WHSR Web Hosting Survey 2016

Last updated on 07 December 2016


Three simple questions were asked.

  1. Where do you host your blog/site currently?
  2. Are you satisfied with your current web host?
  3. Do you plan to switch web host in the next six months?

Survey Results

There were 200+ responses received. The number drops to 188 after taking off the unusable feedback.

Note: Detail elaboration of the survey outcome and further hosting advice is published separately in this blogpost.


Question #1: Where do you host your blog/site currently?

60 names were mentioned in the survey with Hostgator (30), InMotion Hosting (14), GoDaddy and BlueHost (each 13) topping the mention chart.

Numbers of web hosting brands mentioned in the survey.
Numbers of web hosting brands mentioned in the survey.


Question #2: Are you satisfied with your current web host?

In question #2, respondents were asked to rate their host based on price, hosting features, server performance, user friendliness, and after sales support. They have three rating options – Disappointing, Reasonable, and Outstanding – for each aspect.

The outcome of this question is translated into a big table (see below). Rating is done based on 3-point system with 1 being the worst and 3 being the best.

Web HostMentionsPriceFeaturesPerformanceUser FriendlySupportAverage ScoreWHSR Review
1 & 11233132.4
A Small Orange222.52.532.52.5Read Review
A2 Hosting92. Review
Abivia Inc1233332.8
Access integrated1111111.0
Arvixe222.522.522.2Read Review
Big Scoots1333333.0
Big Rock1322332.6
Blogger (Google)
BlueHost132. Review
BulwarkHost1222232.6Read Review
Can Space1333232.8
Creative On1323232.6
Digital Ocean21.51.521.521.8
Eco Web Hosting1222222.0
Eye Host1221111.4
Fast Comet1121321.8
Fast URL1211111.2
FatCow1122221.8Read Review
Float Hosting1333333.0
Free Hosting1212221.8
Get Set Live1233332.8
GoDaddy132.2222.22.22.1Read Review
Home PL1221121.6
Host Color2222.5222.1Read Review
Hostgator3022. Review
Hostpapa1232232.4Read Review
InMotion Hosting142. Review
Interserver112. Review
iPage92. Review
Liquid Web1233322.2
Live Journal1111111.0
Name Cheap42.32.32.3332.6
One.com1211231.8Read Review
Pressidium3233332.8Read Review
SiteGround72. Review
Steady Clour1333333.0
Super Hosting1222232.2
TMD Hosting3321. Review
Wealthy Affiliate22.532.52.532.6
Web Click Hosting1222222.0
WP Engine3222. Review


Question #3: Are you satisfied with your current web host?

switching web host in 6
Count of participants who wish to switch host in next six months.


55 participants show intention of switching; while 73 prefered to maintain with current web host in the next six months.

Lucky Draw Winners

The five lucky winners, who will walk away with $100 Paypal cash each are:

  • Shub (email address – sh****@gmail.com) / pending
  • Danny Franklin (email address – danny********[email protected])
  • Anurag (email address – anurag***********@gmail.com)
  • Maria Francisca Cristi Valenzuela (franc*****@gmail.com) / pending
  • Abigail Wall ([email protected]**********.com)