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Reviewed by: Jerry Low . .
  • Review Updated: Oct 21, 2020
Plan in review: Starter
Reviewed by: Jerry Low
Review Updated: October 21, 2020
Reliable, generous server resources allocation, user friendly platforms - BulwarkHost is recommended for those who are looking for a budget, easy-to-use hosting service. Read on to find out more about our test results with the web host.

Founded in 2009, BulwarkHost started as a hosting service provider for private clients only. The company went “mainstream” and opened up its service to public in February 2013. BulwarkHost prides itself on its commitment to hosting quality and customer satisfaction; the company provides pure SSD server hosting, 24/7 technical support, 30-day money-back guarantee, and free website migration services.

Special Update (Feb 2017):

BulwarkHost is doing a week-long anniversary sales. Get huge discount using the following promo codes:

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BulwarkHost Hosting Plans

BulwarkHost offers three types of affordable hosting services for different needs, namely Shared, Reseller, and Enterprise Hosting; each hosting category comes in multiple plans.

All these plans come with Automatic Daily Backups (which is a big plus IMO), capacity of unlimited sub-domains, addon domains, and MySQL Databases; plus all the usual applications and server features – LiteSpeed Web Server, CloudLinux OS, MariaDB,  cPanel, Softaculous Installer, PHP Version Selector, phpMyAdmin, CloudFlare Integration, etc. The following are some quick details on the features for each plan.

Shared Hosting

BulwarkHost offers four shared hosting plans to meet varying needs: the Lite Plan, the Starter Plan, the Basic Plan, and the Advanced Plan.

Shared HostingLiteStarterBasicAdvanced
Pure SSD Storage3 GB5 GB10 GB15 GB
Monthly Data Transfer150 GB250 GB500 GB750 GB
CPU Core Access1 Full Core
Automatic Daily BackupsYes
Monthly Price$4.75/mo$6.50/mo$11.50/mo$14.75/mo
Annual Price (15% off)$4.04/mo$5.53/mo$9.78/mo$12.54/mo
Biennial Price (20% off)$3.80/mo$5.20/mo$9.20/mo$11.80/mo
Triennial Price (25% off)$3.56/mo$4.88/mo$8.63/mo$11.06/mo

Reseller Hosting

Four Reseller plans are offered at BulwarkHost; basic features are shown in table below.

Reseller HostingLiteStarterBasicAdvanced
Pure SSD Storage15 GB30 GB60 GB100 GB
Monthly Data Transfer450 GB900 GB1800 GB3000 GB
cPanel Accounts153060Unlimited
CPU Core Access1 Full Core
Automatic Daily BackupsYes
Monthly Price$15/mo$25/mo$45/mo$65/mo
Annual Price$12.75/mo$21.25/mo$38.25/mo$55.25/mo
Biennial Price (20% off)$12.00/mo$20.00/mo$36.00/mo$52.00/mo
Triennial Price (25% off)$11.25/mo$18.75/mo$33.75/mo$48.75/mo

Enterprise Hosting

BulwarkHost also offers enterprise hosting, which can basically be described as a more powerful version of shared hosting. While the server is still shared between accounts, there are less accounts per server – hence more CPU resources allocated for each account. 

Enterprise HostingLiteStarterBasicAdvanced
Pure SSD Storage5 GB10 GB15 GB20 GB
Monthly Data Transfer300 GB600 GB900 GB1200 GB
cPanel Accounts153060Unlimited
CPU Core Access2 Full Cores
Automatic Daily BackupsYes
Monthly Price$24/mo$36/mo$54/mo$70/mo
Annual Price (15% off)$20.40/mo$30.60/mo$45.90/mo$59.50/mo
Biennial Price (20% off)$19.20/mo$28.80/mo$43.20/mo$56.00/mo
Triennial Price (25% off)$18.00/mo$27.00/mo$40.50/mo$52.50/mo

BulwarkHost Special Discounts

Thanks to BulwarkHost representative Keith P. – We have got two promo codes for new customers at Bulwark Host. After discount, Bulwark Shared Hosting Plan starts at $4.46/mo, Reseller Plan R-Lite starts at $7.40/mo.

Coupon code: WHSR25
25% recurring discount on any shared, reseller, enterprise hosting plan.

Coupon code: WHSR40
40% one-time discount on any shared, reseller, enterprise hosting plan.



My Experience with BulwarkHost

For testing purpose, I signed up on BulwarkHost shared hosting in January 2016.

My first impression with BulwarkHost was very good – the signup process was very smooth and easy (basically, it was idiot proof), the support staff I dealt with was incredibly professional and responsive, and I found their billing system to be very user-friendly. BulwarkHost uses WHM Complete Solution for billing and management portal, which I believe many of you would be familiar with.

BulwarkHost client area, powered by WHMCompleteSolution.
BulwarkHost client area, powered by WHMCompleteSolution.

Things I Like about BulwarkHost

Reliable Server / Service quality guaranteed with SLA

There is no doubt about it: BulwarkHost is stable and reliable. The web host scores 9X% uptime scores so far based on my tracking (see image below) – which is very good for a budget shared web host. Also, bear in mind that Bulwark's hosting service is backed by Service Level Agreement (SLA). You'll get money back if the host uptime falls below 99.9%.

BulwarkHost Uptime Review

bulwark - 201603
Bulwark hosting uptime for the past 30 days in March 2016. Test site scored a 99.87% in uptime (not so good).
BulwarkHost uptime scores for the past 30 days. The host should have scored 99.9% for the past 30 days as the major outage is due to a 403 error (not a server outage).
BulwarkHost uptime scores for the past 30 days. The host should have scored 99.9% for the past 30 days as the major outage is due to a 403 error (not a server outage) and scheduled maintenance.

Quoting BulwarkHost SLA –

Here at BulwarkHost, uptime is of utmost importance. We guarantee that all of our services will have at least 99.9% uptime every month. Should we not meet this guarantee in any given month, we will credit a percentage of the client’s monthly service fees based on the following tiers:

  • 99.8% to < 99.9% = 25% credit
  • 99.7% to < 99.8% = 50% credit
  • 99.6% to < 99.7% = 50% credit
  • ? 99.5% to < 99.6% = 100% credit

Generous Server Resources Allocation

As mentioned in my choose a host guide – server storage and data transfer capacity are not the major factors to look into nowadays (most hosts offer the same thing and you will hit server resources limit before hitting the storage/bandwidth limits). Instead – pay close attention to the host's server resources limit.

If you dig into BulwarkHost's ToS, you'll notice that the web host is very generous with its server resources – shared hosting users get access to 1 full CPU core, 1 GB of physical memory, and 20 entry processes. Also, BulwarkHost allows users to use up to 25% system resources for up to 300 seconds. Honestly, this is just too good for a hosting service that costs about $5/mo.

I spoke to one BulwarkHost representative and he explained to me –

“We monitor each server's resource usage closely and make sure no servers are overloaded; in fact most of our servers cap at around 60 percent resource utilization except when backup jobs run—this figure then goes up to 80 percent.”

Important to Know

  • There is a traffic allowance Keep in mind that all BulwarkHost hosting accounts come with a predetermined amount of traffic allowance (bandwidth). If you exceed this allowance your account with BulwarkHost will be temporary suspended.
  • Limited hosting locations BulwarkHost is run from two data centers. One of these datacenters is in Los Angeles, CA while the other one is located in Buffalo, NY. However, the company is no longer offering hosting from the Buffalo location due to an issue with their upstream provider. The company does have plans to expand to another location (unknown) in the latter half of 2016. For more information, be sure to check out here.
  • Only two types of hosting. BulwarkHost currently offers only two types of hosting: shared hosting and reseller hosting. While you can use a reseller account as VPS hosting, there are no other upgrades available. If you wish to switch to dedicated hosting, you will need to switch to another hosting company.

The Final Verdict – Is BulwarkHost a “Yes”?

Generous hosting resources offer, ultra smooth signup process, easy to use platforms, plus further reading at web hosting forums indicates that the web host has a solid reputation in customer supports – All in all, I think BulwarkHost is an excellent option for newbies. While the lack of dedicated hosting offer is a turn down for some, I would say BulwarkHost is the right one for most newbies and small business sites out there.

Compare BulwarkHost with Others

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