15 Themes From ElegantThemes For 2015

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  • Feb 10, 2015

Let’s have a look at one of the most successful theme houses in the WordPress world, Elegant Themes. A theme house started by Nick Roach about 8 years back has over 250,000 customers and 87 Themes at the disposal of its members. They are re-known for their excellent graphics, clean code, great templates and responsive designs among other things.

The pricing of their themes is very reasonable at $69 per year for access to 87 themes. There are a few themes as part of their theme portfolio, that are in and of themselves worth $69. In addition, they also have 5 plugins to boast of as well, but I’ll stick to their themes seeing as, it is what has helped build their business.

But if you want to know more about Elegant Themes pros and cons in general, then try this post we wrote a while back – Elegant Themes Review.



The best theme that Elegant themes probably has to offer. This flexible WordPress theme comes loaded with Divi Builder that allows you to create visually impressive WordPress websites with ease. A builder that was created with the purpose of enabling the user to modify how a website would look without touching a single line of code.

There are 18 pre-made layouts available with this awesome premium theme. Use Divi builder to create and save your website layouts. This theme has rock solid security features as well, courtesy of Sucuri who are experts at WordPress security. There are multiple modules and module options to choose from to help build your website.

If that isn’t enough to convince you of this theme’s credentials, then go on to their website and have a look at the testimonials provided by web admins of some extremely popular websites.

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Explorable is a theme that enables a user to pin posts to locations. The listings created are part of a journey and this theme provides an easy platform to create a location based listings. If you run a travel blog this might be a theme that you might want to check out! A responsive theme to help create local business directories and travel guides with a ratings system and a fully featured blog.

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Vertex is a visually impressive WordPress theme for displaying a catalog of products that are best displayed in vivid visual environment. Like many a photography theme, this one has great scrolling features and home pages that make it possible to capture and retain the attention of your visitors.

Galleries, testimonials and sliders help in sending an impressive message across to your visitors. There is a call to action feature as well to help directly engage your audiences.

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Fusion is a theme designed for tech companies, design firms and start ups. It combines a blend of professionalism and a bit of fun to help attract the right attention for your business. A responsive design with custom background images with a great deal of style make this WordPress theme a great choice.

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An elegant themes solution for WordPress users who have eCommerce businesses. This theme works with all the essential plugins that an eCommerce website might require such as Simple PayPal Shopping Cart and eShop. The design of the theme is such that it is possible to add support for shopping carts.

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A great way to kick off your new online eCommerce business with StyleShop which a beautiful, responsive theme that looks great on any screen size or mobile device. It provides you with all the necessary features to create a website with all the tools required to make it into a successful eCommerce website.

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Yet another theme for eCommerce websites, the theme design is well structured and functional. That is not to say it doesn’t have style but merely a balance between substance and flair. It provides a great all in one solution for all businesses especially for eCommerce websites.

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Display your content in style with TheStyle theme with its modern deisgn and unique jQuery enhanced design that makes you content very easy to scroll through. A great theme to help display your content in the best possible light.

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A magazine theme jam packed with all the necessary widgets and content modules to allow for full control over your page content. A magazine theme generally helps present content in a manner that is palatable to the reader, Nexus excels at helping display content in a clear fashion which helps users to browse through content easily. This theme employs a strict grid and a typographical hierarchy which also aid in helping a reader browse magazine content.

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Run a photo blog? DeepFocus makes for an excellent theme to display any form of artistic work or photography. Minimal in design this theme incorporates all the features of a normal blog whilst making room for great photography.

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Gleam is advertised as a theme created to dazzle its audiences with a combination of flash and smooth loading. Theme permits custom background pictures for all pages and helps in creating an awesome experience for a visitor looking at your website for the first time. If you are interested in creating a portfolio website this theme offers sufficient choice to do that as well.

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A theme built for one purpose, blogging. If have a story worth sharing with the world then this a theme you might consider. It makes every effort to produce an user experience that enhances readability of your blog. Content is displayed in a full width layout and is presented without any distractions. This theme is simple and yet very effective for narrating a story.

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A grid based design that helps display imagery in great style and with minimum fuss. A responsive theme that helps fill the pages of your website with beautiful photographic content. It works best for professional/amateur photographers and artists who are looking to display their portfolio of work.

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Nimble is bold WordPress theme which finds balance between style and function. Viewing this theme on larger screen sizes makes this theme appear even better and it is fully responsive as well. It can be used for a wide array of purposes not limited to any one type of business or website type.

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Notebook is a multimedia theme that enables use of multiple post formats with engaging design style. Need to run a blog or a website with a variety in terms of media content, use Notebook for presenting media content including audio, video, photographs apart from normal blog posts.

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Elegant Themes at $69/yr ( They promise not to increase the yearly payment, if you buy their themes at $69/yr) is a great offer, especially if you don’t know what type of website you need to build. If you are looking to build a website for a large audience, then there are some really good premium themes in Elegant Themes’ portfolio for you to check out.

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