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Reviewed by: Jason Chow .
  • Review Updated: Oct 21, 2020
Plan in review: Basic Plan
Reviewed by: Jason Chow
Review Updated: October 21, 2020
SkyToaster makes hosting solution easy for everyone. You can always find a hosting that suits your web business needs. The company also focus on providing the highest degree of customer service and full server management to meet customers need. Read on to learn more about SkyToaster.

Note: This is a paid-review listing. We get paid to test and review Sky Toaster hosting services.

SkyToaster centers its hosting platform around its datacenters. With the belief that outstanding hosting begins with outstanding datacenters, the company’s datacenters include multiple layers of security, backup generators with onsite fuel, and fire suppression systems to ensure that they are always up and running.

About SkyToaster, the company

SkyToaster operates separate datacenters in Dallas, London, Rotterdam, and West Palm Beach. Each datacenter goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it always meets the company’s high standards.

I reach out to SkyToaster’s Vice President, Kyle Bellingar to understand more about the company.

Here's the reply I got from Kyle,

“SkyToaster has one mission, to make hosting easy for everyone. We focus on providing the highest degree of customer service and full server management with 24/7 support, best-in-class uptime, cPanel support, Softaculous for single-click software installation, KernelCare, and a wide array of additional features.”

Kyle also provided me a testing account to use for a period of time in order to get a feel for SkyToaster's offerings.

SkyToaster Hosting Plan

SkyToaster offers two major types of hosting. You can get shared web hosting or a managed VPS.

Both of these hosting plans use cPanel and support CloudLinux. These plans also support popular eCommerce shopping carts, including PrestaShop, osCommerce, and openCart. In addition, you can install a CMS platform such as Joomla, MODX, and WordPress, if you use one of these hosting plans.

If you don’t like the plans offered, you can always request a custom plan. The company will work with you to create the hosting experience that you want and need. Regardless of the plan that you chose, SkyToaster offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Let’s take a closer look at the two major hosting plans.

Shared Hosting Plan

All of SkyToaster’s shared hosting servers have a minimum of 8 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM, and 100Mbps port speeds. They also include Raid storage.

The shared hosting plans support PHP, Perl, Python, making it easy for programmers to choose the language they want. The plans also support Server Side Includes (SSI), allowing users to place directives into HTML pages

Shared hosting comes with unlimited email accounts and databases. Below are the plan features in details:

Shared Hosting PlansBasicPlusPremium
Disk Space10 GB25 GB40 GB
Bandwidth500 GB750 GB1 TB
Domains Alises5050100
Addon Domains5510
Price (12-mo)$9.9/mo$14.85/mo$19.80/mo


*Note – If you think Skytoaster rates are too expensive, look out for cheaper hosting options in Jerry's article.

If you need additional disk space, higher bandwidth, or more cPanel accounts, you can upgrade to a Reseller hosting plan.

The shared hosting plans also include Restore Manager. Instead of backing up the entire database, you can backup and restore individual files and databases right from the cPanel.

In addition, the hosting company provides automatic daily backups, while retaining seven days of rolling backups for shared hosting customers. These backups are located outside of SkyToaster’s network and can be accessed using Restore Manager.

Even so, the company recommends that you keep a copy of your own backups as well. If you need additional control, you might consider getting a managed VPS plan.

Managed VPS

All of the company’s VPS plans operate on CentOS. The VPS runs in an isolated virtual environment with dedicated resources. When you sign up for one of these plans, you get all of the features that come with a dedicated server, minus the cost.

If you get a VPS from SkyToaster, your resources are guaranteed, however, the company retains root access. You will receive a WHM to manage your account on the server.

SkyToaster’s VPS includes a preloaded and well-configured cPanel, and customization options are available. You simply need to contact SkyToaster to customize the cPanel.

Standard Softaculous scripts are included with VPS hosting, with plans including the KernelCare service. This service automatically updates security patches for running Kernel, which eliminates the need to reboot your server.

Below are the VPS plans features in details:


Memory1536 MB2048 MB4096 MB6144 MB
Disk Space50 GB75 GB100 GB150 GB
Bandwidth1.5 TB2.0 TB3.0 TB4.0 TB
Price (12-mo)$63/mo$76.50/mo$90/mo$112.50/mo


You can choose from standard and SSD VPS.

SkyToaster’s SSD VPS is 100% SSD powered. The disk read speed performance with SSD VPS is 4x faster than standard VPS. Both standard and SSD VPS come with four package options, thereby giving you the opportunity to scale up if you need additional speed and resources.

Highpoints: What I Like About SkyToaster

During my test run, I found quite a few things to like about SkyToaster’s hosting plans.

Server Location

Cloud South –
West Palm Beach, FL

LeaseWeb –
Rotterdam, NL

Rapidswitch, Maidenhead
– London, UK

Carrier-1 –
Dallas, TX

First, the company lets you choose the server location during the ordering process.

There are a few locations you can choose to host your website. The goal is to choose the hosting location that is closest to your target audience to reduce latency.

Free Website Migration

SkyToaster also offers free website migrations for new and upgraded accounts within the first 60 days.

During that time, you can migrate your shared or VPS hosting account over to the SkyToaster servers. Shared accounts get one full cPanel transfer and one manual transfer, while reseller accounts get unlimited full cPanel transfers and 25 manual transfers.

Managed VPS accounts get unlimited full cPanel transfers and 15 manual transfers per VPS level. Finally, dedicated accounts get unlimited cPanel transfers and 100 manual transfers.

Simple Plan Structure

I also like the way that this hosting company keeps things simple.

They don’t throw a bunch of resources at you that you won’t use. Instead, you pay for what you use. If you need more resources to support your website, you can upgrade to a higher plan. However, you don’t have to worry about paying for a bunch of stuff that you don’t need.

Important to Know

Unlimted Emails and Databases

While you get unlimited email accounts and databases with SkyToaster, you can only add as many as your plan’s disk space allows. The storage counts against your overall disk limit, so keep that in mind when adding accounts and databases.

Money Back Guarantee

You also need to understand how SkyToaster’s money back guarantee works. It provides a 45-day money back guarantee for Shared, Reseller, and Managed VPS hosting, but it only applies to the first qualifying product purchase per entity. All additional purchases are not eligible for this guarantee. The 45-day countdown starts as soon as the first qualifying product is purchased.

Shared/Reseller Hosting Restrictions

The company also has some shared and reseller hosting restrictions. For instance, users are restricted to 15* 25 concurrent MySQL connections, and each database can’t exceed 2GB* 5GB of disk space. Your email mailing list can’t contain more than 1,500* 2,000 members and SkyToaster has a zero-tolerance policy for spam. The company also caps the frequency for cron job executions to one every five minutes.

Response from SkyToaster

Kyle has highlighted to me in an email on the changes in their restrictions,

This is not a change, but we feel it is important to point out in the TOS, where these items are listed, that it also says they are not actively enforced.

We have these laid out just in case someone is excessively using these features. These policies have never been enforced for someone who goes a little over here and there.

Wrap Up

Since you pay for the resources you need, keep your plan as simple as possible, and upgrade if needed. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the right hosting product when getting started.

If you’re a blogger, beginner, solopreneur, or run a basic eCommerce website, shared hosting is likely the right choice. However, if you manage multiple websites, run an eCommerce business, or want to have more control over your resources, go with VPS hosting.

If Sky Toaster isn’t your cup of tea, there are many good options you can choose. Some of them are listed below, but I’d like to call attention to two in particular – TMD Hosting and ScalaHosting.


ScalaHosting managed VPS plan starts from $9.95/mo with in-house developed features – SPanel and SShield (visit).

If you need VPS Hosting, then currently ScalaHosting is one of our top picks. They offer highly competitive rates but more importantly, access to SPanel and a few other home-brewed technologies. SPanel is a complete all-in-one web hosting control panel fully compatible for migration from cPanel.

Learn more about ScalaHosting in our review.

TMD Hosting

TMD Hosting - Second Top pick for Malaysian and Singaporean websites.
TMD Hosting shared hosting plan starts from $2.95/mo with 60 days money-back guarantee (visit).

TMD Hosting offers excellent shared hosting plans. Compared dollar to dollar against Sky Toaster, they offer far greater value for money. This is especially so for newer sites owners who might not yet have the features needed, such as SSL or a ready built site (TMD includes free use of the Weebly site builder).

Read our comprehensive review of TMD Hosting.

Alternatives and Comparisons

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