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Affiliate marketing can be an incredible business to get into.会员营销可能是一项不可思议的业务。 It's a major part of the digital marketing ecosystem.它是数字营销生态系统的重要组成部分。 In the United States alone, the affiliate market is expected to reach a value of仅在美国,会员市场的价值就有望达到 $十亿8.2 2022通过.



However, there's a big difference between getting involved and actually making money in the affiliate business.但是,参与会员业务与实际赚钱之间存在很大的差异。 It's a very competitive industry after all.毕竟这是一个非常竞争的行业。



Think of affiliate marketing in a similar light as being an independent salesperson for a brand.以类似的方式将联属营销视为品牌的独立销售员。 Your job is to attract people towards a product with an intention to sell it.您的工作是吸引人们购买有意销售的产品。 However, the product isn't produced by you.但是,该产品不是您生产的。 

Nor are you responsible for even storing, delivering, or even making the actual sale.您也不负责甚至存储,交付甚至进行实际销售。 Before we go deeper into that, let's take a look at the ecosystem as a whole.在深入探讨之前,让我们看一下整个生态系统。 



This is the role that as an affiliate marketer, you're looking to fill.这是您希望填补的联属网络营销商的角色。 Your job is to try and convince people that a product is worth buying.您的工作是尝试说服人们一种值得购买的产品。 Once someone swallows your pitch and buys the product, you get a commission from the merchant.一旦有人吞下您的脚步并购买了产品,您就会从商人那里获得佣金。 You need to offer potential customers useful information that will help them evaluate products for purchase.您需要向潜在客户提供有用的信息,以帮助他们评估要购买的产品。

2。 招商

These are the guys that have a product they want people to buy.这些人拥有他们希望人们购买的产品。 However, their interest is in building the best product they can and supporting their customers.但是,他们的兴趣是建立自己能提供的最好的产品并为客户提供支持。 To get more customers, they look towards affiliates who will pitch the products on their behalf.为了获得更多的客户,他们寻求可以代表他们推销产品的会员。

3。 顾客

Outside of affiliates and merchants, the rest of the population on the Internet are potential customers.除会员和商人外,互联网上的其余人口都是潜在客户。 As customers, they have needs or interests.作为客户,他们有需求或兴趣。 When they try to find products to fill these needs, they want more information than sales brochures typically have to offer.当他们试图找到满足这些需求的产品时,他们想要的信息比通常的销售手册还要多。

While the roles of merchant and customer are fairly straightforward, your job as an affiliate is a little more challenging.尽管商家和客户的角色相当简单,但是您作为会员的工作却更具挑战性。 Part of this stems from the fact that there are lots of affiliate marketers.部分原因是由于有许多联盟营销者。 

您的成功很大程度上取决于您能否取得成功 吸引(并说服)观众.

Exactly how this is done is where the magic happens.确切地讲,这是魔术发生的地方。 There are various methods affiliate marketers can employ.联盟营销人员可以采用多种方法。 For example, you may decide to have a simple blog with affiliate links embedded in it.例如,您可能决定创建一个简单的博客,其中嵌入了会员链接。 Or perhaps build an e-book, do a live pitch via stream, or create podcasts and videos.或制作一本电子书,通过流媒体进行现场直播,或创建播客和视频。


Are you going to shower them in unicorns and sunshine about the product?您要在独角兽和阳光下为产品沐浴吗? Will you give them ideas and gently nudge them towards what you're selling?您会给他们一些想法,然后轻轻地将它们推向您要卖的东西吗? Any or all of these methods are possible, but there are a few models I've seen work pretty well.这些方法中的任何一个或全部都是可能的,但是我见过一些模型可以很好地工作。 



Influences are people who are able to capture the attention of a wide audience.有影响力的人能够吸引广大观众的注意力。 They build large groups of loyal followers and are able to sway them towards certain opinions or even products (hence the term 'influencer').他们建立了大批忠实的追随者,并能够使他们转向某些观点甚至产品(因此称为“影响者”)。


  • 博客
  • YouTube用户
  • 播客
  • 社交媒体用户

Building on their popularity, influencers will try out products and introduce it to their audience in various ways.有影响力的人会根据他们的受欢迎程度来尝试产品,并以各种方式向观众介绍产品。 Some may offer unbiased opinions, while others may directly promote, showcase usage models, or leverage on any other means to increase audience awareness.有些人可能会提供公正的意见,而另一些人可能会直接宣传,展示使用模式或利用其他任何方式来提高受众意识。

In these situations, they will provide affiliate links which their followers can use to buy the products.在这种情况下,他们将提供会员链接,供其关注者用来购买产品。 Each time a purchase is made, the influencer will receive a commission from the brand selling it.每次购买商品时,影响者都会从出售该商品的品牌那里获得佣金。

Influencers come in a massive variety of flavors and you might be shocked at the possibilities.有影响力的人士的口味千差万别,您可能会为之震惊。 Let's take a look at a few examples.让我们看几个例子。


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg又名PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg a.k.a. PewDiePie


PewDiePie has been around for so long that he most probably doesn't need an introduction.已经存在了很长时间,以至于他很可能不需要介绍。 With over ten years on YouTube, he's created a following that could conquer most countries if numbers counted.在YouTube上工作了XNUMX多年,他创造了一个可以追随大多数国家(如果算上数字)的追随者。

Ignoring the nature of his content, PewDiePie is the model influencer, leveraging not just his subscriber base, but also the media and hype to rise to the top.不管他的内容的本质如何,PewDiePie都是模特影响者,不仅利用他的订户群,而且利用媒体和炒作来登顶。 Because of this, everything he touches turns to gold and he's bringing home not just the bacon, but the entire pig.因此,他接触的所有东西都变成了金子,他不仅把培根带回家,而且把整个猪带回家。


Pat Flynn


就像我们许多人一样,在艰难时期中的普通乔, 帕特·弗林 is the perfect icon that can harness an audience.是可以吸引观众的完美图标。 This he has done to great effect though his blog: Smart Passive Income.他通过自己的博客Smart Smart Passive Income取得了巨大的成就。



The beauty of influencers is that they don't necessarily have to really do anything special.有影响力的人的魅力在于,他们不一定必须做任何特别的事情。 People love (or hate) and follow them naturally and in large droves.人们喜欢(或讨厌)并自然而然地大批跟随他们。 As one might say, “you do you, chief.也许有人会说:“您,您,酋长。

Because of their massive following, influencers are much loved by advertisers.由于拥有大量追随者,因此影响者深受广告客户的喜爱。 THey are often versatile and can fill the needs of multiple brand profiles.它们通常用途广泛,可以满足多个品牌形象的需求。 Best of all, there is so much focus on them that anything they suggest or promote, instantly comes under the spotlight.最重要的是,人们对他们的关注如此之多,以至于他们提出的任何建议或主张,都会立即受到关注。


Despite massive popularity, influencers are often threatened by the risk of a rapid fall.尽管受到广泛欢迎,但影响者经常受到快速跌倒风险的威胁。 Their worst nightmare is to wake up one day and find that they've become a thing of the past and are no longer trending.他们最糟糕的噩梦是醒来一天,发现他们已经成为过去,不再流行了。 Audiences are fickle, after all.毕竟,观众是善变的。

In addition to that, because of the massive following and scrutiny, small incidents can rapidly escalate into major ones.除此之外,由于大量的关注和审查,小事件可以迅速升级为大事件。 Promoting a 'bad' product can result in massive and immediate backlash from an angry audience.宣传“不良”产品可能会导致愤怒的观众立即产生强烈反响。


Affiliate marketers with a more surgical strategy will look towards building a small but focused following in a particular niche.具有更严格手术策略的会员营销人员将着眼于在特定的细分市场中建立少量但专注的关注者。 As with influencers, the platform of choice can vary.与影响者一样,选择的平台可能会有所不同。 Typically though, their choice of content will not.但是,通常情况下,他们不会选择内容。


  • 博客
  • 网站拥有者
  • 利基市场专家
  • 技术人员

这是最常见的会员营销业务模式-您围绕利基市场建立网站,博客甚至YouTube频道。 您的目标是吸引特定人群的注意力。

While at a glance the numbers may seem low compared to the influencer model, the ones who are most interested in your niche are also likely to buy the things you recommend.乍一看,与有影响力的人相比,人数似乎很少。那些对您的利基市场最感兴趣的人也可能会购买您推荐的东西。 Niche marketers aren't necessarily separate from influencers though, especially among more popular niches such as food.利基市场营销者不一定与有影响力的人分开,尤其是在诸如食物等较受欢迎的利基市场中。

参阅 -



Mark Weins of Migrationology

首选平台:YouTube /利基市场:美食和旅游

马克·温斯(Migrationology)是我自己的最爱之一,因为我喜欢各种食物,尤其是辛辣食物。 He's an American-born guy who has moved to Thailand and simply immersed himself in the food culture there.他是一个美国出生的家伙,已经搬到泰国,只是沉浸在泰国的饮食文化中。

In his early days, Mark wandered the streets showcasing real-life examples of the local street food.马克(Mark)早年在街头闲逛,展示了当地街头食品的真实例子。 As his fame expanded, he kept much of the focus on Thailand but included other areas in his scope as well, such as the US and even Africa.随着名望的扩大,他将大部分精力放在泰国上,但也包括了他所涉猎的其他领域,例如美国,甚至非洲。

Ryan's World的Ryan Kaji

Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World

首选平台:YouTube /细分市场:玩具

您需要了解的关于Ryan Kaji的第一件事(瑞安的世界)是他是个孩子。 This eight year old boy has a subscribed audience of over 26 million from around the world.这个八岁的男孩来自世界各地的订阅观众超过XNUMX万。 To put that into perspective, the entire population of Australia is lower than Ryan's subscriber base.从整体上看,澳大利亚的总人口低于瑞安的用户群。

On his YouTube channel, Ryan has a ton of fun by himself or sometimes with friends.在自己的YouTube频道上,Ryan独自一人或有时与朋友一起玩得很开心。 His job: to share with the world all the great ways there are to have fun.他的工作:与世界分享所有有趣的好方法。 Along the way, he takes a look at some toys, food, and other stuff that kids love.一路上,他看了一些孩子喜欢的玩具,食物和其他东西。


VPN概述的David Janssen

David Janssen of VPN Overview


大卫经营联属网站– VPN概述,它高度专注于Internet隐私应用程序-主要是虚拟专用网络。 他不仅提供知识,而且还提供用户为何需要捍卫其数字权利的知识。

This is a niche that builds value in a real world sense, especially given how intrusive even legitimate companies are becoming today.这是一个在现实世界中建立价值的利基市场,尤其是考虑到即使是合法公司如今都变得越来越具有侵略性。 Of course, there's lots of fun stuff you can do with the same applications as well.当然,使用相同的应用程序也可以做很多有趣的事情。


This segment of affiliate marketing is perhaps the easiest to get moving out the door.联盟营销的这一部分也许是最容易搬出去的。 All you need is所有你需要的是 合适的平台 and to start creating content.并开始创建内容。 Above all, it is important to be aware of the niche you're in and to build content suitable for it.首先,重要的是要意识到自己所处的利基市场,并打造适合自己的内容。

The cost of entry can be immensely low and if you're dedicated enough, content can be built up steadily.入门成本可能非常低,如果您有足够的投入,那么内容就可以稳定地建立起来。 All you need is passion, a computer with Internet access, web hosting, and some research skills.您所需要的只是热情,一台可访问Internet的计算机,虚拟主机以及一些研究技能。


Because of the low cost of entry, niche marketers abound and everyone attempts to claim to be an expert.由于进入成本低,利基市场商人比比皆是,每个人都试图声称自己是专家。 Within that group there are top niche marketers who have already captured a good chunk of market share and clawing any away can be like trying to scale Mount Everest.在该组中,已经有一些顶尖的利基市场营销商,他们已经占据了很大的市场份额,而争夺一切就好像试图扩大珠穆朗玛峰一样。

Niche marketers also heavily depend on search engine and social media algorithms to help them drive traffic.利基市场营销商还严重依赖搜索引擎和社交媒体算法来帮助他们吸引流量。 This can be very fickle and what works today might simply disappear overnight and be gone for good by tomorrow.这可能非常善变,今天起作用的东西可能会在一夜之间消失,到明天永远消失。


Over the past number of years the world has become even more highly digital.在过去的几年中,世界变得更加数字化。 A combination of factors has led to综合因素导致 数字零售领域的大规模爆炸。 Part of this has been due to increasing Internet penetration as well as borderless trade.部分原因是由于互联网普及率的提高以及无边界贸易的缘故。

Getting a slice of this pie is a little more difficult though.不过,要分得一杯pie比较困难。 Because of the scope needed for success in the digital megamall space, those seeking entry are typically the 800lb gorillas with the skills and money to back up their endeavors.由于在数字化电子商务领域取得成功所需要的范围,寻求进入的人们通常是XNUMX磅的大猩猩,他们拥有技能和金钱来支持自己的工作。


  • 创业
  • 成立,资金充裕的分支机构
  • 媒体公司

As the digital marketing space increases in value, more players are entering this particular category.随着数字营销空间价值的增加,越来越多的参与者进入这一特定类别。 Part of this has been a build on successful affiliate marketing careers but other interests, such as venture capitalists, have also seen the potential.部分原因是建立在成功的会员营销事业的基础上,但其他兴趣,例如风险资本家,也看到了潜力。



到到网 has become so much of a household name that not many realize it's actually an affiliate site.已经成为家喻户晓的名字,以至于没有多少人意识到它实际上是一个会员网站。 Growing into the goliath of online travel, it has its fingers in almost all aspects of the business and earns money from hotels, airlines, other travel companies, and more.它已发展成为在线旅游的巨人,几乎在业务的各个方面都有涉足,并从酒店,航空公司,其他旅游公司等中获利。

他们持有全球旅行总支出的大约10%-这是惊人的 最新估计为546亿美元。 Most of the money they earn is from click-based advertising, so their content can be as independent and user-driven as they want.他们赚取的大部分钱来自基于点击的广告,因此他们的内容可以像他们想要的那样独立和用户驱动。


钢丝钳 is a prime example of two things.是两件事的典型例子。 The first is the transition of a niche-based affiliate towards the megamall concept.首先是基于利基的会员向megamall概念的过渡。 The second is of investable funds taking control of a successful entity and moving it towards the megamall concept.第二个是可投资资金,控制一个成功的实体,并将其向“ megamall”概念迈进。

It's a two-in-one demonstration of how much value and money there is in this scale of affiliate marketing.这是这种联盟营销规模中有多少价值和金钱的二合一示例。 WireCutter when independent was focused on the technology and tech gear market, which has been retained even with the独立时的WireCutter专注于技术和科技装备市场,即使在 收购《纽约时报》.


With all this talk of success, it can be easy to get charmed by the lure of affiliate marketing.有了这些成功的话题,就很容易被联盟营销的诱惑所吸引。 If this is really what you want, you need to know that despite the potential, success isn't built overnight.如果这确实是您想要的,那么您需要知道,尽管潜力无限,但成功并非一overnight而就。 This is especially true when it comes to making money in the affiliate marketing business.在会员营销业务中赚钱时尤其如此。

It isn't something that you can put X hours in to, then leave to churn money for the rest of your life.您可以花X个小时投入,然后在余生中投入巨资来赚钱。 Affiliate marketing is more than a full time job and to be really successful, be prepared to put in long hours of hard work.会员营销不仅是一项全职工作,而且要真正取得成功,请做好长时间的努力工作。



行业配套 –重要的是,要做一个您真正热衷的事情,但要记住,并非每个行业都具有相同的潜力。理想地,进入一个拥有知名品牌和需求的既定生态系统的行业-而且还在不断增长。 

合作伙伴 –所谓合作伙伴,我指的是品牌,这是会员营销人员需要谨慎对待的领域。 品牌并不总是您的朋友,有时候,品牌可能会欺骗您合理的收益份额。 选择合适的合作伙伴,并与您选择的合作伙伴紧密合作。

内容法 –确定先决定哪个平台将成为您赖以生存的平台。 不要在一开始就试图在所有的人上建立甚至是多个人。 那真是令人心碎的秘诀。 并非所有平台都适用于不同的方法,因此请考虑您的情况。

营销角度 –确定如何营销您的内容。 你会去上金学校并依靠你的吗 SEO技巧吸引搜索引擎流量? Or are you willing to invest funds and dump cash into PPC and social media promos?还是您愿意投资资金并向PPC和社交媒体促销中投入现金? I would recommend you consider a holistic approach.我建议您考虑采用整体方法。


无论您选择哪种平台,模型或选择,请始终记住您需要关注者,查看者或读者。 它们是您的主要收入来源,吸引和保留它们的唯一方法是为他们提供实际价值。

这并不意味着您会给他们不断的免费赠品或类似赠品,而是向他们提供一些东西。 如果您是演艺人员,请让他们娱乐。 如果他们想看看饮食文化,那就去探索和展示。 如果他们经营企业,请向他们展示如何简化解决方案或解决问题。

Take for example the case of TripAdvisor.以TripAdvisor为例。 A big part of the reason for their success is that they offer such a wealth of useful information like guides and tips from those who really have experienced the places.他们成功的很大一部分原因是他们提供了很多有用的信息,例如来自真正体验过这些地方的人的指南和技巧。 The value is unimaginable.该值是难以想象的。


If you;'re ready to start earning money, there are two main types of places you can look towards.如果您准备开始赚钱,可以考虑两种主要类型的地方。 The first and most direct are the brands that run their own affiliate programmes.最直接也是最直接的品牌是运行自己的会员计划的品牌。 For example, a lot of software publishers will have affiliate programs like例如,许多软件发行商将拥有会员计划,例如 管理忍者 甚至 微软广告.

For those who want to work with a bigger stable of brands, then it might be a better idea to look for affiliate networks.对于那些想要与更大品牌的稳定品牌合作的人来说,寻找联盟网络可能是一个更好的主意。 These include a lot of big names like这些包括很多大牌,例如 CJ加盟, Shareasale等等。




When you participate in a network marketing program, you're basically taking part in a franchise type of operation.当您参加网络营销计划时,基本上就是在参加特许经营。 As a network marketer, you would typically pay an upfront cost to market products/services via direct sales.作为网络营销商,您通常需要通过直接销售来支付产品/服务的前期费用。

Affiliate marketing differs from network marketing specifically in this way: The company you sign up with rewards you for every customer you bring in as a result of your marketing efforts.联属网络营销与网络营销的不同之处在于:在您注册的公司中,您通过营销努力为每位带来的客户提供奖励。 You get paid every time you drive a customer or lead to the business you're affiliated with – instead of waiting to get paid every time you sell a product.每当您吸引客户或进入与您有联系的业务时,您都将获得报酬-而不是每次销售产品时都等待获得报酬。


根据小型企业趋势,第一个在线会员营销计划是在1990年代中期通过一家名为PC Flowers&Gifts的公司完成的。 William J. Tobin founded the Prodigy Network as a means of starting a revenue-share program.威廉·J·托宾(William J. Tobin)创立了Prodigy网络,以此作为启动收入分成计划的一种手段。 Tobin was able to convince thousands of affiliates to promote his company's products, and a new method of marketing online was born.托宾能够说服成千上万的会员推广他的公司的产品,从而产生了一种新的在线营销方法。


在会员营销中,会员是为公司营销产品的人。 关联企业(通常称为发布商)可以是一个人或整个企业。 作为特定公司的关联公司,您将营销公司的产品/服务,以便为公司进行销售。 您很可能会在自己的网站或博客上推广产品。


会员机会无处不在。 一个示例是亚马逊会员计划。 无论您是以个人身份还是企业身份注册,都将注册,通过您的网站和/或企业开始广告,并在其他人响应您的营销努力时开始赚钱。

You can sign up with an existing company's affiliate program (like Amazon and smaller merchants' in-house program).您可以注册现有公司的会员计划(例如Amazon和较小商户的内部计划)。 This would mean that you would promote the products Amazon needs advertised.这意味着您将推广亚马逊需要宣传的产品。 Every time you promote the business and send leads that way, you would get paid.每次您推广业务并以这种方式发送线索时,您都会获得报酬。

另一种选择是加入会员网络(如Commission Junctions和ShareASale)并与已经在该网络中的商人建立联系。 我们将在常见问题解答6和7中详细讨论此问题。


CJ会员通过Coversant –提供各种服务级别和套餐
Shareasale –以诚实和公正而著称,并以快速的技术着称
影响半径 –易于使用的软件即服务(SaaS)平台
亚马逊联盟 –超过一百万种产品
Clickbank的 –超过六百万种产品,重点是数字信息产品
乐天 –世界顶级电子商务公司之一


作为会员,您可以通过各种方式获得报酬; 由您所隶属的公司决定。



会员Cookie与普通Cookie相同(它跟踪数据)。 它可以跟踪您的会员帐户数据,而不是像常规cookie那样跟踪登录信息,因此,如果被跟踪站点上的某人根据您的广告推介进行购买,您就可以获得信誉。


Cookie的持续时间取决于商家。 Some affiliate programs allow cookies to store and transmit information for up to 90 days, while others only track the data for 24 hours (which is awful from affiliate's point of view).一些会员计划允许Cookie最多存储和传输信息XNUMX天,而其他程序只能跟踪XNUMX小时的数据(从会员的角度来看这太糟糕了)。


您无需将网站作为会员-尽管 有一个网站 通常会增加您赚更多钱的机会。 例如,您可以在允许的社交媒体网站上发布会员链接。

One way to market as an affiliate without a website is on YouTube.在没有网站的情况下作为联属网络营销的一种方法是在YouTube上。 However, you will probably find it a lot easier to promote as a publisher if you do have a website.但是,如果您有网站,则可能会很容易晋升为发布者。 At the very least, you should have a blog where you can market as an affiliate.至少,您应该拥有一个博客,可以在该博客中作为会员进行营销。

请记住,您刊登广告的地方越多,您得到的回应就越多-这是一个数字游戏。 还记得切记要发布指向您所有社交媒体页面,博客和其他网站的链接; 例如,如果您通过YouTube频道做广告,请确保在其中发布指向您的网站,频道和社交媒体页面的链接。


A product data feed is a list of products and their attributes, organized and displayed in such a way that shoppers can make buying decisions based on the information provided.产品数据Feed是产品及其属性的列表,其组织和显示方式使购物者可以根据所提供的信息做出购买决定。 This type of streamlined information makes it easier for an affiliate to market products to site users.这种简化的信息使联属会员更容易向站点用户推销产品。 A product data feed can be converted into descriptions, image links, and clickable links that visitors can use to make informed purchasing decisions.产品数据提要可以转换为描述,图像链接和可点击链接,访问者可以使用它们来做出明智的购买决定。


EPC代表每次点击收入。 这是会员的重要指标。 它通常表示联盟会员每100次点击链接后可期望获得多少收入。





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