Novi Builder Review

Reviewed by: Jason Chow
  • Published: May 18, 2019
  • Updated: Nov 02, 2020
Novi Builder Review
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Reviewed by:Jason Chow
Review Last Updated: November 02, 2020
Novi Builder is an innovative website builder that offers powerful visual HTML editor, pre-made templates and Novi plugins. It's suitable for both developers and business owners - either good at coding or no idea at all.

Launched in 2017, Novi Builder enhanced a groundbreaking alternative to the common HTML website building simplifying the whole process of the site creation.

Now, both experienced coders and people without substantial knowledge of the HTML programming language are able to create a website benefiting from a drag and drop nature of the Novi Builder.

Novi Builder Features

To start with, Novi Builder offers two options:

  • HTML/CSS editor;
  • HTML template subscription service.

In a couple of words, the builder allows you to create or modify HTML templates. In addition, it has a rich library with pre-made HTML templates that are absolutely customizable.

The library contains templates for different purposes starting with academic ready-made solutions and ending with medical ones. Nonetheless, each of the templates can be easily customized to the specifics of your website.

The catch comes in when you want to sell stuff online. While the setup for this is fairly simple, Weebly charges sites that sells products on top of monthly fees. Unless you’re a business user that pays top dollar of $25 a month, Weebly will charge you a 3% fee per transaction.

To look into this in context, read our study on how much should a website cost here.

Novi Builder HTML templates with codes
Novi Builder HTML templates with codes

Speaking of its outstanding features, Novi Builder makes it possible to import existing HTML websites. It means you can modify an already created website using a powerful functionality of the builder, its Visual Editor, and plugins.

Furthermore, it has a presets creation tool. It allows making up your own presets easily and use them further to simplify and speed up the process of website creation.

Another advantage of the builder lies in its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. Users point out that its Visual Editor is pretty simple to work with, though it contains 200+ elements based on Bootstrap 4 to create new pages. It takes a couple of clicks to add and edit content blocks. In order to modify any element, you don’t need to touch a single line of code. Still, the experts in programming languages can edit HTML/CSS/JavaScript on the same page.

One thing to consider is that it requires a separate hosting account unlike such builders as Weebly or Wix.

Novi Builder Features

Adding and modifying web forms.
Adding and modifying web forms.

Exporting and publishing existing HTML website.
Exporting and publishing existing HTML website.

Novi Builder Templates Demo

“FinPRO”, clean and dynamic HTML template for a financial company.
“FinPRO”, clean and dynamic HTML template for a financial company.


“Brave” multipurpose theme with 100+ ready-made HTML pages, 12 niche layouts, and 150+ UI blocks.
“Brave” multipurpose theme with 100+ ready-made HTML pages, 12 niche layouts, and 150+ UI blocks.

See all Novi templates:

Example of Novi Builder Websites

Startup company website demo.
Startup company website demo.
Medical website template.
Medical website demo.

Source: Novi Websites

Novi Builder Site Performance

Novi Builder Plans & Pricing

Novi offers three paid plans that, basically, differ from each other with the number of available templates.

Novi Builder Plan and Pricing
Novi Builder Plan and Pricing

It offers no free plans but the pricing policy is so affordable that an annual subscription can cost as low as one HTML template.

The Developer plan is the most expensive but it goes along with a “fat” functionality and lifetime access to the whole library of templates! For the record, you will only pay one time for lifetime use.

Compare Novi plans:


In the final analysis, Novi showed itself as an innovative HTML website builder that also offers powerful functionality for customizing existing websites and a rich library with multipurpose templates and free plugins.

It is suitable for both developers, businessmen, and other end users that either have no idea about programming languages or are good at coding.


  • offers an opportunity to build an HTML website or modify an existing one;
  • is user-friendly.


  • offers a ticket support service only (no chat or phone support).

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