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70+ Handy Web Generators for Smart/Lazy Developers

Here’s a list of 70 hand-picked, easy to use, and free web generators that will save you tons of time and energy.

Quick navigation – Types of Generator:

I have grouped these tools into 10 categories:

The best part about these tools is that they are completely free (some need you to signup though).

If you are looking ways speed up your work and channel more time and energy to new content ideas and marketing strategies, I believe the list is a must-bookmark. According to my last check on WordPress.com stats, there were more than 70 million blogposts published every month.

Who has the time to create everything from scratch these days?

Category #1: Color Palettes Generator


  • To generate color palettes based on image input.
  • Allow users to compare, review, and select color combination at ease.

Palette Generator

palette generator
Palette Generator


Paletton - The color scheme designer

Adobe Color

Adobe Color
Adobe Color

Adobe Color is a cloud-based application for making color themes using an iPhone or your browser. The tool helps capture colors from a mural, garden, or wherever you happen to be and creates your own color combinations. You also can extract the color from an image and sync these color themes right into Adobe Illustrator CC.

Other Alternatives

A few other not-to-miss color tools are Color Hunter, Colour Lovers, CSS Drive Colors Palette Generator, as well as Colllor. Note that although these tools work more or less the same (create a color palette based on image input) but the auto-generated the color codes may be different due to the difference in color extraction algorithm. I suggest you to try each for at least once.

[icon file-text-alt] To learn more, visit these tools online: Color Hunter, Colour Lovers, CSS Drive Colors Palette Generator, Colllor

Category #2: Robots.txt Generator


  • To generate robots.txt file based on user's input.
  • All these tools come with a set of preset list of bots – which is quite limited if you ask me. You will need a longer list of bots in order to do more with your robots.txt.

SEO Cleo Robots.txt Generator

SEO Cleo - click to visit online.
SEO Cleo

What's a robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a simple text file (that you can just create on a notepad) located in your server root directory. When a search engine bots come to your site, they will first look for this robots.txt to learn which web pages of your site should be indexed or followed; and which web pages should be ignored. If you screw up your robots.txt accidentally (ie, request the search engine to ignore your entire site), you'll screw up your website's search rankings. The robots.txt file is also used to block certain undesired bots from your website (surprisingly many of these bad bots to obey the rules).

Other free robots.txt generators

Some other robots.txt generators worth looking at are: IM Ninja, SEO Book, Submit Shop, and Yellow Pipe. These tools normally come with a default list of search robots – this allows you to set rules specifically for certain bots in just a few clicks.

[icon file-text-alt] To learn more, visit: SEO Book, IM Ninja, Submit Shop, and Yellow Pipe.

Category #3: Website Screenshots Generator


  • To quickly create website screenshots for inspection or content purposes.
  • To create thumbnail of a website at ease.

Shrink The Web

shrink the web
Shrink The Web

Personally, I find Shrink The Web is the best screenshot tool online. It's quick, scalable, user-friendly, and most importantly, it creates watermark-free screenshots.

Page Peeker


Capture Full Page

Capture Full Page - Click to visit online.
Capture Full Page


Thumbalizr - click to visit online

Am I Responsive

Am I Responsive - click image to visit online.
Am I Responsive

Am I Responsive is not really a webpage screenshot generator. However, it's a tool that must not be missed – The app checks the responsiveness on any site with a single click. It's a huge time saver for those who are developing a responsive theme.

[icon file-text-alt] Alternatives: Snapito, Web-capture, Screenshot machine

Category #4: Favicon Generator

Primary function:

  • To generate favicon based on user's input – be it an uploaded image or in-app drawing.

Favicon CC

Favicon cc - click image to visit online.
Favicon cc

De Graeve

de graeve


Iconfier - click image to visit online.
Iconfier – click image to visit online.

Other Similar Icons and Favicon Tools

[icon file-text-alt] Alternatives: Favicomatic, Gen Favicon, Favicon Generator, InMotion Favicon Generator, as well as Faviconr.

Category #5: Web Backgrounds Generator


  • To generate background images in various styles.
  • Some of these tools require you to download the background image; some will provide you the CSS codes only.

Tartan Maker

tartan maker
Tartan Maker – Background in tartan styles

Zen BG

zen bg
Zen Bg –  Generate background in various colors and textures.


Colorzilla – Generate gradient backgrounds in CSS codes.


[icon file-text-alt] Other similar tools: Stripe Generator, Border Image, Background Image Generator and Cool Backgrounds

Category #6: Web Elements Generator


  • To generate web elements like buttons, custom designed texts, ribbons, or tabs at ease.
  • This type of generators are less popular these days – mainly due to changes in web design trends.

Generate CSS

Advance CSS/CSS3 generator - generates tons of web elements such as button, sliders, table, or even text effects in CSS/CSS3.
Advanced CSS/CSS3 generator – generates tons of web elements such as button, sliders, table, or even text effects in CSS/CSS3.

Textures 4 Photoshop

Textures 4 Photoshop generates text with custom texture.

GR Sites Button Generator

gr sites
GR Sites – generates buttons in pre-set styles and colors.


[icon file-text-alt] Similar tools worth visiting: Dynamic Drive Ribbon RulesMenu Cool, HighDots CSS Tab Designer, Webestools Button Maker, CSS Grid Generator and CSS3 Generator 

Category #7: Meme Generator


  • To generate customized meme at ease.
  • A meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

Meme Generator

meme generator
Meme Generator

Quick Meme

Quick Meme - click to visit online.
Quick Meme

Other meme generators

[icon file-text-alt] Alternatives: I Love IMGDIY LOL, Make a Meme and IMG Flip.

Category #8: Form Generator


  • To generate easy-to-embed forms for websites.

Form Logix

form logix
Form Logix – simple copy-n-paste form generator – WYSIWYG editor available.

PHP Form

php forms
PHP Form – Create HTML forms in 3 easy steps, no signup needed.


Formoid – Generate beautiful, responsive form with a no-coding drag-n-drop GUI.

More form tools

[icon file-text-alt] Alternatives: Jot Form, Boot Snipp, Cognitoforms and Form Smarts.

Category #9: Logo Generator


  • To create logo at ease.
  • Some of these sites provide customization service at extra cost.


Logaster – An all-in-one logo creation tool. Design and create your own logo and get it ready in business cards, letterheads, envelopes, as well as social media kit in one place.

Design Evo

DesignEvo – Easy to use logo creator by PearlMountain. The tool simplifies logo design and creation process; it's highly recommended to small business owners who wish to save cost.

Online Logo 24/7

online logo 247
Online Logo Maker 24 – Create and download free logos in high resolutions.

Square Space Logo

square space
Square Space Logo – my personal favorite. Good logo tool if you like minimalist designs.


Hipster - minimalist logo generator, hipster style! Click image to visit online
Hipster – minimalist logo generator, hipster style!

Your other choices:

More logo tools: Logo Type Maker, Logo Type CreatorGraphic Spring, Logo Genie, and Zillion Designs.

Category #10: Dummy Texts Generator


  • To create filler texts for all layout needs.

Blindtext Generator

Blindtxt generator - click image to visit online.
Blindtxt generator


Baconipsum - click image to visit online.

There are quite a lot of good dummy texts generators around. So besides picking some of the best, I have also included a few funny ones in this list. For example, Baconipsum generates only texts related to meat. For example, here's what I have generated seconds ago:

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet flank sausage jerky fatback, andouille ham shankle kielbasa pork loin tri-tip beef ribs. Tail meatball ham, pork belly porchetta hamburger flank salami ground round shoulder meatloaf swine filet mignon capicola. Tail porchetta pancetta, salami bresaola t-bone brisket corned beef fatback short ribs landjaeger chuck. Tri-tip chicken pastrami ham ball tip, ham hock shankle jowl. Shank boudin doner, leberkas hamburger tenderloin pancetta ham brisket ball tip spare ribs prosciutto beef chuck.

Fatback leberkas swine filet mignon cow pork chop landjaeger turkey shoulder sausage pancetta. Leberkas chuck shankle kielbasa porchetta pork. Meatloaf porchetta brisket bresaola, ham tail flank frankfurter pork corned beef. Brisket pancetta hamburger beef, tenderloin ground round pork belly.

Meatloaf tri-tip spare ribs, shoulder ham kielbasa brisket sausage tenderloin capicola shank. Landjaeger spare ribs fatback biltong pork belly flank hamburger swine chuck bacon kielbasa capicola turducken. Corned beef pork belly tail, shank tri-tip jowl turkey flank cow landjaeger drumstick chicken. Shankle pork drumstick venison turkey.

Feeling hungry yet? :)

Other text generators

  • TV Ipsum – Generates cheesy quotes from 70s and 80s tv shows as dummy text.
  • Cupcake Ipsum – Generates dummy texts with delicious cupcake-related treats.
  • Veggie Ipsum – Creates fillet texts related to vegetables.
  • Beer Ipsum – Nothing but beers-related dummy texts.
  • Professional Lorem Ipsum – Text generator for topographers.
  • Lipsum – A normal dummy text generator.
  • Dummy Text Generator – A dummy text generator for designers.
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