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Updated: Dec 07, 2016

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Hey, thank you for subscribing! I am so glad that you are now part of WHSR family.

About the 5-day email course

In a short while I am going to send you my first input where we will talk about how you can grow your blog without the help of Google Search. This email covers some really good strategies I applied in growing WHSR (in case you not known, we were hit by Google Penguin in 2012, traffic dropped more than 70%).

Please check your junk box just in case you do not see the email.

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I read all tweets on my personal Twitter account. Jason, my SMM manager, and (occasionally) myself will be the one reading/replying your tweets on our official team account (@WHSRnet).

Drop by and say “Hello”. We like to meet everyone in our community.

Cheers, Jerry Low
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P/S: That’s me and my boy in the picture – I only show this to our subscribers. It was taken at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 2012 – happy times!