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VPN Black Friday 2022 Sales

Black Friday 2022!

It's that crazy time of the year again. We are curating dozens of VPN deals and offers on this page so you can compare and select the best Black Friday promos from top VPN Providers.

So keep this page bookmarked! We will fill it up for Black Friday 2022 real soon.

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Black Friday Deals

VPN Black Friday (Early Bird Offers)

  • Free 3 months for 1-year and 2-year subscription
  • For 2-year subscription (best value): Standard Plan $2.99/mo, Plus Plan $3.99/mo, and Complete Plan $5.29/mo
  • Super fast connection with NordLynx – Great for online streaming
  • Connect & secure up to 6 devices simultaneously

  • Free 2 months for 2-year subscription
  • For 2-year subscription (best value) rounded cost = $2.05/mo
  • Best value & reliable VPN with server in 100 countries
  • Connect & secure unlimited devices simultaneously

  • Free 3 months for annual subscription
  • Excellent security and privacy features
  • RAM-only VPN servers in 94 countries
  • Connect & secure unlimited 5 devices simultaneously

Full BFCM 2022 VPN Deals List (Coming Soon)

VPN ServicesPromo CodeDetailsPriceGrab Deal
Surfshark(Link Activation)83% Off + Free 3 Months$2.21/monthClick Here
NordVPN(Link Activation)72% Off$3.29/monthClick Here
AtlasVPNBLACKFRIDAY202285% Off + Free 6 Months$1.39/monthClick Here
ExpressVPN(Link Activation)50% off + Free 3 months$6.67/monthClick Here
P. I. Access(Link Activation)83% + Free 4 months$2.03/monthClick Here
IPVanish(Link Activation)71% Off + Free 3 Months$3.19/monthClick Here
CyberGhost(Link Activation)84% Off + Free 4 months$2.03/monthClick Here
FastestVPN(Link Activation)93% Off + Free 3 months$0.66/monthClick Here
TorGuardTBCTBC$7.70/monthClick Here
PureVPN(Link Activation)82% Off + Free 3 months$1.95/monthClick Here
ProtonVPN(Link Activation)50% Off + Free 6 months3.99€ /monthClick Here
Ivacy(Link Activation)90% Off + 2TB cloud storage & password manager$1.00/monthClick Here
StrongVPNTBCTBC$10.99/monthClick Here
VyprVPNTBCTBC-Click Here
TunnelBearTBCTBC-Click Here
CactusVPNTBCTBC-Click Here

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What to Look for in VPN Black Friday Deal?

Price slashes and other benefits make VPN Black Friday Deals ideal for hopping onto the privacy and security bandwagon. Given increased threats to our digital privacy, signing up with one is more urgent than ever.

Yet, not all VPNs are identical. Some offer better speeds, others might be more stable, and some may even go after the price point by slashing theirs to the bone. This Black Friday, choose the ideal VPN for yourself based on your usage model.

In addition, other top considerations should include:

  • Reputation of the service provider
  • Privacy and security features
  • Server coverage (number and locations)
  • Device types supported
  • Number of simultaneous connections allowed

Do You Really Need a VPN?

How VPN Works
A VPN helps block off government, hackers, and large tech companies from tracking our activities on Internet and stealing our data.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are tools designed to help users enjoy better online security and privacy. Utilizing extensive server networks, they help mask devices and connection origins while using encryption to prevent data from being stolen and misused.

This security and privacy aspect is even more critical given the current global Covid-19 pandemic. With many forced to work from home, staying safer in the digital world is even more vital than ever.

Common Usage of VPNs

Although VPNs mainly offer better privacy and security, their characteristics make them useful for various other purposes. That versatility helps make the small price that VPN service providers charge more appealing to a broader audience base.

Media streaming – Many commercial media streaming platforms lock content by region. While that’s reasonable in a licensing context, it’s a problem when people travel. VPNs can help you bypass geo-restrictions and access all the content available.

Bypassing censorship – Regardless of public opinion, many countries enforce some level of web censorship. While this is all right in some cases, there have been cases where such censorship is unfair, and using a VPN can remove those restrictions.

Preventing search Bias – Search engines often deliver results they think are relevant. In many cases, this is fine, but if you prefer unbiased results, using a VPN can help. 

Preventing bandwidth throttling – Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may throttle bandwidth based on what data it detects. VPN encryption and obfuscations help mask this, preventing bandwidth throttling.

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