 And if you provide a recurring service, you could offer a free first service, or credits towards that service.而且,如果您提供定期服务,则可以提供免费的第一服务,或对该服务的积分。


We can't emphasize enough how important word-of-mouth is in generating brand awareness.我们不能过分强调口碑对提高品牌知名度的重要性。 But word-of-mouth can be tough to track and control.但是口碑很难跟踪和控制。 Don't worry, though— starting a referral program lets you easily promote and track word-of-mouth, putting the power back into the hands of your business.不过,请放心,启动推介计划使您可以轻松地宣传和跟踪口碑,将力量重新掌握在您的企业手中。

Referral programs let you offer exciting rewards for existing customers who directly share your brand with their friends.推荐计划可为直接与朋友分享您品牌的现有客户提供激动人心的奖励。 You can choose incentives that will best motivate your customers to share, such as free products, store credits, discounts, service upgrades, or branded swag.您可以选择最能激发客户分享的激励措施,例如免费产品,商店信用,折扣,服务升级或实名赃物。 

Also, referral programs make it easy for customers to share using the methods they prefer, in just a few clicks.此外,推荐程序使客户只需单击几下即可轻松使用他们喜欢的方法进行共享。 And if you select a如果您选择一个 推荐程序软件,跟踪这些引荐很简单。 

Lime Crime的推荐计划为推荐其朋友的客户提供20%的折扣券,并使客户可以轻松地通过电子邮件,Facebook,Messenger或复制和粘贴推荐链接进行共享。

When their friends or family members personally refer them to your business, potential customers pay close attention, because they trust what their peers have to say.当他们的朋友或家人亲自向他们推荐您的业务时,潜在客户会密切注意,因为他们相信同行的意见。 As a result, these referred leads are more likely to become your customers, and more likely to因此,这些引荐的潜在客户更有可能成为您的客户,并且更有可能 保持忠诚 延长您的品牌。

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You can increase brand awareness in two basic ways— through direct actions your brand takes, and through others' word-of-mouth sharing.您可以通过两种基本方式来提高品牌知名度:通过您的品牌采取直接行动,以及通过他人的口口相传。 Make sure to combine both of these approaches, because people remember and trust the opinions of their peers.确保将这两种方法结合起来,因为人们会记住并信任同行的观点。

您认为上述哪种策略最适合在线发展业务? 开始应用它们,并提高您的品牌知名度。

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