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Great Black Friday Deals for Small Businesses & Freelancers (2022)

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for small businesses and freelancers.

Small businesses need every advantage they can get and the deals don’t come any better than during Black Friday. It’s time of year when vendors slash prices to the bone or offer as many enticing freebies as possible.

If there’s a product or service you need, now’s the time to consider it.

BFCM Deals for Small Businesses We Like

  • 60% off the annual subscription – $4.63/mo
  • Services: Privacy protection tool
  • Coupon code: INCOGNI60
  • Visit Incogni online
  • 70% off on annual 2TB plan – €3.59/mo
  • Services: Cloud storage
  • Link activation, no promo code needed
  • Visit Internxt online

Black Friday Deals for Small Businesses & Freelancers

To help you better compare what’s available, here is WHSR’s massive list of Black Friday deals for small businesses and freelancers:

Company NameBest Coupon to UseDiscount %Get DealPromotion DetailsPrimary ServicesDeals start date Deals end dateEstablished since... Remarks
ACE MeetingsLink Activation80%Get the ACE Meetings Lifetime Growth for only $49! Pay ONCE, enjoy FOREVER.Productivity toolNov 21, 2022Nov 28, 20222021-https://useace.com/
AstraLink Activation50%Get Up to 50% Off on All Plans and Stand a Chance to Win Macbook AirWordPress relatedNov 22, 2022Dec 2, 20222017-https://wpastra.com
Astra SecurityBFCM4040%40% Off on Website Protection Annual plans (Only for the first year & no manual malware cleanups)Website securityNov 8, 2022Dec 4, 20222018BFCM10 - 10% Off on Astra Pentest (also applicable on renewals) https://www.getastra.com/
Beaver BuilderLink Activation25%25% Off on All Plans and UpgradesWebsite / eCommerce BuildersNov 22, 2022Nov 29, 20222014-https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/go/wpbeaverbuilder
BreadnbeyondLink Activation40%Get Up to 40% OffExplainer videoNov 24, 2022Dec 5, 20222009-https://breadnbeyond.com
CartFlowsLink Activation55%Get Up to 55% Off and Macbook Air giveawayWordPress relatedNov 22, 2022Dec 2, 20222017-https://cartflows.com/
Constant ContactLink Activation30%30% off on Email Plus PlanBusiness toolNov 25, 2022Nov 28, 20221995https://www.constantcontact.com/
CrocoblockBFCROCO2240%Get Up to 40% OffWebsite / eCommerce BuildersNov 22, 2022Nov 30, 20222018-/go/crocoblock
Domain Hunter GathererBlackFriday2250%Get 50% OFF Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro plan and 40% Off on Lifetime LicenseBusiness toolNov 12, 2022Nov 30, 20222015 BlackFriday22Monthly - Get 25% Off on Monthly Subscriptions https://domainhuntergatherer.com
DebutifyBFCM2250%50% Off on All Subscription PlansShopify relatedNov 14, 2022Nov 18, 202220193 exclusive bonuses available for the first 100 purchaseshttps://debutify.com/
Dudaagency-nov2250%50% Off New Purchases on Annual Agency PlansWebsite / eCommerce BuildersNov 21, 2022Nov 30, 20222009wl-nov22 - 50% Off New Purchases on Annual White Label Planshttps://www.duda.co/
EmailOctopusLink Activation90%90% Off for the first month subscriptionBusiness toolNov 1, 2022Nov 28, 20222015-/go/emailoctopus
EnvatoLink Activation60%Discount up to 60% off on themes, code and videoBusiness toolNov 21, 2022Nov 30, 2002006-https://www.envato.com/c/cybermonday-blackfriday/
Envato ElementsLink Activation50%50% off New Purchases on All Plans (Excludes Enterprise Solutions)Business toolNov 24, 2022Nov 28, 20222006-https://elements.envato.com/lp/pm/campaign/cybermonday/
EngageBayLink Activation40%40% Off on First Time Purchase Across All PlansBusiness toolNov 14, 2022Nov 25, 20222018-https://www.engagebay.com/
FluentCRMLink Activation40%Get Up to 40% Off on All PlansBusiness toolNov 15, 2022Dec 2, 20222016-https://fluentcrm.com/
Fluent FormsLink Activation40%Get Up to 40% Off on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 15, 2022Dec 2, 20222016-https://fluentforms.com/
Fluent SupportLink Activation40%40% Off on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 15, 2022Dec 2, 20222016-https://fluentsupport.com/
FreeLogoDesignNOVEMB4040%40% Off on Premium PlansBusiness toolNov 15, 2022Nov 30, 20222015-https://www.freelogodesign.org/
GiveWPBFCM2240%40% Off New Purchases on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 21, 2022Nov 29, 20222015-https://givewp.com/
GroupbossMONDAY2525%25% Off on All Pricing PlansBusiness toolNov 22, 2022Dec 31, 20222020-https://groupboss.io/
IconicWPBF202262%Up to 62% Off Plugins for New CustomersWordPress relatedNov 21, 2022Nov 29, 20222012-https://iconicwp.com/
IncogniINCOGNI6060%Click Here60% OFF for annual subscriptionInformation securityOct 27, 2022Dec 4, 20222018The annual price is down to $55.58 which is only $4.63 per month./go/incogni
InternxtLink Activation70%70% OFF on Internxt annual 2TB planCloud storageNov 21, 2022Dec 5, 20222020-/go/internxt
InVideoEARLY3535%35% Off on All PlansOthersNov 2, 2022Nov 23, 20222017-/go/invideo
KadenceWPLink Activation40%40% Off on New Purchases WordPress relatedNov 15, 2022Nov 29, 202220221. 25% OFF for existing customers who renew early 2. $200 off Lifetime Full Bundlehttps://www.kadencewp.com/
iThemesBFCM2240%40% Off New Purchases on iThemes Security, BackUpBuddy and Essentials Bundle PlansWordPress relatedNov 21, 2022Nov 29, 20222008-https://ithemes.com/
LearnDashBFCM2240%40% Off New Purchases on LearnDash Plugin, LearnDash Cloud and ProPanel (add-ons included)Productivity toolNov 21, 2022Nov 29, 20222013-https://www.learndash.com/
LiveAgentBLACKFRIDAY7575%75% Off on Any Plan for 3 MonthsBusiness toolNov 21, 2022Dec 31, 20222006-https://www.liveagent.com/black-friday/
MacPawLink Activation30%30% Off for 1st Year Subscriptions and One-time License OptionSoftware developmentNov 25, 2022Nov 26, 20222008-/go/macpaw
MailmodoLink Activation50%50% Off on Annual Subscription PlansBusiness toolNov 25, 2022Nov 30, 20222020-https://www.mailmodo.com/
MailtrapBFCM2270%Get 70% Off on All Plans for 6 MonthsBusiness toolNov 25, 2022Dec 9, 20222009-https://mailtrap.io/black-friday-cyber-monday-deal/
MonterInsightsLink Activation70%Get Up to 70% for All Annual PlansWordPress relatedNov 10, 2022Nov 26, 20222016-https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/go/monsterinsights
MySignatureSigFriday202250%50% Off on for the first payment for all yearly plansBusiness toolNov 25, 2022Nov 30, 20222019-https://mysignature.io/
NakivoLink Activation10%Get 10% Off on Data Backup for Microsoft Office 365Information securityNov 18, 2022Dec 31, 20222012-https://www.nakivo.com/
NewoldstampBF2022NOS25%25% Off on any recurring planBusiness toolNov 25, 2022Nov 30, 20222016-https://newoldstamp.com/
Ninja TablesLink Activation50%Get Up to 50% Off on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 15, 2022Dec 2, 20222016-https://ninjatables.com/
nTaskBFCM202240%40% Off on All Premium and Business Annual PlansProductivity toolNov 25, 2022Nov 28, 20222015-https://www.ntaskmanager.com/
OptinMonsterLink Activation60%Get 60% off All OptinMonster plansWordPress relatedNov 7, 2022Nov 21, 20222013Stand a chance to win 13-inch M1 MacBook Air./go/optinmonster
OrderableBF202240%40% Off New Purchases on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 21, 2022Nov 29, 20222015-https://orderable.com/
PaymatticLink Activation40%Get 40% Off on Annual Licenses and 30% Off on Lifetime LicensesWordPress relatedNov 15, 2022Dec 2, 20222016- https://paymattic.com/
PaperformLink Activation50%50% Off on Annual Pro and Agency PlanProductivity toolNov 25, 2022Nov 29, 20222016The Paperform Black Friday Deal is available to purchase to anyone who has not had an active Paperform subscription within the past 30 dayshttps://paperform.co
PerfmattersBLACKFRIDAY30%Get 30% Off on All Perfmatters LicensesWordPress relatedNov 16, 2022Dec 1, 20222017-https://perfmatters.io
PDFLinerBLACKFRIDAY2240%Get 40% Off on Any PlansProductivity toolNov 10, 2022Nov 30, 20222020-https://pdfliner.com/
PixpaLink Activation50%50% Off on Annual PlansProductivity toolNov 24, 2022Dec 31, 20222015-https://www.pixpa.com/
PluginHivePH-WOO-BLACKCYBER202220%20% OFF for PluginHive WooCommerce pluginsWebsite / eCommerce BuildersOct 27, 2022Nov 27, 20222015-https://www.pluginhive.com/
Presto PlayerLink Activation50%Get Up to 50% Off on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 22, 2022Dec 2, 20222021-https://prestoplayer.com/
Poptin LTDBFPOPTIN2235%35% Off on All Poptin Annual PlansWordPress relatedNov 14, 2022Dec 3, 20212017-https://www.poptin.com
Post Affiliate ProBLACKFRIDAY7575%75% Off on Any Plan for 3 Months Business toolNov 21, 2022Dec 31, 20222004-https://www.postaffiliatepro.com/
PremioPREMIO2022BF40%40% Off on All Premio WordPress Plugin PlansWordPress relatedNov 14, 2022Dec 3, 20222018-https://premio.io
Receipt MakerlyMONDAY25%25%Get 25% Off on Yearly Plan25% Off on Annual PlanBusiness toolNov 22, 2022Dec 31, 20222019-https://receiptmakerly.com/
Restrict Content ProBFCM4040%40% Off New Purchases on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 21, 2022Nov 29, 20222010-https://restrictcontentpro.com/
Pretty Links BF2022GiveawayParticipate in giveaway with any plans purchase: 13″ MacBook Pro M2Business toolNov 21, 2022Dec 2, 20222009-/go/prettylink
SEO PowerSuiteLink Activation30%30 % Off on Website Auditor Professional for 1st Year SubscriptionBusiness toolNov 25, 2022Dec 25, 20222007https://www.link-assistant.com
SureCartLink Activation50%Get 50% Off and Macbook Air GiveawayWordPress relatedNov 23, 2022Dec 2, 20222022-https://surecart.com/
SureMembersLink Activation60%Get Up to 60% Off and Macbook Air GiveawayWordPress relatedNov 23, 2022Dec 2, 20222022-https://suremembers.com/
RoboFormLink Activation35%35% Off on New SubscriptionsOthersNov 14, 2022Nov 30, 20222000-https://www.roboform.com
SocialBeeSOCIALBEEBF2270%70% Off for 3 Months on All Tool PlansProductivity toolNov 21, 2022Nov 28, 20222016-https://socialbee.io/
The Events CalendarBFCM2240%40% Off All New PurchasesProductivity toolNov 21, 2022 Nov 29, 2022 20091. BFCM22-BUNDLE - 40% OFF all new purchases 25% OFF BFCM renewals 2. BFCM22-EARLY - 40% OFF all new purchases 25% OFF BFCM renewalshttps://theeventscalendar.com/
TidioLink Activation20%Get 20% Off on All Annual PlansBusiness toolNov 17, 2022Dec 4, 20222013-https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/go/tidio
ThemeGrillBFCM202260%Up to 60% Off on Annual PlansWordPress relatedNov 11, 2022Dec 9, 20222014-https://themegrill.com/
VidevoLink Activation50%50% Off pro yearly plan; 12 months unlimited downloads across asset library. Others25th November29th November2012-https://www.videvo.net/
WP Manage NinjaLink Activation40%Get Up to 40% Off on All ProdcutsWordPress relatedNov 15, 2022Dec 2, 20222016-https://wpmanageninja.com/
WP Social NinjaLink Activation40%Get 40% Off on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 15, 2022Dec 2, 20222016-https://wpsocialninja.com/
WP RocketLink Activation30%30% Off on all WP Rocket new licensesWordPress relatedNov 21, 2022Nov 30, 20222013-https://wp-rocket.me/
ZeviLink Activation30%Get 30% Off for Annual Plan (After 3 months subscription)AI Powered Site Search SolutionNov 24, 2022Nov 28, 20222021The first 100 customers able to get 3-months Subscription for Freehttps://www.zevi.ai/
ZakraLink Activation60%Get up to 60% Off on All PlansWordPress relatedNov 11, 2022Dec 9, 20222014-https://zakratheme.com/
ZyroWHSR1081%Get up to 81% off on All Plans WordPress relatedNov 11, 2022Dec 4, 20222019Our take on Zyro deal/go/zyro-blackfriday

Black Friday Deals for Small Business Owners FAQs

When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022?

This year Black Friday falls on November 25th. Whereby, Cyber Monday falls on November 28th.

What exactly are Black Friday deals?

Black Friday deals are special savings off regular prices that you can get during Black Friday. This date sees prices get cut to the bone across most industries and it’s when many spend a large chunk of their budget while getting the maximum in savings.

Are Black Friday sales actually worth it?

The best time to grab the stuff you need is during Black Friday since you can save lots of cash. Even products that come with minimal savings will offers some extras like subscription extensions or other freebies.

Do you save more on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Normally, most vendors will stretch Black Friday on to Cyber Monday and offer one deal across the board. If you’re lucky then a “super last minute sale” on Cyber Monday might save more, but don’t count on it.

More Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Every year we curate more than a hundred of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so you can compare and find great savings on domain names, web hosting, VPN, as well as other business tools in one place.

For more big Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, check out:

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