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17 Facebook Plugins For WordPress Integration

Social Media following is an extremely important aspect of maintaining a successful blog or website. WordPress has a number of plugins that help you grow your social fan following with an array of services and plugins.

Facebook has over a billion users.

How can you take advantage of this to better your website's traffic and increase your readership?

There are a plethora of plugins that add the different elements of Facebook to your WordPress. You can add a likes counter, a facebook content locker, a facebook discount for likes option and many more on your WordPress site.


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Let's have a look at a few plugins that should aid you in the process of integrating Facebook into your WordPress website.

#1: Ultimate Facebook


Probably the best plugin out there to integrate Facebook into your WordPress website. Use this plugin to login with Facebook and enable users to register with their Facebook details. The WordPress membership profile can be filled automatically with data saved on a user's Facebook profile.

The plugin offers easy auto posting. Comments, Likes and Send buttons can easily be added to your WordPress site with little effort.The plugin has every possible customization option imaginable to place Like & Send buttons on posts, pages, custom post types, or with available shortcodes.


You can add widgets such like boxes and shortcodes to integrate events and albums. The activity feed can be used to display recent activities on your site and a recent comments feature to display Facebook comments on your site.

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#2: Facebook Traffic Pop

This plugin can be used to lock out page accessibility with a Facebook Pop Up. This plugin basically permits only users who have liked your website's Facebook page to access content on your site. You can modify how the pop up appears and when it is displayed on your website. The pop up resizes itself automatically with different device screen sizes. Cookies ensure that people who have already liked the page aren't bothered by the Pop up again.

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#3: Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder


You employ Easy Facebook Page Builder to create custom fan pages directly linked to your WordPress site. The plugin has a feature called Share Gate, which displays website contents only if the user has already shared your blog or website. With this plugin, you can manage Facebook sweepstakes & giveaways. Add Facebook like, share, follow and send buttons anywhere on your website.

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#4: Facebook Pages


A plugin that integrates your Facebook page into your WordPress site. The plugin's features have been optimized for search engines and it also supports the display of comments and page timeline features for your WordPress site.

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#5: Facebook Viral Content Locker


If you want to offer your premium content to a select few, then check out this plugin.You can condition access to your content to any visitor, in exchange for connecting with your website with a Facebook account. And you can also set a custom message to be displayed on the visitor's Facebook timeline.

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#6: jQuery Facebook Gallery WP


This is a great plugin, if you are looking to display your Facebook albums as part of your WordPress gallery. This plugin works only with Facebook pages of businesses, organisations or pages registered as fan pages. It doesn't work with personal pages or groups either.

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#7: jQuery Facebook Wall WordPress


Another Facebook plugin that will publish your Facebook feed, photos, albums and events on your WordPress website. The plugin can display the galleries in a light box. An awesome feature of this plugin enables all Facebook esque interaction with photos and posts such as commenting and liking.

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#8: Facebook Comment Slider for WordPress

Facebook Comment Slider for WordPress - CodeCanyon Previewer

Use this plugin to allow visitors to comment on your WordPress site with their Facebook accounts. The comment will be visible to the visitor's friends. In addition, the comment slider also provides options to like and share your website's Facebook page.

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#9: Discount For Likes


A nifty little plugin that helps you get likes. If you're running an online store, then you need to check out what this plugin can do for you. You can increase your social media exposure on Facebook by providing discount on products after a certain number of likes are received on Facebook. Thus enticing prospective customers to like your page in the hopes, that eventually they receive a discount.

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#10: Facebook Recent Comments Widget

Facebook Recent Comments Widget for WordPress Just another WordPress site

If you want to display all your Facebook comments across your Wordpress website or blog, this plugin can accomplish just that. You can either autoapprove display of comments or manually select every comment to be displayed. The plugin ensures a mail is sent every time a comment is made through Facebook comment box plugin.

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#11: Facebook Survivor


An awesome plugin that provides a Facebook login feature to visitors who are looking to register themselves on your WordPress site. You can easily promote your posts with Facebook with a single click.

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#12: Link To Facebook


Use Link to Facebook to automatically add links to published posts/pages to your Facebook wall and pages or groups. The plugin uses the post title for the link title and excerpt for the link description. With this plugin it is possible to exclude a post from being published on Facebook.

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#13: Facebook Like Button


Add Facebook Like and Follow buttons to your WordPress blog in the easiest possible way. You can choose where to position this button either after or before the content. Or you could place it anywhere with a shortcode. The plugin also helps you change from the standard image to a custom image.

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#14: Facebook Comments

WordPress › Facebook Comments « WordPress Plugins

An easy to use plugin that makes it possible to set up and customise Facebook comments on your WordPress site. You can add the comments section with a shortcode to any page or post.

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#15: Facebook Members


A solution for website admins to help attract likes for their Facebook pages through their website. You can add the Facebook recommendation and like box to your WordPress site easily with this plugin.

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#16: Facebook Custom Feed


An powerful plugin that displays your Facebook feed in a responsive, search engine crawlable and highly customisable manner. You can display the Facebook feed of more than one group/page. The Facebook feed loads quickly due to caching. Shortcodes can be utilised to display the feed anywhere on your website.

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#17: IK Facebook Plugin

An easy to use plugin for a WordPress site, to add the feed of a public Facebook page with a shortcode or a widget. Add Like buttons to any position on your WordPress site. Display Facebook powered photo gallery, comments sections and Facebook Events with consummate ease.

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If you feel that I've left out an awesome Facebook plugin, do let me know in the comments. And if there is a topic about WordPress that you'd like me to cover, do request the same in the comments!


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