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Compare Top 5 WordPress jQuery Slider Plugins

One of the best things about WordPress is the ability to utilize fancy visual elements without writing a single line of code. Using only the power of plugins, you can incorporate neat features like interactive booking calendars and contact forms within minutes.

In this particular guide, we will cover the top 5 jQuery slider plugins to spice up your site’s design:

1. Huge-IT Slider


First and foremost, all of the plugins addressed in this list are easy to use; and one of the simplest and most straightforward choices is Slider by Huge-IT. Using the simple interface, you can quickly upload your images and provide a brief description for each. You can also make each image clickable to improve the overall experience.

The rest of the slider settings such as height, effects, and navigation options are directly accessible on the same page. Once you are satisfied with your slider, you can paste them into any page or post via shortcode. When it comes to customization, you can unlock the full version to customize every single element of your slider – from font colors to navigation buttons.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/slider-image/

2. Slider WD


Slider WD is another highly-rated plugin that is both simple to use and powerful. Some of its features include a timer bar, additional transition effects, watermarks, custom CSS, and the ability to play background music. You can play around with these elements using the drag and drop interface. The pro version also allows you to create overlays for social media buttons, images, text, and so on.

Another premium feature of Slider WD is the ability to create video slides through platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. You can also embed content from Instagram, Flickr, and Dailymotion to personalize your slider further.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/slider-wd/

3. Slider Slideshow Plugin


The Slider Slideshow Plugin is a simple tool that can help you create sliders in no time. Its greatest feature is the fluid interface that lets you switch back and forth between the general settings and specific slide configuration.

Take note that the free version of the Slider Slideshow Plugin only grants access to 15 customization options, but that doesn’t mean you can't create different sliders without paying for the pro version. Paying for a pro license, however, will give you access to a ton of great features like video layers, layer animations, advanced script support (HTML5, Vimeo, JW, etc.) and additional animations.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: onlinemarketinghub.info/slider-slideshow

4. Aparg Slider 


Although it isn’t popular in the WordPress community, nothing beats the Aparg Slider plugin when it comes to simplicity. It is a powerhouse regarding usability and features. Within the same page, you can add your slider content as well as modify settings such as animations, slide descriptions, and so on. You can also easily add video and image slides with only a few clicks.

It’s also worth noting that Aparg Slider is completely free to use, so it's perfect for bloggers on a shoestring budget.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/aparg-slider/

5. Master Slider


Finally, Master Slider is a popular plugin for creating sliders that work great for touch-enabled devices. Remember that you need to keep the user experience consistent for both your desktop and mobile audience. By supporting pure swipe gestures, you are guaranteed to provide the best viewing experience for tablets and smartphones.

Master Slider also offers a top-notch user interface that streamlines the slider creation process. Upon creating a new slider, you can immediately pick from some pre-configured templates or start from scratch. Of course, you have the freedom to modify specific design elements such as custom CSS, animations, dimensions, and a slider “skin.” Regarding features, let's just say that Master Slider has everything you can ask for in a slider plugin.

[icon file-text-alt] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/master-slider/


Despite having similar features, the sliders you create using different plugins will have certain visual distinctions. The only way for you to find out what matches your site is to try them firsthand.


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