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The majority of marketing advice you'll find online focuses on online promotions. I'm guilty of putting my focus there as well as a blogger. I mean, blogging is an online endeavor, so it makes sense to promote on the Internet.



当涉及到在现实世界中进行推广时,你可以坚持尝试和真正的战术,涉及网络和良好的,老式的打击路面类型的工作。 但是,您可以采取许多创造性的方法来接触您可能没有想过的新读者。

  • 展会:无论你的利基主题是什么,你几乎可以肯定有一个行业贸易展览为这个利基。 贸易展览会以合理的价格提供小摊位。 打印好的乙烯基横幅,准备一些小册子,并找出如何与与会者互动,让您的演示文稿难忘。 目标是将他们带到您的博客。 如果您确实有产品可以在您的展位上销售,那就更好了。
  • 名片: You can purchase hundreds of business cards for $20 or $30 on sites like Vista Print, or have them printed locally. It might sound simple, but just handing out a card when you meet someone new can encourage that person to later visit your website (you'll have the address on the business card, of course). If you are in a waiting room and strike up a conversation, give the person your card and tell them you write a blog they'd enjoy. If you meet someone at a party, share your card. It is one of the least expensive advertising tactics on the planet. Even though you are reaching only one person at a time, it is so personal that most of them will visit your site.
  • 明信片: Order postcards that promote some aspect of your site and mail them to your mailing list. Did I mention that you need to start a mailing list when you attend trade shows and other events? Obviously you want your mailing list to be very targeted to the demographic you are trying to reach. You can also purchase mailing lists of particular demographics, but building your own is more powerful. You could also try a combination of the two. With the rising cost of postage, this isn't as inexpensive of a promotion as it used to be, but if you target your list and make it very narrow, it can be effective.
  • 纸垫: Have you ever sat in a restaurant and noticed they had a paper place mat with local businesses advertised around the edges? If your website has any local aspect at all, this is an excellent way to reach people in your community. Don't know of any restaurants with these place mats? You can easily create one and sell the ads to other businesses in your area and then give the mats to the restaurant for free. Just make sure you only sell to non-competing businesses to keep your ad as the only one featuring your niche.
  • 会谈:联系图书馆,组织和学校。 提议就您的主题进行讨论。 请务必提及您的网站上有更多资源。
  • 裱框海报:我看到了一个好主意 Pixel77 that I never would have thought of. They advise making a poster that features your artwork or work in some way. For example, if you create infographics for clients, create a beautiful infographic. Print it, frame it, ask your client to hang it up. People will see the poster and ask about it and, in theory, you'll get referrals.
  • 创建一个团队: One thing I have done in the past with my most loyal readers is to create a team of people to help me promote my books. I call mine Troop Lori, but you can name your team anything you'd like. I have one client who calls her team “Warriorettes.” The idea is to have an inner group that loves what you're doing and wants to tell others about you. You provide this team with updates, special T-shirts, and materials to hand out to their family and friends. They get special prizes and perks and you get promoters. It is a win-win for everyone.
  • 加入网络组: There are networking groups in just about every corner of the country. Even my very small town area has a couple different ones. Join one of these groups and you'll not only gain new readers who want to visit your site (the other members of the group), but you'll gain valuable ideas for how to promote your business.
  • 赞助某人:有很多方法可以参与当地社区并获得您的商业名称。 例如,我的女儿曾经做过竞争性的欢呼,他们会出售赞助以筹集资金。 赞助商(商业)名称上有T恤和横幅。 您还可以通过购买广告来赞助您当地的高中年鉴。 这有助于学校承担制作年鉴的费用,并在学校工作人员,学生和家长面前获得您的名字。 有些联盟,企业,非营利组织甚至图书馆都有时会寻找赞助商。 弄清楚哪些最有可能让您的目标受众群体离开那里。
  • 提供免费图纸:创建比赛(一定要了解比赛 围绕抽奖活动的规则和法律) by putting up sign-up boxes at local businesses. This allows you to gather emails and get your name out there. Don't rule out venues such as local health clubs, the library, the local pizza joint, and even utility offices, which are often overlooked.
  • 推出你的车:您可以在Vista Print上购买廉价的磁性标牌,这样您就可以在不永久包装车辆的情况下宣传您的业务。 这可以是一种经济有效的方式来让您的品牌在那里。 你想要接触更多的大学生吗? 在学生离开或上课时,在高峰期间开车穿过大学停车场。 驾驶您的车最可能是理想的观众。
  • 飞人:这是向很多人宣传这个词的古老方式。 悬挂传单的关键位置包括自助洗衣店,邮局,图书馆和杂货店。 您甚至可能希望提供包括您网站地址在内的少量撕下,以进一步鼓励那些看到该传单的人访问您的网站。


It's the small things you do that add up over time and lead to success. If you want to successfully promote offline, you need to learn how to talk to people and speak up about what you do and what you have to offer. If you aren't comfortable talking to strangers, try taking a Dale Carnegie course to learn to come out of your shell, or join Toastmasters. You never know when that person you tell about your site will tell someone else who then reports on it and drives hundreds of people to your blog. Be bold, take small steps, and watch them add up over time.

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