MightWeb Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Shim
  • Review Updated: Jul 09, 2021
Plan in review: Advanced
Reviewed by: Timothy Shim
Review Updated: July 09, 2021
MightWeb is small, but well, mighty. Performance is high across the board and this host offers traditional products in an impressive package. The only real weakness (if you want to call it that) is probably the lack of certain products such as Managed Hosting.

MightWeb is owned by the Relander Group and is a relatively newer operation having only started up in 2015.

Since then, the company has expanded slightly in part due to a merger with ImbaHost. It might not be the most longstanding host out there, but the company seems to have built a fairly strong reputation based on quality and transparency.

While it may not be the largest web hosting operation in the market, nor the longest serving, this hosting provider has a solid offering both in terms of features as well as quality of service. Definitely one to take a closer look at.

About the Company, Relander Group Inc.

  • Head quarter: Everett, WA
  • Established: 2015
  • Services: Shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting

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MightWeb Hosting Performance


Our Experience & Thoughts:

Average hosting uptime above 99.8%

Time-to-first-byte (TTFB) below 600ms

Rated A+ at Bitcatcha Speed Test

Server location only in United States


MightWeb Uptime Records

We signed up to MightWeb and started tracking our test site since January 2018. The results were convincing so far – we have only recorded one outage (that lasted 7 minutes) in March 29th.

* Click image below to enlarge. 

MightWeb hosting uptime (Aug / Sep 2018): 10%
MightWeb 30 days uptime score (Feb/Mar 2018): 100%

MightWeb 30 days uptime score (Mar/Apr 2018): 99.98%

MightWeb Speed Tests

Having run a fair number of tests on various hosts before, I was frankly a little surprised that MightWeb’s servers seem to live up to their promise of quality service. On and off again on occasion, I’ve had to re-run various tests (one or the other) to verify results, or sometimes even to try to stabilize quirky results.

MightWeb’s hosting plan came across as strong and smooth, performing at high standards despite re-tests several times. This came across even when tested from various locations in both the US and Asia. Naturally, their speeds show strongest results from US locations, since their only data centre is in Chicago.

BitCatcha Speed Test: A+

Server response speed below 350ms world wide based on Bitcatcha speed test.

WebPage Speed Test – from Singapore

Webpage Test from Singapore, TTFB: 591ms.

WebPage Speed Test – from Dallas, Texas

Webpage Test from Dellas, Texas, TTFB: 220ms.

Uptime Guarantee

It’s worth taking note of that MightWeb has a hardcoded Service Level Agreement term about their uptime, offering a 99.9% uptime that’s firm, or your money back.

As per their Terms of Service;

“MightWeb guarantees a 99.9% uptime calculated on a monthly basis. If you find that your uptime is less than 99.9%, you may receive credit for the downtime. Credit is at the discretion of MightWeb. Every case of downtime is investigated thoroughly, so that any intermittent problems can be fixed. Note that third-party uptime monitors do not count as evidence of downtime, as they can report downtime due to bad routing or local DNS issues.”

They also have an in-house tool that self-monitors their status across the board, so you can check for yourself their track record.

It can be a useful first-line tool to see if there’s a fault in service, before you contact customer service for help if you think your service is down;

This one-glance panel is something that is easy to interpret and use, and is something I feel that many other web hosts can implement just to make their customers lives easier.



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MightWeb Server Features & Hosting Plans


Our Experience & Thoughts:

Host up to 500,000 inodes at Shared Hosting

Free site migration services

Rated A+ at Bitcatcha Speed Test


Server location only in United States

Limited email accounts for Started and Advanced Plans


Aside from managed hosting plans, MightWeb offers almost everything you could want from a web host. From the standard shared hosting plans all the way to dedicated servers, they have it all – at decent prices.

The plans are fairly standard, with the low end targeting the individual blogger / small websites owner up to what they call the ‘Enterprise Package’ which offers what seems to be unlimited amounts of everything.

However, this should be taken with a pinch of salt, since ‘unlimited’ resources on a web host is almost always never so. (See our article: The Truth About Unlimited Hosting)

Host Up to 500,000 Inodes at Shared Account

Given that, MightWeb is also very lenient with their resource usage terms, so it might be worth taking a closer look:

Use of more than 500,000 inodes on any shared account may result in termination of your services. You will, unless gravely exceeding this number, always receive several warnings prior to any action taken. Note that any one file (one image, one e-mail, etcetera) counts as one inode.

Normally, web hosts that allow more than 250,000 inodes in shared accounts are already considered decent.

LiteSpeed Server

MightWeb however, does offer some variances from other hosting companies, including that they are one of a growing handful of web hosts that are using LiteSpeed Web Server.

Growing from an almost non-existent market share in the early 2000’s, LiteSpeed is a drop-in Apache replacement that now has grown into the fourth most popular web server choice with a 3% market share.

Free Migration Services

It is also one of a few which offer free migration services, which can be phenomenally important in helping the on-boarding process for any website owner.

Notable features at MightWeb – including free site migration and DDOS mitigation.

This is a feature that is often overlooked by many who are seeking a new web host and should not be underestimated. I’ve run into some web hosts before which don’t offer this for free – and in fact want to charge fees starting easily from $100 and above, depending on the complexity of the site.

Limited Email Accounts for Started & Advanced Plans

MightWeb's capacity for email accounts is rather limited.

You can only host 10 and 25 email accounts at Starter and Advanced Package.

Starter / Advanced Package = Not the best option for email hosting.

DDos Protection and Other Features

Other features from MightWeb are more or less standard offerings, but it’s also good to know that they do use SSD storage even for their entry-level shared web accounts. Clocking in at a mere $3.95 per month for that, it does provide more incentive for the interested buyer.

Also, if you’ve considered two things – (1) that MightWeb has DDoS mitigation and (2) their server performance is speedy, this is an interesting paradox.

Look at their data traffic flowchart at your right.

MightWeb's data traffic flow chart.

The centre portion looks to be an internal process rather than reliance on a CDN such as Cloudflare for DDoS mitigation. What’s interesting is that this process does not seem to hamper their server performance, with them returning TTFB quickly. However, how effective exactly this system will mitigate a true DDoS is questionable, since these are brute force attacks designed to overwhelm defences.

However, they also thankfully offer a solid backup ecosystem with R1Soft – for all accounts, even the lowest level shared hosting accounts. Backups are done onto a RAID 6 array on a separate server hourly with a 24-hour retention. Backups are archived and kept for 7 days incrementally.

Note: If your web hosting account sizes up to more than 25GB, backups are guaranteed, so you should consider an enterprise grade backup system instead.


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Customer Supports


Our Experience & Thoughts:

Average ticket turnaround time = 35 minutes

Solid users feedback at forums 

No live chat and telephone support.

Does not host a user forum.


MightWeb uses a regular ticketing system to support its customers but has a good turnaround time. Overall, they have stated that they try to respond to all tickets within an hour and boast an average turnaround time of 35 minutes for each ticket.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the extent to their support services, with no chat, telephone or forum help. While this could be a deal-breaker to some, I think that a 35-minute technical support ticket turnaround is actually above par for what many offer, so that in itself would be good enough.

They also have quite solid feedback from customers, both on the site and on other forums.

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Price: Is MightWeb A Deal?


Our Experience & Thoughts:

Reasonable pricing. 

Shared hosting starts at $2.95/mo (biennially subscription)

Flexible subscription term: Pay one month to start


– (No issue in this section)

Starting at $3.95 and going up to $8.95 per month on shared plans, I would say that MightWeb has priced itself as a regular budget web host.

The prices are on par with what is being offered and the company offers solid customer support.

Shared Hosting Plans

SSD Storage5 GB10 GB25 GB
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SQL Databases5UnlimitedUnlimited
Addon Domain1525
Free Migration
Free Domain


MightWeb VPS Pricing

They also have a nicely tiered VPS offering which ranges from $6.95 per month up to $39.95 per month that extends their budget shared hosting space.

Of course, for those who need real firepower, you can contact them about your needs for a dedicated server and they will quote based on your requirements.

Flexible Subscription Terms

You can subscribe to MightWeb on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or biennially basis.

$3.45/mo if you pay MightWeb annually; $2.95/mo if biennially.

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Verdict: Is MigthWeb Recommended? 


Our Experience & Thoughts:



  • Excellent in speed based on our test results.
  • Reliable server – server only went down once for the past 3 months.
  • Reasonable price for shared and VPS hosting.
  • Free site migration.
  • Flexible subscription plans – you only need to pay $3.95 to start.


  • No live chat and telephone support.
  • Server location only in United States
  • Limited email accounts for Started and Advanced Plans

Overall, while I would say that MightWeb seems to be the run-of-the-mill web host, if you read between the lines, all the most important ticks are in the right check boxes, and then some.

Personally, I would consider that they have hit on the right mix of features and concentrated on the key ones which are really important.

Despite their limited server locations, performance seems to be above and beyond what many web hosts are capable of. Factor in their solid uptime SLA guarantee and you should have no worries about performance.

Also important is their customer support. Despite making no grandiose guarantee and promises, they have offered a standard ticketing system and kept turnaround time to an impressive average of 35-minutes. Take it from me, that not something that you’ll easily find out there today.

To me, MightWeb is a winner and if you’re in the market for a good web hosting provider, this is a good place to look.

Alternatives and Comparisons

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Order MightWeb Hosting

 Click: https://mightweb.net/


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