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Updated: Nov 08, 2017


WHSR is always looking for growth and partnership opportunities.

Be it an idea for our next blogpost, or a chance to get in front of your audience, or a link opportunities at your site – our door is alway open.

Bloggers / YouTubers

  • Sponsorships: Introduce us to your audience.
  • Share your blogging / YouTubing success story with us.

WHSR Startups

  • Get interviewed: Share your story with us and get free publicity.
  • Pitch your idea to us – who knows, perhaps we can be your next angel?


  • Collaborate with us on your next article. Make use of our industry experience in web hosting, blogging, and digital marketing.

Social Media Infleuncers

  • Team up with us and grow our audience together.

Did the lighting strike?

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