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Sucuri Website Security Solution Review

Company: Sucuri

Background: Sucuri is a security suite that protects your website against DDoS attacks or hackers. However, the freemium tool is less comprehensive compared to others. Some features require payment while their competitors offer for free.

Starting Price: Free - $9.9/mo

Currency: USD

Visit Online: https://sucuri.net/

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Unlike most ordinary security plugins, Sucuri Security is designed as an end-to-end service meaning it takes care of you before an attack happens, plus can even advise you on the best way to resolve things if something goes wrong. It’s free to use but has premium features for those seeking the ultimate in reassurance.

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Having repeated the mantra “Mind your own business” over and again for most of my professional career, I have always urged businesses to keep focused and leave niche necessities in the hands of the experts.

Today we look at the Sucuri Security Solution – in particular, Sucuri WordPress plugin, which provides a host of security options in a single package.

Sucuri itself is a Delaware founded security company that has developed with the times and maintains a distributed team of security experts around the globe. Although relatively young as security companies go, it has built a formidable reputation among cutting-edge companies who live on the Internet (figuratively speaking).

Getting to know the Sucuri Security WordPress Plugin

The Plugin can be found in the Wordpress plugin database
The Plugin can be found in the WordPress plugin database.

The installation of the Sucuri plugin is no different from any other WordPress plugin. It can be found either through a search from the plugin panel or directly uploaded as a package to your plugin directory. After that, it needs to be activated and then configured.

The command center of Sucuri Security is the Dashboard, which gives you a big-picture view of the status of your site. Here, there will list and log displays telling you everything from what has been going on recently all the way to recommendations.

Sucuri is great to keep your website safe and secure from attacks.

The first thing that the plugin will do is to perform a core integrity scan of your site. The plugin knows what files should be there and their compositions, so even if you personally have made any modifications to any site files such as the .httaccess the plugin will show an alert. That’s all good to know, and if you’re sure any changes were made by you, the warnings can be dismissed.

The scanner runs daily, and you can set the timings to run when appropriate for you. This is a useful configure-and-forget task you only need to perform once.

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How Sucuri Hardening Works

Sucuri hardening options help to remove vulnerabilities.
Sucuri has its own hardware firewall you can opt to run your traffic through
Sucuri has its own hardware firewall you can opt to run your traffic through.

Aside from that, another major portion of the plugin is the option to toughen up your site, what Sucuri terms as ‘hardening’. This lets you choose from several options what level of security you’d like in certain areas.

For example, would you like to run traffic through Sucuri server firewalls? Some options such as the firewall service come at a price.

Sucuri Hosting

Do note though, that many good web hosts today already offer some of these services in partnership with security specialists already.

Sucuri partnership with popular hosting companies such as InMotion Hosting, A2 Hosting, GoDaddy, etc.

If you’re new to this and are still looking for good hosting options, check out our comprehensive list of web host reviews first.

Sucuri Post Hacking Options

Post hacking options are also available
Post hacking options are also available

One feature that Sucuri Security offers stands out and that’s the fact that if you’ve already run into problems, it doesn’t just go “oh oh, too bad’. The plugin has a section that offers a list of measures that can be taken if you’ve been hacked. For example, you can reset security keys, passwords or even entire plugins.

Learn More: Find out how Sucuri cleans a WordPress hack

Sucuri Pricing

Sucuri works on a freemium model and currently offers 2 primary services,

  • Sucuri Firewall plans – start from $10 per month
  • Sucuri Website Security platform – start from $16.67 per month

You can find out the services and pricing difference here.

Sucuri is currently installed on over 300,000 WordPress sites, some of which are fairly strong and reputable ones. In fact, Yoast, one of the more successful WordPress SEO plugins protects its site with Sucuri. So do iThemes and WPBeginner.

Sucuri – Complete website security, CDN, DDoS protection.

Conclusion – Is Sucuri worth it?

To be honest, after running through Sucuri Security for WordPress, I personally feel a little underwhelmed. Although coming from a notable security company and offerings an easy-to-use product, it doesn’t feel as comprehensive as some of the other offerings out there.

There’s no real ‘wow’ factor.

In fact, some of the security features I’d expect from a good WordPress security plugin are missing, such as two-factor authentication for logins. Other features such as the Firewall require payment, and Sucuri isn’t exactly the cheapest with prices starting at $10 per month. Even worse is that other reputable companies are offering some of those services for free.

Lastly, I feel a little uncomfortable that a security plugin goes so long between updates. At the time of review, it was 4 months since the plugin had an update (check out the first image above). While that might not be such a big deal for regular stuff, I’d say it’s a lifetime for a security plugin.

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