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  • Jan 15, 2012

Android is a powerful mobile operating system for cell phones that is great for games and productivity, but it can also support Web development. Those willing to dig deep into Android Market can come up with numerous tools that will help they create powerful Web content without resorting to a PC or Mac to do the heavy lifting. Developers can find everything they need for Web development including FTP and Web server apps.

It might take a little patience and effort to create a new website from scratch, test it on an Android-based Web server and then upload it to the Internet where it can go live. Here are ten of the best Web development apps that can help get any project finished while on the move.

Android Web Design

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KWS Web Server

Some Android owners are surprised when they find out they can actually serve files from their smartphone or tablet. The KWS Web Server app makes this easy. This server might not work well for serving large numbers of files for the World Wide Web, but it does a good job for testing and local Web applications.

View Web Source

Web developers often need to look at code at the browser level, but those who rely on most Android Web browsers do not have the “view source” option available to them. Users type in the address of any Web page and save it for future use by copying it to the clipboard of their device.

Android Web Design

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ConnectBot SSH

Many people would never even think about running an SSH client on a mobile phone, but this app makes the impossible come true. File transfer between a device and a Web server is easy with this app. Developers can also use it to manipulate files on a remote server, run programs and navigate the server’s file structure.


Move files between the Internet and Android devices with ease using this app. FTP, SFTP and similar protocols are supported on phones and tablets. This app also acts as a full-service file manager for the device and the Web server. Delete, move and copy files with ease; create folders and set permissions.

WordPress for Android

Many developers work with WordPress, a popular open source Web software product used for blogging and CMS. This app gives users many of the same options available to desktop users. Comment moderation, content creation, user management and statistics are just a few of the functions accessible from a mobile device.


Joomla! is a popular Web-based CMS system that is often used to manage professional and commercial websites. The Jooid editor for Joomla! enables mobile users to create posts and edit HTML. With this app, users can even add images, maps and other goodies from their mobile phone.

Android Web Design

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Webmaster’s HTML Editor Lite

Developers will enjoy having an HTML editor onboard their tablet or smartphone so they can create Web pages in CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP. This powerful editor highlights code and completes tags. Handy shortcut buttons also help speed the webmaster’s job.

Drupal Editor for Android

Android Web Design

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Web developers that use the Drupal content management system will love having access to creative and administrative functions from their cell phones.

JavaScript Programming Reference

Make it easy to lookup functions and syntax while mobile. This handy JavaScript app lists official documentation so developers can quickly and accurately craft their code from the palm of their hand. After downloading this app, developers look for other reference apps for PHP, HTML, CSS and more. They will work especially for those who choose to use the HTML editor listed below.


When developers need to stay on top of their websites while away from the office, what do they do? They choose the Analytix client for Google Analytics. This app retrieves the information from Google and presents it in an easy-to read format that is optimized for mobile screens. Now webmasters can stay in touch with their websites all day, every day.. By monitoring site performance with Analytix, developers can quickly identify problems with Web pages and their content and take steps to correct them.


Android phones and tablets extend webmasters’ reach through the use of exciting apps available for download from the Android Market. Armed with these apps, Web developers can get their work done from almost anywhere. Meanwhile, developers should keep their eyes open for more apps that can make their work easy.

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