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AtlasVPN Black Friday 2022- Free 6 Months

AtlasVPN Black Friday 2022 – Link Activation

Get up to 85% discount: Free 6 months on AtlasVPN; Protect unlimited devices at just $1.64/mo > Order Here.

AtlasVPN’s Black Friday 2022 deal is underway already, and you can grab this new but high-performing VPN for pennies on the dollar. For those subscribing for two years – Not only do you get a whopping 85% discount, but they’re also adding 6 months to your subscription for free.

All in, you get a new AtlasVPN subscription for as little as $1.64/mo, which is excellent value. While it isn’t the lowest price in the market, I have to say that it’s a great balance for the quality of service offered.

Even if you aren’t interested in accessing all the streaming content from every region or blowing past Internet Service Provider throttling, AtlasVPN will increase your digital privacy and security.

What's in AltasVPN's 2022 BFCM Deal?

AtlasVPN Black Friday 2022
AtlasVPN Black Friday 2022 – 85% off plus six months free > Order Now

Quick Details

  • Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY
  • US$49.19 billed for the first 2 years
  • Price starts at $1.64/mo

AtlasVPN Features

  • Unlimited use – Connects to unlimited devices simultaneously
  • Works on all popular platforms and digital devices
  • Works with all major media streaming services
  • Solid no-logs policy & auto breach monitor
  • 750+ servers in 30 countries

About AtlasVPN

AtlasVPN is pretty new and has a relatively short track record. However, its acquisition by Nord Security in late 2021 shows there’s some serious potential in this brand. Currently headquartered in the US, AtlasVPN offers a decent starting network size and impressive VPN speeds.

Our AtlastVPN Speed Tests

AtlastVPN US Server Speed

Speed test connected to AtlasVPN US server
Since I’m on the opposite side of the world from the US, connections to servers there are often more problematic. The longer the distance, the higher latency will be. That’s something not even WireGuard can help overcome. However, speeds were fast at over 300 Mbps. That’s more than enough for streaming or downloading almost anything. (see original results here)

AtlastVPN Europe (Germany) Server Speed

Speed test connected to AtlasVPN server in Germany
While Germany seems closer to my location, I seldom see latency improvements to servers there compared to those in the US. However, with AtlasVPN, I noted decent speeds as well (again, thanks to their WireGuard implementation). (see original results here)

AtlastVPN Asia (Singapore) Server Speed

Speed test connected to AtlasVPN server in Singapore
Asia-region servers are generally fast due to proximity, and Singapore is a popular test location, prized for its excellent infrastructure. As expected, the results were fantastic, and if it weren’t for the slightly higher latency, you’d hardly know a VPN was active. (see original results here)

Overall, AtlasVPN shows outstanding speeds. While traditional VPN users may still balk at the absence of OpenVPN, I’d much rather have the speed boost than any misgivings over newer protocols.

Learn more about AtlasVPN from our review.

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