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Reviewed by: Jerry Low . .
  • Review Updated: Oct 21, 2020
Plan in review: Business Ultimate
Reviewed by: Jerry Low
Review Updated: October 21, 2020
Based in Toronto, Ontario, HostUpon provides web-hosting solutions for both individuals and businesses of all sizes. HostUpon stands out for its commitment to customer service. The company offers 24/7 customer support as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, HostUpon provides web hosting solutions for both individuals and businesses of all sizes. HostUpon stands out for its commitment to customer service. The company offers 24/7 customer support as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HostUpon Hosting Plans

HostUpon’s services can be broken down into four categories:

Shared Hosting

HostUpon offers two different shared hosting plans:

  • Starter unlimited plan for $3.95/mo
  • Business unlimited plan for $7.95/mo

Both plans include

  • Unlimited website bandwidth
  • MySQL databases
  • email and FTP accounts
  • dedicated IP
  • search engine submission

The only difference between the two plans is that the business unlimited plan offers FFmpeg video modules for social networks (see image below).

HostUpon Shared Hosting Packages
HostUpon Shared Hosting Packages

VPS Hosting

All of HostUpon’s VPS hosting plans offer unlimited premium bandwidth transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email and FTP accounts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With regards to disk space, memory, and IP addresses, the company offers five tiered offerings ranging in prices between $49.95/mo to $149.95/mo to best accommodate your needs.

VPS HostingVPS 20VPS 50VPS 75VPS 100VPS 150
RAID Disk Space20 GB50 GB75 GB100 GB150 GB
RAM512 MB1 GB1.5 GB2 GB3 GB
IP Addresses22233
Monthly Price$49.95$69.95$89.95$110.95$149.95

One of the highlights of HostUpon’s VPS services is its WHM & cPanel, which are among the best in the industry. These control panels allow customers to create individual cPanel accounts for customers; manage quotas, bandwidth, and package features; create unlimited email accounts and add-on domains; and view analytics information.

Reseller Hosting

HostUpon also offers comprehensive reseller hosting services, so that you can start your own hosting business using HostUpon’s services. All offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email and FTP accounts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Reseller HostingRS 100RS 200RS 300RS 400RS 500
Disk Space15 GB30 GB50 GB75 GB100 GB
Resold Account103050100Unlimited
Monthly Price$19.95$29.95$49.95$69.95$99.95

Cloud Hosting

The biggest advantage of HostUpon’s cloud hosting services is that they boast substantially more CPU and memory power than shared hosting options.

The company has two different cloud hosting plans, the first of which 50 GB of disk space for $49.95 per month, and the second of which offers 100 GB of disk space for $99.95 per month. Otherwise, both plans offer MySQL databases, POP/IMAP email accounts with webmail, a free domain for life, and add-on domains. HostUpon also offers a free site builder or free site transfer/migration as part of its cloud hosting offerings, as well as 24/7 support.

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HostUpon Uptime Review

I was given a free account and domain for this review; and the following is the uptime record I recorded.

HostUpon uptime score = 100% (August 2015)
HostUpon uptime score = 100% (August 2015)

Important Things to Know: Customer Support, Shared Hosting Limitation, and CPU Power

To understand HostUpon better, I did a short interview with the company Marketing Director Eric Unger. The following three questions (and answers) are most important to those who are considering this web host.

Eric, what can we know more about HostUpon support team?

Everything we do at HostUpon is focused around the most important aspect of our business; our customers. Hosting is a very competitive market and we've always invested heavily in our various support avenues to separate us from our competitors. Whether you call in, submit a support ticket or engage with a representative on Live Chat you're always speaking with someone who works directly in our Toronto office.

Our head office is located in downtown Toronto in close proximity to our data center. We are a team of 11 individuals who have a passion for the web. Our focus on in-house support with zero outsourcing has allowed us to provide reliable and affordable hosting with tailored support. We've received various industry awards for our support and we continue to invest in local talent to ensure we provide the best customer service to our hosting clients.

What are the limitations in HostUpon shared hosting plan?

The shared hosting landscape has changed drastically over the years. With our implementation of Cloud Linux Technology on our shared hosting plans we are able to segment clients from one another on our shared server which gives them dedicated resources for their web hosting plans. This also ensures that an abusive website cannot affect the server or it's neighbouring websites.

Our Starter Unlimited plan comes with 50% CPU utilization, unlimited virtual memory and 1GB of physical memory. This plan is perfect for new websites and comes with all of the essential features to accommodate an average size blog, personal or business website. It also works great for small online shops and e-commerce sites.

Our Business Unlimited plan comes with 90% CPU utilization, unlimited virtual memory and 2GB of physical memory.

This plan is geared toward high-traffic websites with added performance and power ensuring scalability. The Business Unlimited plan is popular among customers who prefer to host multiple websites in one account. The Business Unlimited plan also comes with a dedicated IP address and our search engine submission service.

How HostUpon cluster servers work (image credit: HostUpon).
How HostUpon cluster servers work (image credit: HostUpon).

What would happen to his/her site when a user consumes too much CPU power?

This is a great question Jerry as customers should be informed on scalable options as their websites grow and expand.

When a customers account is consuming excessive resources we have various upgrade options but more importantly we take it on a case-by-case approach. Upgrading is not always the solution, we try to identity what resource limits the customer is reaching as it could simply be a plugin or theme that is causing problems and simply fixing it can drastically improve their performance.

If an upgrade is the best solution we'll recommend either our Cloud Hosting, VPS or Dedicated server plans. Our Cloud Hosting is a fully managed service for clients who need more resources but don't necessarily want to manage a server.

Our VPS plans come with root access, perfect for developers and users who want total control of their hosting environment. We use VMware virtualization as it's proven to be stable and expandable. VMware also allows our customers to switch between VPS plans without any downtime.

Lastly we offer Dedicated Servers ideal for customers who want their own physical server with dedicated resources. Our dedicated servers can be fully customized with the exact specs our customers need. Simply put, you're only billed for the resources you use. Additionally our dedicated servers are also scalable on the fly so adding more memory or CPU power is done seamlessly with no downtime.

Summary / Recommendation

To summarize:

  • HostUpon is a 100% Canadian owned hosting company. Customer support is fully done by in house staff based in their Toronto office.
  • The web host hit 100% uptime during our first month of testing – which is very good for a low cost web host.
  • As with all other shared hosting service providers, HostUpon unlimited hosting is bound by tight server resources usage policy. Suspensions will occur if users violate this term (read ToS term (c) Excessive Resource User Policy).
  • HostUpon is recommended for those who are looking for a cheap web host option.

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