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Compare Top 5 WordPress A/B Testing Plugins

With a content management system like WordPress, any person can build a professional-looking site within a day. You can easily install themes, create the pages, and put whatever content you’d like to offer your audience. However, even the most experienced web developers need further testing and optimization to unlock the true potential of any site.

While there are many monitoring and analytics tools available, testing is a time-consuming process. Remember that you need time to gather sufficient data regarding a site’s performance. To speed things up, you can split test multiple versions of your site simultaneously using A/B testing tools.

Below are the top five A/B testing tools you can use for your WordPress site:

1. Title Experiments

Title Experiments is a free A/B testing plugin that is both easy-to-use and very useful. It integrates directly with WordPress' post editor – allowing you to create multiple titles for your content seamlessly.


A notable feature of Title Experiment free is the availability of a step-by-step guide and optimization tips, which is directly delivered to your email inbox should you request for it. It also comes with a pro version, which grants you advanced features such as multiple featured images, statistics, and priority customer support.

[icon link] Download and more info: wpexperiments.com/title-experiments/

2. Simple Page Tester

Simple Page Tester is a powerful split testing tool that is easy to set up and use. It integrates a split testing section in your WordPress dashboard so you can monitor ongoing tests in a single location. It also features a built-in tutorial, which is always nice when it comes to using new tools in web development.


When creating variations, you can choose between duplicating the master page, choosing another existing page, or starting over from scratch. Once the pages are live, you are free to pause, cancel, or view the statistics for each page. Simple Page Tester provides a graph so you can easily compare the performance of the main page alongside its variations.

[icon link] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/simple-page-tester/

3. Nelio A/B Testing

If you want more than just a simple A/B testing plugin, then you should consider getting Nelio A/B Testing. It is a comprehensive conversion optimization platform that allows you to test anything from products, widgets, themes, and menus. You can also use the heat map tool to observe how your audience interacts with your site directly.


Despite the depth of information, you can obtain with Nelio A/B Testing; the organized visual interface makes it easy even for beginners to use. Just remember that it is a premium plugin that only comes with a free trial.

[icon link] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/nelio-ab-testing/

4. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is the testing platform of choice for companies with the budget. Not only does it offer A/B tests, but it will also provide you with all the tools you need for conversion rate optimization. You can customize every aspect of your customer's journey; test-drive your content, get Cohort Reports, and more.


The only downside to Kissmetrics is that it’s not an accessible option for startups, bloggers, and small businesses with an unsteady budget. If you do, however, have the funds, then Kissmetrics is one of the most cost-effective investments you can have for growth.

[icon link] Download and more info: www.kissmetrics.com/

5. WordPress Calls to Action

Lastly, if your aim is to accurately test the conversion rate of calls to action, then WordPress Calls to Action is the plugin for you. Aside from being a lightweight tool that allows multivariate split tests, it also features a drag and drops CTA builder that comes with pre-made templates.


After creating your CTAs, WordPress Calls to Action provides side-by-side comparisons between variations. It is also easy to switch between the CTAs section to the visual editor. Just choose the Launch Visual Editor button or directly modify the CTA’s dimensions, header text, content, and colors.

[icon link] Download and more info: wordpress.org/plugins/cta/


If you are looking for something different, Omniconvert can be the alternative. It is a conversion optimization tool that integrates 3 major features, interaction, surveys and A/B testing. Radu Vrabie from Omniconvert shares his message,

Well, Omniconvert is different because it offers a unique mix of tools that go hand-in-hand during the conversion optimization process. By installing a simple code snippet anyone can start doing A/B tests on their website in minutes. But besides that, we also offer the possibility of creating branching logic surveys which are great for qualitative research and for lead generation purposes. Furthermore, our users can implement website overlayers such as on-exit popups, website ribbons, on-scroll banners etc. All of these features are backed by a strong traffic segmentation engine that allows experiments to be created for very specific audience groups according to their source, behavior, geolocation information etc.


Growth should be the priority of any WordPress website – be it a personal blog, corporate site, or online store. When it comes to split testing plugins, the list above should help you make the right decision no matter your marketing goals and level of budget.

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