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Reviewed by: Lori Soard . .
  • Review Updated: Oct 21, 2020
Plan in review: Shared Hosting
Reviewed by: Lori Soard
Review Updated: October 21, 2020
DTS-NET has more than 100,000 domain names under management; operate 3 proprietary data centers in Dallas Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and North Carolina. We think they are a web host that you can start and grow with. It is a good choice for newbies because of the support and ease of use. Read on to learn more.

DTS-NET lists its goal as becoming the “best Internet service provider in the region.” With that goal in mind, they've done a couple of things that make them stand out, including using state-of the-art servers and a support infrastructure that allows them to look at customer problems and resolve them quickly. With that in mind, they offer 24/7 customer support and also have a price match guarantee.

The company is currently headquartered at Richlands, North Carolina and operates 2 proprietary data centers in Dallas, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Note: This is a non-tested review, this means we do not own a DTS-NET account at the time of review. We did, however, work hard in research and try our best to understand the company as much as we can before publishing this review. For more information, you can also read my Q&A session with DTS-NET founder, Craig Gendrolas, here.

What's In DTS-NET Hosting Plans?

DTS-NET offers a number of options when it comes to hosting solutions, including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers.

Web Hosting

If you simply want to start your own website, this is the plan for you. It starts at just $1.95/month for 10 GB of storage and the ability to use a free website builder. If you need a bit more space, you can go up to either the 50 GB plan for $5.95/month or the Unlimited plan for $8.95/month.

Reseller Hosting

DTS-NET does their reseller hosting in an interesting way. Instead of limiting the space or number of sites you can have, they offer three packages based on different operating systems. The Linux system runs only $9.95/month to start and features cPanel. They also offer Windows Server with Plesk control for $29.95/month or Apple OS X Server for $99.95/month.

VPS & Dedicated Servers

The rates for VPS start at a very reasonable $9.95 a month, but plans start at 1GB and go up from there on RAM and start at 50GB and go up for space. For an exact rate, you should consult with the specialists at DTS-NET as they will ascertain your needs and give you a package that best matches those needs. Each server comes with hundreds of available IPs.  Dedicated servers run more, but the final cost, again will depend on your individual needs.

Hosting Features/Plans10 GB50 GBUnlimited
WordPress Installs1050Unlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
CDN Cloud WebserverYesYesYes
POP3 AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
MYSQL Databases1050Unlimited
Sub DomainsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

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 Click here to visit DTS-NET online.

Our Research: Mixed Online Reviews

Reading through online reviews, I found some mixed reviews about DTS-NET. However, some of the negative reviews seem to be from years earlier and it is possible these issues have been ironed out. For example, one of the reviewers that gave DTS a negative rating pointed to trouble getting their domain name released when trying to move to another server.

However, when questioned on this topic (read quotes below), DTS-NET stated they are happy to help customers move to or from DTS-NET. While it’s impossible to know for sure how easy it would be to move your domain should you choose to leave DTS, this is an easy fix.

You offer the ability to do everything in one place to start a website from scratch. If a customer takes out a domain through your site, but later wants to move the site?

Note: There was an online review stating that the person had trouble getting back their domain name, so I specifically asked this question to see what Gendrolas’ position was on this matter.

Our customer is the official holder of domain name. DTS-NET never has customers jumping through hoops and when needed will walk the customer through the process of moving their domain name to or from DTS-NET. This is why DTS-NET is BBB Accredited Business with the highest rating A+.

If this is a concern of yours, simply register your domain name with one of the many independent registrars out there before taking out an account (rule #1 in how to protect yourself from hosting company). That will allow you to maintain a separation between your domain name and hosting company. In fact, that is probably a smart idea no matter who you are hosting with.

What I Like About DTS-NET

One thing I really liked about DTS-NET was that you can save a lot of money, especially if you have a single domain name you want to host.

For example, let’s say you go with the 10 GB web hosting plan. The starting rate is $1.95/month. However, if you pay for the entire year, the cost goes down to $1.50/month; two years, it drops to $1.25/month; and three years, it drops to only $1.00/month.

Use our exclusive discount code (WHSR) and you’ll save even more. If you are just starting out, not having to pay out hundreds of dollars a year in website hosting can be absolutely vital to your overall success.

Scalability – Upgrading to Business Pro Service at $59.95/yr

dts-net package
No overselling host at $18/annum; scale up and upgrade to Business Pro Service at $59.95/year.


I also like the added features available at DTS-NET that would come in handy as your business grows. For example, for $59.95/year, you can jump up to Business Pro Service. This will give you:

  • Faster speed on both uploads and downloads
  • Hosting on business pro servers
  • Additional CPU
  • Additional memory
  • Multimedia streaming (Shoutcast)
  • Increased security
  • Dedicated IP address
  • SSL Certificate
  • Priority phone support if you have issues

That breaks down to only $4.99/month extra for some one-on-one support and hosting that is equivalent to many hosting companies’ premium packages.

What I Dislike

The website is a bit confusing to navigate at first. There is a slider that you have to move to the right to see all of the packages. To get the rates for paying for a year upfront vs. by the month, you have to click through to the order page.

I’d really like to see this information presented upfront on the information page.

Also, the features are a bit hard to read through. They would work better in table format and with an ability to compare the different packages more easily. This makes it harder for businesses to figure out which package would work best for their needs.

Bottom Line?

DTS-NET is a company you can start with and grow with. It is a good choice for newbies because of the support and ease of use.

However, it is also a good hosting company for those with larger sites or sites that are growing, because of the ability to move easily from web hosting to dedicated servers.  DTS-NET is worth a try. If you do decide to sign up, go ahead and commit to a year to get the most benefit from the discounts.

 Click here to learn more and order DTS-NET hosting 

Note: DTS has offered WHSR customers an exclusive 50% discount on any package or service. Simply use the promo code: WHSR.

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