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  • Updated: Dec 31, 2014

Nothing quite as exciting as an election if you ask me! If you'd like to recreate the excitement of voting with your WordPress site, you can do so with a polling plugin. You can use a poll to ask your audience questions and gauge their responses, it is another means to interact with your audience and it adds a bit of spice to your website as well.

Poll Creation & Management – Premium Plugins

ExtStore Advanced Polls


Advanced Polls is premium WordPress plugin that can be used to create and display an unlimited number of polls. These polls can support single or multiple choices as responses from visitors. You can employ multiple polls and use them on a single page.


The poll results can be displayed in the form of graphical representations such as a normal line, a full line, a pie chart or a bar chart.

More details & downloads | Price: $13

Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll - WordPress Plugin   Weblator

A fully responsive customizable WordPress plugin that be used to display multiple polls on a single webpage.

This plugin can be used to represent the results of voting/polling in the form of 7 animated HTML5 graphs, these include pie charts, bar charts, doughnut charts, line charts, radar charts, polar charts and bootstrap progress bars.

More details & downloads | Price: $14

Social Polling

Social Polling

This is a plugin that works with WordPress Easy Polling plugin, it does not work as a standalone plugin. This plugin, through use of a Facebook API allows users to vote on your website through their Facebook accounts. And not only does this plugin add a Facebook skin to the polling plugin but also enables easy social sharing. You can easily view polling statistics and use a lightbox enabled view to see who has recorded their responses on your polls.

More details & downloads | Price: $7

Poller Master

Poller Master

Poller Master is a fully responsive polling system that helps create beautiful surveys and enables the admin view clearly the resulting stats. In keeping with the standards set with the previous plugins this one too, can create single and multiple choice questions.

You can set a start and an end date for any new poll, create new poll templates and employ images and videos if need be. The poll can be displayed pretty much anywhere and the plugin package contain 600+ fonts, 40+ design styles for check boxes & radio inputs and also 85+ effects for displaying the result box, errors & success messages.

More details & downloads | Price: $17


TotalPoll • Demonstration

Total Poll is powerful and fully featured poling plugin that is search engine optimized and supports all popular cache plugins. This plugin uses 6+ anti cheating layers of protection including cookies, IP restriction, Captcha and user based. You define the start date of a poll and you can define a quota for when the poll should be stopped.

You can create polls that are exclusive to logged in users or users with specific roles. With this plugin, you can choose to keep the results of a poll private with a thank you message, as opposed to displaying results after someone votes on your poll. The plugin allows for customization of how your poll looks with a poll customizer and preset templates.

More details & downloads | Price: $17

WP Pro Poll System

WP PRO Poll System - Let your users vote!   WP Plugins   De beste WordPress Plugins van Belgie

Use WP Pro Poll System to create and manage colorful polls with this easy to use plugin. This plugin is translation ready and the poll can be displayed anywhere on your WordPress site. In addition, this plugin can limit the number of votes with IP address, cookies or user IDs.

More details & downloads | Price: $17



A great plugin to gauge the mood of your readers once they've read your article/post. Your reader can reveal his/her state of mind be it excited, amused, bored, fascinated or sad. Not the traditional polling plugin but certainly helps you receive feedback from your users, it helps you congregate data on how your posts make your readers feel on a monthly basis.

More details & downloads | Price: $14

Poll Made Easy

Poll Made Easy – Drag   Drop Poll

Poll Made Easy is a polling plugin that helps you set the create new polls, set expiration date on polls, restrict certain IPs and drag & drop your poll templates on your website. This plugin can create exclusive polls, such that only a logged in user can vote and it can lock the poll content as well.

More details & downloads | Price: $17

WordPress Easy Polling

WordPress Easy Polling Plugin   WordPress Polling made easy

Easy Polling is a great plugin for WordPress sites that require many polls and an adequate poll management system. This plugin prevents multiple votes from a single IP by enabling only one vote per IP option. This plugin can also be used as a ratings system for posts on your website.

More details & downloads | Price: $14


Dilemma » Would you rather…

This ins't a normal poll plugin, instead it is an opinion poll plugin that primarily presents the user with two options. For example bread & butter or bread & jam and the like. It can be used to find the preferences of the people who visit your website.

More details & downloads | Price: $14

WPolling System

WPolling System - CodeCanyon Previewer

WPolling System is used to edit, remove and search polls that you can create with ease. The plugin provides linear and circular progress bars. This responsive plugin makes available a plethora of styles, shortcodes and widgets to the user. You can add answers with small descriptions, a comment system for the poll and take advantage of customizable timers. WPolling prevents duplicate votes with IP block.

More details & downloads | Price: $17



Pollify is a simple poll creation plugin with 4 layers of security and it works in 5 languages. Create single/multiple choice questions and view results in either numerical or in percentage format.

More details & downloads | Price: $14

Poll Creation & Management – Free Plugins

YOP Poll

WordPress › YOP Poll « WordPress Plugins

YOP Poll is a free WordPress plugin that helps create, edit, clone and delete surveys & polls on your WordPress site. This free plugin can create a poll with single or multiple choice answers in any part of your website. The plugin is used to manage and view results, it can hide results if you want them to remain private.

Polls can be scheduled into this poll management system with multiple surveys or polls running either consecutively or simultaneously. Poll answers can be sorted according to number of criteria and the plugin affords a great deal of flexibility while viewing results as well. Sometimes a surveyor might require extra information about a person who is voting and it can be obtained with new custom fields. Vote permissions can be tightly monitored with IPs or it can be made exclusive to registered users or guests. You can edit, delete and clone templates and monitor polls with user logs.

More details & downloads | Free

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

WordPress › Polldaddy Polls   Ratings « WordPress Plugins

In addition to acting as a poll management system, this plugin can be used to gather ratings on your WordPress site. An unlimited number of polls with unlimited answer choices can be created with this plugin and the results can be easily viewed.

More details & downloads | Free

Polls by OpinionStage

WordPress › Polls by OpinionStage « WordPress Plugins

Polls by OpinionStage is a great poll management system for WordPress that can run polls from one dashboard, the results can be used to gather the opinions of your readers. It can help generate an extra source of income via polls and it can gather social profiles and email addresses. It is awesome plugin that helps you engage your audience and draw more people to your website.

More details & downloads | Free


You may want to try the free poll management plugins before you try the premium plugins. Cheers & Happy Polling!

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