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Roundup: 13 Beautiful Handpicked Bootstrap WP Themes from Template Monster

I love to browse around template sites to look for themes and the latest design trends.The following are some handpicked WP bootstrap themes from Template Monster that I thought you would love to check out.

What's a bootstrap?

Keep in mind that all of the themes mentioned below are bootstrap themes.

Bootstrap themes – which some of you might not know, are a popular option when developing HTML, CSS, and JS frameworks for responsive websites. Overall, bootstrap themes boast a modern and attractive design scheme, are responsive and mobile-friendly, and play nicely with HTML 5.

Quoting Rizwan Abbas' answer at Stackoverflow

Bootstrap is a front-end development framework that enables developers & designers to quickly build fully responsive websites. The framework contains global CSS settings with built-in components and extensible classes in the form of typography, navigation, buttons and much more.

Criticisms Like all great things, Bootstrap does come with some criticisms. The main one being that all Bootstrap websites tend to look the same. That is of course if you don’t modify the default styling in any way.

Responsive Design Twitter Bootstrap is a superhero in the field of CSS Frameworks. This is definitely true when it comes to building responsive websites.

Template Monster

Template Monster (www.templatemonster.com) is one of the sites that I hang around when I need some inspiration. The site has been around since 2007 – with tens of thousands of themes (not just WordPress, but also Drupal, Joomla, and so on).

1. Monstroid

This is arguably the true gem of all the WordPress themes of Template Monster. The theme boasts an array of layout options that include boxed and full-width templates with left, right, or no sidebars. This theme is completely responsive, so no matter what device a user is using your site will always look great, and it boasts parallax scrolling, background video capabilities, and multiple sliders. The theme includes full social integration, Google Maps API, and third-party extension support. Designing a flexible yet visually compelling site has never been easier.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X


[icon link] Download: Monstroid

2. Business Agent 

Ideal for blogs and portfolios, this completely responsive, cross browser-compatible theme boasts a range of features, including sliced PSD, a commenting system, custom page templates, a dropdown menu, favicon, social options, a sortable gallery, tabs, tag cloud, and tooltips. With drag-and-drop content, stock images, and audio and video integration, creating your perfect website is easy. The theme also comes with 24/7 free support and a satisfaction guarantee.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X

[icon link] Download: Business Agent

3. Design Studio 

A responsive theme, the Design Studio WordPress theme is an excellent option for blogs and portfolios. It includes parallax, MotoPress editor, and MotoPress slider, as well as a range of features to enhance functionality and boot engagement, including a contact form and a newsletter subscription form. The theme also includes valid semantic coding to improve your site’s SEO and ensure speedy page loading.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X

[icon link] Download: Design Studio

4. 33 Chanel 

The 33 Chanel WordPress theme is completely widget ready, retina ready, and SEO friendly. The theme boasts a stick-to-top menu, which means the menu sticks to the top of the page as the user scrolls down, as well as a mega menu, which allows you to create complex menus without any specific technical knowledge.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X

[icon link] Download: 33 Chanel

5. Art Gallery Responsive 

Art Gallery is a responsive, retina-ready WordPress theme with parallax, background video capabilities, the MegaMenu tool, MotoPress editor, MotoPress slider, and advanced SEO support. PSD is included, as is valid semantic coding.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X

[icon link] Download: Art Gallery Responsive

6. Hang Gliding 

The Hang Gliding WordPress theme overs a modern design scheme that emphasizes circular elements and buttons with rounded edges to craft an aesthetic that is organic yet sleek. It has MotoPress editor, MotoPress slider, a stick-to-top menu, and a unique timeline feature that allows you to display content to users chronologically.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X

[icon link] Download: Hang Gliding

7. Top Solutions

This theme boasts a range of powerful tools that make it easy to put together WordPress sites that are as visually compelling as they are engaging, including a 100-percent responsive layout, a parallax effect, a built in drag-and-drop page builder, and mega menu. Developed specifically for business companies, it emphasizes flat design with brightly colored blocks for a modern feel. The theme comes completely supplied with illustrated business tips, an advice section, a news section, a newsletter subscription form, and Google maps. The design is simple, yet effective and compelling.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X

[icon link] Download: Top Solutions

8. Little Italy 

The Little Italy WordPress was built in the form of a restaurant menu, but can be customized to the unique needs and preferences of your business. The theme is retina ready and completely responsive, and also boasts parallax, the MegaMenu tool, MotoPress editor, MotoPress slider, and advanced SEO support. It is WPML ready and also includes PSD and valid semantic coding.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X

[icon link] Download: Little Italy

9. Schoolmaster

The Schoolmaster WordPress theme prioritizes a layout that is informative, making it easy for users to access different pieces of information. The front page is pre-built, while a news block and many menu options ensure easy access to all of your site’s content. The theme is completely editable and incorporates 100-percent responsive design, custom posts and content, a lazy load effect, a parallax effect, and over 80 different short codes.

Bootstrap version: 2.3.1

[icon link] Download: Schoolmaster

10. Family Planning

A retina-ready, 100-percent responsive theme, the Family Planning WordPress theme incorporates MotoPress slider, a stick-to-top menu, MotoPress editor, and custom post types, along with much more. Overall, its goal is to provide user-oriented navigation and boasts a content-focused design.

Bootstrap version: 3.3.X

[icon link] Download: Family Planning

11. Brewery

With its 100-percent responsive design, this unique and totally editable theme makes use of design that is as stylish as it is vibrant. A large hero slider displays retina-ready images—perfect for displaying pictures of food or drink. The theme also has parallax effects and lazy loading.

Bootstrap version: 2.3.1

[icon link] Download: Brewery

12. Creative Tattoo

This responsive, cross browser theme is completely retina ready to ensure the best possible display, and enhances a user’s visual experience with parallax. It also has background video capabilities, as well as the MegaMenu tool to create the best possible menus to optimize user experience.

Bootstrap version: 2.3.1

[icon link] Download: Creative Tattoo

13. Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner WordPress theme allows for a range of different custom post types and custom post formats, is multilingual ready, and boasts over 80+ shortcodes. It can be installed easily in just two simple steps, and offers an unprecedented range of design options, including multiple color options, customized typography, and fantastic sliders to make it easy to share images. Furthermore, custom widgets ensure easy social sharing and comment capabilities.

Bootstrap version: 2.3.1

[icon link] Download: Wedding Planner


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